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Fallen Equestria; Shattered Silence - Endless Nightmares

War breaks out, Celestia and Luna are pushed to the edge..and finally use one final solution.

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Intertwined Hearts II; Lunas Fears CLEAN VERSION.

Chapter 12: Intertwined Hearts; Lunas Fear

Inside the hangar now, Luna and Talon look over the aircraft once more in preparation for take off. It's nearly nightfall now, the dragons having already departed after the meeting hours prior. The peace talks went extremely well, and without so much as a single hitch. Legatus was all too happy to announce to the Sun princess that his nation and armies would gladly support and come to Equestrias aid if ever in need, as was the original agreement of the alliance. This has been a very eventful day thus far, with a surprising twist that no pony expected.

Luna sighs happily, a far off gaze in her eyes as she watches Talon working on the last of the preflight checks. She is wearing the wedding bands upon her horn and fore hoof, the gems and high polished Lunar steel glistening and sparkling in the fading sunlight. 'Rushed or not...this feels right. Very very right...' Luna thinks to herself. The midnight alicorn smiles contently, lost in her own thoughts.

Talon powers down the computer after finishing the last of the checklist, his eyes focused ahead outside of the canopy. "Now, are you sure this Horseshoe bay is the place to start looking, Luna? I mean we do have one of the bugs in your basement. We could just go beat the answers out of him." He says, his tone thick with annoyance.

She snaps to attention and looks at him, her eyes meeting his own. She flicks her tail slowly. "Fear not mine love...Dark Fury is getting all of the answers we can out of the parasite now. Make no mistake...those from Stalliongrad are brutal and cunning by nature. He is mine personal guard for good reason." She says, eyes narrowed and a smug grin on her muzzle. "I imagine that we may even have the location of their base when we return. If not more..."

He raises an eyebrow. "Then why the hell are we going? Lets get down there and help him. We have a bug to kill before it can carry out its plans." He says, folding his arms. "I know what your sister said, and I understand her position. But that thing made its intentions clear. Now is the time to strike, and we have the tech to do it right this second."

The alicorn shakes her head slowly, then sighs. 'He just doesn't get it...does he?' She curses inwardly. She licks her lips and inhales a soft breath. "Talon, trust me. We need to do this. I promise I'll make this trip worth your while, and we will get answers out of it, I'm sure. This is as good of a chance as we could get. Horseshoe bay is fairly close to the Badlands. That is the last known location of the parasite. If we go there, we have a good opportunity to learn more than the drone can tell us, and we have the chance to closely observe for any signs that the parasite is even in the area. If what my sister says is true that Chrysalis does not even have the forces required to carry out her plans, then we will be wasting our one and only weapon against them for naught."

He sighs, nodding. "You do have a point."

"Of course I do, Talon. I'm a mare. Every pony knows mares know better than stallions." Luna muses, grinning at him.

The pilot rolls his eyes and lets out an annoyed huff of air. "Yeah yeah...it doesn't matter what planet or species I find...the women of it always think they're smarter than the men." He mutters. He glances over to the alicorn, who is adorning an obviously un-amused glare. "Not that it isn't the case...occasionally." He quickly adds.

Luna nods, somewhat amused by his statement. In truth, she's not angry at it, but decided it would be fun to watch her pilot squirm for a moment or so. She finally breaks her glare and giggles, unable to keep it up for any longer. The midnight alicorn leans forward, nuzzling his cheek with her muzzle affectionately and sighs happily. She then looks him in the eyes, rearing her head back slightly. "Just shut up and take us to Horseshoe bay, mine love."

He sighs and nods. "Alright, but we need to get packed first. It also wouldn't hurt to double check our load-outs and confirm with your sister. She may have something else we need to manage before hand."

Luna alights her horn, grasping the pilots satchel in her magic and levitates it off of the nearby tool box against the wall. She holds it out beside her in the air and smiles. You can see the satchel is clearly stuffed with some kind of large contents, and what appears to be a portion of a sleeve sticking out of the end, most likely one of the pilots fatigues. In one of the pockets on the outside of the messenger bag is Lunas favorite brush, its top hanging out precariously. "Already packed." She muses with a smile.

He raises his eyebrows, looking at her incongruously. "I...I won't ask." Talon simply shakes his head, then rises out of the pilots seat to climb out of the warbird. Luna pushes off of the nose of the aircraft with her forelegs, and lands back on all four hooves. She nickers softly, beckoning the pilot to come out of the cockpit.

Luna hears the sound of some pony clearing their throat and turns her attention to the sound. Her ears swivel to its source, then she turns her head to look. It's Dark Fury, her personal guard. Standing there, he is wearing a high polished special forces armor, meant only for the most elite of the Lunar Stallions night guard. There are some splatters of blood in some areas. His mane and coat are somewhat dirty, dusted and in some areas matted with small droplets of blood. He stands at attention, eyeing his princess. She narrows her eyes to him, the smile falling from her muzzle as she holds a thin frown looking upon his condition. She sees the blood, and guesses just who or what pony that it would have belonged to. "Yes, Dark Fury?"

The stallion speaks, his husky Slavic voice low. "Princess...it vould seem that ze prisoner is more villing to co operate vith us than initially planned...ze parasite has given us infornation about ze queens plans...It vould seem she vanted the pilot and banshee for herself." He said coldly, his golden draconic gaze looking directly into the midnight alicorns eyes. "Vhat vould you have me do vith him..?"

She turns back to the pilot, who has his arms folded to his chest, watching the display. She gazes at his facial expression for a moment, understanding what orders she should give. A small smirk forms on her muzzle as she nods, then turns her attention back to Dark Fury. "Captain Fury...you are to extract all information from the parasite...by any means necessary. It attacked a member of the royal family, and has no rights, liberties or freedom in Equestria...do as you see fit. However...do not kill it..We wish to have a word with it once we return from our own scouting mission."

Talon stays silent, watching the display. This is the first time he has truly gotten a chance to listen to the mysterious guard. In his time here, he's become good friends with most of the stallions around the palace, and even closer to the ones of his princesses royal guard. This one however...was regarded as one of the most elite. He remembered looking over what translated text he could about the history of these ponies, coming to find out that this unit in particular had special training even more harsh than that of his own military's most elite. If anything, these soldiers would be more on par with the Soviet Spetsnaz, or a more elite version of the US Navy Seals. The thought sent a chill down his spine, never understanding how a culture so hellbent on love and fellowship could indeed be so dark and cruel behind closed doors.

Dark Fury nodded, a cruel smile crossing his muzzel. "Da..very good, your majesty. I vill see to it zat ze parasite divulges all of its secrets to us. Ve vill know all its mind has. Do you also vish me to break him? To insure it is more...how should ve say..complacent and villing to speak vith you?"

Luna swallowed hard. She knew from experience about Dark Furys methods, watching him in the past as he had gotten answers out of a griffon spy once before. She knew his nature, and shuddered at the thought of what the parasite had in store for it. She paused for a moment, then nodded. It was cold, cruel and absolutely wicked; closer to what her behavior would have been one thousand years prior...but she knew it had to be done. This was after all, the same parasite that had bitten her and taken her senses away. This was the same parasite who directly caused her to harm her flame. The thoughts of compassion were quickly swept away as anger bubbled in her stomach, then she nodded resolutely. Her own blood beginning to boil from the memory of a day prior. "You heard me, Captain Fury. Any. Means. Necessary." A cruel grin forms on her muzzle, eliciting a similar one on the stallions. He nods, then turns away and walks stoically to the exit. He has work to do, and intends to carry out his mistresses orders to the letter. That parasite attacked his ruler. That parasite had caused her pain. No..this simply wouldn't do. Yes, it would seem indeed that this filth would needed to be taught a lesson. And it would be a lesson that it would never forget...should it ever see the light of Lunas moon ever again, that is.

Talon eyes the alicorn warily, looking at her. "Remind me never to piss you off...I'd rather not find out what your dark side is like if we ever have an argument." He says in a low tone. His arms are still folded, and his guard up. He's never imagined Luna ever being like this, even knowing her past.

Luna smiles, the cruelty within her washed away as if it was never even there. "Oh no mine flame...for you it would be much much worse. I wouldn't subject you to that..too easy." She said, stepping closer to him. She sways her hips slightly, adding a seductive saunter in her step. "You...I would deal with directly. And oh...how it would be fun." Luna says, licking her lips. Her half lidded gaze on her pilot.

His eyes flick down to the bauble around his neck, checking the star for a similar reaction it had with the parasite queen. He sees the star is spinning lazily and slow, its glow iridescent and soft. This really is Luna before him, and not that bug. His gaze turns back to her, looking her in the eyes. It clicks. 'Oh I get it...she's being playful to lighten the mood. Seriously, these fucking space ponies never cease to amaze me.' He thinks. Talon clears his throat and nods, coughing slightly. "We'll...cross that bridge when we get there. For now, lets head to Sunny Butt and let her know we're taking off soon. While we're at it, we should ask her if there's any way we could reverse the contract she wrote up today."

Lunas eyes go wide hearing his last comment. Her ear twitches and her tail swishes quickly with anger. She grits her teeth. She's quiet for a moment, then looks to him. "...No."

He looks at her, watching her movements. "Luna...what do you mean no? We do need to tell her we're departing soon. She'll at least want to know our flight plan."

Luna stomps her fore hoof, her posture rigid and her gaze focused. Her eyes flicker to their draconic slits. "I mean no about the contract. I wish to keep it in place." Her tail flicks in annoyance. The bauble around the pilots neck glows a dark red now, the star picks up speed in its revolutions, spinning somewhat faster and bobs in place now. "I know it's rushed, but it feels right to me...Mine flame..you are given anything you wish. You are considered a prince now. Please don't be so foalish and throw that away! I'm pleading with thou...sinnan thine gescriiican ongean me!"

He scratches his head, trying to understand her old speak. "Uhm...lets try that again in modern speak princess...take a breath and once more." He says, stepping back slowly. He can see whatever he said, obviously upset her. This was turning very bad, very very fast. Slowly while keeping his gaze on her, he moves one of his hands to the holstered pistol on his side.

Luna closes her eyes and takes a moment to calm down, just as he asked. She opens them once more, her eyes still focused and pleading with him. Her breath is slow, but shallow. "Talon...I wish you to keep the contract we signed. Thou...you are mine special some pony, and we..I..am yours. The whole idea was rushed, and something we had to do. But I for one love the idea and concept of being a wedded mare, especially to you! Please...take it back and let us stay this way...if only for a while longer?" She breaths out, her heart thundering in her barrel. Her ears twitch nervously, her wings held tightly to her sides.

He looks at her slowly, noting one major thing on her features. Fear...she's afraid. He knows any animal becomes unpredictable when afraid. This however...was no ordinary animal. It's a space pony..with voodoo that could pretty easily put most comic book heroes on his planet to shame in the blink of an eye. What's more, this was indeed someone..some pony he himself has come to care deeply for. His mind is a blur with chaotic thought, thinking of the implications. One one note, he could simply say yes and go along with it. How much could change, really? On the other note, he's married to of all things..a space pony. And not even of his own doing. This was forced, and everything in him says it shouldn't have been that way. He contemplates for a moment, watching the mare become more and more agitated with each passing second. He then nods and sighs, folding his arms and removing his hand away from the pistol. "Luna..." He lets out a huff of air and nods, then reaches in his flight jacket for a cigarette. He lights it and takes a pull, then looks at her again, exhaling the smoke. "We'll keep it for as long as you wish then. If this is what makes you happy, then I have no problem wearing this ring for as long as you desire."

Her eyes go wide with delight and she leaps forward at him, her wings opening in a flash as she bounds to him. She has a wide smile on her muzzle. "But.." She hears, freezing in place just a few feet away from him. She flaps her wings, hovering in place for a moment. Confusion is written all over her features.

"But.." He said, exhaling another pull from his cigarette. "This does not mean you get to parade me around as a pet or anything. I'm still a man, and an officer of the US Navy. Things stay the same between us. You're not allowed to get weird like some wives do on my planet."

Luna nods furiously, understanding his words. "Deal!" She squeaks out, landing on her hooves again. She steps to him and buries her muzzle in his flight jacket, nuzzling him very affectionately, before she wraps her wings around him tightly in an embrace. She sighs happily, content once more.

Talon shakes his head, taking another pull from the cigarette. 'I've heard of mood swings...but this is just nuts. She's gone from dreamy eyed, to cruel, to bat shit psycho, then to happy again all in the span of a fucking minute...' He thinks to himself, looking down at the alicorn holding him. He exhales the smoke again and chuckles, stroking her mane and neck carefully while she stands there, just letting her hold the embrace as long as she wishes. He got a small taste of her temper only moments prior. Bad idea to push his luck for the moment.

The two stay in place for a few minutes more, Talon having already finished the cigarette and putting out the depleted filter in the small bowl of sand. He stands there, stroking her mane and neck softly. Lunas wings have since come down and bobbed lazily at her sides, twitching every once in a while when his fingers find a sensitive spot on her neck. She's nickering softly, the sound barely above a whisper. Her eyes are closed and her ears drooped slightly. She has obviously relaxed.

Luna sighs contently, a deep blush on her muzzle. She looks up to him and cranes her neck, kissing him softly. Once she backs up, she smiles. "Let's go tell Tia we're off then. I would like to get on our was as soon as possible." She said softly, still smiling. Her gaze falls to her fore hoof again, her eyes tracing the silver band adorning her. She smiles at it, happy that she gets to keep wearing the bands for as long as her heart desires.

He starts walking to the main door of the hangar, with the alicorn in tow not far behind him. The two head to Celestias study, where the sun princess would most likely be during this time of day. The walk through the palace is uneventful, the couple only passing a few members of the palace staff and the occasional guard or two. Most simply waved or nodded to them, a few noted the bands on the princess and smiled, congratulating her. This brings an even warmer and bigger smile to the alicorns muzzle. They finally arrive, to find the door of the study wide open and Celestia sitting on the balcony, overlooking the gardens from her seat. She has a cup of tea resting on a nearby table, and a scroll held in her magic that she is reading. Twilight Sparkle is sitting at the nearby desk, looking over a massive tome laid out before her, with other scrolls strewn about.

"Mine sister...we hath arrived." Luna speaks up, a smile still on her muzzle and her voice light and cheerful.

Celestia nods, her attention still on the scroll. "Yes, I can see that Lulu...What's on your mind, sister?" Celestia said casually, her tone calm and regal as always. She lowers the scroll and turns her attention to Luna and the pilot, a smile of her own on her features. She eyes Luna and sees she is still wearing the bands adorning her horn and foreleg. Celestia grins at this, honestly happy. She has always been regarded as a master chess player, and had imagined of cooking up a way someday to help Luna come out of her shell and find friendship, possibly even love someday. This however, was obviously working out far better than the regal white alicorn could have ever dreamed. In all of her years, she never once has seen Luna so happy all of the time. It was this, that gave Celestia the sense of security knowing that the night alicorn would never be lonely again, and would never plunge the world into eternal darkness once more. "And I see you've decided to keep the contract of being a married mare? Oh lulu, I'm so happy for you!" She added.

Talon rolls his eyes, turning away from the conversation while the two royal sisters begin their giddy, giggly conversation. He walks to Twilight and comes to a stop in front of the desk, looking at the massive tome before her. "Anything I can help with?" He asks, getting her attention.

Twilight pauses, looking up at him and smiles. "Oh hello Commander!" She said. "No, this is just some personal reading I'm doing, not anything important for Equestria as a whole. Today went really well, and day court was for the most part...empty. So Princess Celestia and I have some free time right now to relax." Twilight glances over at the two sisters, who are hugging and giggling on the balcony. She then licks her lips and leans forward, motioning for the pilot to bend down so she can whisper. Once he does she licks her lips, and speaks very softly. "I'm sorry we had to dump this on you two...but it was all I could think of to save you and the aircraft. I hope you can forgive me.." She said quietly, her eyes still glued to the two alicorns outside, insuring they didn't hear her.

Talon nods and whispers in reply. "Relax, it probably would have happened sooner or later anyway. No time like the present, right?" He grins. "Besides, it's just a piece of paper and a title. She's still the same alicorn I woke up to and seen yesterday, and she'll still be the same ol' Luna tomorrow. Who cares what a paper says. That doesn't change the bond we share or the friendship I have with you...right?" He asks, eyebrow raised.

Twilight shakes her head and smiles. "Not even a little. Thank you for being so understanding. So what brings you here? Are you two planning a flight around Canterlot again tonight?"

Talon takes a seat on the bench before the desk. "No ma'am, our flight plan is a bit further out. Luna has mentioned she wanted to do a fly over on a place called Horseshoe bay. She mentioned something about that place being a good area to maybe find so answers to what the hell is going on around here, with the bug and all."

Twilight nods. "If it means anything...I agree with you. I completely agree...I remember first hand what that parasite did at the wedding between my brother and my old foal sitter. Nothing would make me happier than to watch her get exactly what she deserves...a one way ticket to Tatarus with all of her evil spawn." She said quietly, her eyes focused in on the pilots.

He folds his arms and smirks. "Give me enough time and I'll see to it that fantasy of yours becomes reality. No way am I going to let that bug have her way and bring harm to this place. Your people have taken me in and accepted me, it's only fair I cover your backsides too."

Twilight smiles and is about to speak, when she notices Celestia and Luna return from the balcony. The two alicorns come to the desk, smiling. "Twilight, did you get the reports from the other cities yet, in regards to the flight lines we asked to be built?"

Twilight blinks for a moment, her mind drawing a blank. "Reports...Oh! Yes, those just came in an hour ago." She uses her magic to levitate a stack of papers over from a nearby table, then flips through them. After a few moments, she comes to the page set with Horseshoe Bay on it. "Hmm...it looks like they're not finished with this one yet...but they did however finish building the new hangar and flat we requested. The estimate is three weeks before they can complete it. But the ones in Ponyville, Baltimare and Manehatten are all finished, and the ones in Las Pegasus and Stalliongrad are going to be completed in a weeks time."

Celestia pauses for a moment, thinking. "That's a shame..I was hopeful that the projects would all finish roughly at the same time."

Luna perks her ears up. "Flight lines..? Projects? Mine sister, what is it thee is planning?" She asks, confused. This also catches Talons attention.

"Well, simply put lulu. Since the pathway for our aircraft worked out so perfectly here, I had others commissioned to be built, funded by the royal coffers. It only seems natural to have a resting place for our pilot and machine in every city, should they need to quickly land or respond to an emergency in those areas." Celestia says with a wry grin. "Call it a...wedding gift?"

Luna sputtered for a moment, blushing. Talon shook his head. "You were planning this, weren't you." He deadpanned. The pilot commented, more than asking. He already knew exactly where this conversation was going, and how he was probably about to be trolled hard by the white alicorn again. "OK Sunny Butt, I'll bite. How long have you been working on this?"

"That's still Princess Sunny Butt to you, commander." Celestia said, grinning. "And not long...since the day that our runway here at the palace was completed." She said in her sing song voice, a tinge of laughter lacing it. "I knew after all, that you would more than likely decide to stay with us in Equestria had we of actually found a way to send you back, and I had a good feeling that you and my little sister would finally understand your feelings for each other and begin to explore them. Not that you two need it...but you absolutely have my blessing on this matter." Celestia said, a slight blush coloring her muzzle.

Luna smiled knowingly, reflecting on her chat with her sister that they held on the balcony. Of all things they could have spoken about, Luna wasn't expecting her sister to give wedding night and honeymoon tips. Luna sighed, knowing she left out the small detail of what Talon seen the trip for...recon and hunting for the parasite queen. Still, she intended to make this trip worthwhile for herself, and a chance to enjoy her new status as a married mare.

* * * * *

"And you're absolutely sure this will indeed work, demon?" Chrysalis calls out to the shadows from her throne. "It cannot simply be so easy to break that wretched mare so quickly, just by playing on her fear. She won't fall for such a simple trick!" She hissed.

"It will work...so long as you follow the plan. I have given you all that you need to be done with this, Chrissy." The shadowed figure replied. Its voice echoing in the chasm that is the changeling hive. "I have given you an immunity to their powers. I have provided you with the one weapon that can counter that infernal sword of hers that gives her such great strength. The only pony that can screw this up now is you."

Chrysalis uses her magic to levitate the hoof mirror in front of her muzzle once more, looking at the reflection. For the first time in the queens life, she was actually afraid of what was staring back at her. She visibly shuddered, then lowered the mirror. Chrysalis flicks her malevolent glare back to the shadows. "How do I know the night princess will even fall for this, let alone actually be there?"

The red eyes focus in on the changeling, a wicked Cheshire grin forming in the shadow. "It was your pawn that had gotten the word of where the emo one is going with her pet. You tell me. Play by the rules of the game, Chrissy. You're the one that invoked me here. You get your little war, I get the alicorns horn. That's the deal. So it's simple, you go there and fight, she dies. The suns favored foal and the weak filly fooler princess will be too distraught to see the next attack coming, making for an easy victory. Every pony wins."

The changeling queen sneers at the shadow, still not convinced. "And just when will you be getting your hooves dirty, demon? You can't possibly expect me to do all of the work! Or are you afraid of the pathetic namby pamby pony princess?"

The red eyes level their malevolent gaze, and the figure steps out of the shadow, its grin gone and now twisted to a hateful wicked sneer of its own. The figure bares its terrifying maw, its teeth dripping with the blood of its most recent meal. "I fear nothing, you insolent pest! I will step in when the time is right. Now do as I say or you'll have more than just the foalish sisters to deal with!" The figure shouts, the cavern shaking with the boom of its wickedly evil voice.

Chrysalis cowers in her seat, eyes wide with fright. Her breaths become ragged and shallow in her barrel, finally seeing the figures true form in the light. Absolute terror grips her heart for a moment, before she swallows hard and nods furiously. "Un--Understood!" She shakily replies.

The drones all watch from the shadows, confusion spreading throughout the hive. They've never seen, let alone imagined anything able to scare their queen and mother quite like this. They all fall silent, not a single one buzzing or chattering while they all watch the figure. If their queen gives the order, they will all mindlessly lay down their lives to strike out at the figure.

The figure smiles, seeing the queen cow down into submission, a Cheshire grin once more crossing its maw as it returns to the shadows. "I knew you would see things my way, Chrysalis. Now...do as I said, and you will not fail. The emo princess will fall...you will have the banshee eliminated, and I will get my trinket. Once all of that is finished...I will come to your side and eliminate the suns favored foal..so you may have your meal at last. Do we have a deal?" The red eyes fall upon Chrysalis once more, bobbing and dancing in the shadows.

Chrysalis nods slowly, her own heart rate and breathing returning to normal. "Yes..we have a deal." She once more looks into the mirror, staring at the reflection and looking at the draconic orbs staring back at her. She isn't sure what is more of a terror to her...the shadow, or the wicked mare she is staring at. She shudders once more, then rises to her hooves and descends the dais of her throne. Using her magic, she levitates a hooded cloak onto her back, and wraps it tightly around her form, beginning her walk to the cavern entrance. Soon, her plans will come to fruition; she will have her revenge.

* * * * *

Luna and Talon have since returned to the hangar after a large dinner with Twilight Sparkle and Celestia, and are doing the last minute preparations before take off. The alicorn has since placed the satchel in her own seat of the warbirds cockpit, and even loaded a few snacks and sweet treats from the pilot in the additional pockets of the bag. She walks along the folded in canard of the mighty machine before her, her hoof tracing its sleek lines as she admires it. Her guards have since rolled out the warbird in front of the ballroom now turned hangar, and have cleaned the body of the aircraft ever so meticulously, bringing its black paint to a deep shine. If there is one thing the Lunar Stallions are known for, it's their attention to detail and dedication to any task they are given. She smiles impressed at their work, and nods in approval. The sun is setting now, nearly time for her to raise her celestial charge for the world. Her eyes look over the warbird in the fading sunlight, putting her in a sense of awe in its beauty and wonder. Going up into the sky with her flame is one of her favored treasured joys, and knowing this will essentially be her chariot with her pilot only makes it that much better. A blush crosses her muzzle, as she smiles happily and stares at the machine.

Talon whistles, looking at his aircraft. "Wow, I haven't seen the old girl shine like this since the day I came aboard the Enterprise. Your guys know their stuff when it comes to cleaning." He said casually, also admiring their work.

The nearby Lunar Stallions all nod in happy approval, ecstatic that they were able to present such a gift to their princess. It was Captain Aegis Shields idea to cleanse the warbird for the royal couple, and what an idea it was, obviously. The entire battalion of stallions worked feverishly, hoof polishing the machine to the best of their abilities, bringing the stealth aircrafts sleek body to an illustrious shine.

Luna smiles happily and turns to the guards, all standing at attention. "Thank you, my stallions. You have all done a fine and commendable job! You have made your princess proud of you today." She said, her voice thick with glee and pride.

The congregation of Lunar Stallions all salute their princess at once, prideful smiles of their own all crossing their muzzles. Though this was not exactly how some of them pictured serving their princess, it's the fact that it did please the Goddess of the night that had made it all worth while.

"You all have your assigned duties while I am away with mine flame." She said to the stallions. She stands firm and proud before them, her wings open and erect upon her back, displaying her daunting power to show them respect. "I expect each and every one of you to relax and enjoy some free time about the palace, but should there be any kind of problem, you know what to do. Protect mine sister and her flame at all costs. I wish to return to my home in one piece." The stallions all nod at once and salute again. She smiles, her tongue tracing her teeth within her muzzle. "Dismissed!" She cries out.

"Ah Rooh!" The Lunar Stallions all call out in response at once. They all turn to the side in unison, and trot off and away from the landing pad in formation, like a well oiled machine. The sight impresses both the pilot and princess.

After the stallions are gone, Luna turns and nuzzles the pilots chest, smiling. "I love you." She whispers, a smile on her muzzle and her eyes closed. Her wings fold in on her sides once more, and she nickers very softly to him. She blushes when she feels his embrace around her neck, and nuzzles deeper against him, enjoying that intoxicating scent upon her flame. The scent of fuel, exhaust and that wonderful sweetness she still could not identify.

"I love you too, Luna." He said, holding her tightly. He lets go of her after a few moments, turning to the warbird. "Lets get going. The sooner we get there, the sooner we can start our search for the parasite."

Luna nods, alighting her horn. "After I raise the moon, we shall depart, mine love." She said, her tone still thick with love and adoration. She turns away and steps out into the gardens, focusing on her moon. The sun lowers before them beyond the horizon and distant mountains, as Celestia puts it to rest for the evening. Luna looks up at Celestia on the balcony of her study and waves, then returns her gaze to the distance. Her jade eyes seem to glow in the darkness, as she feeds more and more power into her horn. She rears back and flaps her wings, pumping them hard to leap into the sky. Luna throws her fore hooves outward and above her as she lifts the moon over the horizon, starting its trek across the night sky. The stars begin to appear one by one, glowing brightly and beautifully. This night is one of many in a series over recent weeks, that its beauty is said to be beyond measure. The night goddess putting more and more effort into each night, using instead of just her magic, her heart to craft the jeweled tapestry. The stars and the moon all seem to glow with an other worldly light and beauty this night, a soft red hue to each of them. This red as has been discovered by Celestia, is the byproduct of the midnight alicorns love and affections. The deeper the red, the deeper her love. It has become very clear to all who understand this, that Luna obviously is very very in love.

Celestia smiles from her balcony at the wonder of it all, seeing such beauty and effort put into this night. She gasps with delight as she sees a shooting star streak the sky above Canterlot. Those are indeed rare, and only form when her little sister has a dream of her own in mind. Celestia nods knowingly at the sky, then turns away returning to her chambers for the evening.

Luna lands upon her hooves again and huffs softly, regaining her breath. Her horn dims as she powers down her magic, then she takes a deep breath and turns, smiling at her pilot. Talon is now seated inside the cockpit, looking up at the night sky. He's clapping and nodding in approval, while finishing the cigarette in his mouth. "Good job Luna! Very nice." He said. This causes Luna to blush, as she trots up to the aircrafts canard.

"Thank you.." She says, smiling. Her ears are slightly folded back, a deep blush on her muzzle and her wings held loosely at her sides. She bounds up onto the canard, then steps gently to the canopy, finding her seat in the cockpits co-pilots seat. She straps herself in and levitates her headset onto her head, while looking at the controls before her. Talon closes the canopy around them, and she looks around. Luna strips off her crown and regalia, placing them all in the satchel beside her. For lack of a better term, she's now completely naked, and happy. In this aircraft, this mighty warbird, she isn't Luna; regent of the stars and goddess of the night. She can just be Luna, ace co-pilot and wife. She hums happily to herself, beginning to relax.

"Initiate scram jet sequence!" Talon calls out into the headset on his flight helmet. The aircrafts engines begin to wind up and howl, its whine spinning up to the loud and powerful banshees cry. He begins to taxi out the aircraft after a few minutes of the engines warming up, finding his way to the flight line. Once he reaches the end of the runway, the canards slowly spread open. The wings glisten and shine in the bright moonlight, even the stars sparkle and reflect off of its shined visage. To those watching nearby, it almost appears as if the warbird itself is a part of the jeweled tapestry Luna has created; a piece of the heavens themselves resting upon the grounds of the palace. The engines whine loudly as they power up, beginning to howl and scream as the afterburners ignited. Twin pillars of flames shoot out from the tail of the warbird, turning into twin cones of focused blue fire. The aircraft rockets down the runway, its powerful engines and mighty wings taking to the skies once more. Palace guards and nearby observers cheer wildly as the aircraft climbs and acends to the heavens, then out of view; disappearing into the night sky.

Luna excitedly squeals in delight as the aircraft rockets further and further into the heavens, the forces on her body bringing her pleasure and thrill. From their first flight together, take off had been the scariest thing she ever had to endure. However; as the couple took to the skies more and more often, she had come to enjoy and relish in the sensation of the act, finally coming to love it and all of its glory. This is where she dreamed to be the most, this is the place she loved above all else. Looking out around her with a wide grin, her eyes gaze to her beautiful jeweled tapestry that is the night sky, relishing in the sights and wonder of it all. Up here, she could enjoy the one thing she rarely had on Equestria...freedom.

Talon throttles back, releasing the afterburners and bringing the engines down to a gentle cruising speed. The warbird levels off high above the clouds, his heading clear and a straight shot. Ahead of them is their first stop and closest landing site; Baltimare. From there the two will take a carriage to Horseshoe Bay, to begin the search for any signs of the parasite. He smirks, looking ahead at the HUD. His fingers trace the flight weapons controls as he thinks, his hopes of one prospect: Defending Equestria and finally bringing down the parasite once and for all. If he can bring down the threat before it can strike, that will help him sleep far better at night. He chuckles to himself, looking over the gauges and flight clusters. The flight ahead will be somewhat long, but peaceful nevertheless. He checks the radar, watching the sweeping needle yield no results. It's clear skies ahead of them.

The flight itself lasts two hours at the calm cruising speed, not a word is said between them the entire time. Talon focuses ahead on the flight and providing a gentle ride for the alicorn, while Luna is busy reading over a few pamphlets of places to visit while on her 'scouting mission'..though she views it more as a honeymoon. She smiles, her hoof tracing the jeweled band adorning her horn and a blush on her muzzle. The aircraft pitches downwards, approaching the point that Celestia had mentioned earlier over dinner. Ahead, Talon can see what the white alicorn had stated over dinner was indeed correct, and an obvious runway and flight line was set out ahead of them. Down below in the distance, was the city of Baltimare, and a beautiful made airport for him to land at. Blue lanterns and lights marked a clear path to the runway made recently by the ponies. They hear a crackle sound come over the aircrafts radio.

"Talon one and Princess Luna of Equestria, this is Tower control of Baltimare; we see you on approach and you are cleared to land at any time." A voice calls out to them over the radio.

Talon listens carefully to the sound of the mare speaking over his headset, and presses the comm button to respond. "Talon One to Tower, we read you. Thank you for clearance, we will be landing shortly. Talon has the ball." He responded, then lets off of the button. He turns his head back to Luna, glancing at her. The alicorn is looking at him, a surprised look on her features. "Mind telling me how exactly they have that radio too?"

Luna shrugs her shoulders and licks her lips. "Mine sister has obviously thought of everything, hasn't she?" She said flatly. "What I'm more interested in is how they had seen us...this aircraft is as black as the night sky, and Equestria does not yet have the radar that is in this machine." She said cautiously. "I don't understand."

Talon looks ahead, watching the runway before them come closer into view. It's very well lit, and the buildings surrounding it even more so. There is one large building off to the side, with a large taxiway at least twice the width and size of the one at the palace. The building connected to it is much much larger than the ballroom back in Canterlot as well, with massive open doors showing a very well constructed hangar bay. Even from this distance, Talon can still make out these features with his eyes. The warbirds cameras zoom in on the newly built structures, displaying them on the monitors of the flight clusters. Luna gasps in awe and excitement seeing the pictures so clearly before her on the screens. "It looks to me like your engineers have been very busy indeed, Luna. I have to admit, you space ponies never cease to amaze me, even for a moment." He said, chuckling.

Luna hears his laugh come over the headset, and smiles. "Yes, they certainly are good at their profession. I would imagine all of this construction has provided many many jobs in Equestria, and has likely been the source of our economic progress and recent upturn. A lot of good has come out of mine and mine sisters decisions about this wondrous machine." She said with glee. She peers out of the canopy, taking in all of the sights before her. Her ears swivel around as she hears and feels the familiar click and clank of the landing gear doors opening and the warbirds gear lowering into place. The flaps of the wings extend downward and the aircraft begins to slow, the nose pitching upwards as it comes in for a landing. The alicorn watches excitedly out the canopy to her left as buildings zip by her vision, the rear wheels making contact with the pavement below with a soft bump. Seconds later, the nose of the warbird pitches down and levels with a similar bump as it contacts the ground.

Talon puts up the speedbrakes and tips the canards downward, slowing the warbird to a stop near the end of the runway. Once the bird has sucessfully landed safely, ponies from the Baltimare airport come rushing from nearby buildings. Some are carrying lanterns, others flags, directing the pilot of where to go. He nods after figuring out which ones to follow, and throttles up the warbirds engines slightly. The banshees cry is loud, causing many of the earth ponies and unicorns nearby to cover their ears as it slowly rolls by. Minutes pass as the warbird slowly taxied out of the runway area and onto the flight line, following now two unicorns creating a glowing magical arrow above them, leading the couple and the warbird to its safe haven for the time being; the new hangar. They find their way to the massive well lit building, its tall doors opened wide enough to fit a full sized dragon comfortably. The room is mostly empty. The floors are very high polished white tile, the walls painted a light blue in contrast. The room itself has a few large silver tanks along the walls, and local police ponies stationed at all of the exits. The warbird swings its nose around slowly in the center of the room, its canards still spread wide open. The engines finally power down after a few minutes of it sitting idle there for a moment, all of the ponies nearby watching in awe. The sound of the banshees cry now dwindle to a whisper, before silence overtakes the room.

Talon looks around through the canopy, slowly breathing. He leans back in his seat. "Luna..."

Luna leans forward, also looking around. She had no idea her sister had gone to these lengths for her and the pilot, let alone how she could have told the ponies of Baltimare of their pending arrival and all. This building and the entire complex was obviously constructed for the sole purpose of housing this machine, and done well above even Canterlots standards. The alicorn was simply amazed. "I know mine love...I know." She breathes out quietly. Her bare hoof feels around on the side controls, finding the canopy release lever. She presses it down, opening the canopy. The seal breaks with a rushing of air into the cockpit, then the glass slides back and opens slowly, then raises to its open and resting positon. A white unicorn mare with a dark blue mane approaches the warbirds fusalage. She comes to rest on her haunches, quietly awaiting the princess or the pilot to speak first.

Talon unbuckles his harness first, then stands up in the cockpit. The police ponies all eye him wairly, but with respect. Luna fallows suit next. He looks down and sees the mare, nodding and saluting her before he begins his decent down the steps of the fuselage. Once his feet touch the ground, he looks at her in the eyes. "Hello. I am--" He's cut off.

"Commander Masters! Yes, we've heard so much about you! I am Pearl Shine, the director of the new Baltimare sky port!" The mare said with glee. "And you're the Banshees master from Canterlot, oh what an exciting day this is!" The mare reaches out and grasps the pilots hand, pumping it furiously with a hoofshake. "Welcome to Baltimare, Commander! Princess Celestia sent word to us a at sunset that you were on your way with Princess Luna! We were quite excited to hear the news that you would come to visit us, even if it was on such short notice!" She spoke in a high pitched excited voice.

Talon nodded slowly. 'The fuck is this space pony on? She looks like she's had more coffee than the doughnut guy back in Canterlot drinks..' He thinks to himself. He clears his throat. "Erm..yes..we were going to land at Horseshoe bay, but Celestia had mentioned this would be a better eh...sky..port.." He said warily. Luna finally stepped out of the cockpit and climbed down the canard, falling in beside him. Her regalia is still off of her, the icy cold tile contacting her bare hooves for the first time. It sends a slight chill down her spine, and a smile to her muzzle.

"Good evening, miss Shine. Thank thee for thy wondrous hospitality." The alicorn said quietly. Luna nods in approval to her and smiles sweetly. She steps closer to the pilot, her wing brushing against his hand.

Pearl Shine smiles and nods furiously. "Your majesty! What an honor it is to also finally meet you as well! I hope you find our facility to your liking?" The unicorn says with eager glee, her smile so wide it almost looks like it will overtake her entire face any moment.

Luna nods in approval and holds out her hoof for a hoof shake as well. "Yes, your facility as we have seen thus far is most grand! You have done well."

Pearl Shine has no idea how to react to the princesses bare hoof being extended out, and instead falls to a low bow, her horn touching the ground. "I am very happy to hear that, Princess Luna!" She shakily squeaks out.

Luna and Talon both look at each other, eyebrows raised. She turns her attention back to the cowering unicorn and clears her throat. "Rise, miss Shine. We commandeth thee." Luna deadpanned. The unicorn squeaks in fright, then does so, wobbling on her hooves. What Luna does next takes her by complete surprise. Luna grasps the mares hoof in a hoof shake and pumps her foreleg slowly, shaking the mares hoof in return. Her soft jade eyes stare into the unicorns blue orbs with some intensity. "We art merely here on vacation, not on royal business. We expect to be treated as any other mare whilst we are here, doth thou understand? You may call me Luna, and nothing more. Do not fret in my presence, or fear me. Doth thou understand?"

The bewildered unicorn nods furiously and swallows hard, then sighs with relief once Luna releases her hoof. "Understood Prin--I mean, Luna." She chuckles lightly to herself, then adjusts her glasses on her muzzle. She then clears her throat. "Eh hem! Guards! Come here please!

All around the room, Unicorn, Pegasi and Earthen ponies alike all come to the center, surrounding the warbird. "The princess and the pilot are both here on their own official business, and expect us to protect the Banshee of Canterlot while they are away. Guard this building with your lives, and do not allow any pony without proper ID and security clearance to enter here. Am I clear?" The guards all grunt and nods in approval, then scatter and return to their posts. The unicorn smiles once again and focuses in on the couple. "Your carriage is waiting right outside you two, we already have the hotel ready for you. I must say, it was interesting receiving orders from Canterlot castle like this, but we made sure it was followed to the letter! Should you need anything else or wish to take off early, please don't hesitate to let me know!"

Luna and Talon both nod in agreement to the mare, before she canters off away from them with a spring in her step. Luna scratches her head with her hoof, still amused and surprised by the scene that just played out before them. Her horn alights, and she levitates the pilots satchel around her neck, bringing it to rest at her side. She tucks the bag under her right wing and smiles, turning to find the pilot is..back in the warbird? She raises an eyebrow. "Talon...what are you doing?"

Talon turns around for a moment and looks at her. "Loading out, what did you expect?" He reaches in and grabs his rifle, and the two pistols he had with him. He checks the clips quickly, then holsters the pistols on his sides. Grabbing the rifle, he places the strap around his chest and shoulder, then chambers a round in the breach. Grabbing the spare clips, he places them in his flight jackets pockets, and grabs his boot knife next, strapping that to his right leg and under his pants. He looks around one more time, before closing the canopy from the outside and punching in the lock down code for the warbird. Stepping down the steps slowly, he comes to rest on the ground again, then looks at Luna. She has a disappointed look on her features.

"Mine love...we whilst not have a need for your weapons..where we are heading is a place of peace, and not likely to give us any strife." She sighs out. "Even if we started searching for the parasite right this moment, we likely would find none so early."

He smirks at her. "Better safe than stupid, Luna. You of all people know this. Sigmas Pachmas Parabellum, remember?" He bites out with a malicious grin. "Besides, they may come in handy. You never know."

"And the knife? What is that for?" She says flatly, raising an eyebrow.

"Who knows? I might find an apple and have the need to slice it up for us to share. I'm sure I'll find a reason for it." He muses. Luna can clearly see she isn't going to talk him into leaving those behind. She sighs in defeat and shakes her head, chuckling.

"Very well...I will bless the concept of you bringing those, if you feel they are needed. You are correct." She said with a smile. She steps forward and nuzzles the pilots chest, then leans forward and up to plant a kiss on his lips. She blushes and smiles as she does, her ears picking up the soft chuckles and giggles from the nearby police officers stationed at the doors.
She steps back and blushes deeply, biting her lip as she looks around and sees the smiles from the nearby ponies watching.

Talon clears his throat and looks around nervously for a moment, before pointing to the door with an open hand. "Eh hem...ladies first?" He said with a wry grin. He follows Luna outside to the cold Baltimare air, and sees a large box like black carriage awaiting them. It's being pulled by four large earth pony stallions, easily as big as Big Macintosh is. The paint on the carriage is still fresh, and had a shined up hard surface for the outer walls. The interior fabric was dark blue fabric adorned with small gems and precious stones, with overly cushioned seats. Once the couple sat down, they feared sleep overtaking them since they had yet to rest from the day prior. Luna yawns and smiles, looking out the window.

Talon finds his seat across from the princess and relaxes, also looking out the window. They hear the faint sound of a pop, before the carriage rolls forward to their destination. The two travel in silence for the hour long trip to Horseshoe bay by carriage. Luna has since dozed off and is laying her head in Talons lap, while he's busy watching out the windows with his hands on the rifle. His eyes dart about in the darkness, searching for any sign of the enemy. The carriage finally comes to a rest before a tall building with subdued lamps outside of it, and the door opens. Standing outside is one of the stallions who pulled the carriage, quietly holding the door open with a smile. The stallions eyes fall to the peacefully sleeping princess, causing him to chuckle and silently nod. He then closes the door and waits patiently.

The pilot looks down and smiled slightly, gently rocking the alicorn awake in his lap. "Luna..wake up, we're here." He whispers softly.

Luna stirs and yawns, her eyes fluttering slowly. She sits up and yawns again, somewhat off balance from recently awakening. She blearily looks out the window and nods, then back to the pilot; a soft gentle smile on her muzzle. She coos softly and leans forward, nuzzling the pilot with that same loving, gentle smile. Her half lidded gaze peers into his own eyes, before she nods. "Yaaay.." she says in a soft adorable whisper.

The door opens up once again, and she steps out first. The alicorn smiles to the stallion and bows her head slightly. "Thank thee, kind stallion." She said. Luna reaches into the satchel with her magic and pulls out a couple of bits with her magic, levitating a small hoof full to the stallions coat pockets. He in return whinny's with joy and nods.

Talon steps out next and pats the stallion on the side. "Thanks for the lift." He said. The stallion also bows his head with a smile to this, then closes the door to the carriage once the two have exited completely. It returns to its original position pulling the carriage with the others, and they trot off to parts unknown of the city, out of view of the hotel.

Luna looks around her, this being her first trip to Horseshoe bay. She gasps at the beauty of it all, smiling at the sight of the moonlight reflecting off of the ocean before them. Old sailing ships are docked not too far off, presenting a breathtaking view of the harbor and all of its glory. Talon steps beside the alicorn and runs his hand over her mane and neck, patting her side of her throat gently. "C'mon Luna, lets head to the room and get some rack time, we'll start our search in the morning for the parasite. You need the rest."

She nods slowly and follows the pilot, her steps somewhat unsteady and wobbly. They make it indoors to the empty lobby, with exception of the desk clerk. It's a small red pegasus, with blue eyes. "Greetings! Welcome to the--" The pegasus mare trails off upon noticing it's the princess of the night. She freezes in place and stutters, then resumes. "Praise Celestia, we heard you two were coming, but we didn't believe it! Wel--welcome to the Bay Resort! Your rooms are already paid for and set, and here are your room keys!" The excited pegasus mare gushes, flying over quickly and handing them to the confused pilot.

"Erm uh..thanks?" He said, raising an eyebrow.

Luna sways in her spot, her head hanging low and ears turned out. She yawns a cute princess yawn and nickers softly. "Uhm...what.."

"Room five oh three, top floor. You two have the honeymoon suite! Please enjoy your stay and let me know if you need anything! Run along now, you lovebirds you!" The pegasus gushes, then flaps her wings again, pushing the pilot and alicorn into the nearby elevator. The doors close and the two disappear from view. The pegasus continues to stand there for a moment, holding the smile in place. A forced smile. The eyes flash green as the smile fades and falls into a malicious grin, the pegasus mare turning and walking back to the desk. Behind the desk laying on the floor, is another red pegasus mare, bound, blindfolded and laying dead on the ground, with two deep puncture marks on its neck...

* * * * *

The pilot sits down on the bed and stretches, looking out the window into the night sky. The lights are dimmed in the room, and he hears the faint sound of the shower running. Luna had insisted that she shower alone tonight, and asked him to simply rest in the room. He was surprised by this, but complied with her wishes. Who was he to defy when a woman said no? He sighed and set the guns on the nearby night stand, and had taken off his flight jacket and shirt. He rested his back against the wall and looked out, smiling. In the room, the walls were painted a soft dark blue, with purple and white curtains on all of the windows. The carpet was very soft and plush, almost as black as the ocean appeared. He could tell the carpet was also a deep blue as well, even in the dim lights. Looking around the room, he could see the ponies here clearly thought of everything. They even went as far as to put a small glass bowl on the nearby nightstand, filled with sand as well, with a small sign that said "Fire tubes here." posted under the bowl. He laughed at it and nodded, then did just that. He lit a cigarette in the room and took a deep pull off of it, relaxing. The pilot closed his eyes and listened to the sounds of the city from the open window, his mind drifting off while he enjoyed his cigarette.

In the shower, Luna was enjoying herself and using the time to wake up and prepare her spell. She's been waiting for another chance to use this very spell again, never having the time or the energy to really do so when they were at the palace; let alone the will to explain it to Celestia in full detail. Her horn powers up and charges the magic, the tendrils of the spell wrapping around her form like ribbons once again. She's since had some practice at this, and learned to better steady herself on her hind legs so she could perform this. Her eyes closed as the water cascaded on her naked form, the droplets of hot soothing water touching her bare skin and now wet hair. Her mane had shortened and was no longer ethereal, but silky ribbons of dark blue hair once more. The spell finishes and she opens her eyes, smiling to herself as she looks down at her body once more. She sees her silky smooth and soft white skin, her dainty hands and perfectly manicured fingernails. She smiles inwardly at the perfect form, knowing full well what her intentions are now that she's wide awake again. Being an alicorn, she has special abilities. Being the alicorn of the night, she has very certain special abilities. One of which being able to draw energy and power from water as a secondary source. With her internal battery recharged so to speak, she turns off the water and steps out of the shower. The ice cold tile touching her foot sends yet another shiver down her spine, which makes her grin. She unsteadily steps in front of the mirror and wipes away the fog, looking at her reflection. Staring back at her, is her human form. Her jade eyes trace the outline of her facial features, being the first time she's ever actually seen herself. Her appearance even with a wet head of hair is still absolutely breathtaking. She is beyond illustrious, even in her own mildly vain opinion. She dries herself off and nods at the reflection in one last visual check over, turning off the lights and stepping into the room. The room is dark. She can hear a soft sound of snoring catch her ears as she steps into the room, finding an endearing and amusing sight before her. Talon; her pilot is asleep on the bed. One of his fire tubes has long since been put out and placed in the bowl of sand beside the bed. She giggled, knowing that particular suggestion was by her, and happy that her sister had mentioned it.

Luna quietly steps to the bed, careful to not make a sound. She drops the towel wrapped around her, exposing her perfect form in the moonlight coming through the room. Her wedding bands now adorn her dainty hands, the band once around her horn now placed oh her left hands second to last finger. The other band is now on her wrist of the same hand. She crawls onto the bed next to the sleeping pilot, who surprisingly didn't stir once she entered the bed. She licks her lips and leans down, kissing his lips softly to awaken him.

Talon opens his eyes, blurred by the darkness of the room and something wet and blue hindering his vision. He blinks the sleep out of his eyes and yawns, expecting to see the alicorn mare before him. Once his eyes focus and adjust to the darkness, he comes to be surprised at the sight. Beside him and leaning over him, propped up on her elbow was a human princess Luna. "Heh..Luna? Did your magic break again?"

She giggles, staring into his eyes with her own jade ones. "No, it didn't then, and it didn't now mine love. You seemed to have trouble last time I wanted us to mate, since I was in my normal form. Since I don't wish to bare yet another unanswered estrus cycle.." She leans forward and kisses his neck then licks the edge of his ear, returning back to her position. "I simply figured that we could do things this way...until you've grown more comfortable with my body."

He nods and smirks. "That sounds great...I think..I hate to sound like an idiot here princess...but we haven't had much sleep...wouldn't you rather do this in the morning once we've had some rack time...or maybe after we find and capture the parasite?" he asks in a low tone.

Luna looks up and to the left, biting her tongue in annoyance. Thus far for the last two days, her cycle was becoming unbearable. She had no intentions of allowing this to continue. Let alone on her wedding night. "Hmm...Neigh." She says, her jade orbs focusing on his once more. She grins wickedly, licking her teeth in a seductive smile. She narrows her half lidded gaze to him and throws her leg over his body, positioning herself on top of the pilot, and straddling him. "Talon...Rushed or no...this is mine wedding night. I am in estrus..and you're not getting away so easily. So here are your options. You can either rut me until I can't walk. Or... you can rut me until I can't walk. Those are your only choices."

Talon looks at her square in the eyes. She's dead serious. His mind races back to the memory in Canterlot hangar, thoughts of what kind of torments he could expect if he resists even a little. 'Oh no mine flame...for you it would be much much worse. I wouldn't subject you to that..too easy....' Her words echo in his mind. He swallows hard, still focused at her half lidded gaze. The bauble around his neck continues to glow softly a deep red light, its speed now very slow and steady. This is more proof to him this is in fact Luna still. He takes a breath and licks his lips. "Those are my choices huh? No third option?" He asks. 'The fuck am I doing? I'm a pilot of the United States Navy! I have a hot woman on top of me who wants me to give her a hell of a good time...and i'm resisting?! Seriously, this should be a no brainer 'MURICA! FUCK YEAH! moment here dipshit!' He thinks to himself.

Luna watches him intently, his thoughts echoing in her own mind from the proximity to the bauble. She can hear the internal debate and giggles softly, then leans down and kisses him. "Afraid not, mine pilot. We need this...and I promised you it would be worth your while. Now...be a good solider and serve your mistress..." She says, trailing kisses down his neck and chest. "Make your country proud...he he.."

Talon gets the idea and nods slowly, a grin forming on his lips. "Then for the good ole' U.S. of A, I'll gladly take that mission." He says with a laugh. He gasps somewhat when Luna nips at his bare chest with her teeth, biting him gently and starting her work on marking him as her own.

* * * * *

The two rest in silence, before she finally calms her heart and breathing down. "I love you..my master.." She whispers.

"And I love you, my alicorn." Talon responds, tiredly. He squeezes her to his chest, his hands caressing her sweat soaked hair and his fingers tracing the outer rim of her ear and cheek. "I always will, Luna."

She nuzzles him deeply, her head laying upon his chest as she smiles, dreamily enjoying the intense warmth within her. This truly was worth the ruse to fly all the way here, and has left one very satisfied alicorn in the process.

The two finished up, blissfully happy. It's well past midnight now, the moon high in the sky on its trek. It was this night in Lunas eyes, that she finally learned something special. It was tonight that she had the answer she never knew she needed. Talon, was for all intents and purposes; the true master of the night. The alicorn smiled lovingly, her eyes closed as she nuzzled against him. The pilot had given her the ultimate gift, fulfilled her every desire. It was this night that she had given him everything, and he claimed her; In mind, body and soul- the midnight alicorn was now his. He was her master, and she was his prize. Nothing else mattered now, not one thing. The magic finally timed out, and in a flash of blue light she became her normal form again. She looks down, her eyes focusing on her hooves and barrel. She sighs and nickers gently. "Talon...wake up mine love.."

The pilot opens his eyes again, exhausted. "Yes Luna..?" He yawns out. "I'm not good for another round honey.."

She giggles softly. "We should clean ourselves before bed, mine love. It would do us no good to go to bed smelling of our fun deed..now would it? She asks playfully.

Talon nods tiredly and yawns. "Whatever you say Luna...but after this we sleep...for real this time." He mutters. The two climb out of bed, yawning and stretching. From both pilot and alicorn, sounds of joints popping can be heard loudly in the night air, followed by two very satisfied sighs. They go into the shower together, and help one another bathe.

It takes almost half an hour, the water lulling the pilot almost to sleep, but awakening the midnight alicorn once more due to her recharge spell. Finishing up, they dry off and exit the shower, Talon grabbing a fresh clean pair of boxers from his satchel, and Luna her brush. Her mane and tail still have not returned to their ethereal forms yet, so they hand limp against her body, now damp. She uses her magic to dry out her hair, and begins to brush it carefully in front of the bathroom mirror. Talon walks out of the bathroom while she does this, only to return to it a few minutes later once again wearing his fatigues and flight jacket. Luna turns to him and raises an eyebrow. "Mine love...where are you going?"

He smiles at her. "Honestly..I know it's late, but I'm a bit hungry. What do you say we see if we can find a place still open. Who knows, may actually find a joint around here that serves a damn burger already."

The alicorn cocks her head at the new word. "Pray tell...what is a burger?" She asks.

"Err...food. It's a type of sandwich made sometimes of various veggies, flattened into a patty and grilled. Some are also made from eh...me..meat.." He swallows hard.

Luna nods. "I already know humans are carnivorous, mine love. Your teeth told me that during our first kiss. This city is bordering the griffon and dragon nations, and I'm sure there is a multi cultural facility here that may serve something like you are looking for...just please don't order anything like that around me..I can't stomach the thought of you devouring another creature."

He agrees. "I'm OK with that. I don't care if it is made of plants. As long as it comes with a beer and some barbeque sauce, I'm fine with it..."

She smiles at his response and nods, nickering softly and nuzzling him. She finishes brushing her hair and follows the pilot to the door, after he holsters his pistols and grabs the assault rifle. The two exit the room and get to the lobby, where they notice something strange...it's completely empty. They shrug and start to walk out of the hotel and reach the street, when they hear a voice calling to them.

"That's far enough..." An all too familiar icy voice calls.

Luna and Talon turn around, coming face to face with a cloaked figure standing right behind them. Draconic teal orbs stare out at them in the darkness, the shadowed figure stepping beneath a street lamp. Its wings open and the cloak flies off, revealing something completely unexpected.

Luna goes wide eyed in terror, her mind screaming in disbelief whats before her. Talon draws the rifle and takes aim, his barrel trained on the black mares head beneath the base of her horn. "Luna..who is this?" Talon whispers, his gun on target.

Luna backs up slowly, her wings flared in fear. She swallows hard. "Impossible...You can't be here! You can't exist!" She cries out.

The mare steps forward further into the light. "Oh but I do..and you have something that belongs to me, weakling."

Talon takes a defensive position in front of Luna and fires a warning shot beside the mares head, just to her left. The bullet grazes her cheek, but she doesn't flinch. The demonic teal orbs don't even flicker to him. They stay trained on Luna. "Luna! What's wrong?! Who the fuck is this?!"

Luna swallows hard, whispering in a haunted voice. "Nightmare Moon..."