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Fallen Equestria; Shattered Silence - Endless Nightmares

War breaks out, Celestia and Luna are pushed to the edge..and finally use one final solution.

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Starlight Kisses and Lunar Wishes

Chapter 9: Starlight Kisses and Lunar Wishes

Luna lay awake in her chambers, her sister Celestia having returned to her own some time ago after the two had spoken of the life water from the Lazarus potion. She was tiredly staring into the flames of the fireplace, unable to sleep from frustration and depression. The night princess could feel her heart breaking more and more; her sanity slipping away. Restless was the vengeful alicorn, her mind dancing with thoughts of the past. What went wrong, how everything fell into place. Thoughts of her love dieing in front of her eyes, and being completely unable to do anything to stop it.

She rises to her hooves, anger welling up within her. She could feel that familiar black magic calling to her again, whispering in her mind. The shadows within her soul promising to reverse this tragedy, and wrap the world in her eternal lullaby. She shakes it off however; instead choosing to go for a walk to ease her weary mind. She needs answers, as her elder sisters words echo in her thoughts. 'There is another power at work here, I believe. It's been four years, sister. Four years since we've heard anything from the parasite, and they suddenly cropped up from mother knows where, and had new abilitys that blocked our magic..'

Luna walks throughout the dark palace, coming to the large double doors near the ball room. Through the glass, she can see the familiar lights flickering from the still powered on monitors, and the hum of all the equipment the engineers created after building the warbirds power plants. She breathes deep and steps inside, pushing it open. She's greeted by an empty room, papers and equipment still covering the various tables within it. Her thoughts are haunted by the calls over the radio from the pilots final mission. The words echoing in her thoughts.

'Mayday! Mayday! Control, My engines just flamed out, I'm coming in hot! Flight controls unresponsive from damage!' She can hear the sounds of the alarms screaming in the cockpit of the aircraft as the words haunt her mind. She closes her eyes, blinking back tears she can feel welling up. Images flash in her mind as she fights the memory, of watching the crash. She sees the aircrafts wings and tail section on fire, gliding in fast and trailing smoke. 'Talon one has crashed...Talon one has crashed!' another haunting voice of the palace operators calls out in her mind, remembering the pony calling out over the newly installed intercom. She turns and gallops out of the empty control room, running as fast as her hooves will carry her.

She finds herself once again standing in the gardens, looking upon the wreckage. The thoughts continue to haunt her. In her mind she sees flashes of the crash; scattered memories of the event. She desperately tried to catch the burning warbird, only to knock it off course and watch it collide into the mountain side. She shakes her head and opens her eyes, gasping for air.

The air is still around her, the images gone. All around her hooves in the charred gravel, grass and stone paths, is glass, twisted metal and the heavy scent of fuel. Burned and melted metal parts scattered everywhere she could see. The midnight alicorn comes to a stop once more near the fuselage remains, pawing at the wreckage with her hoof. She stops when she sees a shimmer of blue light under a plate, and moves the metal aside. Under it, was the necklace she gave the pilot. Its chain was broken and melted, the gem covered in soot and dust; but still glowing just as beautifully as the night she presented him this gift. Within the small glass orb, was a star. One she plucked from her very mane, and placed within a glass ball and sealed with Lunar magic. Its original purpose to always keep a part of her with him, so she could protect and watch over his own heart. The midnight princess crumples to the ground, holding the damaged gift in her hooves. She stares into its soft light, remembering the meaning behind it, and why she gave him something so precious; an eternal part of her very soul.


In her chambers, the night alicorn lays her head upon the pilots chest. Her mane and coat soaked with sweat. She's panting hard, her mind reeling from their embrace. Her heart is racing, as she lays there blissfully content. The bed sheets are soaked from their embrace, and she can feel the intense warmth deep within her womb once more, safely securing the pilots seed. She smiles dreamily, regaining her breath. The only sounds in the room is their breathing, and the gentle wind of the night air.

She feels his heart beating in his chest, the sound ticking away softly in her ear as she comes down from her state of ecstasy, completely drained energy wise. His deep slow breaths lulling her gently to sleep.

"That...was amazing.." She says breathlessly, her own heart rate slowing down finally. She opens her eyes half liddedly, gazing into the shadows of the room.

"Mm...yes, it was..." He tiredly replied. "Not...not quite what I had in mind for rack time, Luna.." He said mid yawn, unable to keep his eyes open. He can feel the alicorn nuzzle more into him, her head adjusted to a more comfortable position on his shoulder joint. "...hope we didn't wake half the palace that time.."

She murmurs, her eyes closed. "Who cares...that just means they know i enjoyed myself.." She yawns, nestled into her comfortable new pillow. Her ear flicks when she hears a soft sound unfamiliar to her. Lifting her head, she groggily opens her eyes, seeing the pilot has already fallen asleep, and is now snoring softly. She smiles and snickers at this, laying her head down once again. "I'll...just talk to you in your dreams.." she murmurs softly. Her horn alights lazily, as she casts her dream magic.

Luna opens her eyes in the dream realm of the pilot, staring out at an unfamiliar ocean in a sea of black, blanketed by stars. Under her hooves she can feel a hard metallic surface, and sounds she'd never heard before. The air is soft and warm, smelling heavily of salt water. Just shortly in the distance, she can see the pilot of her affections standing alone at the edge of the ground, overlooking the ocean of inky blackness before her. She slowly walks up to him. "Talon..?" She calls out softly.

He turns around, his attention on the alicorn. "Luna? What are you doing here...and why are we here?" He asks, looking around. "This...this is the flight deck of the Enterprise.." He says, gazing at the ship all around him.

Luna nods slowly, a soft smile on her features. "We're in your dream, my love. The realm of the dream is mine to walk, as is all matters of the night." She says softly, nuzzling him. She steps back and cranes her neck, looking around. "So this is what your world looks like? This is the ship?"

He nods. "Yes...this is my old ship." He glances up at the stars and constellations in the night sky, than back down to the alicorn. "And by the looks of it, we're somewhere in the Atlantic ocean, somewhere south of my country." He sighs, embracing the alicorn in a hug. He stands back up and looks around more. "Dream realm huh...Couldn't get enough of me in the real world I take it?"

Luna blushes and looks away, her ears turned back slightly. "Well, I've always been curious what your dreams were...and you fell asleep before saying goodnight or I love you.." She paws the flight deck with her fore hoof. The air is quiet and blowing gently, as the carrier pushes ahead into the night. The sounds of the water splashing up against the hull of the ship relax the alicorn, as she looks around happily. She notices near a large structure there are several more aircraft, somehow different than the warbird she was so used to seeing. "What kind of machines are those?" She says, pointing with her hoof.

He looks up, smiling. "Those are F/A-18 hornets, Luna. My wingman Wizard was flying that type of aircraft on our mission." He looks at the number on the nose, and shakes his head, chuckling. "And that actually is his aircraft, by the looks of it."

She nods, walking up to it and looking it over, the pilot beside her. "Where are all of the people?"

He sighs, folding his arms. "Usually this time of night unless there was a mission, it was rare that there were any flights. I'd imagine it's quiet time for the most part...not that I remember half of my shipmates faces anymore anyway. It was most always like this when I came out here to stargaze after a mission. I never had anything else to do really, and I didn't socialize much on the ship during my tour. When I wasn't on duty per say, I kept myself in my quarters either studying or out here by myself."

Luna nods, listening as she's walking around the mysterious new flying machine. It looks a lot less threatening than the warbird shes come accustomed to, and somewhat smaller. "I like yours better.." She says, turning her attention back to him. She smiles and walks closer to him again, nuzzling his side.

"Well, while you're here would you like a tour? It'll keep us busy until it's time to wake back up." He says with a smile, as he strokes her mane gently. The alicorn nickers softly and nods, following the pilot as he walks.

The two travel together, walking around on the empty aircraft carrier. He shows her everything he remembered, from the bridge, to his old quarters. Once they return to the flight deck, she watches with curiosity and interest as she sees aircraft launch on their own, and what it looked like to glimpse at his world. Her attention is drawn however, when she feels the familiar tug on her senses. She sighs.

"Looks like it's time to awaken...I sense I need to lower the moon, so sister could bring the coming dawn. And I was really enjoying myself too.." The alicorn says, hanging her head.

Talon nods, standing again at the edge of the flight deck. "Alright princess...just wake me up then when you're ready. See you on the other side."

Luna smiles to him, shimmering out of the dream. She awakens back in the normal world again, groggily opening her eyes. The room is still dark, and somewhat chilly from the open window. She's snuggled under the thick blankets on the very comfortable bed, still in the same position she fell asleep in. By the looks of the moon in the distant horizon, she can tell they've been asleep for several hours. Yawning, the alicorn rolls off the bed and staggers to the window, feeling a warm drip down on her hock. She blushes, but continues on her path to the balcony. The princess stares out at her night sky for a few moments. 'I love the night sky...more than I do the day.'

The pilots words from yesterday echo in her mind as she gazes at her moon. It would be all too easy for her, she knows. Too easy for her to press her magic and roll the moon back high into the sky, to maintain the world in her jeweled tapestry and lullaby. In her mind, she can feel it whispering to her again, the familiar call of the beckoning power within her. 'Why shouldn't I...He loves my night sky...he loves me..' She thinks, gazing at the white orb in the heavens. The sense becomes stronger within her chest, feeling the familiar tug once again of the moon waiting to descend into its resting place for the day, so it can once more grace Equestria in its wonder and soft light. She sighs and closes her eyes, erasing the dark thoughts and banishing the power again, and lowers the moon. She stands idly and watches the horizon lighten to a dim grey, feeling her sisters sun rising in the distance. Luna hangs her head and sighs, shaking it, before returning back to her bed and cuddling up to her pilot once more.

Several more hours pass, her sleep disturbed by the light forcing its way through the heavy curtains and invading her chambers. The night princess scrunches her nose and buries her muzzle deeper into the pillow, enjoying the warmth of her bed. Outstretching a hoof, she feels for the pilot...and doesn't find him. Her eyes fly open in alarm and she sits up in bed, searching the shadows of her dimly lit chambers. Her ears twitch and swivel, searching for his movements.

The washroom door opens, and out steps the pilot, once again in his fatigues and boots. His hair is wet and brushed, indicating he just finished bathing. He looks at the alicorn. "Good morning, Luna." He greets her warmly. "Sleep well?"

She eyes him and nods slowly, yawning. "mm...good morning.." She rolls off the bed and outstretches her wings, shaking the blood back into them from laying on them for so long. Finally after a few twists and audible pops, she finishes and folds them back down, then steps slowly to him. The alicorn frowns. "You bathed without me.." She says, a bit hurt.

He shrugs. "I tried to wake you up...you were out like a light." He sighs and folds his arms. "But if it will help you feel better, I don't mind helping you bathe or brush out."

She blushes and thinks on this for a moment, then smiles slyly. "Now who can't get enough of whom?"

He chuckles at her statement and shakes his head. "Says the alicorn that wouldn't let me simply sleep last night." Luna rolls her eyes, still grinning at him. She walks past him into the wash room. The pilot turns and follows her back, and takes a seat on a nearby step while she starts to bathe herself. The two sit in silence for a few minutes, until he clears his throat. "So uh...dream walking too? Can all space ponys do that?" He asks warily.

She giggles and rolls her eyes, still facing away from the pilot. "No, just me. It was interesting to get to see what your world was like, however."

He nods. "Glad you liked it. Though I assure you, there is much more to my world than just open oceans and aircraft carriers, princess."

She nods and turns her attention back to the task at hand, humming quietly to herself. This continues for several more minutes, until she finally exits the wade pool. The pilot carries over a towel and a small pin brush, drying off the alicorn for her and brushing out her coat in long, light strokes. She stands idly by with her eyes closed and a small soft smile on her face, relishing in all of the attention focused on her. Never in all of her years did she ever dream she would receive this kind of affection from anypony, let alone have it all to herself. The minutes tick away on the analog clock hanging in the wash room, the soft click tick getting her lost in the moments. It's when he stops she opens her eyes, and frowns slightly.

"All done, you're ready for your day, Luna." He says turned away from her, putting the items away in their respective places. Luna is a bit saddened that the process is over, but nods and walks beside him. She nuzzles her pilot gently and bites his sleeve. He raises an eyebrow to this, but walks along wherever the alicorn is choosing to drag him. They come to a stop at her vanity, and she plops down on the cushion in front of the mirror, a brush levitating in her magic. She holds it there suspended, eyes closed and a smile on her muzzle. "Heh...you my dear...are getting entirely too much enjoyment out of this." He says light heartedly. Luna only turns her muzzle up at him, still eyes closed and in a smile. In truth, she is enjoying this, every last second of it.

The pilot looks at the lazily flowing ethereal mane and tail in front of him, raising an eyebrow. "Um...yeah, how the hell do you brush magic hair?" He asks, confused. This causes the alicorn to open one eye and look at the mirror. She sees her ever free flowing ethereal mane flowing lazily in the cosmic wind and sighs.

"Oh..." She stands back up now and laughs. "Whoops...I'll..I'll deal with it later." She says quietly, starting to walk to the door. The pilot shrugs and sets the brush back on the vanity, following closely behind the night princess.

The two walk quietly together in silence, finding their way to the hangar. It's mid morning, so Celestia and Twilight have already had their breakfast. What greets them, is Celestia and Twilight Sparkle talking to the engineers, with both engines in cradles outside the hangar bay and in the gardens.

"You're just in time you two. The professor and his assistants here are ready to start up the new engines for your aircraft!" Celestia said with a prideful smile. Being held in her magic is a clip board and a quill, with her notes she's taking herself about the start up test.

Talon nods to her and takes a breath. "Perfect, princess Celestia. I'm glad we made it to come and see. How long have you all been out here?" he asks calmly.

"Not long, they just wheeled out the two engines and finished strapping them down. From what we've been told, these could be as if not more powerful than the original ones you already had!" Twilight chimes in excitedly.

"Princess, we've completed preparations!" The professor stated.

"Excellent work, my little ponies. Should we stand over there next to the aircraft, or right here?" Celestia says, motioning with her hoof.

"By the aircraft, if you please! And don't forget your ear protection! We believe these babys are going to really scream!" He replied enthusiastically to the princess. The group all stands back and places on a set of sound dampening headphones, while Celestia casts a sound proofing bubble around everypony. The professor lifts a small remote with his telekinesis and presses a button upon it with his hoof. The engines both begin to spin up slowly, the classic high pitched whine and whistle could be heard even inside the bubble. Several minutes pass, and he increases the engine throttle. On the stands before them, they see the engines shift forward against their bindings, long twin afterburners jetting out behind them. Talon stands amazed at the sight; a bunch of ponys had achieved the impossible, and built two functioning pulse detonation scram jet engines in one night. Not only that, but they functioned perfectly and could use the fuel Luna could provide in endless supply. So far, the day is perfect. The engines maintain full afterburner for several minutes, before he throttles them back and shuts down with the remote. Several more minutes pass, and the engines finally wind down to a whisper, then turn off.

Celestia releases the bubble and steps forward to the engines, circling them with curious wonder. A smile of great pride crosses her muzzle as she nods in approval. "Spectacular job gentle colts. How soon can we install these into the commanders aircraft and be flight ready?" She asks.

The engineers all talk quietly in a group huddle, then the professor returns his gaze back to the regal white alicorn before them. "We believe the great machine will be operational before sundown, your highness. We are still working on the replacement missiles and ammunition for the craft, and believe we will have an ample supply ready no later than one standard week." He replies in his nasaly high pitched voice.

Luna smiles at hearing all of this, her heart dancing with joy within her barrel. It saddened her when the aircraft was damaged in the fight with the dragons, like she was losing a new friend so soon after making one. To the midnight princess, the pilot and the warbird were both one in the same, yet completely separate entity's. On the ground, the warbird was a beautiful wonder in all of its glory. The pilot was her special some pony and lover. In the sky however, he was their guardian that ruled the skies with the banshee, and the warbird was a protector that sheltered the lives of the innocent under its mysterious dark wings. She nods in approval of hearing all of this unfold, jubilant in her motions as she slowly bobs on her hooves from excitement.

"I gotta hand it to you, ma'am. Your people..err..ponys sure are creative and hard working. The mechanics on my world couldn't have built one engine from scratch in a week, let alone two in one night." The pilot says, honestly impressed.

Both Celestia and Twilight smile in genuine delight hearing those words from the pilot, brimming with pride in their subjects. Celestia steps forward and nods her head. "Well it pleases me to hear you praise our land in such a way. It's the least we could do, since you did come to Canterlots defense against such great odds, and you also deciding to stay here with us."

Following military tradition, the pilot salutes the princess. "It's an honor to be here ma'am. You and yours make it a pleasure to stay, and as I told your beautiful sister, a place worth fighting for." He replies. Celestia giggles at the sight of the pilot saluting her for the first time, and paws at him with her hoof. He smiles at the gesture and drops his arm, returning to an at ease stance.

"If you'll excuse us then, we will be going to have lunch together, and then proceed to noon day court. Should you two need anything, please don't hesitate to bring it to my attention." Celestia says with her calm and regal mask and voice.

Luna nods slowly, resting on her haunches next to the pilot. Her ears are held forward, her head high. She has a calm, happy smile on her muzzle and her eyes are gentle and serene. Celestia gazes at her, her own features soft at the sight of her sister so happy.

"Oh and lulu..?" Celestia asks, biting her lower lip trying to stifle a snicker.

"Yes, Tia?" Luna asks, her attention on her sister now.

"Please use a better sound proofing spell...I could hear you all the way in my chambers last night..." The mask breaks, she's snickering and holding her hoof up to cover her muzzle.

Luna wide eyed- cross eyed and cheeks puffed out, is blushed a whole new shade of red. Even the pilot looks away now, his gaze upward to the sky trying to hide the embarrassment. In truth, he's grinning inwardly. A job well done to make any woman, or mare cry out your name that loud during that time. The midnight alicorn is in estrus, and has been since the night at the castle of the two pony sisters. So Luna has been sure to keep her pilot very busy ever since.

Celestia and Twilight are both snickering as they walk off to the royal kitchens, not waiting to hear the replies or mock cover up of the midnight alicorn. Luna and Talon are once again left to their own devices. The two stand there in shocked silence for several minutes, not believing Luna could have been so loud that Celestia could hear her an entire wing away in the palace.

"That...that could have gone better.." He says, not looking at the alicorn.

Luna slowly nods, still blushing too much to speak.


Luna and Talon work together with the professor and other engineers after they themselves went to go get something to eat. With everypony plus pilot working together, the engines were installed and completely hooked up, ready for flight before the sun began to set. Talon sits in the cockpit, overlooking his instrumentation and doing systems checks.

Luna is standing on her hind legs again, her fore hooves resting against the fuselage of the aircraft. Her muzzle is resting on the gunnels of the cockpit, as she watches the pilot operate the warbirds computer and control surfaces. She watches in wonder of everything, while quietly listening to him speak so she herself could learn the crafts secrets. This process occurs for an hour, until he's completely finished.

"That about does it, pre flight looks good...I think we're ready to go up for a test run." He says, looking to the alicorn now. Luna is dreamily staring off into space, her wings extended out some and idly twitching and bobbing unconsciously . She nods and murmurs, still with a far off look in her eyes. The pilot strokes her mane and behind her ears with his hand, getting her attention.

Luna focuses on him now, smiling serenely. In all truth, she couldn't ever remember being this happy in all of her years. Though the pilot of her affections was more focused on his machine than her, it was the fact that he would talk to her and explain in detail about everything that she enjoyed. It was his company, his voice, his soft touch and kindness that she loved so. Her eyes close as she feels his ministrations in her wispy ethereal mane and behind her ears, and she sighs contentedly. Once he stops, she pushes off of the fuselage with her fore hooves and comes to a rest back on all fours.

"When would you like to do the test run?" She asks, turning her attention to the setting sun in the distance.

"We could do a night flight now if you wish, or fly tomorrow. It's your choice, Luna." He says, his attention turned back to the cockpit controls as he looks at the fuel status. "We have enough in the tanks to fly for a few hours, if we don't go hyper sonic during it. "

She nods and coils her hind legs, then leaps onto the canard with a flap of her powerful wings. The pilot watches as she lighty steps, then climbs into her co pilots seat behind him. She folds in her wings and gets comfortable, using her magic to levitate the harness around her barrel and soft stomach.

"Now it is then." He says grinning, turning around to face his controls again. He flips the switches for the canopy closure, and starts up the engine sequence. The warbirds engines whine to life, loudly spinning up inside the hangar as the aircraft powers up again. He puts on his helmet and adjusts his headset radio, while the midnight alicorn levitates her own back to her own ears and head, setting the mouthpiece close to her muzzle. The engines reach their operating speed, and he slowly taxis out of the hangar bay.

The warbird gleams in the fading sunlight as it slowly rolls down the path to the runway recently built in the courtyard. The sound of the aircraft s engines gets the attention of the palace staff again, the royal guards and maids all watching from windows, balcony s or the palace steps as it rolls on by.

"Are you sure you're wanting to go up again Luna? You don't need to be here for a test flight. It's just around Canterlot a few times to break in the new engines." He calls out to her over the radio.

Luna smilles as she looks out the canopy, waving her hoof to all of the spectators. "I wouldn't have climbed in if I didn't want to come!" She replied excitedly, a wide grin on her muzzle.

The banshees cry now has Princess Celestias attention, as she watches the warbird taxi in front of the palace and come to a stop in the courtyard. She rears up on her hind legs and rests her forelegs on the rail of her study balcony, a small smile of her features.

"How long do you think they'll be up in the sky this time?" Twilight Sparkle asks, coming to a rest next to her mentor.

Celestia gazes at the warbird below, smiling as the canards open and the aircraft spreads it wings, still stopped at the edge of the runway. "I don't know...we could go ask them once they take off." She replied cryptically. Pride fills the white alicorns heart as she looks onward, knowing it was her ponys ingenuity at work behind the warbirds functioning engines. Alicorn mischief dances in her eyes as she watches, the thought of how Luna and the pilots faces would look when she reveals her second surprise of the day. The warbird has just provided all of Equestria with untold riches of useful information from within its vast database, her own scribes and librarians now hard at work deciphering the human language so she could find out more about the curious world their visitor had come from, and the useful advances in the modern equestrian age it would bring. She alights her horn and stalls the sun for a few more moments, keeping the sky lit with the fading sunlight of dusk. The aircrafts on board lights switch on, and she smiles at all of its flashing lights. "It's beautiful, isn't it?" She asks her love.

Twilight can't help but to stare in wonder at the machine before her eyes, relishing in the moment as she sees and hears it all. She nods quickly to Celestia, her eyes still glued to the scene unfolding below.

They watch in wonder as they see light appearing from the tail of the warbird, then turning into two long blue and white jets of focused fire, sending the aircraft rocketing down the runway at an amazing speed. The sound of the banshees powerful cry thundering all around them, causing even the alicorns heart to pound in her chest. The warbird takes off into the sky, and climbs almost straight up into the clouds, disappearing from view. The palace guards and staff watching cheer wildly, causing Celestia to only grin more.

Luna squees in delight as the warbird begins its climb into the sky, enjoying the exhilarating rush of the forces against her body. She better prepared herself this time for the flight, knowing just what to expect. Pride fills her as she smiles a wide open smile, knowing she's the pilots ace co pilot from the previous dogfight they did together. Up in the warbird, she wasn't Luna, princess of equestria and regent of the stars. No, to her she was simply Luna, co pilot; and glad for it. The worries of running a nation and duty melting away, as its just her, the warbird and her pilot. She looks around out the canopy to the city far below them, loving every moment of the freedom within it.

'c--n --ou he-r -s?' a new voice and static come in over the aircraft s radio. Lunas ears twitch at the sound. "Uh..hello?" she says into the mouth piece. Talon also heard the faint transmission, and switches his main screen to the communications. He starts scanning channels, finding one active. He raises an eyebrow, and sets the communications to that frequency.

'Hello? Can you hear us?' A faint voice calls over the radio again. The pilots eyes open wide with surprise, he hits the button to respond.

"This is flight seven oh two, Talon One of the USS Enterprise CVN-65, United States Navy. Identify yourself." He responds in a firm tone.

The transmission is static once more, then cuts to silence for a moment. The voice speaks again. 'And this is Celestia, princess of Equestria. I'll take that as a yes, you can hear us!' the alicorns voice comes in over the radio. Luna sits flabbergasted hearing her sisters voice in her ears, her eyes wide and her mouth held agape in shock.

"Princess, how are you communicating over this radio? You don't have the equipment, or electricity for that matter!" The shocked and disbelieving pilot squeaks out.

'We do have electricity, commander. It's just my little sister prefers the old ways of candle light and living in dark caves. The engineers copied down the information about your communications systems and built a small device like your radio. I asked them to do it so we could stay in contact and avoid another incident like last time!' Celestia states in a sing song voice over the radio again. Talon face palms, knowing he just got trolled by the princess. He turns and looks back to the midnight alicorn, shaking his head. Luna only responds with a nervous smile, blushing and fidgeting her hooves at this. She did neglect to mention they in fact had electricity and some modern technology, enjoying her own methods and the fun of watching the human so inconvenienced on some comforts...like a working sound square with strange noises in it.

He chuckles and hits the button again to answer. "You're just full of surprises I see. Your engineers truly are impressive, if I may say so!" He responds. "And thanks for the heads up about electricity here. No idea how my co pilot hid that little detail so well..but I'll be sure to make use of it."

There's silence for another moment, then some static and the faint voice of the radio comes again. 'If you wouldn't mind, please let lulu know I'll raise the moon for her tonight, so you two can enjoy the test flight! Stay in Canterlot for now, please. We still don't know how well your new engines will work!'

"Wilco." He responds, then switches to the warbirds internal radio. "So...electricity huh?" He says somewhat annoyed, but grinning as he rolls the aircraft into a wide bank and circles the city below. He hears a soft nervous laugh of the night alicorn come through his headset.

"Eh heh...oops?" She questioningly responds, blushing with embarrassment and knowing she's been busted.

The sun lowers, and the moon begins to rise in the distance while the warbird is in its test flight. Talon doesn't push the engines too much during it, but simply cruises and rolls at a leisurely pace above the city. Ponys below hear the banshees cry into the night sky, some smiling at the thunderous sound of their new protector overhead. Others however, curse it due to the late hour, wishing it would instead go to sleep and fly overhead during normal hours of the sun princesses day.

They remain in flight for an hour more, then finally change course and stage to land. Having an idea to try and play with the princess a bit, he smiles. "Hey Luna?" He calls over the radio.

"Yes?" She replied, eyes still wandering about the canopy glass, relishing in the view of her jeweled tapestry and all of its glory.

"What time does your space pony sister usually sleep?" he asks, grinning and planning out his next epic prank.

Silence for a moment, then Luna speaks. "Uhm...about now. Why do you ask?" She says, focusing on the pilot now.

He grins mischievously, and switches over to the communications frequency again. "Control, this is Talon one, requesting permission to do a fly by." The radio is static for a moment, no response. "Control, please respond. Requesting permission for a fly by."

The faint voice of Celestia comes over the radio again, sounding sleepy. 'Commander, though I have no idea what a fly by is, permission granted. Please land soon however, I do have a sun to raise in the morning.' He hears her say in a somewhat sarcastic and sleepy voice.

"What's a fly by?" Luna asks, leaning forward and trying to look over the pilots shoulder.

He grins, turning wide and lining up with the palace, knowing what tower the regal white alicorns chambers are in. "Oh nothing much, just going to buzz the tower." He says flatly. Luna raises an eyebrow to this and nods, still confused. Once lined up, he closes the canards of the aircraft and throttles up, waiting until the right moment. When the warbird comes close enough for the desired effect, he pushes up the throttle, activating the afterburners. The bird rockets by Celestias balcony, the sound and concussion of the air crafts engines rattling the stained glass windows of the palace, and giving the now very surprised elder white alicorn a close up sonic boom.

He rockets past the palace and climbs, still full afterburner, laughing hard. Luna understanding what just occurred also joins in the laughter, knowing full well he probably just made her elder sister wet herself by the practical joke. The aircraft throttles back and corrects its course once more for the runway, slowing down to land. Ahead in the distance, they see Celestia herself, looking somewhat displeased and standing near the hangar.

The warbird lands safely, a perfect touchdown if there ever was one, then rolls to a slow stop, turning at the end of the taxi way and makes its move toward the hangar again. After a few minutes the aircraft comes to a stop in front of the hangar, and shuts down. The engines whine to a whisper, then power off The canopy opens, and the pair step out, greeted by a sight they never expected.

The elder white alicorn is standing there grinning. Her crown and regalia are off, her fur on her chest, muzzle and some parts of her ethereal mane are covered in cake. She canters up to them, laughing gently and genuinely happy. "Mr Talon, in all of my years, not many have been able to prank an old mare like me. You on the other hand, have managed to do the impossible! You actually startled me into making my midnight snack explode."

The pilot stands stoically, fighting with everything in his will power and military training not to laugh or snicker at the sight. The midnight alicorn on the other hoof...not so much. Luna bites her lower lip hard, fighting it back. Tears stream down her cheeks, and she finally breaks down, rolling onto her back and laughing a hearty belly laugh. Her big sister, the biggest trickster and best joker in history was just nailed by her very own pilot. Seeing her elder sister covered in her favorite confection only made this moment even funnier to the dark alicorn, making this moment priceless. She holds her belly with her fore hooves at the sight, laughing so hard it hurts.

Celestia smiles, wide eyed at the spectacle. Never in history, not once has she ever seen the little sister she loved so much laugh like this. She could almost feel the joy radiating from the smaller alicorn, and she herself finally broke down laughing at herself. How silly she must have looked, covered in strawberry cake! She walks close to the pilot and embraces him in a hug with her foreleg, squeezing him against her and smearing him in the cake too. She laughs at this and sighs happily. "Worth it. This was indeed worth it." Celestia muses, as she turns and walks away from them, leaving the laughing alicorn and now cake covered pilot in the gardens.

Luna had used her magic to roll the warbird back into the hanger bay, and the two returned to her chambers for the night. Once again there was nothing at all scheduled for midnight court, Luna having done all of the forms and files needed to be approved from the previous one held a week ago. Their evening was for the most part uneventful, as the pair simply focused on a bath, and then rest. Still satisfied from the previous nights activities, and not wanting to give the elder alicorn yet another reason to poke a playful jibe, the two fall asleep easily in one another s peaceful embrace.


Luna awakens to the familiar tug on her senses, pulled out of her enjoyable dream she was having. She opens her eyes groggily, shaking off the vestiges of sleep and stares into the shadows of the dark room from her bed. The air feels even colder than the previous evening, making her not want to move from her very comfortable and warm position from under the thick covers. She yawns and lays her head back down on the pillow, staring at the pilots sleeping form.

'Honestly...I love the night more than the day. All the best stuff happens...' her lovers voice rings into the echos of her mind again as she looks upon him. She can feel her own heart warming deep inside of her chest as she thinks on those words. She lays there thinking, ignoring the constant tug on her senses to lower the moon while she reflects on those words.

She breathes deep, in hailing his scent into her nostrils, taking in the sweet smell she's become so familiar and in love with. Closing her eyes she continues to ponder upon the words, still ignoring the tug. In a moment of clarity, an idea dawns upon her. 'He loves the night...so why not give him a part of it?' Unconsciously her fore hoof lowers under the cover, resting on her belly, traces of the warmth still deep within her. She continues thinking, opening her eyes when she comes to an idea. 'I am the night..everything about it is mine..it's mine time, dear sister..you will have to wait just a bit longer..just a little while, I promise.' She whispers quietly to herself.

The midnight alicorn rolls out of bed slowly, as not to awaken him. She quietly walks to the balcony, staring up at the night sky, a deep blush on her muzzle. The stars, and all of the heavens are a part of her. She poured her own soul and heart into every inch of the jeweled tapestry of magic and mystery. To give any part of the night, was to give herself. This thought made the alicorns heart race. Her eyes close as she focuses, her horn alit with magic. The spell weaves its tendrils all around her, as she searches within herself for the brightest and most beautiful star in the heavens. She found it; the one closest to her moon, one of the four that had set her free so long ago from her cold desolate prison. Using her magic, she reaches out slowly, the field encompassing herself. Once she secures the hold onto the star, she gently pulls at it, slowly extracting it from her very ethereal mane, pulling it from close to her throat, out to the ends and off the tip.

The feeling of it being removed filled her heart with a small sense of loss, surrendering a piece of herself. It shines brightly in a soft warm blue light, hanging lazily in the air in front of her muzzle, held in magic. She opens her eyes and breathes softly, wrapping it layer after layer in her magic, forming a glass shell all around it. To complete the process she whispers a blessing and touches the glass orb to her lips, sealing it with her love and blessings of moonlight. Looking out at the horizon, she focuses her senses once more and grasps the moon in her magic. The moon lowers and dips below the horizon, allowing room for the coming dawn. 'Forgive me mine sister...this time I meant no harm...but I needed the time.' She whispers to the rising sun, carrying her words into the wind to her beloved sisters celestial charge.

"Luna...are you alright?" She hears behind her. The pilot has awakened. "You normally don't take that long...are you feeling ok?" He asks her.

She slowly turns, smiling and holding the star in her magic in front of her. "Oh, I'm fine." She quietly replied back as she walked back to the warm and inviting bed. Climbing back under the covers, she comes face to muzzle with him, smiling innocently. "Talon..may I speak?"

He yawns, and opens his eyes. "It's your world princess...last I checked you didn't need my permission." He tiredly replies.

She continues weaving her magic, forming link by link of the chain she's creating out of Lunar steel and energy from her own heart. "I have a gift for you.." she whispers, feeling the final piece made. "When an alicorn..gives a gift, it's always a treasure to whomever we give it to.." She in hails softly. "And since you said yourself you love the night sky...I wanted to give you this.." She raises the necklace in her magic, weaving it around the pilots neck loosely and linking the ends together, making it only removable by her magic, or deaths cold grasp.

"What is this?" He asks, holding the small glass orb in his fingers and looking at it. The soft glow of the star dancing within it.

"A part of my soul..so I can always watch over you. I plucked that star from the night sky, just for you. May its light always guide you, when things seem their darkest.." She whispers, nuzzling him lovingly. She yawns and closes her eyes again, resting her muzzle upon his chest. He looks at it and smiles tiredly, laying his head back on the pillow. Once he releases the bauble from his grasp, he strokes the alicorns mane, and returns to sleep with her.