• Published 19th Aug 2013
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Fallen Equestria; Shattered Silence - Endless Nightmares

War breaks out, Celestia and Luna are pushed to the edge..and finally use one final solution.

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One year later........

"Ladies and gentle colts, please turn your attention to the skies and give a warm welcome to Raindow Dash, and the Wonderbolts!" The announcer says into the microphone, getting the crowd excited. The Wonderbolts fly in from behind the stands in a five pegasi echelon formation, smoke packs on their backs leaving a multi-colored trail of two lines of red, one line of white, and two lines of blue behind them.

They roll in unison above the crowd, and pull up for a sharp climb. The ponies below stomp their hooves in excitement watching the stunt team fly overhead. Resting in the overhead VIP stands, Celestia, Twilight and Luna all watch with glee and cheer. The formation splits off in a five star pattern and the Wonderbolts each fly different directions.

"I'm so glad Rainbow Dash finally got her wish and became a wonderbolt! I'm so proud of her!" Twilight comments. She turns to Celestia who is looking up at the display, casually munching on some popcorn and sipping her cider. "You didn't have anything to do with that, did you..?" Twilight asks.

"Perhaps...but she really did deserve it." Celestia dismissively answers, never taking her eyes off of the show. She cheers when the five come together again and form a diamond shaped pattern, with Raindow flying upside down in the center.

"Whoo! Good job dashie!!" Celestia shouts in excitement. The grin on Rainbow Dashes face can be seen from even the ground. Celestia continues watching, her eyes wandering off to Luna who isn't paying attention to the show.

Luna is resting on a pillow, sleep deprivation written all over her features. But for great reason. Nestled safely between her forehooves are two baby alicorn fillys, wrapped in blankets and sleeping peacefully. Luna can't take her eyes off of them, as she smiles happily at the two bundles of joy.

She yawns a bit and nuzzles them both. The crowd cheers louder and catches her attention, as she can hear a familiar sound off in the distance. Lunas eyes open wide with excitement and joy, as a wide smile encroaches upon her face. Celestia looks in the sky, not for the wonderbolts, but searching for something else her sensitive ears are picking up. She too smiles at the sound.

"And everypony your attention please. Coming to you for the first time in his debute performance and joining the Wonderbolts, please give a warm and loving welcome to the star of our show!" The wonderbolts pull another starburst manuver, with Rainbow Dash pulling hard and doing a sonic rainboom for the build up.

Over the rainboom ponys also catch the familiar sound. Most have been wishing to hear it again for some time now. Through the center of the rainboom, comes the familiar thunder of the banshees cry as it appears. The warbird of legend does a super sonic roll through the ring, pulling a sharp climb and hitting the after burners again. The crowd goes wild for the sight, stomping louder and cheering more!

The two alicorn foals awaken at the sound, their eyes unfocused and looking towards the heavens. Luna watches in awe at the warbird, now in a slow dive and dropping flares behind it for show. She speaks, glancing down at the two foals shes cradeling gently. "Moonlight Way and Stardust Kiss, look at that! He's putting on a show just for you!" Luna lovingly nuzzles the foals, then looks up after hearing the jet kick in the burners again, doing a low elevation flyby over the stands.

The field is in a horse shoe formation, newly built around the new runway and taxi way into the castle grounds. The bird climbs again and does a U-Turn in front of the crowd, then does quarter turns slowly. To show off and display the aircrafts stability and its markings.

The show is drawing to a close as the wonderbolts fly line abreast slightly above the back of the aircraft, out of range of the jets powerful and hot exhaust. They fly over the crowd once more in a slow pass, before disappearing from view. The viewers all go wild with excitement clip-clopping and stomping their hooves in appreciation of the display and Equestrias first real air show.

Celestia and Twilight lean down and nuzzle the two alicorn foals in their mothers hooves. Celestia then lays down and levitates Moonlight Way, the dark purple alicorn foal with the deep blue mane and tail, while Twilight takes Stardust Kiss, the black alicorn foal with silverish pink mane and tail. Luna doesn't seem to mind too much as she yawns, grateful that auntie Celly and Twiley love to spend time with their new nieces.

She nuzzles her two children again and smiles, then gets up to stretch. "Great idea about the airshow Tia! What a wonderful way to introduce mine flame to Equestria as a whole!" Luna smiles sincerely. Looking at Luna now, you can see that she has gained some weight during the pregnancy, and is still padded somewhat around her belly.

She doesn't appear uncomfortable however, as she looks great for a mare that recently birthed twins. She turns her attention to the recently built runway, as the warbird of legend finally touches down and begins to slow, so it can taxi safely to its resting place for display, until nightfall where it will return to its hangar. Luna looks happily at Celestia and Twilight Sparkle, while biting her lower lip with a smile.

"Go sister, we will happily watch these precious bundles." Celestia says, her voice very thick with joy and laughter as she nuzzles the precious bundle she is now cradling. Twilight also nods with a smile, happily bouncing the baby Stardust Kiss in her forelegs and playing with her. Luna turns and gallops down the stairs and bounds off the edge, gliding down to the runway where the aircraft recently shut down. The canopy opens when she reaches it, and the pilot climbs out of the cockpit.

"Thy show was wondrous and fun!" She gallops to the pilot and tackles him to the ground after he steps away from the plane. Luna then peppers her lover with kisses on his face, licking his cheeks playfully. This only causes him to laugh happily.

"You liked that huh? Next time, I'll have to take you up for a front row seat." He says, embracing the alicorn goddess. He climbs to his feet again and breathes deep, stretching out after being in the cramped cockpit for nearly an hour. Luna eyes him gleefully and nudges his hand with her muzzle, then nips at his fingertips playfully.

His response is to simply run his hand over her head and to stroke her mane. It wasn't too long ago he thought, that fateful night when they were in the wilderness and Luna used that spell to turn human for a night; when things turned out both interesting and wonderful. Though things are still strange for him, being the only human on the entire planet he knows of, living with an alicorn and somehow having alicorn filly's.

He just shrugs it off however, after the idea of being brought back from the dead just because the Goddess of the ponies said so. He embraces her tightly and holds his arms around her neck. They've been through so much together. They met, and in a way they saved each other.

They played, laughed and studied together. The learned, stumbled and got hurt together. They fought side by side, and protected one another. His other half even risked crossing the great divide for him when death claimed him and his warbird, all for the sake of love that held them. Of all of this the two have learned one simple truth that carries with it the harmony that binds everything. 'Cherish Each Moment.'

Watching from her perch on Celestias balcony, a certian creame colored alicorn watches everything unfold before her. She smiles sweetly, innocence dancing in her eyes at the sight. She had kept her word, and would wait for her daughters and now grand daughters to come home.

What's more, the red maned beauty wanted to meet the surprising life form that had done the impossible; claim the love and tamed the heart of an alicorn. A mischievous grin crosses her features, and she turns and walks into the room, where she waits patiently for her surprise of a lifetime.

To Be Continued...