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Fallen Equestria; Shattered Silence - Endless Nightmares

War breaks out, Celestia and Luna are pushed to the edge..and finally use one final solution.

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Broken Wings

Chapter 13: Broken Wings

"That's far enough..." An all too familiar icy voice calls.

Luna and Talon turn around, coming face to face with a cloaked figure standing right behind them. Draconic teal orbs stare out at them in the darkness, the shadowed figure stepping beneath a street lamp. Its wings open and the cloak flies off, revealing something completely unexpected.

Luna goes wide eyed in terror, her mind screaming in disbelief whats before her. Talon draws the rifle and takes aim, his barrel trained on the black mares head beneath the base of her horn. "Luna..who is this?" Talon whispers, his gun on target.

Luna backs up slowly, her wings flared in fear. She swallows hard. "Impossible...You can't be here! You can't exist!" She cries out.

The mare steps forward further into the light. "Oh but I do..and you have something that belongs to me, weakling."

Talon takes a defensive position in front of Luna and fires a warning shot beside the mares head, just to her left. The bullet grazes her cheek, but she doesn't flinch. The demonic teal orbs don't even flicker to him. They stay trained on Luna. "Luna! What's wrong?! Who the fuck is this?!"

Luna swallows hard, whispering in a haunted voice. "Nightmare Moon..."

The black alicorn of death, Lunas greatest fear steps forward slowly, her gaze unwaivering on its target. A sinister smile crosses her muzzel as she approaches, revieling rows of razor sharp teeth behind her pressed lips. "You had better believe it, you little foal. I am here, and I shalt bring about eternal darkness after I spill your weak blood all over Equestria!"

Luna begins to back up, keeping her distance as she stares wide eyed at the black alicorn before her. She shakes her head in disbelief. 'This can't be real...it can't be!' Her mind screams. Luna swallows hard, her eyes darting about looking for an escape route.

Talon steps forward, his gun trained on the approaching alicorn. "Over my dead body lady. You want her? You have to get through me first." He calls out, a small grin plastered on his features.

Luna snaps back to reality, the confidence in her flames tone and voice bringing her back to clear thought for a moment. Without hesitation she alights her horn and seizes Talon in her magical grasp, floating him in the air in her magical aura. In a split second decision, she turns on her rear hooves and bolts, racing as fast as she can while towing her pilot behind her. She takes to wing and leaps into the air, drawing him onto her back. She has to get away. She has to run. In their state of exhaustion, against this enemy, she knows they have little chance of survival. Alarms scream in her mind as she flys faster and faster, pumping her wings furiously to get away from the threat.

Nightmare Moon watches the display, still smiling. "You can run foal...but you cannot hide!" She cries out, also taking to wing. She leaps into the air to persue her prey. From the shadows, hooded figures chatter and screech, appearing out of allyways, from darkened buildings and off of roof tops, also in chase of the princess and pilot. They're gaining on her. The black alicorn alights her horn, a sickly green aura of magic charges before she unleashes a bolt of energy at the princess, aimed right at her.

Luna glances behind her while trying to flee with the pilot, looking down at the increasing amount of persuers gaining on her below. She goes wide eyed as she sees a bolt of magic scream her way and rolls in air, dodging it just barely. "Talon, hold on tight!" She screams, banking hard and pumping her wings harder than before. She isn't used to high speed flight with this added weight. Another and another, more and more bolts fly at her. She twists and dives in the sky avoiding them. Her own magic is being used to secure the pilot onto her back, she can't return fire.

The pilot is being forced down, his arms locked from Lunas magic. "Luna, release me! Let go!" He yells.

Luna shakes her head furiously and continues to roll and spiral in air. "No! You'll fall off!"

"Trust me!" He screams out in reply. "Let me go and focus on flying!" Luna seems to hesitate while she's in flight, then releases her hold and flys stable for a moment; just long enough for him to wrap and lock his legs around her mid section, and one arm around her neck. With his now free arm, he takes aim at the approaching horde of attackers and pulls the trigger, releasing a few readied rounds from the assualt rifle to them. The first three shots miss, one round finds its mark. It downs one of the hooded figures, the round piercing the center of its head and causes it to explode in a splash of blood and flesh. The body falls limp in air and crashes into several others near it, sending a few of the attackers down and crashing into a buildings window.

Talon pulls the trigger in another burst, the bullets screaming down again, and picking off two more of the figures. Luna banks hard without warning to dodge another bolt from the black alicorn, throwing off his aim. As he's pulling the trigger from yet another burst, all of the rounds miss. The muzzle flash from the rifle blinds Luna for a moment. Another bolt of magic screams her way, finding her left wing and strikes her. The super heated bolt from Nightmare pierces the night alicorns wing, sending Luna and the pilot spiraling down in a trail of smoke and crashing to the waiting ground below.

Nightmare grins wickedly as she watches them crash, taking a moment to pause in the air and hover above the crash site. She lets out a throaty laugh. "Dead body indeed! It's easily arranged as you can clearly see." She calls out.

Luna spirals out of control, flapping her damaged wings hap hazardly as she tumbles and falls, plummeting out of the sky. She alights her horn once more and wraps herself and the pilot in a shield just a moment before the crash, softening the landing somewhat before the impact and mind jarring sudden stop, followed by the sickening sound of bones breaking. Pain rips through her wings and chest when she regains her senses. Her mind is a fog from all of the pain and sudden chase.

Talon rolled off of Luna upon impact, and was sent tumbling and crashing into the trunk of the nearby tree from where they fell. The sudden smack against the ground has hurt his left arm, and broken several of his ribs. He gasps for air and screws his eyes shut, the pain numbing his senses as he tries to rise to his feet in a hurry to return fire. He slowly glances around first to look for Luna and check her, then to find his weapon that was cast aside. As he pushes up on his hands to get up, a steel plated black hoof comes down and crushes his hand, pinning him in place. He grunts in pain and looks up, his gaze meeting two draconic teal slits.

Nightmares eyes gaze into the pilots, a malicious look in them. She grins wickedly and licks her lips, her tounge traces her razor sharp teeth as she does. "Did you two foals really think.." She grinds down her forehoof hard on the pilots hand, forcing her weight into it. Blood runs to the ground from under her hoof from the pilots hand. She ignores as he lets out a yelp of pain. "That you would get away so easily? That I wouldn't end the weaklings life and claim my prize before I march unto Canterlot and destroy this worlds precious sun?"

Quiet thuds are heard around them, the hooded figures landing in a circle around the two alicorns and downed pilot. Chattering and subtle screeching is heard as pairs of glassy blue orbs seemingly glow from under the hoods. Nightmare glances, flicking her gaze at the figures and smiles, looking back down at the pilot. "Weather I simply end your life here, or use you and your machine for my own matters little..mortal. I shall blot out the sun, and there is nothing you two can do to stop it." She coos quietly, twisting her hoof more and stepping harder on his hand. She lowers her head and comes to eye level with the human pilot, her muzzle and hot breath on his face now. "So decide quickly if you wish to live and serve the queen of darkness...or die here with your pet."

Luna blinks the fog from her eyes, listening to the muffled sounds of Nightmare Moons voice. Her gaze falls to the pilots side when she sees the bauble laying out on the ground beside his neck, the stars glow dark red and spinning violently within the glass orb. She cocks her head and tries to right herself quietly so che can prepare an attack unnoticed. Her eyes flick around looking at the hooded figures, the darkness masking all of them but one. This one, is in the moonlight just enough for her to make out its features. The features are black, but shined along its glossy skin surface. She can see the legs as it chatters and paws excitedly at the ground, and notices one very key feature...the legs...have holes in them. 'A drone! If they're drones, than that must mean..' She thinks to herself. Anger swells deep within her heart as she puts things together in her mind. She's just been tricked by an enemy she knows all too well.

'Well that sneaky whorse...Chrysalis! It has to be her!' Luna thinks to herself. The thoughts race through her mind. She snaps back to attention when she hears her flame cry out in pain. Her gaze falls back to the black alicorn standing above her pilot, and ire dances in her eyes. She feels that darkness within her heart greedily begin to call to that beckoning power within her again as her fury builds.

Talon glares hard at Nightmare Moon and grins, spitting in her face. "Go to hell!" He bites out. He quickly reaches back with his right arm and grasps his pistol from its holster. Before Nightmare could react he raises the gun to her muzzle and pulls the trigger. The flash and pop from the pistol surprises her and causes her to stagger back.

Nightmare quickly regains her bearings, despite the ringing in her ears and the spots in her eyes from the gunfire flash. She rears up on her hind legs. "Then die here it is, foal!" She falls downward on her fore hooves hard, bringing them down upon the pilots back and stomping on him. The air is filled with the sickening crack of bones breaking and splintering under the impact. Talon coughs and spits out blood onto the ground, fighting to get air back into his lungs. Nightmare rears back again onto her hind legs, to come down once again.

No time to react, no time to contemplate or be angry anymore. Luna alights her horn and yanks Talon away from the deathblow he was about to recieve from the crushing hooves of the demon mare. She springs to her hooves and leaps onto Talon, shielding him as her horn glows brightly. In a flash, she unleashes a teleportation spell and they both vanish into thin air.

Nightmare Moon lands hard on her forehooves again right as her target is yanked from under her, throwing her off balance. "No! Impossible!" She screams angrily as she watches the night princess leap onto the human and vanish before her. "Find them! Find them now!" She bellows out in fury. "Bring me their heads at once!"

The hooded drones all chatter loudly and take to wing, filling the sky quickly as they scatter about in search for the pair. Their queen is angry, and best not to be kept from her revenge, least she unleash it upon them instead.

* * * * *

The two appear inside of a building not far from where they once were. The room is dark, the windows shattered and broken. The air is bone chilling cold now in the night. Luna releases an exhausted sigh as she rolls off of the pilot and onto her back. She's breathing hard. Her horn is sore from the sudden use of powerful magic without priming, and her body feels weak from the chase. She rolls her head to the side to look at Talon, who's seeming to have difficulty breathing. Luna slowly rolls back onto her belly and shakily gets to her hooves. Blood is trickling down from her wing where the bolt struck her, the wing tip and most of the lower section of her primary feathers now soaked in blood. "Talon...are you alright?" She shakily whispers.

He coughs, spitting up blood that now runs out the corner of his mouth. He slowly nods while fighting for air. "Just...perfect!" He choked out between breaths. He rolls onto his back and stares up at the celing while panting ragged, irregular breathes. His fatigues are crushing him he feels, the broken ribs and damage to his internals forcing him to fight just to breathe. He can barely keep his eyes open, despite the adrenalin coursing through his veins. "Lu--" He coughs. "Luna..get to..get to your sister..run away!" He bites out. "Leave me!"

Luna shakes her head sorrowfully and falls to her forelegs first, then plops down on her hind legs, laying over him. She rests her head upon his chest, closing her eyes. "No, mine love...I will not leave your side." She whimpers. She alights her horn again and concentrates, probing him with her magic. Through the connection she can feel his injuries. His life is in danger. Her eyes shoot open in alarm at this realization. "You..you're going to be ok love...just don't worry!" She gulps and licks her lips hastily. Lunas heart races in her barrel as she quickly thinks of what she can do. She focuses her lunar magic as much as she can, desperately trying to mend the bones in him. Tears stream down her muzzle as she does, desperate to save him from deaths icy grasp.

As Luna is healing him with her magic, the wooden door of the room they're in shatters and splinters behind them in an explosion. When the dust and debris settle, it reveals the glowing green draconic orbs of the Nightmare they had just escaped. "Running so soon...? And we were just getting started!" She yells out, unleashing another bolt of magic at the night alicorn. The blow strikes Luna square in her side, sending her smacking into the back wall of the room. A sickening pop is heard from one of her wings dislocating upon impact. Luna slides down the wall and falls to the ground in a broken heap.

The alicorns left wing is splayed out and pinned under her, the right is out and back at an awkward angle, showing its break and dislocation at the apex of her joint and wing interlink on her back. She screams out in agony with her eyes screwed shut.

Nightmare Moon saunters forward slowly to the down pilot, a sardonic grin on her muzzle. " Such a pathetic weak foal...to think ponies fear such a delicate and irritating thing I will never understand. Don't worry...I'll be sure to let Celessssstia...know how you died in perfect detail. Right before I end her reign as well! Ha ha ha!"

"You'll...you'll never get the chance!" Talon yells out as he rolls over onto his side, aiming the pistol right at the demon mare. He pulls the trigger and fires, the bullet sailing through the air and strikes her center of her barrel, knocking her back. He scrambles to his feet and fires again, every bullet striking its mark as he empties the clip into her. "Fuck you! Fuck you and the hell you came from!" He shouts as he fires. The clip empties, the hammer falling on the gun several times in clicks. The black alicorn falls to her side in a bloodied heap, crumpling to the ground. Before Talons eyes it shrinks down into a small insect like pony, almost as small as a foal. He seethes. "A fake...a mother fucking fake.." He grumbles as he steps closer to it. In his rage he kicks the now dead drone in the neck, tearing off its head and causing it to roll back out into the street. He curses and quickly turns around, rushing to the fallen princesses side.

"Luna!" He hurriedly calls to her as he reaches her. He quickly reloads the pistol with another clip, discarding the emptied one on the ground, then holsters it before falling to his knees. He reaches out and rolls her over onto her back, desperately checking for a heartbeat. She's breathing slow, troubled breaths and her heart is racing within her barrel. "Knocked out..." He whispers. He looks her over and sighs. Sounds of chattering and shuffling are heard in the distance behind him, outside. 'Shit! The fucking bugs will probably find us here..' He thinks. With a grunt, he lifts Luna up in his arms and cradles her, the night alicorns wings hanging limp and down almost touching the ground. Her head rests against his shoulder as he steadies her weight. Her mane and tail fall freely and limp over his arms. He coughs and hefts her up in his embrace, and starts to jog out of the building. More and more sounds are heard approaching their location. He picks up the pace, ducking into an ally as he tries to evade them. His heart pounds and he's breathing hard. Luna did manage to mend the breaks in his bones, but she couldn't fully heal him. His arm is stinging with pain from the torn muscles, his ribs and chest ache from the bruising. Blood still trickles from his lips, possibly from some internal bleeding.

'I have to get her away from here and back to Canterlot...we have to tell Celestia this place is flooded with that parasite..' He grumbles quietly. He looks at Luna in his arms, cradling her carefully and tightly to him. Despite her weight, he'll never let go and drop her. No matter what, he refuses to drop her. "Wake up girl...wake up!" He whispers. Changelings fly over head of the ally, zipping past. He ducks down behind some trash and barrels, hiding them from view. He hears a whimper and looks down to Luna's face, seeing her stir. He grins at this, then looks around again, glancing around the corner of the barrels to search for more drones.

"Going somewhere?" An icy voice whispers in his ear. Talon turns around, only for a massive steel plated hoof to connect with his jaw with extreme force. It sends him flying into the barrels and bags of garbage, flinging Luna from his arms as he crashes. The night princess falls a short distance from him, on her side and still unconscious. "You foalish weaklings are so easy to sense with your pathetic emotions...and it's so easy really." Nightmare coos mockingly. "I can almost smell your fear, I don't need to sense it. You didn't believe you would get away did you? After killing one of my precious children?"

Talon shakes his head, trying to clear the daze from his eyes. His head is pounding and blood roars in his ears as he's disoriented. He slowly sits up on the garbage bag pile and stagger to his feet, holding up his fists. "I fear nothing.." He slurs out. He wipes the blood from his mouth and grins at her, gaining his bearings. "Nice sucker punch...now lets see you fight for real!" He says through clenched teeth.

"Tut tut tut." Nightmare shakes her head mockingly and lifts a hoof. "I grow weary of these games...time to die now. I wonder how long you can survive without the ability to breathe!" She says with a sardonic grin. She alights her horn once more with sickly green magic, then captures the now immobile pilot within her spell. She lifts him up off the ground by his neck and begins to crush with her magic, choking him. She smiles showing her teeth, cackling maniacally.

* * * * *

"N..No.." Luna whispers, opening her eyes slowly. She can't stay awake, laying on the ground paralized. Her body refuses to respond as her vision darkens.

'Are you really going to let that foalish impostor defeat you so easily? Look at how weak you've become! This is not the strong willed mare I remember claiming me as her reflection!' A dark voice echoes in Luna's mind.

Luna's eyes shoot open, she finds herself in a vast expanse of pure shadow. "You..." She calls out. "How are you here?"

'I never left, Luminescence. I have always been here in the shadows of your mind. Watching, waiting. Now here it is I find that you're getting your flank kicked by a weakling bug, and you're about to lose OUR stallion and mate!' The voice echoes, stepping closer and closer to Luna. The figure reaches the small pool of light, revealing a tall, towering black mare with teal draconic eyes. Her mane and tail billow around and behind her in a beautiful star field. 'You can't give up yet! You'll give us both a bad name! After so much we worked for!'

"So much you worked for you mean...I never wanted to bring about eternal night! I just wanted to make it more beautiful so ponies would love me and appreciate my gift for them! It was you who had us cast out, obsolescence!" Luna sneers. She looks down to shadowed floor and sulks, hanging her head in defeat. "...My body is broken...I cannot fight anymore. I...I failed to stop her." She whispers hauntedly. "I let him and every pony down.."

'You speak as if we have already lost! I'll have none of that.' Nightmare Moon smiles as she speaks, her features softening. She raises her bare hoof and places it under Luna chin, lifting her gaze to meet her own. 'Face it..you need me. You always have, princess. But we are no longer the selfish blind foals we once were.' She coos lovingly. A genuine smile crosses the nightmare alicorns features, her draconic eyes softening. 'He's going to die if you don't let me help you. Our sister, Twilight..every pony. Then no pony will be able to cherish our beautiful nights. Release the bindings upon us, Luminescence. Allow me to end this...and I promise you that I will not bring harm to our kingdom. Through our eyes I have seen the joy and wonder of love. The gift of creation. This was something that we believed to be fabled and of myth...having none of our own. I only wish to help now.' Nightmare says softly and in a hushed tone.

Luna pins her ears back, her thoughts racing. "How do I know you'll return control to me once this is over?" She says, her tone gaining strength. "How do I know you will keep your word? You only know of death and pain! You speak lies and betrayal!" She cries out.

'Because I've seen the beauty of true love and friendship. I have learned the error of my ways. That is why.' Nightmare says softly, helping the smaller alicorn to her hooves again. 'You have my word as Goddess of dreams and all things night, and I swear upon our mothers name and blood that I will not betray you. After all...I am you, and you are me. Who can you trust if not yourself?' Nightmare Moon says. 'You had better hurry...I don't think our flame will survive much longer...'

With a gulp, Luna considers quickly, then nods. Nightmare smiles at her within her mind, then cackles quietly. 'Time it is then! I'll be sure to show that impostor what the REAL Nightmare Moon is like! Ha ha haha!' Nightmares mane and tail swirl around them, wrapping Luna and herself in an ethereal glow before enclosing them both completely. The void around them fades to inky blackness before forcing its way back to Luna's conscious thoughts.

* * * * *

The black alicorns body alights with a green flame, then flashes from her hooves to her horn, showing her true form. Chrysalis stands proud, holding the pilot in the air by his neck. "You chose wrong, creature. You could have lived if you had decided to abandon your pet and your disgusting relationship for me. But no matter.." She says with a chuckle in her silken dual voice. "After you're gone, I'll have nothing to stand in my way for my children to ravage all of Equestria. You're going to die...your pet is going to die..and I win. He he he.."

Talons vision begins to fail as he begins to black out from the lack of oxygen. He can't respond to anything, only weakly kick and try to grasp at the magic noose tightening around his neck. His face begins to turn blue and lose color as his life starts to slip away. He continues fighting with everything he can, but only can make feeble attempts and kicks as he dangles in air.

A bolt of dark blue magic streaks just past the pilots legs and smacks Chrysalis hard, sending her flying backwards and into a brick wall. Chrysalis drops the pilot from her grasp, her concentration broken. As she staggers to get to her hooves, she shakes her head, unbelieving of the sight before her. Rising unsteadily to her hooves a short distance away, is a pure black alicorn, covered in black flames. The eyes glow bright white as an ethereal star field mane and tail shoot out from her body and billow. Blood trickles off of the freshly minted long fangs and razor sharp teeth as it hisses. The black mare steps forward, her powerful black glossy wings spring out in a daunting display as blue electricity discharges along her visage.

"No...No! You're not possible!" Chrysalis shrieks out. "I felt your life force slip out of existence!" She shrieks out again, backpedaling quickly.

Luna steps forward slowly, her every step cracking and crushing the cobblestone path beneath her hooves. She hisses again, a feral look upon her features as her eyes dull down to their draconic orbs. The mare glances down and gazes angrily upon the pilot laying on the ground, taking her attention off of chrysalis for a moment. She studies his features as he struggles to get up, coughing and holding his throat. Her eyes trace his form until she sees the bauble around his neck, the star spinning so slow it almost appears stopped as it glows a dim iridescent hue. Luna narrows her gaze and flicks it back to Chrysalis, rage very clear on her features. She says nothing, only stepping forward slowly, as a hunter would to wounded prey. She gapes her maw again, blood trickling off of her fresh fangs as she leaps forward and lunges at the changeling queen, tackling her and sending them both through the brick wall. With a powerful battle cry and whinny Luna rears back and stomps on Chrysalis's side, then strikes her again with a powerful bust of magic.

Chrysalis fly's through the air with the second blast, sending her crashing through the buildings large glass window and into the street. She rolls to a stop and looks up in fear, seeing two glowing teal orbs slowly approach her from the shadows of the dimly lit building. "My children! To me!" She shrieks out in terror. She staggers to her hooves once more, wiping the blood from her muzzle with her armored forehoof.

Luna continues her slow gate to the changeling queen, ignoring the growing amount of drones swarming the area. Her hooves crush the broken glass below her into powder, every tile breaking and splintering below her every step. The remaining wall blows apart before her as she steps into the street slowly, continuing her approach. "You were foalish coming here, insect." Luna hisses in a dark and powerful voice. Her horn alights. "This was our night..Our special night. You dare soil it with your filthy presence...and you have the audacity to start a fight and hurt our flame?" She coyly says with a sardonic grin. "You will perish for this, insect. And this time there is no Celestia here to stop us from ending your life!"

A drone makes a dash to tackle the black alicorn approaching the queen, only to harmlessly bounce off of a field surrounding her before being disintegrated into ash. This shocks the others into backing up, away from the enraged dark alicorn. Chrysalis summons another magic burst striking Luna square on the shoulder.

The burst hits, causing her to stagger back briefly for a moment. She looks down at the scorched part of her fur, then dusts it off with her bare hoof. She then turns her attention back to Chrysalis and shakes her head slowly, a cruel sardonic grin on her muzzle. "We believe the saying goes...there is nigh you can do to us...but there is a world of harm we can do to THOU!" She screams out in the royal Canterlot voice as she returns fire with her own burst of magic, striking Chrysalis once more and sending the parasite queen tumbling backwards. More drones fly to Luna and throw everything they have at her. Some using spears and swords they have, others reverting to casting stones and whatever they can scavenge at her to draw her attention away from their queen.

Chrysalis alights her horn and staggers to her hooves again, summoning a small slip space pocket before her. Out of the pocket appears a long glaive with an obsidian blade at its end, attached to a shaft made of pure solar steel. The pocket closes in a flash as she twirls the glaive in her magic. "I knew it would come to this...and I have no problem using that demons power to end you!" Chrysalis shrieks out as she charges Luna, slashing at the alicorn with the blade. It contacts Luna's field and slices clean through it, the tip of the blade catching her barrel and slicing into her flesh. This causes Luna to quickly step back in surprise, before rage overtakes her features again.

"We invented dirty tricks insect!...so let us show you how its done, PEST!" Luna shouts once more in the Royal Canterlot voice, the concussive force knocking the drones and Chrysalis back again. Luna concentrates for a moment before summoning her own weapons, two hooked cutlasses composed of Lunar steel and Sapphire, covered in ancient ruin magic. They glow with blue fire on the blades edge as she spins them at her sides. She leaps forward and slashes at Chrysalis, while blocking the glaive with the other blade.

Talon makes it to his feet again, coughing and sputtering. He can hear the sound of steel clashing not far from him, the sounds of battle. He stands shakily, pain searing through his body as he tries to focus. He draws both of his pistols now and rushes through the broken building to the front, and begins to discharge rounds into every drone he sees surrounding the black alicorn. He fires again and again, gunning down several drones in the area. Several begin to flee at this point. One drone attacks him from behind, tackling him to the ground and knocking one of the pistols away. He scrambles to twist under the weight of the insect attempting to bite him, freeing his arm up. He grasps the knife on his vest and draws it, sending the blade deep into its skull and splitting it. The insect dies instantly as he gets to his feet again, and removes the knife.

Luna sees him emerge from the building and casts a bolt of magic to the fallen pistol, kicking it into the air and flinging it back to the pilot. "Kill them all!" She shouts as she continues her deadlock with Chrysalis.

Talon catches the gun and twirls on his heels, dual wielding the pistols as he spins, pulling the trigger. Two more changeling drones rush to him, only to come muzzle to muzzle with the pistols as he fires. One of the drones heads explodes from the round in a shower of blood, bone and flesh, as the others neck is blown apart and sends it falling to the ground also dead. Another drone fast approaches as he kicks it back, pulling the trigger on a single pistol. The rounds fire in rapid succession splitting the changeling from its belly to its neck. As it sails slowly through the air from momentum he knocks it to the ground with his free pistol, bashing its skull in with the grip.

Chrysalis takes to flight in an attempt to flee from the black alicorn after knocking her back with another magic burst, bolting through the air and racing to the highest building in Horseshoe bay. "Retreat! It is time to flee my children!"

Talon rushes quickly, out of breath to Luna. He leaps and rolls over her back and continues firing, emptying the two pistols on several more fleeing drones. He falls to the ground and pants, out of breath from the fight. He starts coughing uncontrollably before spitting more blood to the ground.

Luna does not chase Chrysalis, her attention now on the pilot. She focuses her cruel gaze upon his form, stepping slowly to him as she ignores the fleeing parasites. She alights her horn and probes him with her magic, scanning his body to detect his injuries. As she approaches, he quickly turns and points the gun right at her muzzle, aiming it right between her eyes. "Stay--Stay back!" He coughs out. "Fake!"

Luna tilts her head quizzically to this, nudging the emptied pistol to the side with her nose gently. She steps forward carefully, bringing her face close to the pilots own. Her eyes close and her features soften and she nuzzles his cheek gently, rubbing hers against his own affectionately. She quietly nickers softly and wraps him in her black wings. "We are no impostor..." She whispers as she nuzzles him. Her eyes are held closed as she coos softly, holding him tight in her feathered embrace. She backs away and licks his lips, tasting the metallic tinge of his blood upon his lips as she does.

He slows his breathing upon understanding that this really is his alicorn before him, and starts to visibly relax. Above them the changeling drones are in flight to escape with their queen. He struggles to rise to his feet again, coughing. "We..we need to get to Canterlot..." He coughs out. He starts to rise, when he feels something pierce his back. He looks down slowly, seeing a long jagged spear head through his shirt, and blood quickly pooling around the fabric.

Luna gasps in horror at the sight, bewildered by the sudden turn. Her cruel gaze falls upon a drone that stands behind him, the parasite having run her flame through with its horn. Rage bubbles within her as she alights her horn and screams out, capturing the parasite within her magical grasp. She lifts the creature into the air, her eyes burning bright white and her horn crackling with blue and black magical sparks. Suddenly she rips the changeling drone to pieces, shredding in air out of anger. She pulls the fallen pilot onto her back then, and bounds into the air, pumping her massive black wings furiously as she carries him higher and higher, shooting far above the buildings and rooftops. Luna spots Chrysalis and her changelings below, all regrouping in the center of the highest buildings rooftop.

"We see that you need to be taught a lesson you stupid FOAL!" She bellows in her concussive royal Canterlot voice. She alights her horn with a powerful spell, and fires. The white hot beam falls in lightning quick speed as it strikes the group head on and smacks into the building. Windows shatter from the top floor to the ground as the shockwave passes through the building, toppeling the building and sending it crashing down. A plume of dust rises as rocks, debris and glass rain down below, crushing and killing anything within its wake. Luna doesn't bother watching, she only sneers and pumps her wings, gaining altitude as she bolts to Baltimare, with her pilot straddled laying upon her back and draped over her sides like saddle bags.

* * * * *

In the ashes of the destroyed building, A large stone is magicly lifted off of the broken changeling queen and cast aside. Glowing red orbs float above the wreckage as a shadowed figure snakes its way to the ground. "I see you failed yet again..Chrissy. And here I had such high hopes for you."

Chrysalis spits out a mouthful of blood and staggers to her hooves, glaring at the figure. "I was never expecting her to become that which she feared most, demon.." Chrysalis coughs into her holed hoof and looks up at the sky, her eyes tracing the energy trail of the black alicorns wake as she speeds off to Baltimare. "She's too strong...even with your power, I couldn't kill her. Perhaps these creatures really are immortal.." She whispers angrily.

The figure sighs, and snaps its clawed fingers, mending Chrysalis in a flash of chaotic magic. "Nightmare Moon was always a wild card, and immune to even my own magic. Even I wasn't expecting her to use that trump card..." It muttered. "And they say I'm the embodiment of Chaos.."

Chrysalis coughs again, feeling the pain of her injuries subside. "Not even you are a match for such power...That which is the very dark essence of the all mother. Our only chance to crush them is to seal her power before she can change into that thing again." She seethes.

The shadow grins a Cheshire grin and laughs a low evil laugh. "Enough is enough...Now it's my turn to step in and finish this. I think we should take a more...direct approach. Strike them where it hurts."

"And where the bucking Tatarus would that be?" The queen questions.

"From within."

* * * * *

Luna comes racing in as fast as her wings would carry her to Baltimare, seeing the hangar quickly come into view. Her eyes zero in on the warbird within the hangar, a smile crossing her muzzle as she comes in for a landing. All around her ponies race upto her, only to come to a screeching halt once they see what she looks like. She tilts her head and looks curiously upon them. "Please do not fear us!" She desperately cries out. "He is injured! We need your help!"

Guards and workers alike all look confused. One steps forward and shouts. "You probably made that alien that way! You're Nightmare moon!"

She shakes her head, her draconic eyes and voice pleading with them. "Neigh! We have done nothing of a sort! Please, We need a medical pony at once!"

A white unicorn mare pushes through the crowd, forces her way to the front. It's Pearl Shine. "Get away from him you monster! What have you done to the princess!?"

Luna stares wide eyed and slacked jawed, rage once again filling her heart. "WE ARE THE NIGHT PRINCESS YOU FOALS! NOW BRING US A MEDICAL PONY AT ONCE OR FACE OUR WRATH!" She cries out desperately, growing more enraged by the second.

None of them move, only quiet whispers and stares. She seethes and trots past them. They step away as she trots past them, none stop her when she reaches the warbird. Using her magic, she pushes in the unlocking sequence on the keypad outside of the cockpit, unlocking and opening the canopy. She lifts the unconscious pilot into the pilots seat, and straps him in carefully with her magic, before she herself bounds onto one of the canards and starts to step into the cockpit. She's significantly larger now, but still able to squeeze into her co pilots seat. She curses quietly. "Initiate scram jet sequence!" She barks out into the headset once she places it on her head. It's tight fitting.

Pearl Shine charges forward, alighting her horn to try and hold the aircraft. "You are not allowed in there! Get away from this machine and that creature at once! Don't you dare soil that machine with your filth!" She screams out. Guards and nearby police ponies all begin to get closer to the aircraft, drawing weapons to stop the black alicorn.

"For the last time, WE ARE THE NIGHT PRINCESS! IF YOU FOALS WON'T HELP, THEN WE SHALL BRING HIM TO THOSE WHO WILL!" She bites out in anger. She brings her hoof down upon the canopy controls and closes it around her, the now taller and longer horn scraping against the glass. She forces the throttle control forward and begins to taxi out of the hanger, watching everything on the monitors so she can navigate safely.

The nearby ponies all cover their ears as the engines howl and scream loudly, the warbird rolling out of the hanger slowly. "Fire! Every pony fire! Stop that machine and the evil mare from stealing it!" Pearl Shine screams out. She fires a magical bolt at the aircraft, the beam bouncing and reflecting to the ceiling upon impacting the wing. Another and another, all harmlessly bouncing off of the warbirds skin.

Luna pushes the throttle forward more, activating the afterburners on the taxiway and pulling the flight stick back, she uses her magic to push other controls to work the flight surfaces as she attempts the hasty takeoff. The bird lurches forward and to the side as a bolt strikes one of the engines, causing it to sputter for a moment. The bird begins to lift into the air at almost a pure vertical climb, her forcing the bird into the air.

The warbirds engines shoot out twin focused fire cones as it climbs higher and higher, one of the engines seeming to have trouble maintaining its power. It banks hard towards Canterlot as it gains altitude, the canards and wings folding in as it gains speed.

Pearl Shine jumps and stomps on the ground in anger, screaming at the warbird and its occupants for the wreckless take off, and her staffs failure to capture it. "Get Canterlot on the radio! Tell them the banshee has been stolen and to send royal guard to shoot it down!"

* * * * *

Luna forces the throttle harder than before, taking the aircraft to hyper sonic to get to Canterlot as quickly as she can. She can feel the pilots life energy slipping away through their connection. 'Not yet love...not yet! Don't leave me like this!' She thinks. She alights her horn and pours some of her energy into him, keeping his heart and vital functions operating. In this form, she can't use her healing magic. She does not have the ability. Canterlot is quickly coming into view on the monitors, bringing a smile to her muzzle. "We're almost there mine love! Hold on!" She cries out into the radio to Talon. The aircraft suddenly pitches hard left and shudders as one of the engines flame out. Alarms scream suddenly into the cockpit and displays light up red, showing the damage. One of the previous magic bolts seems to have struck the engine itself, causing it to become unstable. Using high speeds like this only made matters worse. She throttles back and tries to reestablish the aircraft, watching the view of Canterlot slow in the distance. A voice comes over the radio in her ears.

"Celestia to Talon! What's going on?! We just heard that your machine was stolen by Nightmare Moon!" The voice crackles over the radio.

"Tia, it's me!" Luna cries out happily. "Talon is hurt! We need help!" She says in a hurry. The aircraft rocks violently as the engine explodes in a trail of smoke behind her, knocking the warbird hard and down in the sky. She's losing altitude. "Tia! Help me!!" She screams. The aircraft sways in the air.

Celestia rushes to the balcony and forces the moon out of the sky with her magic, then thrusts the sun into the heavens, while holding the radio. She looks down upon the castle grounds, seeing the royal guard scrambling. "Alert everypony available! My sister needs help and is coming in for a landing with the commander! Make haste!" She screams out. The guards quickly salute and rush back into the palace, summoning every pony they can to outside. Twilight rushes to the balcony as well.

"Celestia! What happened?!" She shrieks. "What's going on?!" She hears Luna's panic over the radio again.

Luna swallows hard, seeing Canterlot castle coming quickly into view from her co-pilots seat. She can feel the blood pooling around her hooves inside the cockpit, sloshing around on the floor from her flames extreme injuries. "Tia! Help me!!" She cries out into the radio. The warbird violently sways in the air from her inexperienced attempts of flying. from her view within the canopy, she sees the horizon of the sky rise and dip with the swaying of the wings. It's almost as if the warbird is caught in a turbulent storm out at sea, being tossed in the waves and torrents of the greatest squalls in history.

Celestia scans the dimly lit skies with all of her senses, pushing her magic to its limits as she frantically searches for her sister and the aircraft in the distance. She spots the trail of smoke from the warbirds damaged engines, then follows the line to the aircraft on its course to the runway. She picks up the radio. "Luna! Slow down and I'll catch you! Try and slow the aircraft down!!" She screams into it, panicked.

The warbird continues to sway and dip, coming dangerously close to the mountain side as it turns hard to align with the runway . On the screens, Luna can see unicorn guards from both the solar and lunar stallions rushing to the flight line, all of their horns aglow to assist in providing a soft emergency landing for the princess. Her heart pounds in her chest as she fights to keep the warbird aloft. "Talon!! Please awaken mine love! Please! We're going to crash!" She shouts, tears streaming down her muzzle. Her hoof grasps the flight stick so hard, that she begins to bleed from squeezing it.

Celestia and Twilight both watch as the warbird comes closer and closer to the castle, the warbirds second engine having exploded before their eyes. Fire rips from the aft of the aircraft, now billowing smoke as it glides out of control. "Look out!" Twilight shouts as she tackles the regal white alicorn to the floor. The aircraft screams by the balcony, its left wing coming so close that it scrapes against the rail, knocking a shower of sparks into Celestias chambers. The two recover in an instant and scramble to their hooves, leaping into the air to chase the warbird. Celestia alights her horn and casts her magic frantically with Twilight, the spells racing to the warbird to slow its decent.

"Pull up. Pull up. Pull up." The aircrafts computer chimes as alarms scream in the cockpit, blaring and ringing all around the frightened midnight alicorn. She throws out her foreleg and hits the landing gear control, while ripping hard on the flight stick. Smoke begins to seep into the cockpit from the engines on fire, the warbird plummeting dangerously fast to the ground. She glances at the altimeter, seeing she's less than two hundred feet from the ground now. The landing gear lowers and clicks into place within seconds, the ground coming closer into view. "Talon! Wake up mine love! Please!" Luna cries out, tears flowing down her muzzle. "Help me!!" She continues screaming. She levels out the wings finally, the aircraft gliding less than a hundred feet now, and coming in very fast. She completely overshoots the stallions, still gaining distance on Celestia and Twilight frantically chasing the warbird now. She pulls back on the throttle finally, following the memory flashes of watching the pilot perform the same procedures. It looks like she's going to land in one piece.

A bolt of golden magic smacks the bottom of the warbirds starboard canard, tipping the aircrafts port wing down dangerously low and knocking it into a wobble. The warbird reaches the runway, bouncing hard on its rear wheels off balance because of this. Sparks fly out behind it as it contacts the ground again, its right rear landing gear snapping off and sending it on its belly, grinding against the runway now. Luna screams in terror, the impact and sudden jarring knocking her head first into the consoles. Sparks and chunks of pavement fly by the canopy. Seconds later the nose landing gear snaps from the strain, sending the nose of the aircraft down hard as it skids quickly against the runway, dipping down into the pavement more. Rocks and debris fly up and over the aircrafts nose, chunks of stone and pavement smacking and cracking the canopy glass, cracks forming and running the length of the entire glass over the cockpit. The controls explode in a shower of sparks within the cockpit as it continues its skid.

Inside the cockpit as well as outside, the air is filled with the piercing screams from the warbird as its body twists and rips apart from the crash landing. Bits of metal and panels scatter everywhere as a wing shears off from the stress upon it, the starboard canard flying and bouncing behind it on its path. Sounds of the metal being crushed and twisted echo in the still morning air of Canterlot, the soul shattering sounds ripping throughout the city.

Celestia and Twilight can only watch in horror at the sight of their sister and pilots crash into the palace grounds, unable to process what is happening. The bird finally screeches to a halt at the end of the ruined runway, missing a wing and on fire, the smoke billowing out from its body. Celestias eyes open wide in fear of what may be, as she redoubles her efforts and pumps her wings furiously, racing down to the broken warbird. She reaches it in a flurry of speed, coming to find the cockpit filled with smoke, and dark. She rears back and starts pounding on the glass of the canopy with her hooves, screaming and crying as she does.

The glass shatters, a plume of smoke billowing from the cockpit once fresh air was allowed in. Luna coughs, desperately gasping for air. Celestia uses her magic to rip off the harnasses away from the pilot and her sister, pulling the wounded man from the pilots seat. "Medical teams! Hurry!" Celestia cries out. Several solar guards and nurses rush over and get to the pilot now resting on the ground.

"We need to get him to the infimary princess!" A nurse hurriedly yells. Another unicorn nurse levitates two stretchers behind her in her magic, rushing to the crash and burning war machine. Celestia plucks Luna from the cockpit next, her mouth agape in shock seeing her sisters much larger and black form.

"Get my sister to the medical ward also! There's no time to lose!" She says firmly. The guards and nurses look at her in shock, but don't hesitate. They obey without question and gallop with the streatchers as fast as they can to the medical wing of the palace, their charges carefully in tow with them. "Captain Jolt Flash!" Celestia calls out angrily.

"Yes ma'am!" The royal guard falls in on her side, and salutes.

"I want every available guard, maid, and free staff member to gather every single piece of this machine, and bring it to the ball room immediately. I want YOU to find who or what fired that bolt of magic, and bring me it's mother bucking HEAD!" She angrily shouts.

He salutes quickly and turns, barking orders to every staff member in the area before galloping off to find the one guilty of shooting down the aircraft. That was considered an attempted assassination of a monarch in his book, and would not fail to bring them to justice before the princess of the Sun.

Celestia turns and gallops after her sister and pilot, racing to the medical wing of the palace. She leaves Twilight Sparkle behind, as the purple alicorn is busy putting out the flames of the wrecked warbird.

* * * * *

Medical ponies work feverishly to save the human pilot, while Celestia herself works on healing her sister. An hour passes as she works tirelessly, going over every bump, scratch, scrape and bruise her sister has, leaving not even a single strand of fur unchecked. She snaps her attention to the black alicorns face when she sees her cough and open her eyes wearily. Celestia pauses and licks her lips, inhaling a baited breath. "Lulu...can you hear me?"

Luna coughs again, then focuses her jade eyes on Celestia. Her coat and stature may be black still, but her mind and soul are returning to normal. "Yes mine sister...I hear you..."

Celestia leans down and nuzzles Luna carefully and smiles. "Who did this to you sister...what happened..?

Luna gasps for air and winces, her body achy from everything. She coughs again and looks to her elder sister, her voice a haunted whisper. "Chrysalis...she attacked us in Horseshoe bay...we fought so hard Tia...then the ponies of Baltimare refused...they wouldn't save him Tia! They called me a monster and refused to help him! They attacked us too!" She cries out, beginning to sob quietly.

Celestia feels anger well up within her heart hearing this. "Lulu...with your permission...I am going to check your memory. I want to see for myself what occurred..." She looks at the black alicorn before her who nods slowly, swallowing hard. Celestia closes her eyes and alights her horn, touching it to Luna's for a moment. She watches flashes of memories and events unfold in her mind, experiencing everything within the span of a minute. When she opens her eyes, her jaw is held tight in anger. Celestias wings are pinned to her sides, and her features are a mask of rage. "So be it..." She whispers. She looks back down to Luna and grimaced, then nuzzles her and licks her cheek. "Rest here sister...I'll be back soon. Just stay and rest."

Luna nods and whimpers. "Talon...where is mine flame Tia?"

Celestia smiles sweetly. "He's being tended to by the nurses and best doctors bits can buy Lulu. He's just fine and asleep in the next room. When the doctors clear you as well, i'll have him move your bed into his room so you two can rest together. I promise." She says gently. "For now get some sleep..."

Luna nods again and rests her head on the medical pillow and sighs, looking out the window.

Celestia steps out into the hallway, greeted by Captain Jolt Flash. She looks sternly at him. "Report." She bites out.

"I have captured the culprit as ordered, princess. It was Prince BlueBlood. We are currently holding him in the dungeon for questioning, and will await further orders. The palace staff has also finished moving the machine and all broken pieces to the ball room, where several engineers have been called in. They would like to know if you wish to begin repairs." He finishes.

Celestia maintains her stern and stoic features. "Have BlueBlood brought to me right away. Furthermore, instruct the engineers they are to begin repairs as soon as possible. I will be in my chambers." She bites out, walking past him. Her mind is spinning with rage unlike anything she's ever felt before. Celestia passes several ponies along the way, ignoring them as she quickly trots to her quarters. She has to inform Twilight of recent events, and ask her to summon the others. The elements of Harmony may be needed after all. Once she gets there, she finds her chambers empty. She's seething with rage as she steps out onto the balcony. Celestia looks below at the ruined runway, then shifts her gaze to the far off Horseshoe Bay in the distance, seeing smoke rising from the building Luna annihilated. She draws a quiet breath, unable to contain her anger anymore.

Twilight enters the chambers, quietly walking to Celestias side. "Is..Is Luna and Talon alright?" She asks carefully.

Celestia continues to stare out in the distance and nods quietly. "Twilight...summon your friends, the bearers of harmony here right away. There isn't a second to lose."

Twilight gulps. "Celestia...is Luna alright? We're not going to hit her just because she transformed into Nightmare Moon again...She isn't evil!"

Celestia snaps her gaze to Twilight, her eyes focused angrily at her. Celestias mane and tail seemingly spark off in wisps of flame. "No Twilight...not for Luna. Luna is fine...You are to summon them here, because the time has come."

Twilight gulps. "And what time would...that be?"

Celestia returns her gaze back to the sky, stomping her forehoof to accentuate her point. "To war, Twilight. We are going to war."

Author's Note:

A/N: Hope you enjoyed the fight/ epic dubstep action montage here. Just as a side joke. Luna (Nightmare form) to Chrysalis: