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Two powerful beings on opposite ends of the spectrum. One ruled her land with kindness and order. The other saught to rule the world with his cahos and wickedness. Natural enemies. From birth they were doomed to fight. To seek the others destruction. But were they always like this? No. They once enjoyed much simpler times. Times when war and hate were nothing but a bad dream. When youth and arrogance worked hoof in hoof. When young love, seemed as though it would last an eternity. These are the times the two have forgotten. Until now.

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This. This is adorable. Very nice.

Hm very interessting so far
Im excited for more ^^

Awesome sauce! Glad you like it!

God start.

Based on cover picture, Celetia forgot their romance before they became chess masters on the chessboard of the gods?

Is celestia living in her memories with her memories or not?

Pretty much. Her memory has become so clouded by the battles they used to have, she's forgotten who they used to be. And what used to be between them.

It's sort of off and on. But for the most part, yes.

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