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When mysterious and powerful vortex suddenly appears in various worlds. Sonic, Twilight, the Dragon Riders and even Homer Simpson must bravely jump into the vortex. As they journey to locations beyond their wildest imaginations in search of their friends, they soon realize that Lord Vortech is summoning villains, including Dr. Eggman, Bowser and Lord Tirek, from across different worlds to help him gain control. As his power grows, worlds mix, unexpected characters meet and all boundaries are broken. Our heroes must travel through space and time to rescue their friends before the vortexes destroy all of Reality!

Based off and inspired by the new Lego Dimensions game.

Tagged under "Alternate Universe", "Equestria Girls" and "Human", as it will feature the alternate timelines from the Season 5 Finale, the Equestria Girls universe and human characters respectively.

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Hey since your crossover is about a buttload of Franchise here are some franchises that I would (and a million people would) like to see in your crossover


2. Kingdom Hearts

3. Ratchet and Clank

4. Jak and Daxter

5. Shantae Half Genie Hero

6. Powerpuff Girls (both original and Powerpuff Girls Z)

7. Crash Bandicoot

8. Legend of Spyro

9. Sly Cooper

10. Mother 2&3

11. Legend of Zelda

12. Freedom Planet

13. Fire Emblem

14. Rayman Legends

15. Yo-Kai Watch

16. Wario and Waluigi

And that is it

okay, here what I think two team go diferrent world and build the group in diferrent world for I give you a list to them which world they go to:

Monster high
Ever after high
fairy tail
littlest pet shop (2012)
wreck-it ralph (Disney take place between after and before wreck-it ralph 2)
shrek (dramwork)
soul eater
ghostbusters (cartoon)
pokemon (anime)
digimon (anime)
cars (Disney take place between after and before cars 3)
skylanders (take place between after superchargers and before skylanders 6)
star wars
ratchet and clank (video game and movie)
portal (video game, not lego)
five nights at Freddy's (series 1-4)
hotal Transylvania (take place after ht2)
the simpsons
family guys
futurama (after season 7)
winx club
yu-gi-oh (series)
bakugan battle brawlers
transformers: robot in disguise (2015 take place in between Decepticon Island part 1 after and before part 2)
one piece (timeskipe after)
adventure time with finn and jake
danny phantom (take place after season 3 in Phantom Planet)
Rayman Legends (take place after)
Aqua Teen Hunger Force
street fighter
legend of Zelda
night at the museum (take place after Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb)
Thomas and friends (take place between after Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure and before The Great Race in cgi)
mr bean (tv and movie)
dinotrux (dreamwork)
trubo (dreamwork and Netflix series)
brave (Disney)
Descendants (take place between after and before Descendants 2)
Pixels (2015)
goosebumps (2015)
red vs blue (take place after season 13 and take place where they left off in season 14 which is out may 8 yesterday)
Crash Bandicoot (game series)
zatch bell
stitch! (Disney, take place after season 3 or something and spin-off lilo and stitch series and movie)
The Avengers
high school dxd
donkey kong (video game)
kung fu panda (take place after kung fu panda 3)
monster inc/University (Disney)
gravity fall (Disney, take place after season 2 and after defeact bill)
Ben 10: Omniverse (take place after seaon 8: time war)
Godzilla 2014 (take place between after and before Godzilla 2)
total drama island (series)
sgt frog
kingdom hearts
totally spies
sam and cat
wakfu (take place after season 2)
tenchi muyo
final fantasy
Xiaolin Chronicles (take place after the show)
American mcgee alice (take place after alice: otherlander)
Senran Kagura
seikon no qwaser
Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere
dead or alive
big hero 6
familiar of zero
regular show
Soul Calibur
Madan no Ou to Vanadis
team fortress 2
blue dragon
sailor moon (second anime)
fullmetal alchemist
mr. Peabody and Sherman (movie and Netflix show)
doctor who (12th doctor and not lego)
monsters vs aliens (dreamwork, movie and tv show)

that all I give you and maybe stick team go to wreck-it ralph world and add more group. also I think in eqg worl where sic-twi, sunset and other girls find out what going on until the mirror portal suck them to other world like monster high and team up to work together and I love adding group in our heroes team.

one more thing to add alice in wonderland 2010 ( take place between after and before sequel)

7202221 Bit of a long list... I want you to know that I may (or may not) add these worlds into the crossover, but there will be a few references to most of them! So keep a good eye out!

7193311 Glad you like the story! Just to let you know that I'll might add some of these worlds into the crossover, so keep an eye out for some of them!

(reads description)

Tagged under "Altenate Universe", "Equestria Girls" and "Human", as it will feature the alternate timelines from the Season 5 Finale, the Equestria Girls universe and human characters respectfully.

That would be Alternate and respectively, i think?

thank you, I know, I like to make your story to add a extrace spice to make more action and between you and me, I kindna like to see or read if lord vortie add mkore army soon ifyou watch lego dimensions gamethrough, but other then that I hope you can do it.

I also you can mix up bit and maybe like three group meet up it too in the future soon.

7216403 Oh, don't you worry! :ajsmug: There will be more than one group! For there will be several groups, and some of them may criss-cross with the other groups as well due to Vortech's rifts randomly popping up!

Plus, I watched the Lego Dimensions cutscenes, so as I said, I gonna give it a little extra spice to the story to make it pretty crazy rollercoaster of the story!

good chapter here the other I miss on my world list for the hero go to:

back to the future

Aqua Teen Hunger Force

the simpson

banjo-kazooie (take place after nut and blot)

that it and the list I give you before, i'm allow you choose of it

Lord Vortech is from Lego Dimensions, right?

7461800 Yes indeed, and I have big plans for him later on, plus while he is the antagonist of this story, I'll be doing a small little twist in the end, so you'll have to wait and see...

to turbo the borny: I saw sonic in trailer of lego dimensions update for wave 6 and new story along with it like: ghostbuster 2016 and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Story Pack they coming sept and nov this year and i'm gonna get it also harry potter is now part of lego dimendions pack team as well.

I hope you choose which list that we give you for your next chapter and to see more heroes from different dimensions I hopeing eqg group go to monster high and ever after high and so on and so on and son on.

7485316 I've been seeing a lot of requests of which universes that everyone's been wanting to see, so as I mentioned, you'll have to wait and see for yourselves, don't get inpatient and don't you and everyone else worry, I'll might add some of the universes you requested into the story. But like I said, we'll wait and see.

Plus, I saw the trailer for the next line for Lego Dimensions, and like you, I didn't expect Sonic to actually appear in the game! I was pretty surprised, and I added him into the story before it was even announced!!

I'm glad you're enjoying the story so far!

thank, I also in bad mood my download game of Mario kart 7 is gone and I can't get it back and I can't get link on my wiiu because of my broken Nintendo 2ds family link it not fair

7615470 Sure did, and I had an idea, for while I continue the main story, I had an idea that half way through, following the heroes first encounter with Lord Vortech in the Back to the Future universe, meeting X-PO, and going through the Portal universe, and had a thought that after that, the Foundation Element hunt can begin, and fan readers and/or writers on Fanfiction.net (where this story is also shown on) and Fimfiction.net would feel free to submit an chapter idea and send it via PM, as long as A) it is appropriate to the rating of the story and B) it fits with the story's flow. Then could add the chapter on the respected sites, and be sure to give you credit by adding the writer's name on the top and/or bottom of the page! (Meaning you can take part too!)

For the moment, while I have other fanfics to work on, the upcoming events in the story I'll be adding will include as follows:

1. The Marvel vs. DC battle (where respected universes also find a keystone shard and Supergirl, Spider-Man, Kid Flash, Jinx and Deadpool join the main team)

2. The conclusion of the Oz universe

3. A bad guys chapter, showing what happened before the story's events and following the event from above

4. Mega Man meets Big Hero 6, Spongebob and Danny Phantom, while finding a keystone shard and a chaos emerald, then meet the Mighty Mut-animals as Lether Head joins him

5. Sticks and the Hunters would end up in the Regular Show and Simpsons universes and "recruit" Homer and Krusty while fighting Invader Zim in the latter

6. Main Team would arrive in Phienas and Ferb universe (second keystone) and battle Joker and Harley

7. Main Team would then head to Sailor Moon universe, and team with Sailor Moon and gain another chaos emerald (later revealed that Sailors Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Venus are captured and corrupted by Vortech!)

more upcoming events later on!

I like your story so far! You've got quite an imagination in these crossovers!

One thing to note however is there are spelling and grammar mistakes in parts of your story. If you can correct them, you'll get more story views who will love your chapters.

Don't let my criticism get you down. Keep up the good work!

7636735 Sure thing, Buddy! I'm so happy you're taking the time to enjoy my fanfic stories! If you like, you can also check them out on Fanfiction.net (the main fan fiction website). :pinkiehappy:

Just a suggestion add the fossil fighters champion characters

7707959 That was a great game, especially the super forms of the dinos. I liked them more than the vehicles in the game sequel.

Promising start... I'd continue reading right now, but as I haven't played the game yet (going through the others I own of that series first), I'd rather avoid spoilers...

7988583 Totally understand, heck, I've got the game now too, and I've nearly completed the main story of year 1 and soon be getting straight to the year 2 story packs. So take your time and play the Lego Dimensions game as soon as you get and then you can come straight back dive head first into the story! I won't judge you on your decision.

Writers like you never cease to amaze us. Keep up the good work.

so when they going to other world?

8041670 If it's about the Justice League and the Avengers, to answer that question, don't you worry, they will be joining our heroes in future, but I have a big plans for them as they would later deal with more other dimensional invaders, all leading up to both their worlds uniting... literally!!

like the list me and other give you where our heroes go to? I like to add dc super heroe girls on my list. also there reboot of monster high. I hope you choose the list we're give to you for which world go next.

Looking great so far. Keep it up!

I hope he sends them to the dragonball z world (before Majin Buu of course)

“Goddess of Nature?!” Fluttershy said, looking quite excited, “Oh, that sound’s lovely, and I’m sure that with someone who is so kind to all the sweet animals, she must know the goodness deep in Dark Pit’s heart.”

You seriously have no idea what Viridi thinks of life Fluttershy. :facehoof:

Haha man that chapter was excellent :pinkiehappy::rainbowkiss::twilightblush:

Love the death battle reference, also I would love it if you included the z warriors and also frieza, cell, and majin but from DragonBall z.

Alright, this is a good chapter but I think you're going a bit too overboard with characters in this quest which can make it difficult for us readers to imagine the scenario. In my opinion, if you could limit the number of heroes used in these stories to either 10 or less in scenes other than those that feature a big battle, these stories would perform better.

8110629 Don't you worry, I'll be sorting that out later after the Oz part of the story. Later on, it will be a lot like the Subspace Emissary Adventure Mode from Smash Bros Brawl, where we pick different characters for which level to partake, so it will be like that, plus, also like in the story mode, new characters will join the group as well to take part of the adventure.

I can't believe that they step ahead of their plan and how out heroes gonna beat them? also can you add more heroes to our heroes group? also the new game on Nintendo switch is out, it called arms and it a fighter game. maybe you can add them to heroe groups.

also do you have plan on which dimensions will the heroes go to?

and what about human 7 and other like stick, x and zero what about them?

Don't you worry, friend! For your question about more heroes being recruited, that will happen, but letting you know that I'll be doing a bit of a limit on which number of heroes of the main team would go to which dimensions, so you'll be quite excited as not only the main will be getting new recruits, but so will Mega Man, as well as Sticks and X's group!

For the next worlds that the main heroes will be going to, I've picked in order 1. Danville from Phineas and Ferb, then 2. Third-Earth from 2011's Thundercats, after that will be 3. Kid Icarus universe, 4. Zootopia, 5. Disney's Aladdin universe then there will be the Equestria Girls universe, where Pony Twilight will meet up with her human friends, Sunset and her human counterpart!

More worlds to come so stay tuned!

Speaking of Sticks and the Maverick hunters, they are with the remaining fellowship of the ring, and they will be next we'll be hearing from following what's happening in the other worlds due to Vortech's tampering.

And if you've read my author's notes after this chapter, I have stated that there is going to be a side-story, that will help expand the adventure!!

That's all for now, True Believer, excelsior!!

I actually have a couple of suggestions. But I'm not sure if they're... don't know the word I'm looking for.

Want to see main group go to Jurassic world/park universe, TMNT classics, 90's, and 2003's, universe's, Ninjago universe, Storm Hawks universe.

Could the main team arrive in Brandor after Antares is defeated and the protagonist gets kidnapped by a Heartless along with Antares cursed' helmet and HeChaos and Belgrave join the main team?

Will this be continued?


“Perhaps,” replied April, putting her extra training to the test, “Unless Donnie can reverse the Kraang teleportation’s polarity, it could send the Kraang back into Dimension X!”


This story is awsome i love how you mix all of it i had the same idea with this story but it you the are in it plz contuie


If the main OCs in this story as well as the characters without voice actors had voice actors, what would they sound like?

Man it been awile when I saw the last chapter. This is awsome.

Is this part of story from the. Cause I want to see sora come in to this and join the group.

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