• Published 19th Aug 2013
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Fallen Equestria; Shattered Silence - Endless Nightmares

War breaks out, Celestia and Luna are pushed to the edge..and finally use one final solution.

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The Arrival

Fallen Equestria; Shattered Silence

Written by Endless Nightmares

Dawn arose over Equestria, as Celestia raised the beloved sun for her ponies as per usual. Today for Equestria, all of ponydom knew that this blessed day where the survivors were lucky enough to see the coming dawn; today would be a day of mourning. Celestia sighed sorrowfully, as she looked upon her kingdom. Buildings lay to waste, smoldering and burning yet still from the countless battles in Canterlot, some dead still buried under rubble, ash and stone.

The dawn had arose once again thankfully because those who fought to protect the freedom and the lives of all of ponydom as a whole, against an enemy that knew no mercy. The changelings had struck once more, though this had proven to be their very final battle. Celestia knew now; their life force had been extinguished once and for all from this planet. She strode about the balcony looking down and surveying the damage, when her eyes fell upon her sister below. It was this truly heart wrenching sight, that made even Celestias heart break. Her sister lay crying in the courtyard, over wreckage of a once powerful flying machine, and its pilot who died to end this war.

Celestia turned slowly away from the sight before she too would break down, and walked slowly into her chambers. Her wings hung limp at her sides, one dragging on the ground beside her as she walked. Her mane and tail were also limp and hanging solemnly, not vibrant and beautiful; caught in the perpetual solar breeze, but the colors muted and solemn. She used her magic to levitate a quill, and opened her journal once more to write in it, recounting the events of the night. Many of her ponies died this night. One small developing city laid to ruin by the detonation of a device that the visitor had brought.

The land she knew, would be unusable for several of her subjects lifetimes, due to the effects of the blast. But this was the price she had to pay to end this bloody conflict, and to finally eradicate the threat that was encroaching upon her very kingdom. She herself made the decision, though difficult. Knowing that evacuation of the city would only alert the enemy of her next final, and decisive move to swiftly end the war. The alicorn knew full well what she had done, sending innocents to their deaths, costing the sanity of her sister, destroying the lives of two of her very beloved elements of harmony, and nearly ending the life of her most precious love, Twilight Sparkle.

'It is history who decides who the true victor is, and who truly lost the conflicts of life. It was by my hoof that I ordered the end of this, but the cost I fear was much too great. I know in my infinite years I will look upon this entry and ask if I was truly left with no other choice. Was I truthfully justified in my actions in using a weapon from a foreign land, and slaughtering an entire species to selfishly preserve my own? Mother created all life on this planet, shaped and molded the very landscape in which ponydom thrives upon and lives by. But it was my own decision to extinguish the enemy, it was by my decision to make the call and end this. With the options that were in hoof, it seemed the only logical and acceptable choice. I pray that my ponies and my sister can one day forgive my crimes on this day, for the genocide I have committed.'

Celestia had set her quill down and closed the journal, closing her eyes and sighed deeply. She then rang a bell and summoned a palace maid. It was only moments before one arrived, opening the door slowly. "You called, princess..?" The small blue haired earth pony asked.

"Yes, Dusty Shine. Please inform the palace steward I will be in the infirmary for the day tending to the element bearers, as well as my sister. Day Court is to be closed until further notice." The earth pony nodded and closed the door after exiting Celestia's chambers. Celestia could hear her hoof steps trot slowly down the hallway. Celestia put a hoof to her temple and rubbed, trying to fight away the perpetual migraine she has had since a week ago, when this decision had first come to light as a possible, practical solution to ending the conflict. Adjusting her regalia, the sun princess exited her chambers and headed to the infirmary wing of the palace, to check on the element bearers.

Upon arriving, she quietly walked into the room that the 4 filled beds. Before her lay her friends that had fought so bravely in the final moments of the battle, in the defense of Canterlot. They had been there in the room recovering for three days now, what had prompted Celestia to use such extreme measures. To her left, Rainbow Dash; the element of Loyalty laid sleeping peacefully. Likely due to he heavy dose of medication administered to her. Both of her wings were broken, and one badly burned from the flash of light she tried to shield herself from. Next to her in the furthermost point bed was Fluttershy; The element of Kindness, with bandages over one of her eyes, a broken hoof and bandages around her mid section likely due to broken ribs. To her right were Applejack; The element of Honesty lay with a careful rapping of bandages over one of her appendages. Celestia knew Applejack would never be the same, and likely her life as she knew it was over.

A stray beam of unicorn magic had accidentally hit her in a friendly fire skirmish, blowing off the appendage at the top of the knee, leaving only a seared and bleeding stump. Celestia made a mental note that Applejack's farm is to be state funded for eternity, once she gets the treasury back up and going. In the final bed lay the worst of the 4, Rarity; The element of Generosity.

Rarity in an attempt to save her dear friends from a burning and collapsing building, was trapped and pinned under a burning support beam. Most of her back and neck were burned by the fallen object, but the worst was to her chest and face. A changeling had taken this chance to attack her while she was pinned, clawing and biting at her. Rarity beautiful face was forever scarred, her once flawless coat on her chest also now ruined due to the slashing from the foul creature. Celestia knew that no amount of magic could heal these injuries, and would likely end the fashionistas career. She also made a note that Rarity was to be given exclusive designer rights to the palace and nobility, to ensure that some stability would return to her friends life.

In the next room over hooked up to several machines, ranging from simple monitors to a life support machine, lay her precious beloved; Twilight Sparkle. Now missing a wing, two broken legs and forever blind in one eye from her final showdown and loss against Chrysalis. Twilight had fought tooth and hoof against the demon to protect Celestia as the monster came for her. It was because of her own fear of the demon, remembering the events of the royal wedding between Shining Armor and Cadence years prior that had taken hold of her, and stayed her hoof in doing what she should have done; which was crushing that bug under her alicorn Goddess hoof.

It was Twilight that had intervened and protected her lover and mentor when the monster had come, Twilight who had fought with all of her strength and managed to wound Chrysalis enough to force a retreat. Celestia finally snapping out of it and seeing the state her lover was in, is what drove her to the rage fueled decision. Celestia sat on her haunches next to Twilight's bedside, gently stroking her hoof through the younger alicorns mane. Tears begun to fall freely from the aged alicorn princess, as she laid her head upon the sleeping form of Twilight Sparkle and wept. The nurses and the guards nearby couldn't help but to weep themselves, hearing such a heart rending cry of sorrow. For they all knew the princess was in more pain than they could ever fathom. Not one of them, even with knowing the decision she made had blamed her however. Given the same choice...they too all agreed that they would have made the same move.

Princess Luna lay outside, amongst the wreckage, weeping softly and alone. Those nearby knew better than to disturb the midnight blue alicorn now, for she was already on the edge of her sanity. The cool morning air was filled with the heavy scent of burning fuel, smoke and the sounds of the princesses grief stricken sobs. The one she had grown so close to in such a short time after his arrival lay dead in this wreckage, perishing in the crash when his ejection system failed and malfunctioned.

This being from another existence was their savior for all intents and purposes, and also the butcher that had dealt the final blow to the changeling race. The wreckage had covered the vast expanse of the courtyard and gardens, strewn about when he had fatally crashed here in an attempt to land once the engines of his craft had flamed out. The shock wave from the detonation had knocked him from the sky, sending him on the collision course with Canterlot castle. It was his final sacrifice to force the aircraft to the gardens, narrowly missing the hospital ward of the castle and instead sending him into the mountain side. She lay there with labored breaths, sobs wracking her body and tears flowing freely, screaming between breaths how she failed him.

She tried however, oh did she try. Her magic was too badly drained fighting off hoards of the insect like creatures and protecting her subjects, she couldn't maintain her grip on the aircraft like she did that night it arrived and narrowly crashed into her very room.

"Princess Luna?" One of her few remaining Lunar Stallions called to her some steps away, just out of the alicorns swinging range. "Princess..please retire to your quarters...we will clean up the wrecka.."

He's abruptly cut off when she cranes her neck and turns to him, her draconic eyes showing through. "THOU WILL TOUCH NOTHING OF THIS MACHINE! NOPONY SHALL, FOR PAIN OF DEATH AWAITS THEM!" She shouts in the Royal Canterlot Voice. Her rage fuming so much, that even her coat seems to darken and the air becomes cold as ice. The stallion stumbled backwards and landed hard on his flank, scooting away quickly from her to put distance between them.

"Un--Understood princess!" The guard quickly got up and galloped away from her, leaving the princess to mourn in silence again.

She returns her gaze to the wreckage, ire dancing in her eyes as she looks upon a wing in front of her on fire. She focuses on the markings on the wing, burning away due to the flames approaching them. 'V.F.-114 ENTERPRISE' She lets out a pained scream into the air, one of mourning and sorrow. 'We...I shalt remember thee..Talon. You shalt be honored for life eternal...I shalt see to it..' She says quietly in her breath. Using her magic that she has remaining, she alights her horn and begins quenching the flames, rising to her hooves as she does so. Those looking upon her note one complete wing is burned, the feathers blackened and devastated.

Her horn shows cracks in it, and her armor and regalia is broken in areas; revealing deep wounds and blood trickling from them. She has a deep laceration from her withers to her belly, a very deep gash on her right foreleg and a deep slice from the top of her left eye to the bottom right of her muzzle. Her coat is dirty, matted with blood and dirt. After the last of the flames are put out, she takes a seat on her haunches next to the remains of the fuselage, and then lays next to it. Her energy is drained, her body and mind weary. She has not slept or ate in days. The night princess closes her eyes and breathes deep the scent of fuel and smoke, succumbing to her bodies need for rest. There she falls into a deep coma like sleep, tears still trickling down her muzzle as she cries herself to sleep.

In Luna's dream, she replays the memory of weeks prior, where she had first met the pilot who changed her life and saved her kind. It was due to a spell gone completely arry, that led to this fateful night. Here, my dear reader is where the story begins...

* * * * *

He awakens with a start, hearing the buzzing alarm going off from everywhere inside the ship, his quarters included. The alarm is for the Alert 5 pilots. A ship wide emergency has occurred, and he knows it's time to report to the briefing room. "All personnel, this is not a drill. Deep strike fighters report to the briefing room on the double. This is not a drill!" The captains voice is heard over the intercom. Talon gets off of the rack and starts putting on his clothes and flight suit, taking only a moment to check his appearance before opening the bulkhead door and stepping out into the corridor. He rushes to the room a deck above him, and takes a seat out of breath next to his fellow squadron pilots. Their commander is standing before them in uniform, pointing at a map and chart already on display in the front of the room on the wall.

"Gentlemen, we have our orders from the president directly. We are to initiate a tactical nuclear strike upon our designated targets. This could be the end of the war, everyone. For years we've chased these terrorists, and for years the bastards have managed to hide. But after they launched chemical weapons against civilian cities on our land, we have our go ahead to right the wrongs. Here are your targets. Two planes per group will be carrying two AGM-129 ACM nuclear weapons. At least one aircraft must make it to each target."

Talon looked around at his other squadron members who were shaking their heads with worry and sadness. Like him, no one wished it would have come to this. He knew that with but the press of a single button he would end the lives of countless innocents, just to knock off a few terrorists. This just didn't sit right with him..but he knew he must follow orders. After all...these were the same terrorists that had murdered his own family and friends on that fateful day when the towers fell. That day when all he held dear; his wife and daughter were taken from him. The day he enlisted in the service. This wasn't how he envisioned revenge. No...revenge was ending the one responsible for the atrocity, not slaughtering innocents to get to them. This seemed too impersonal, too quick. "Very well then. Dismissed!"

He was snapped away from his thoughts when he heard the commander end the briefing, and got out of his seat. He collected the folder to glance at his target objective. One military installation in the middle of the desert, far away from civilian casualties. This is what he wanted. With that he turned on his heels, and proceeded to the hanger bay to get in his bird.

"Talon!" Shouted one of his squadron mates. "Looks like we're flying to the same hot point mate."

Talon turned his head to nod, and sighed. "Glad you're on my wing then Wizard. Stay frosty up there. I'd like to come home in one piece after this is over." His wing man smiled and slapped him on the back.

"Too right mate. So let's go blow these cunts to shit and get the fuck back here eh? We can have a few beers afterwards. Sound good?" The pilot rolled his eyes and shook his head.

"Ya know Wiz.. no matter how long I know you or work with you...I never know half of what you're saying man." The two laugh, and race off to their respective birds.

On the flight deck, steam wafts from the catapults after sending more and more aircraft up. The pilot taxied his F/A-37 off of the elevator and onto the deck. One of the very few in service, and the only one onboard the carrier he was deployed on. U.S.S. ENTERPRISE CVN-65. This is the final deployment of this carrier, before being retired and replaced by its newer, bigger successor next year.

As luck had it, the pilot managed to get assigned to the same squadron his father before him was in, the famous VF-114. This was also his final year in the Navy, before he had the choice of extending his duty or getting out after 6 years of service. Talon was one of the best pilots from the start of his service, having experience growing up in an aviation family. His father before him flown the F-14, now it was fitting he would fly the next generation aircraft that also gave him his call sign. Watching from the canopy, he seen the hand signals and heard the call over the radio. "Talon-One, you are cleared to proceed to launch area two. Clear the elevator immediately and standby on catapult for clearance."

The pilot looked out upon the deck, watching for people as his bird taxied slowly to its place. It's the early dawn hours, the sun just coming up over the horizon. Smoke and steam from engines and flight deck operations fills the air, people run around on deck to their stations as the aircraft comes to a stop in its place. Behind him he can hear the faint sound of the blast shield coming up behind the rear of the aircraft. He grabs the throttle control and idles up the engines to 30% power, hearing them hum to life and skree. 'CLICK!' The blast shield slides into its final place. He gives a thumbs up to the crew around, showing he's ready for flight.

Over the radio the command sounds. "Cleared for takeoff Talon One, proceed to full power. Burners free." The pilot instinctively throttles up the engines to full power, the skree of the engines loud and screaming all around him. The after burners of his engines ignight and throw out twin massive jet flames behind him against the blast shield. He watches for the hand signals. Three- The engines are powered up. Two- the afterburners are lit. One- the jet shoots off of the deck and into the sky, free from its shackles. The aircraft climbs quickly with both engines in full burner, allowing for his quick ascent into the sky. Under a minute later, his wing man is in the air chasing after him. "Proceed to your targets, altitude restrictions canceled. Good hunting!"

He presses his com button to respond. "Wilco command, Talon one will prosecute." He breathes out, his eyes ahead as he takes to the skies. Once he releases the button, he turns hard in air and corrects his course, bound for his strike target.

"Wizard Oh-Seven here, Rodger that mates." The Australian pilot replies to the carrier, quickly gaining on his wing man.

Half an hour passes, uneventful as the aircraft approach their targets. The two are alone, flying through clouds as visual cover. "Hey Talon, I'm getting strange readings on my radar, can you confirm?" The pilot looks down at his panels, watching some ftzzt and scramble in front of him, while some analog instrumentation gives strange signals. His compass for example, begins spinning wildly. "Oi mate, you there?" Silence.

Wizard looks over to his right and searches for his wing man, spotting the black switchblade aircraft seeming to have some trouble flying. It's rocking back and forth, as if the wind is knocking it around. "If you can hear me I'm getting out of these clouds mate, you should do the sa--" He's cut off when his own F-18 violently pitches downward, then rocks. They're caught in a freak storm neither had seen coming. Wizard pulls the stick back, bringing his dated F-18 into a steep climb, the F-37 falling out of view.

Inside the cockpit of the F/A-37, sirens are going off, the bird is jolting side to side and the flight is rough. All of the equipment is starting to malfunction. "Alert Alert- Port Canard Malfunction. Radar Offline" The computer begins to call. Talon presses his com piece. "Mayday mayday, this is Talon one, my aircraft is malfunctioning! Coordinates are 11.15N 35.03E Enterprise do you read?!" Another violent shudder, and the aircraft begins to pitch hard to the right, as if it's being pulled.

All of his instrumentation blanks out and static is heard over the radio. The plane begins to plummet hard and fast, spiraling out of control. Talon fruitlessly pulls against the flight stick, trying to right the plane and restart the now quiet engines. Looking out the canopy, the sky gets darker and darker around him, as he falls to the sea waiting below. A bolt of lightning strikes his starboard wing, twisting the plane onto its back and throwing it further offcourse. A bright flash of light moments later, the aircraft disappears into the fog below.

* * * * *

"Now if you look here, Mrs Sparkle, you see clearly how to begin a portal spell." Princess Luna patiently points to a large drawing in a tome she had in her personal quarters. It was Twilights night for magic lessons with the night alicorn, as requested by princess Celestia. It's been two years since Twilight had become an alicorn and moved to Canterlot palace. Two years since she finally worked up the courage to tell Celestia how she felt all this time, and learning only that her wonderful mentor had felt the same the whole time as well. As a way to help with bonding, Celestia had asked Twilight to take on magic lessons from her dear sister, as Luna was always the better one with various magics. Twilight looked over the complex spell and nodded at her teacher.

"So by simply casting one of these...portals, I can travel to anywhere I want in Equestria in the blink of an eye?" Twilight asked quietly, while studying the spell.

"Why yes, thou may do so, as a means to visit Ponyville anytime, or thou doth use it to travel quickly to any point thy wishes. Distance holds no meaning with this spell, fair Twilight." Luna casually replied. "Though, understand you must know where you wish to open the other end at. If you open one without a destination, thou may go to an unexpected place, or possibly even another dimension! You could even perhaps open a rift to Discords fridge if thou isn't careful whilst opening such!" Luna grinned mischievously.

Twilight shifted nervously on her cushion, and nodded. The clock then chimed behind her. '9:00 finally...saved by the bell.' Twilight thought to herself.

"Harrumph...dismissed. We shall continue our lessons next week then." Luna turned around and cantered to the balcony, while Twilight got up and stretched, then exited the room. Off to Celestia's chambers she went, to report of the new spell she was learning.

Luna sighed inwardly. Though she didn't show it to any pony, the truth was she hated giving these boring lessons. The first year it was fun, and quite endearing to watch the young alicorn want to learn so much. But as time passed, this quickly became more of a formality on her elder sisters behalf, rather than one she enjoyed. Luna knew this was really just Tia's was of forcing her to make a friend, when she'd much rather be back to quietly working on learning more of Equestrians history that she missed during her banishment. Luna looked at the spell in the tome and rolled her eyes, shaking her head at the crude and seemingly false warning she gave to Twilight.

"Feh...Discords fridge indeed...if that was the case, I'd have better hard cider than what is in the palace." She said out loud to no pony. Just as a joke, she reviewed the spell to test this idea, and tried to clear her mind with no destination in mind what so ever for the portal. Concentrating hard on nothing, she focused all of her magic to her horn and opened a portal just off of her balcony a little ways. The swirling dark cloud formed, as per usual. The lightning bolts jumped off of the edges, as per usual. But the portal itself was black in the center...this wasn't usual. Luna peered at it carefully, and tilted her head, hearing a faint whistling sound coming from its center. "What in Mothers name is..."

She hears the sound growing louder and louder, turning from a soft but high pitched whistle to a loud screeching sound. 'SKREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE' Suddenly out of the portal, a black, long triangle shape appeared slowly out of the center. Electricity jumped off of its frame and visage, as the nose part of it poked its way out slowly at first, but suddenly faster and faster. Before Luna could react and close the portal however, the object shot out and plummeted from the sky, with twin pillars of fire coming from behind it. Heading straight for her. She squeezed her eyes shut, dove for the floor and cast what she thought was a shield!

Quiet. Luna opened one eye and looked up, her rump in the air shaking like a leaf, her fore hooves over her head and her horn glowing. She caught the object mere inches from her. The nose of the object hovered right in front of her muzzle, as the object at least 10 times her size hovered quietly before her. She opened both eyes now and stared wide eyed at it now, hearing the roaring skree die down to a quiet whine and whisper. With a flick of her magic, she closed the portal and held the object, much to large to set on her balcony. Moving slowly and taking to the air, she bounds off of the edge and flaps her wings, hovering above the object while it rests in the air with her magic. Looking it over she begins to probe it with her magic.

'It's hard...almost as if made of stone...yet its hollow...I can sense something within it!' Luna thought. In the distance, she could hear the palace guards rushing to the area. 'Better set this down...' Luna begins to descend to the ground, when something inside catches her attention. A shiny black..thing. Inside. She doesn't know what it is, just that it isn't moving. She probes the contraption more, and shakes it a little, to rattle whatever is in the glass loose. This proved to be a mistake however, as it only knocked whatever it was inside against the glass now. 'CLINK!' The objects dome piece smacks hard against the glass, very hard. Carefully now, the princess sets the rather large and strange contraption down in the grass. She steps back slowly, looking carefully upon it. Several of her Lunar Stallions swoop down and surround the object.

"Princess! Are you harmed?!" One of the stallions -demanded- as he asked. This only made the princess huff and roll her eyes.

"Neigh, it will take a hundred more of these to scare us." She waved a hoof dismissively. The guard and the night alicorn looked upon the mysterious object and began to approach it slowly.

The pilot opened his eyes slowly, returning to consciousness. It's dark, and his aircraft isn't in the sky anymore. Without moving much he tries to survey his surroundings, noting the aircraft is offline, and still. 'Am I dead...?' He asks himself. Hearing noises muffled outside of the cockpit, he raises his head and looks around through his visor. He sees...horses? This causes him to jolt back in his seat with surprise, looking at them. These aren't normal horses though like back on the farm or in story books.

These have...horns...and wings?! The pilot is taken aback as a tall blue one approaches the canopy and peers inside with a rather sinister look in its eyes. Talon reaches for his sidearm and puts his finger on the trigger. The animals before him seem to be...communicating? Now he is convinced he's dreaming. Horses don't talk. They whinny and neigh. They grunt and make that pbbbbt sound. They don't talk!

"I must be dead." He said out loud, causing the animals to jump back in surprise. Suddenly his canopy flips open quickly and he's yanked from the cockpit, struggling against some kind of blue force! It relentlessly holds him in the air, he's unable to move his gun or even pull the trigger now. The animal speaks something out loud, but he can't understand the sounds.

"Creature, what art thou?! Where doth thou hail from?!" The dark alicorn speaks loudly, but slow, her voice trembling a bit. The lunar stallion points a spear at the new creature threatening it with the sharp tip held close to his midsection. Luna repeats again, more slowly this time. "What are thou? What is thy intent here?!" The creature is only held in the air, unmoving.

She can't see its face- if it has one. It's wearing some kind of black fabric with markings she's never seen before. Its appendages are small, two lower ones look like ill-formed hooves, the two middle ones look like dragon claws minus the talons, and it seems to have some kind of a small round dome on its shoulders, with a shiny black cover on it. There's even a long thick rope coming from its mouth. This..thing both terrified and intrigued her! 'Thump!'

A black object dropped from one of its limbs, it appeared to be a pipe with a handle of some sort on it. One of the lunar stallions leaned down and sniffed it, before nudging it with a hoof. 'BANG!' The object discharged a loud pop, and a flash of light! Suddenly one of the flower pots next to the princess explodes and shattered, causing every pony to yelp in alarm! Princess Luna dropped the creature in her surprise, and it fell to the ground.

The pilot scrambled to his feet and collects the gun, pointing it right at the tall ones head. "Back off there silver, or I'll make this fire again!" The pilot motions threateningly towards the princess, and the guards flanking her seem to back away slowly. Luna looks wide eyed at the pistol with terror, staring straight down the barrel. When he's content the horse won't move again, he begins backing up slowly to get back to the plane.

He looks to the side at it. The landing gear is up still, the plane is offline and he has nowhere near enough room to take off. Getting out of here with the plane isn't possible. As he turns his focus to the blue horse again, he feels his arm lock up as a golden light engulfs it, then his whole body. More noise, but this time softer and seemingly friendlier.

"My my little sister, you have the strangest taste in partys." Celestia chuckles lightly, holding the creature captive in the air as she looks at the object resting in her garden. "What do we have here..?" Celestia blinks, somewhat confused. She hears noise coming from the creature, causing her to look up. 'Nah-me-ooh!' 'It sounds angry..' Celestia thinks to herself. Twilight walks beside Celestia and tilts her head, looking carefully at the thing held in Celestias magic.

"Itsa....IT'S A HUMAN?!" Twilight practically gushed as she ran underneath it, looking at all of the signs. "It's just like I read in all of those J.R. Ponykin novels! Head, two hands, two feet! Celestia, I thinks it's a human!" Twilight was visibly hopping up and down now, looking at it. The creature speaks again, saying the same thing as before, but more angry sounding now. Celestia prys away the pistol from his hand with her magic, setting it aside on the wing of the aircraft.

"Twilight, are you sure? Aren't those dangerous..?" Celestia said with some concern in her voice and on her features.

Twilight shakes her head. "They're just an old mares tale and in fiction books, so I don't know. But we could try a language spell on him, so we can communicate!" Celestia was visibly worried about the presence of one of these...humans...in her kingdom. She too read the books and novels. These creatures were often portrayed as violent, destructive and otherwise uncivilized.

They lived in caves and used animal fur to keep warm. They ate meat and killed each other for sport. Some books even said they eat each other for dominance of their broods. The thoughts made her grimaced, and the massive object next to her that was easily 5 times her size only worried her more. But with the look in her lovers eyes...who was she to refuse?

"Very well Twilight...but try not to hurt him." Celestia smiled kindly to Twilight, while Luna only rolled her eyes. Watching the whole display made her want to gag.

"Of course sister, thou must always stick thy giant flank into matters of mine, even though last we checked, this is thy time to rule." Luna said with a hint of venom in her words as she motioned to the moon high in the sky. Twilight simply ignored Luna and fired the spell at the creature, who immediately responded with something quite unexpected.

"WHAT...THE..HELL?! LET ME GO YOU DAMNED BIRD THING!" Celestia and every pony nearby was surprised by the response, finally understanding clearly what the creature was saying.

Luna took this chance to take charge. "Fear not creature, we whilst not harm thee. We only wish to converse with thou!" She said sweetly and slowly to the man still suspended in Celestias magic.

"Then..put..me..DOWN!" The creature responded with obvious anger in his voice. Celestia did so slowly, but held him in place on the ground with her magic. Talon looked around, removed his helmet and peered at the blue alicorn. "I am Lt. Commander Masters. Take me to your commanding officer or release me and my aircraft at once."

Author's Note:

My first attempt at a story I've been planning for a while. I just finally got off my lazy flank and wrote it. R&R folks. Lets hear what you think!