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An American soldier, dedicated to his country, who has seen and fought in many wars, seeks out a way to escape his war ridden world and finds a new one. A planet free of death and wars. Where friendship, harmony and peace were plentiful. Or so he had first thought.
He came to the magical world of Equss to escape war, but now finds himself needed for it once again.
But this world was different. This time he could do something to truly stop evil. But that requires power. Power he will claim. Even if he has to shake the very foundations of Equestria to get it.

(Takes place before Luna/Nightmare Moon's return.)

[embed] https://youtu.be/qWgRZrqjGSc [/embed]

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This story is a sequel to Guardian


This story is a sequel to Guardian and the novella Doom Slayer


Oh holy Seraphim, firstborns of the Light, keepers of heaven, earth, and the souls of men. . .
hear thee now, the words of our final oath. . .

On the day when evil should darken the skies of paradise.
On the day when all hope has fled.
On the day when wisdom, love, and friendship are not enough.
On that day when you are most alone.
Call to us.
On that day, when the shadows lengthen, and when despair eclipses all light, WE shall hear you. . .

Where wisdom falters, we shall bring destruction.
Where compassion fails, we shall bring ruin.
Where hope dwindles, we shall bring wrath.
And where evil treads. . . we shall bring death.

This we vow oh Seraphim. . .

For our number is Legion, and our name. . . is DOOM.

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There have been several requests for this untold chapter of Adam and Luna's lives, so here it is. For you, the wedding story of Adam and Luna

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Luna takes her job very seriously. When she hears there's a human having difficulty sleeping, she decides to share a bed with him until he feels safe and happy again.

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To Luna, Anon is very good at two things--bantering, and staying up far too late. One night, she devises a cunning plan by which to see him off to a good night's sleep once and for all!

The cover artist is SilFoe!

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After 989 years on the moon, Nightmare Moon is eagerly awaiting her return to Equestria, take down her sister, and claim what should rightfully be hers.

However, one can only brood and plan for so long before things grow... stagnant.

And then, something catches her eye, coming towards her moon's surface at an alarming speed. Maybe this, whatever it is, will prove to aid her in her plans.

[Sex] tag for implications, nothing explicit (obviously it's rated T guys yeesh).


Story was written for Jinglemas 2021 as a gift for PeerImagination. They wanted a Nightmare Moon and Human romance, and I hope I did good by ya! Apologies for the story length, but it got waaaay out of hand on me and I have a disease where if I'm writing something I'm liking then I tend to do more than I should.


Cover art by Aquaticvibes, used without permission so if there are any issues feel free to yell at me.

Pre-read and edited by the wonderful Pascoite who helped a ton with the olden speech, and Fregz for putting up with the initial storyboarding that went out of control.

Top of the Box of Shame (M on) 12/26/2021, 12/27/2021 (Oh no not this shit again), 12/28/2021 (The third day), 12/29/2021 (YOU'RE KILLING ME, SMALLS!)

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Spartan-B312 A.K.A Noble six. The unsung hero and the only other Soldier designated as 'Hyper-lethal' of the Human-Covenant War. Were it not for her actions on Reach, the events that lead to victory over the Covenant and Flood would never have happened.

But that victory had a cost heavy price with Noble team dead and Six left on Reach as the Pillar of Autumn made for orbit.

Alone against the Covenant she was doomed. But she wasn't going to go down without a fight.

For three whole days, she fought. For three whole nights, she struggled against the full might of the Covenant on Reach. And on the third and final day, she fell.

Exhausted, battered, and beaten she was finally overwhelmed and presumably killed from what the helmet cam footage shows, the only thing remaining of the Spartan after the glassing of Reach was a broken helmet. But even after that, there is one constant that is never broken.

Spartans never die...They just go missing in action.

Now armed with a new equine body and armor to boot in a barren wasteland resembling the one she had just left behind, Six's Journey hasn't ended yet.

Cover art by the wonderful: Panini you can find them here
Holy wow Featured within the first 6 hours
I-I have no words to express how happy this makes me

Halo: Reach Crossover (And yes my Noble Six is female)

Character tags shall be added as the story progresses

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A man, empty.
A mare, damaged.
A life, lived.
A life - loved.

Now with its own TV Tropes page!

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A son saves his father, and both are whisked away. In their journey, a new world is found. New friends are made. A new threat rises. A new power is uncovered. And the first chapter to a new legend is written. Part one of the "To Walk the Sky" series.

Co-written by Nasubrony and proofread by the Psychopath.

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(Just a quick note - the first few chapters do need re-writing. They were my first works in August 2012)

You know the saying 'Good things come to those who wait'.

Owen, from England, is just about to find out if that's true or not. Besides, he's waited long enough.

A Human x Luna story. This is based in a world where MLP is not known.

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