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Fallen Equestria; Shattered Silence - Endless Nightmares

War breaks out, Celestia and Luna are pushed to the edge..and finally use one final solution.

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Lessons for a princess; Part Three

Author's Note:

Warning: The following chapter contains scenes which may not be suitable for readers under the age of 18. Including but not limited to sex, gore, language and violence. The scenes contained are critical to the progression of the story line, and should be viewed with caution. You have been warned. This chapter is NSFW, and should be skipped if you are uncomfortable with adult situations or gore. questionable scenes will be color coded for easier avoidance.

Chapter 5: Lessons for a princess; part three

Luna nestles herself close to the pilot in the dimly lit castle foyer. It's still dark outside and the moon high in the sky on its trek. The air is chilly, causing her to shiver. She tightens her hold on the pilot laying next to her more with her wing, content with the situation. It took Luna some convincing, but she managed to get her new love to understand that while the shield is up; nothing will be able to enter. Finally the weary pilot was able to close his eyes and rest for a while.

The alicorn gazes upon his features, just as she does every night in her chambers. Now only instead of him sleeping in a chair close to a window, he's sharing the makeshift bed with her, laying on the ancient curtain, his head resting against her barrel. She looks up to her moon through the window, and sighs. 'I want more..so much more. Oh mother..I want..I want to give myself to him..' She thinks to herself, quietly staring up at her celestial charge.

Within her heart of hearts, she knows the answer to how to go about this. Alicorn mischief in her eyes, she looks back down to his sleeping form, a faint grin crossing her features. 'Next sunset...I'll try. If mine sister could take the leap of faith...then I shalt as well with mine flame.' She begins to plan out her best spell yet.

Dawn approaches as she lowers her moon from her resting position. The princess has been awake all night carefully planning her next evening, waiting quietly for the pilot to awaken. She finally had taken her first step in her life toward love. It was always Celestia of the two sisters that better understood the emotion, and always urged Luna to find a nice gentle colt to settle down with. Luna always being the more reclusive of the two, opted to wait until she found one that she would be willing to share herself with. Over the centuries as they grew up, none ever made Luna's heart ache when they weren't in the room, or her stomach feel as though she had recently eaten a swarm of butterfly's. Even after she returned from her banishment she never felt especially in love, or even the need for some ponies affections or company.

She was content being alone with her thoughts and her innocence. All of this changed however, when she had met this..this man. It would take a different kind of warrior to win the battle for her heart, as the night princess has come to find out. She looks down tiredly as now her pilot begins to stir.

"I don't usually say this...but good morning." She says softly, lowering her head to give him a soft kiss on his lips. The pilot sits up, then pops his back after sleeping on the uneven stone floor.

"Morning.." He yawns and looks around, checking the area. He sees nothing new or out of place, just the rising sunlight coming in the window and archway from being reflected by the aircrafts body. He leans back against the alicorn and sighs. "Well...we should probably eat, then start on trying to have you duplicate more fuel. Did you figure out a spell for it, Luna?" He asks tiredly to her.

Luna shakes her head. "I have not..I'm sorry." She says, wilting a little visibly. The honest truth was at the moment, Luna didn't want to leave just yet. Here she could finally be away from ponys constantly scurrying about in fear of her. She could finally be away from watching Celestia and Twilight always flaunting their affections. Here she could finally be alone with him. That is what appealed to her the most, and was in no hurry to give that prospect up. Especially after spending so many hours carefully planning out and testing a new magic.

He stands and stretched, then grabbed his assault rifle and stepped outside. He grabs one of his remaining three cigarettes in his pack, now down to his last two. He shakes his head and turns back to the alicorn. "Mind making a few of these for me first?" He holds up the cigarette, still somewhat flattened from when the Lunar Stallion sat on the satchel the first night he arrived.

Princess Luna nods silently and closes her eyes, her horn aglow. She works her alicorn magic and focuses on the strange fire tube the pilot enjoyed so much. Some magic and a shimmer moments later, she finishes, making enough copies to refill the box in his hand. "I wish..I wish you didn't use those, Talon. It cannot be healthy, even for your people." She says quietly, eyeing the aircraft outside.

"Noted." He says as he lights it, content now that he once again has a full pack. He walks up to the aircraft and climbs up the wing, walking to the fuel hatch door. After first smoking his cigarette and flicking the depleted butt off into the old broken fountain, he opens the fuel hatch and looks in.

He shines the rifles flashlight down the hatch, seeing some fuel remains at the bottom of the tank in small pools. "Looks like there is some left in there. If you can make enough of that to fill the tank, we should be able to return to the city." He says, still looking down into the warbirds fuel tank. "There's another tank inside the other wing as well, so we should aim for both of them."

Luna raised her eyebrows, surprised at where the banshees drink was located. "You really do have a strange machine...who heard of a stomach in a wing?" She says as she canters up to the aircraft, then rises to her hind legs to rest her forehooves against the wing. She peers down the hole, seeing the pools of fuel he was talking about at the bottom.

The vapor from the remaining jet fuel makes her light headed, and she finds the more potent scent of it intoxicating. 'So that's where he gets that scent...After I make this I'll have to bottle some up for myself!' She thinks, smiling inwardly at the thought. She lights her horn again and begins to focus hard on the remaining fuel....and nothing happens.

She opens her eyes and looks down, then tries again. She bites her lower lip and strains, pouring more and more magic into the spell. The results however, are the same. "Uh-oh..." She mutters under her breath.

"Uh oh? What's uh oh?" Talon asks, raising an eyebrow. "What's wrong Luna, you still feeling off from last night?" He kneels down to check her, looking for signs of distress. he sees nothing.

"Um...nothing I can't manage. I am an alicorn after all. If I can raise the moon and the stars, I'm sure I can make some of this fuel thou speakist of." She replies, still looking into the tank. She attempts again.

"You only use your old dialect when you're frustrated or upset." He says flatly, looking down into the tank. He's watching all of the motions, having seen her duplicate things on a daily basis, so he's confused now. "What, is your horn broken?"

"Neigh." She rolls her eyes, continuing to weave the spell and focusing hard on the fuel. "And we do not speaketh when we art flustered or miffed." She scowls at the pools in the bottom of the tank now, growing irritated. Ire dances in her eyes, as she begins to pour all of her energy into the spell. She's sweating and panting now, her toung hanging out slightly.

"That's enough...you're not getting anywhere." He says and sighs. He watches her power down her magic and push off of the wing, landing on her haunches. "And yes, you do."

"Hmph!" She lifts her nose with irritation at the fuel now. "We...we think thy fuel must be too complex for magic to create. We--I am sorry." She says gloomy and irritated. "Let me rest for more time, I'll try again then." She finishes, walking back into the ruins. Even with the sun just rising, she can already tell it's about to be a very long day. Talon follows her back inside, and waits.

The two pass the time resting and talking, Talon telling her more about Earth and the life he once came from. She listens eagerly to all of it, loving every bit of the conversation and the attention on her. She listens intently hearing about the marvels of life, such as horseless carriages, vessels that can float over great oceans and lakes, and trains that move without ponys pulling them. He pauses talking however, when somthing in the distance catches his eyes. He gets up and rushes to the archway, taking aim with his rifle. Off in the treeline, he spots two faintly glowing green eyes. "Luna, we have company.."

She rises to her hooves and swiftly gallops to him, taking position behind him. Her horn glows as she prepares an attack spell. She peers into the treeline, scanning for movement. "Where..? I don't see it!" She says in a hushed tone.

He maintains his aim, looking in the direction." Two green lights in the trees, about three hundred yards away." He whispers back. He cocks the breech bolt and chambers a round. It's when the green eyes in the distance vanish before him that he becomes confused. "It's moving...it just disappeared."

Luna continues scanning the area with her magic and eyes, feeling for and searching out for another pony, or creature. All she can sense is the forrest plant life, and a collection of dead timber and stones. "Neigh...there is nothing here. I sense no life nearby. Even so, nothing can enter the field. It would take an army to breach my magic!" She says with pride, looking still at the tree line. It's when she hears the sound of sticks breaking in the distance that she recoils a little, becoming uneasy.

"Just keep trying the fuel. I'll keep watch." He says, still searching the distance for movement. Luna nods silently and returns to her previous position on the aircrafts wing. Several hours pass, and the now tired alicorn comes to a rest on her rump and sighs in defeat.

"I...I can't make it. It's too complex for me to copy..." She says in a defeated sigh. She looks over to Talon who is still in the same spot, his fire arm still trained at the tree line. She gets up and canters over to him, wanting to return to his side.

* * * * *

"Take care what you say demon! What you speak is heresy!" An ancient dragon speaks to a shadowed figure. "What you ask and offer in exchange is by far the most disgraceful insult you could make!"

The figure grins in the shadows, a cheshire grin appearing in the darkness. "Oh come now, what's stopping you? Don't tell me four fully grown dragons of your power are afraid to make a little...trouble...for a small pony princess?" The silken dual voice replies.

"It's suicide! All dragons know that the beloved Sun princess could easily strike down any being on this planet! There is no power that can rival hers. Having my clan attack the capital city is a fool hearty venture. She will annialate us!" Another dragon bellows, glaring hard at the figure in the shadow.

"The princess...will not be a concern. I have defeated her once myself, and know all of her tricks. I can make you immune to unicorn and alicorn magic. They will be defenseless as you burn their citys, and eat your fill of the juicy morsels." The voice echos, its eyes flash red. "Do this so I can have my pawns infiltrate their ranks and begin my invasion. The rewards...will be great."

"And what of the dark one?! If we attack her elder sister she will bring about eternal night again. We will starve!" A smaller silver dragon screeches down from his perch on the cliffside. A chorus of agreement is heard from the gathering of dragons.

"The dark one has had her powers taken away, I've seen it with my own eyes. She didn't even dare defend her city or subjects when my pawns attacked the first time. It was the dimwitted suns favored foal that stopped the first invasion." The shadowed figure replies, stepping off to the side and pacing. It then stops, and smiles its arrogant cheshire grin again. "I will offer prepayment with these then..." With a motion in the darkness, a sinkhole appears in the center of the gathering. The earth opens up, revealing a bounty of gems, diamonds and gold. More than enough to fund Raritys botique for over two thousand years.

The dragons appear wide eyed in awe of the display, the eldest dragon snapping back and stepping forward. "This will not be a good enough payment. How do we know your word is true? That you can make us immune to the ponys magic and weapons?!" The massive elder dragon demands.

The figure steps forward into the light. "Because...I would make you a far worse enemy than the ponys. Now...do we have a deal?"

The dragons all step back in fear, and bow. "As you wish...then we attack at dawn."

* * * * *

"Well Twilight, I must say your speech to all of our subjects was most reassuring. You make a fine princess!" Celestia says light heartedly. "I knew you could do it." She smiles at her love.

Twilight Sparkle blushes, and folds her wings at her side while they walk away from the throne room. Day court is now over, and the princesses are retiring to Celestias study to partake in dinner, then magic sessions. "Oh it really was nothing Celestia. I just figured if I reasoned with them and helped them understand that the aircraft and its pilot are infact staying here with us and is no threat, that they would eventually calm down. I just did what I do best. Lecture them!" She replies enthusiasticly.

Celestia chuckles happily and nods, keeping pace with the smaller alicorn. The palace servants walk about in the hallways, passing the princesses as they go. It's been over two years since the regal white alicorn came out and let her subjects know the status of their relationship. Initially it was a shock, but welcomed warmly by everypony all the same. After all, you don't question a goddesses love interest, and expect to live...or be on the same planet. More like you do and expect to be taking a very long vacation on the moon.

"So how do you think Luna is doing with the human?" Twilight asks calmly, her eyes forward. Celestia takes pause, and sighs.

"It's very conflicting...her heart was always difficult to read, but it's especially conflicted now. I'm sensing a lot of emotions all at once from her." She replies. "I can tell she has a very deep love, and I can feel her joy. But at the same time there's two other emotions at work. One is frustration or a sense of loss....the other bothers me deeply."

"And what would that be?" Twilight stops, looking at Celestia.

Celestia focuses on Twilight and grimaces, her regal mask broken to reveal deep concern. It's only one word that needed to be said, enough to make them both want to more closely watch the situation. "I can sense fear, Twilight." Celestia reaches out with her senses once again, feeling the familiar tug on her mind as the moon is risen by her sister. She thinks hard, concentrating on what could possibly have her sister afraid.

* * * * *

There..all done!" Luna happily bounces in her spot on her hooves, after raising the moon again in front of Talon. The show was more impressive than the last, and much more effort placed into the motions. The moon shows brightly in the night sky, and the stars shine brighter than ever. The pale moonlight almost has a slight pink tint to it this evening, the moon princess placing all of her emotions and love into it. She looks happily to Talon, who has since abandoned searching the tree line for movement having seen the last contact hours ago. She recasts the protection spell once more, thickening the magical dome further and making the view more opaque.

"Beautiful night..Luna. You did a good job." He says clapping his hands, sitting on the wing of the downed aircraft. "Just a shame you couldn't get the fuel.." he mutters, a cigarette in his mouth. He ex hails the smoke and shakes his head, then scoots off of the planes wing.

"Mine sister will have some palace guards here by daybreak, or mid afternoon tomorrow. We'll charriot your aircraft to the hangar. I'm sure Twilight or Celly can easily come up with a solution to the fuel." She responds coyly.

Talon finishes the cigarette, flicking yet another depleted butt into the broken stone fountain, grabs his rifle and walks to the enterance of the foyer. "Then we should catch some rack time princess. Your transport troops don't fly as fast as my bird, and with that in tow we'll have a long day ahead of us." He says sorely, rubbing his neck. "I'm going inside, care to join me?"

Luna nods slow, alicorn mischief in her eyes. "I'll be in shortly. I just need to do a few more things out here..." She replies with a soft voice, looking at the warbird in front of her. Her horn is sore from all the attempts of the duplication spell, and magic doesn't feel so fun at the moment. But for her plans, she is going to deal with it. ' I've spent the last three thousand years celibate, That ends tonight...' She whispers gleefully. She spent all of last night working on and perfecting this spell, and she's going to make her move.

To an alicorn, there is no greater gift than giving ones self. It forms a bond between the two lovers, that is both binding and unbreakable. Over the centuries, she has had her suitors, but none that she's ever invited into her chambers for one reason or another. None ever did the right thing, which was win her heart.

What did it for the pilot, was he didn't want anything the others have. Some wished to proposition her for power, others for bits. Some for status, as one flatly pointed out in one of her long ago night courts. None except for the pilot however, wanted to be near her just to be there. He didn't want any of that...what he did want in her eyes; was to make her happy. To protect her. That's what she truthfully sought out. Somepony who would care for her needs, before they seen to their own. Somepony who valued her words, who enjoyed her company and who could stimulate her mind. He was all of these, except for one little detail...he wasn't a pony.

In the moonlight she swishes her horn in the air, her magic encompassing her body. A dim blue light sorrounds her as the magic weaves its tendrils throughout her visage, wrapping her like ribbons all around her form. It's there in the shimmer of magical moonlight, that she completes her spell...

Talon takes position on the fabric once more, laying down and using his satchel as a small pillow. He has his headphones in from his media player, listening to music. The battery is almost depleted, and he hasn't exactly found an electrical outlet yet anywhere in the palace. He uses the opportunity to enjoy the last few songs he can of earth music. 'First thing I'm doing when I get back to the hangar...is look for that damn outlet. That, or build one.' He thinks as he stares up at the celing.

He hears a voice mumbled in the room, and looks up, seeing a figure in the shadows. Quickly he gets to his feet and draws his pistol, after yanking out the headphones. He takes aim. "Drop your weapons and get on the ground, or I'll fire!" He says to the figure, training his gun on target. He presses his finger to the trigger and activates the laser sight, the dot falling on the shadowy figure in the corner.

"Talon...it's me.." He hears Lunas voice, sounding slightly shaken. "Help me?" The voice had something wrong with it...it sounded like it was truly pleading for help. He holsters the gun and rushes over into the shadow. He reaches out expecting to grab alicorn, but instead to his surprise finds something...smaller. A soft, silky white hand...a human hand. He grabs the hand and yanks to the ground, the gun back in his hands again, pointing the muzzle of the pistol right between the eyes of..

"Luna?!" His eyes widen in shock. Before him laying on the ground, was a human princess luna. Her hair was short and shoulder length, but the same beautiful dark blue. Her deep jade eyes stared up at him, and her wings were folded against her back. A look of fear on her features as she held her arms up to her face, bracing for his attack.

"Don't hurt me!" Her small voice squeaks out. She feels the pressure release on her chest and feels herself being hoisted off the ground, being cradled by the pilot in his arms. Her dainty feet dangling off of one end, and her head and back being supported by both his upper arm and chest. She turns her head to look at him, her eyes wide with surprised relief.

"Luna...what did you do?!" he says looking at her. He checks her over. The regalia? Check. Tiara? Check. The butt mark...He lifts her up in his arms a bit, tilting her side up in the moonlight. Check. He sighs and sets her naked form back on her feet again, holding her steady. "How...wha...why did you turn human?! Did your magic break?!" He asks warily.

"Neigh..I..I did this because I wanted.." She wobbles a bit, not used to two legs instead of all fours. She slumps down to the ground, looking up at him. "I wanted..to give you something special.." She sniffles. "You...you don't like it.." Tears well up in her eyes, her heart sinks a little.

He shakes his head and huffs, then lowers himself down to her. "Luna..you didn't have to. Space pony or human, I love you for you. You didn't need to change to give me anything. Just having you around is gift enough." He smiles, looking her in the eyes. He hugs her tightly, his arms easily fitting around her now in the tight embrace.

She wraps her arms around him and holds him tight against her breast from her sitting position, laying her head on his shoulder and closing her eyes. She's relishing in being held like this, not wanting to break the contact. "No..." She mumbles into his collar, holding him and breathing in deep. "You don't understand...I wanted to.." She stops when she's scooped up again, and carried over to the fabric on the ground by him. He sets her down gently and takes off his flight jacket, placing it around her naked form.

"Just take it easy Luna..it's alright. How long until the spell wears off..?" He says returning his attention to the door. 'No horn means no magic. She's vulnerable in this state...looks like her field is holding, but God knows for how long.' He thinks, scanning for movement. He's more focused on protecting her now than he is on the fact he has a beautiful naked woman before him. "Just hang tight princess, I'll keep you safe until you change back." He starts to get up.

In a rush she grabs his pant leg and stops him, looking at the ground. Her hair is in her face now, hiding the tears falling to the cold stony floor. He stops and listens to her quiet sobs and sniffles, then turns his attention to her. Luna takes a breath and speaks finally in a hollow voice. "When an alicorn...when we give ourselves to our special somepony...we mate for...eternity.." She squeaks out. "I'm..I was saving myself all these...centuries...Please.."

The scene leaves him in shock, but he knows deep down what she's saying is true. 'Don't ignore her...if you do you'll lose her.' He thinks. His posture softens and he stops in his tracks, then comes to rest beside her. He looks out at the door still, averting his eyes. "You know...your sister will probably kill me if she found out about this." He runs his fingers through her hair, trying to calm her down. "Luna...you don't have to do this. I already told you I'd remain by your side. My pride as a Navy Officer keeps me to my word. I'll always serve you, princess."

Her wings twitch as she calms down, she finally looks at him. Her gaze is so innocent, so loving. Her wings hang down weakly as she nods. "You...you really arn't like other stallions...You don't want power or bits.." She's cut off when he leans over and kisses her on the lips.

"Just you, Luna.." He says after he breaks off the kiss, looking her in the eyes. "I don't care about power. I have no use for bits. You can't buy happiness." He says in a low whisper. "What I told you last night is how I feel, as the honest truth. You give me a reason to continue, and a new reason to fight for. That's why I'm with you."

She embraces him in a tight hug, her wings wrapping around them both. It's then she feels his hand stroking down her now very sensitive spine, right between her wing interlinks. The contact is intoxicating as she begins to lose herself. She leans into the contact, as she feels him kiss her neck softly, eliciting a moan from her. She can already feel the heat and dampness from before returning once again between her legs.

He kisses her, holding her in a gentle embrace. He feels her hands wander to his back, her hands finding their way under his shirt and to his skin, her nails digging into him. This causes him to bite the nape of her neck and slowly trace her spine with his hands. She starts to pull him down to the ground, kissing deeply as they fall to their sides.

She pauses momentarily and leans back, her wings twitching with excitement. Luna bites her lower lip and gazes into his eyes, half lidded. "Uhm...it's.." She blushes deeply.

"We can stop...I wouldn't be angry." He says in a hushed whisper to her, completely stopping his movements and just holding her.

"It's..my first time..." she trails off, then kisses his lips. "I don't know how long the magic will hold...but I wanted my first time to be experienced through your way.." She mumbles softly, still holding him.

"Then...lets take it slow, princess. If it hurts too much, then just say stop. And I'll stop.." He says, running his fingers through her hair. This causes her to moan more as she embraces the very welcomed contact, and she kisses him, rolling him onto his back.

Luna begins to undo the bindings to his flight suit, while kissing him passionately. after fidgeting with it for a few minutes, they pull the fabric over themselves. He kisses her and enters her slowly..

* * * * *

Celestia is reading a scroll quietly, when suddenly a massive hot flash hits her, like somepony just poured liquid fire all over her body. She pants, out of breath as a wave of emotion hits her like a truck. "Wha..?!" She sits up with a start, fanning herself with the scroll before her. She does an inward search of the attack, and finds its magicly being transmitted from Luna.

"Celestia? Are you alright?" Twilight looks at her with concern, her attention diverted from the tome she is reading. She tilts her head. "What's wrong?"

Celestia breathes heavily for a moment, then smiles. She tries to hide it beneath her calm regal mask, but the blush pushes through, coloring her muzzle. 'Luna..you sly sister you..' She grins, knowing full well what the intense wave of pleasure that hit her was. Her heart pounds in her chest, and her mind is sent reeling.

Celestia opens the bottom drawer of her desk and looks at Twilight. "Twilight...Nothing is wrong. Infact...I think things just finally went right.." She says quietly with a smile plastered on her muzzle. "And I do believe this requires a drink." She says as she levitates two glasses and a bottle of AppleJack Daniels from her desk drawer.

* * * * *

She lays there, her head on his chest, breathing heavily. Her body and hair are soaked with sweat, the scent of sex heavy in the room. Her belly now warm with the pilots seed within it, she nuzzles and kisses him softly, pure ecstasy of the moment. Two whole hours..of pure ecstasy. At first, it hurt. Oh mother, did it hurt! But slowly the pain faded, replaced by something wonderful, then lead to something orgasmic...and then heaven knows. Words couldn't describe what is going through her mind right now.

"Ya know...on my planet I'd probably be having a drink by now. Especially after getting a princess.." Talon says half asleep, completely spent energy wise. For a virgin, the alicorn sure as hell knew what she was doing. There's a flash of dark blue light, and a shimmer, Luna returning to her normal form. She rolls onto her belly and looks at the pilot, a look of content love on her muzzle.

"A drink it is then." She says dreamily. She uses her magic to levitate over the canteen he had in his satchel, now empty because they exhausted the water they had brought with them. Floating over the container, she swishes her horn in the moonlight, focusing her magic to pull the light into a vapor, then into a liquid. This action repeats for a few moments, until the canteen is full. She happily brings it over to the pilot, and lays next to him again.

"What was that?" He asks, still in wonder of her magic. He takes a sip of the canteen, eyes wide in shock of its strong flavor. He gulps it down quick, trying to fight off the extreme burn. He coughs. "Oh holy shit...what is this?!"

"Moonshine." Luna responds gleefully. "I can make liquid moonlight. It's a delicacy here that only I can...hey, what are you doing?!" Luna asks surprised and angered. He just poured some on the ground, now looking through his pockets of his flight suit on the ground. He pulls out his lighter, and sparks it near the puddle, creating a miniature plume of fire and an explosion of flame steadily burning. The pilot looks up to Luna, wide eyed.

"...How much of that can you make?!" He says with a huge grin.

"Um...as much as I want." She responds questioningly. "It's easy for me, and doesn't require any real power...why?"

The pilot quickly gets up and throws on his clothes, as if he were under an emergency. "I need you to fill the tanks with that stuff, as much as you can make!" He puts on his boots and grabs his rifle, running to the bird. Luna grabs his satchel in her mouth and gallops after the pilot.