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Good Things Come - Sweet Tale

Human x Luna story - Teen rated.

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58. This Exists?!

Author's Note:

Before anyone says anything, this chapter contains medical knowledge. Now, my medical knowledge is not good at all, so please save your comments if you find errors on how the procedures went. I didn't go to medical school :P

Also, credit to Geo for a certain line. (Happy now? :P )

241. Two hundred and forty one. A clockface was engraved on this one.

One singular tear skims my cheek on it’s descent from my eye.

One feathered wing finds it’s way around my shoulders and pulls me close to her.

Two pools of cyan stare back at me, showing me sympathy and sadness.

I move over to the last one. The very last one. Taking a deep breath, I kneel down and place the rose onto the dirt. “I’m sorry.”

242 Two hundred and forty two. The ponies lost to Nightmare’s forces.

My knees aching, I stand up again, staring back at the mass of headstones that lined Canterlot Cemetery. Each one had a decorative plaque, dedicated to the life of a fallen pony.

“Lieutenant Sharp Blade.” I slowly shook my head. “Damn it...why did it have to be him…”

“He perished fulfilling his duty - protecting the Princess and her kingdom. We could not have asked for a finer guard.” Luna answered with a stern tone. Re-positioning her wing, she nuzzled my cheek and gave me a soft kiss. “I know it’s been tough, it’s been tough on everypony. But…” She looked around at the headstones. “You kept a promise to Celestia. You finally did it.”

“How could I not pay respect to each of these ponies?” Sighing heavily, Luna led me away from the gravestones and towards the exit. “It’s only right to do so.”

“Indeed it is.” Reaching the gates, we exited the cemetery, closing the metallic bars behind us. Nothing needed to be said anymore. Our walk back towards the castle was silent as we observed the city’s residents. We walked past the concert hall. Then the schoolhouse. We even walked past the hospital.

“Wow…” I couldn’t believe my eyes at what I was seeing. “These ponies work fast...it’s like nothing happened.” Nearly every building had been repaired. Windows had been replaced, buildings had been re-built and...it just seemed wrong. I stopped dead in my tracks, observing the working ponies on the market stalls.

“Get your apples here. 5 bits for a bushel!”

“Fresh tomatoes! All the way from Baltimare! Only 3 bits a bag!”

“Owen, what’s wrong?”

I snapped out of my daze, looking at the lunar Princess. “Sorry...what?”

“You were staring at the market for a long time. Is something the matter?”

“I...I just…”

Another wheelbarrow of rubble was being filled up. With the guard tapping his shovel, I wheeled it down the ramp, towards the refuse point at the city’s gates. The pile was just getting bigger and bigger by the minute. The amount of debris was astonishing.

Wiping another bead of sweat off my face, I turned around and headed back towards the concert hall. For 3 days straight I had been doing this and my body was all but exhausted. Celestia and Luna were still using tracing spells to detect for any Nightmare magic that was still about - I pray to god that they don’t find any.”

Going through the market area, I saw a unicorn sat down on a pile of wood with a few tears rolling down his cheeks.

“Hey.” I said, approaching the cobalt unicorn. “Do you need someone to help you?” I asked as nicely as I could.

“If you can take me back a week, that’d be swell.” he said, sniffling at the end. “I lost my stall and with that, there’s no income. How am I support a family with no income?!” he bellowed as he buried his face into his hooves.

I couldn’t think of anything to say. What could I say?

My vision was fixated on a certain market stall. “This doesn’t make sense…” I looked around and noticed a familiar shop. One I had visited for Hearth’s Warming Eve last year. “Even that shop...it’s just…”

“What is it?” Luna asked. Looking into her eyes, all they showed was worry.

“How does...t-this world...do it?” I spluttered, looking around again.

My face was grabbed by Luna’s hooves and forced to look at her. “I don’t understand. Do what?”

“I mean…” I raise my hands towards the city. “...this! How does this happen? It’s only hit me now but...this city was nearly destroyed six weeks ago, alright? Destroyed. And now look!” I gestured towards the market stalls and the children happily playing in the streets. “How do you move on so easily? It just...it looks like people have just...forgotten what happened. How on earth can you just ignore what happened and move on?”

My verbal tyrade over, Luna pulled me out of the street and sat me down. “I know this seems strange to you but this is how we have adapted. We fix and we move on.”

“But I don’t get it. Back home, something like this would be talked about for months, years even! I just don’t understand how you can move on so quickly.”

“I understand what you are saying. It would seem confusing if our world’s way of coping is different to yours.” Luna sits down next to me and looks up at the sky. “You know what happened. There was a week of searching for bodies, which we did. They were recovered and buried with the utmost care and sympathy.”

“Yeah…” I said, rubbing the back of my neck.

“Then there was the cleanup and rebuilding. Nearly every single pony in Equestria came to our aid - to help rebuild Canterlot and Ponyville. The Wonderbolts combined with the Weather Patrol did their very best to control the weather, despite the Everfree clouds being scattered.”

I nodded again.

“I’m not sure if you knew, but whilst you were helping to rebuild, hundreds of therapy sessions were organised all over the country. Countless ponies attended these sessions to talk, to cry, to scream, to just release their thoughts.” She placed her wing around my shoulder. “So if ponies look like they’ve forgotten, just remember. They’ve had their release. They are moving on. And so should you.”

“Is that what you did when you became Nightmare Moon?”

Luna’s eyes widened...then closed slowly.

Realising what I had just said, I quickly put my arm around her. “Luna, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said that.” The amount of mental curses going through my head right now were limitless.

“I had my release...a long time ago.” Luna spoke quietly. “Celestia was my beacon. She was there for me when I returned and took every single shout and scream I threw at her.” Luna leant into me slightly. “But I have moved onto brighter paths. And now, so should you.”

Helping me up to my feet, Luna led me back out into the marketplace and continued our walk. “And the first thing you can do is finally keep an appointment for a change.” Her horn glowed once and my hand was levitated onto her mane, holding it tight. “And you are not getting out of it this time. You need to do this.”

This is her fifth attempt at this. I promised her I would go but...hospitals scare me. Ever since the Everfree. Besides, I had work to do helping the ponies in Canterlot. “Alright, alright. Let’s get this over with. I don’t know why you want this really. You scanned me, Celestia scanned me. I feel fine.” This is the seventh or eighth time she’s tried to get me to go - each time I’d get out of it.

“My medical knowledge is not as high as it used to be. As for human medical knowledge, I know next to nothing. So we are getting a verdict from the Doctor whether you like it or not.” Luna ordered. I tried to disentangle my hand from her mane but her magic kept it in place.

I couldn’t argue with her there, she did make a very valid point. Damn age...made her extremely wise.

Soon arriving at the hospital, we walked inside and took a seat next to the desk. She may be a Princess but she doesn’t cut in line. “Actually Owen, there’s something I forgot to ask.” She smiled sadly and looked at me. “Did you visit Scarlett last week?”

My eyes closed at the name. “Yeah...I did.”

“Hey man, good to see you.”


“I thought I’d come over and see how you were doing. Really quiet without you around.” I stared intently and smiled. “Scootaloo really misses you, she keeps talking about you all the time. The Greatest Guard in Equestria she said.”


“I’ll come back another time. I’ve gotta see some more people. You take care of yourself.”

“...he’s uh... alright. He’s doing alright.” I answered with a smile. She smiled back but she knew I was forcing myself to say that.

Approaching the hospital, my knees turned to jelly as that all too familiar smell of chlorine hit my nose. That familiar sound of automatic doors opening and closing. The sound of the medical staff barking orders here and there.

I exhaled loudly, staring up at the main entrance. “What are you worried about?”

“Nothing.” Turning my head away from her, I began to walk forward. “Nothing at all.” A yank back on my hand showed that Luna still had not let go of my hand.

“Come on Owen, I know that face.” she said, softly caressing my face with her hoof. “As you said, you feel fine. And you look perfectly well, am I right?” I nodded. “Then don’t worry. I just need to be one hundred percent certain from a medical expert. This is just peace of mind for me.” Her horn stopped glowing and she relinquished my hand. Walking past me, I heard her mutter something.

“You have no idea how much I worry about you sometimes.”

The way she said it, I don’t know but it gave me a boost. The boost that I needed. I knew she cared about me, she’d go to hell and back. But to hear it in that tone of voice makes it sound so much more meaningful.

“Good afternoon. We have an appointment to see Strobe? He should be expecting us at 2PM.” I heard Luna say.

“Ah yes, Your Highness. Strobe Port is currently with another patient at the moment. Would you like to use our staff area to wait in? It’s more spacious.” the receptionist replied.

“No no, that won’t be a problem. Myself and Owen will take a seat over there. Thank you.” I followed Luna to an empty sofa and placed myself down with her curling up next to me. Before I could say anything, she nuzzled me on the neck and leant on me. “I know hospitals aren’t your favourite place.”

I couldn’t stop myself from stroking her mane, even in a public place like this. “Got that right. Ever since the Everfree...sends chills down my spine.” I felt Luna nuzzle into me further which did make me feel at ease.

Faint cries, mindless chatter and doors closing echoed through the reception area as it was near full to the brim with a plethora of ponies. I leant my head back onto the metal railing of the chairs and closed my eyes. My thoughts began to drown out the noises around me as my consciousness spoke.

“I need to get out of here. I don’t want to be here.” I tried my best to ignore the now quiet hospital ambience. “I thought Luna was an expert at everything. Even this!” My legs started swinging back and forth; something I picked up as a habit as a child. I looked down at my angel and saw that she also had her eyes closed. Looking around, I saw that the other patients waiting were staring at the both of us. I gave them a quick smile which I got back in return.

“Excuse me? Owen?” A sea green mare approached me with a clipboard in her magical grasp. “If you wouldn’t mind, could you please fill this out for me?”

“Sure thing.” I replied, still smiling. I surprised even myself that I was smiling in a place like this. Watching the mare trot away, Luna raised her head.

“What is that?”

“Personal details. Let’s see here. Full name.” I scribbled it down. “Date of Birth. 30th April 1989(***). Birth Town.” I heard Luna chuckle before laughing myself. “Should I really put it down?”

“Indeed. Even if they will have no idea where it is!” she replied.

I wrote it down. “Medical Ailments. None that I know of. Are you on any medication? Nope.” This carried on for another few moments as I filled out line after line of information.


A shrill scream caught everyone’s attention. A pegasus had landed near the front desk with a screaming filly in her hooves. “Please help her! She crash-landed after her flight!”

Luna was immediately to her hooves and over at the mare’s side before I could even register it. “Young mare, please explain what happened.” she spoke calmly.

“P-Princess! I...uh, uh…” the mare stammered in shock.


Slowly but surely, Luna encased the filly in her magical field and levitated her towards herself. “Shh, shh, shh little one. Everything’s going to be alright.” The filly had stopped screaming yet her tears had not stopped streaming.

“What is she doing?” I asked myself.

The filly’s expression turned into a smile and before long, her head leant back and her eyes were closed.

“What have you done?!” the mother screamed.

“Please calm down. I used a mild sleep spell on your daughter. She won’t feel any pain during her time unconscious.” Luna turned around and walked through the double doors with the mother and a doctor following in her hoofsteps.

That left me, sitting by myself. “God, I hate this place so much.”

“Ah, you must be my Two O’Clock.” a voice said. A unicorn doctor, bright yellow in colour with a tuft of red hair. A pair of glasses rested on his muzzle. “Strobe Port.” he said, holding out his hoof.

“Uhh, good to meet you I suppose.” I said, shaking his hoof. “Princess Luna should be with me. She just...kinda walked off with an unconscious filly.”

“I see.” He straightened his glasses and cleared his throat. “Please follow me, I will get somepony to direct the Princess to us immediately.”

I really didn’t want to go in alone but I guess I had no choice. Man up or suffer the wrath of an angry Princess. I got to my feet and entered a side room to the left of the reception desk. Strobe opened another door which led to an enormous room with various pieces of equipment inside.

“Please make yourself comfortable.” Strobe asked, holding the clipboard in his hand. I didn’t even realise he had gotten a hold of it. I found a comfortable sofa and placed myself down on it. Strobe dragged his own chair over and sat down on it. “Right, let’s start from the top. Owen, male, 24 years old. Species - Human.” He read out a few more lines. “Ah, you missed something. Right here?” He pointed to the area with his quill.

“Place of Residence? I suppose it’s both Canterlot and Ponyville.” I answered.

“I was aware of you living in Ponyville but not in Canterlot.” he answered.

I sighed. “Well, my original home was unfortunately destroyed when...you know who returned. Princess Luna is now housing me at the Royal Castle. But I also stay at the Golden Oaks Library with Twilight Sparkle - she still has my old room available for me for whenever I visit.” Strobe scribbled the addresses down.

“Okie dokie! Well, that appears to be everything.” He set the clipboard down and turned to the door. “Thought the Princess would have turned up by now.” He looked thoughtful for a moment. “We’ll start without her.”

Oh god no.

“I would be more comfortable with Luna beside me. I’m not exactly liking being here right now.”

“Yes...I noticed.” He pointed down to my hands. I was gripping the sofa so tightly, my knuckles had turned white. He immediately set his hoof on my knee. “Now don’t worry about a thing, I know how difficult this is for you. The Princess told me about what happened in the Everfree hospital.”

I nodded a little.

“But we’re going to push past it, OK?” The enthusiasm in his voice was working. “Now, what the Princess wanted me to do is run a full body check on you. That means physical and mental stability, weight, breathing and all sorts. I will also need a urine and a blood sample.”

Those two words echoed in my head.

Blood Sample.

“Does that mean using a needle?” I asked hesitantly.

“Yes it does.” He noticed my look straight away. “Not a fan of pointy things, huh?” I shook my head as a definite no. “Alright, no problem. I’ll use a short sleep spell on you and do it then. How about that?”

“Yeah, that’ll work.” It did actually sound good, at least I wouldn’t see it happening. “Is that everything you need?”

“Ehhh...there are two more things.” His horn lit up and I felt a small prick of pain on my head. He chuckled to himself holding a long hair in his levitation. “That’s one.” He placed it into a container and sealed it shut. “The other thing is a little private.”

“How so?”

He led me towards a small room at the end of the office. “Go in there and find out for yourself. Don’t worry, the room is sound-proofed.” He handed me over a small container and walked off.

“Right.” I opened the door and walked inside closing the door behind me. In front of me lay another sofa and a table with various folders sprawled across it. That was when it hit me. “Surely not…”

A quick knock at the door got my attention. “Just think about the Princess and you’ll be done in no time!” Strobe said through the open crack before closing the door again.

I opened up one of the folders to find a pile of magazines inside. My jaw literally hit the ground.

Strobe stood near a huge machine, carefully placing the hair into the receiving end. “Human hair. First time I’ve ever seen one of these.” The machine came to life and emitted a variety of bleeps and bloops.


Strobe instantly sighed and slapped his forhead. “Oh this poxy machine! You’d think the Health Service would keep this machines...wait a minute.”


His head turned to the door. The door where Owen had just walked through. He bit his lip and tried his best not to giggle. “Pfft...he’s loud…”

Opening the door, I walked back out to find Strobe sitting as his desk, filling in some paperwork. As soon as I shut the door, he looked up and smirked at me. “Everything sorted?”

I nodded slowly, still in shock at what I had just witnessed. I held out the container, now partially full, and placed it in front of him. I took a seat in front of his desk, not once breaking eye contact with him.

“You looked troubled. What’s the matter?” Strobe asked.

“What’s the matter?” I pointed back at the room. “Just...those...there’s pornography in that room...of ponies.”

He nodded. “And?”

“It’s porn!” I said, hitting the desk with my hand. “How long has THAT been going on for?”

“For about forty years now.” He got up from his desk and handed me over another container. “Urine sample please.” He walked over to his machine and started fiddling with the controls. “Pornography is entertainment for adults, nothing more. We use those magazines as an aid for people to provide samples.” He placed my container in the machine shut the hatch. “Yes, it does have another use but not for here. You know...teenagers and such.”

“Hmmm.” Whilst he was turned, I quickly filled the container and sealed it shut. “Where do you want this?”

“Over here.” I walked over to him and handed him the sample. He placed it in a separate machine and shut the hatch. “Only more thing now. You may want to take a seat on the sofa.” I did so, taking a deep breath. I knew what was coming next.

“Blood sample?” I asked hesitantly.

“Correct. Lie down for me please.” I did so and he placed a small pillow under my head. “I’m going to use a short sleep spell on you. You’ll be awake in about ten minutes. During that time, I will take the blood sample and also check your heart rate.” He pulled out a needle from his jacket and took the protective plastic off. “Heart rate measuring is useless when you’re nervous.”

I nodded, it made sense. “Alright. See you in ten?” Strobe nodded and I watched as he placed his horn on my head. A quick glow and…

“Out like a light.” Strobe muttered to himself. “Suppose that helps really.” He leant down onto Owen’s arm and focused on a certain vein. “You’ll do nicely.” Tapping the needle with his hoof, he slowly but surely inserted the needle through the skin and into the vein. Strobe used his magic to slowly extract a small amount of the human’s blood, before removing the needle and placing a sterilised piece of cotton on the exit point.

He looked down on the human as he slept. “Poor thing, he’s gone through so much.” He looked at the needle, now full with the human’s blood. “Suppose this didn’t help, eh?” he said, chuckling softly. “Right then, let’s take your heart beat.” Using the stethoscope around his neck, he placed the flat metallic end onto the human’s chest and listened for the heart.

“There you are. Quite the noisy thing aren’t you?” Listening to the beats, Strobe mentally took count of number of beats whilst watching the clock. After a minute, he removed the stethoscope and noted down his findings. Re-approaching his machine, which still held the human’s semen and urine, he placed his blood sample in the third hatch and closed it up.

“Now to see if you actually work on human specimens.” Strobe flipped the switches up and pressed the green button. The machine came to life and emitted a small hum whilst three separate screens showed each sample being examined. Looking back at the human, he yawned quietly. “Wouldn’t mind a bit of rest myself, you know.”

The sound of an opening door caught Strobe’s attention. “Ahh, Princess.” Bowing was the first thing he could think of.

It felt like no time at all. As soon as that spell hit me, it felt like I was waking up again. Well, technically, I was. I raised my head, rubbing my eyes and looked around for Strobe only to find him chatting to Luna.

“Hey…” I croaked.

“Ah you’re awake.” Strobe said, looking my way. “As I said Princess, up in a few minutes.” he said with a smile.

“You got the blood sample done?” I asked.

“It’s in the machine.” Luna answered, approaching me. “There’s only a few things left to do now.” She pointed to an area of the room which I have been trying to avoid. “Physical fitness.”

“Oh god...really?” They both nodded, smiling vigorously. I sighed heavily, chuckling. “Wake a guy up and put him straight to exercise...bloody hell…” I got up from the sofa, rubbing my arm where the blood was taken from. I approached the treadmill and gazed upon it.

“I’d discard your jacket for the time being. Along with any loose items.” I did so and also took my gem off. I stepped up onto the treadmill and started walking; the machine starting up the same time I did.

Strobe levitated various wires and stuck them to my body, including a tube I had to place in my mouth. Without even thinking, I put it in my mouth...then thought how many ponies’ mouths has this been in before.

I started with a slow jog, looking forward and focusing on the job in hand. At times, Luna would walk to the front of the machine and watch me, giving me a huge smile. Strobe continued to jot down notes and monitor my progress.

*30 Minutes Later*

A broken heap on the floor I was. I was laying down on my back, arms spread out and panting for breath. “Why...why did...I have to...run...so long?” I managed to say.

I heard Strobe laugh to himself. “Half an hour of running gets all of your body working to the maximum that it can. We needed to test how fit you were and I think we did that!” He placed his clipboard down on his desk and went back to his machines, which were now printing out various graphs and pictures.

I felt myself being levitated and moved about. Right now, I couldn’t care less, as long as she didn’t make me stand up.

“Are you alright to stand?”

“NOPE!” I didn’t even need to think about it. “Just...put me down...anywhere. A bed maybe…”

I heard her giggle before she placed me on the chair at Strobe’s desk. She placed herself next to me to prevent me from falling over. “You did really well without me. Even with the blood sample.” she said, kissing me lightly on the cheek.

“Well I was asleep. Otherwise that needle would have found itself embedded in the wall by now.” I leant on the desk, using my arm as a headrest. “How is that little filly? Is she alright?”

“She’ll be fine. She broke a small bone in her left wing and sprained her left foreleg.” I winced slightly at that. “They’ve given her a lot of pain medication and she’s sleeping for now. Should be out of here in no time at all.”


Turning to Strobe, we saw him with two graphs in his hand. He was looking back and forth between the two graphs. “Something wrong?” asked Luna.

“Princess, if I may be so bold to ask. Would you be able to go to Ponyville Hospital and collect Owen’s previous health charts? I may need them.” Strobe asked, bowing slightly.

“Of course. I will return shortly.” In a flash of light, she was gone.

“What’s going on Strobe?” I asked. To say I was a tad worried was an understatement.

“There’s something a bit odd about this blood work. Don’t get me wrong, it could be nothing. It’s just I haven’t seen human blood before.” He placed the charts down on the table before going back to fetch the next ones. I took a second to look over the chart. It contained various symbols and numbers overlapping each other which made no sense at all to me.

Another flash of light and Luna had returned with various clipboards in her magical grasp. “Saw your favourite doctor again Owen. He told me to say hello.” That brought a smile to my face, that guy always did make me smile despite him working in a hospital.

“Thank you Your Highness, this is most helpful for us.” He approached the desk and laid all of the charts out, with the ones from Ponyville underneath them. “It’s good news. From what I can see and from what the examining machine deduced, your body is in tip top condition. Your heart rate is at an average 63 beats per minute. No traces of disease or infection in the blood, urine or semen.”

Luna leant into me and hugged me. “How fantastic…” she whispered. She turned to Strobe. “Thank you so much for this.”

I let out a huge sigh of relief. “Thank god for that. So...I’m alright? Nothing wrong with me? At all?”

“Not that I can see!” he replied, smiling greatly. “As far as we know, you are a perfectly healthy 24 year old human.” Me and Luna turned to each other and hugged again. To hear it straight from the horses mouth was a huge relief.


I looked at Strobe. He tapped his pen on the chart and was looking between them again. “What?” I asked.

“Nothing, it’s just…” He looked between the two graphs again. “Something minute that I didn’t see before.” He turned the graph around so it faced me and Luna. “See this here?” He pointed to the Ponyville graph. “This is how your body measured out when you recovered from your initial injuries when you arrived.” He then pointed to the other graph. “Do you see that there?”

I couldn’t make out the graph was, it looked like Gallifreyan symbols. But I did see what he meant. Where three circles were overlapping...now there were 5. “Two extra circles?” They were small, tiny in fact. “What does it mean?”

Strobe looked back and forth between the two graphs again and again, tapping his pen to his chin. “I’m not sure. Something is different in your body now. Something so small.” He looked at me. “Do you feel different than before?”

“No.” I didn’t feel different at all. “The only thing I can think of is that this is my new body. I’m sure you know what happened.” Strobe nodded. “Right. So...effectively, this body is still me but it’s a new body. What do those symbols mean anyway?”

“It’s your DNA. Hair colour, foot size, skin colour and so forth. This one here…” His eyes widened. He scribbled something on his notes and tapped his chin again. His eyes closed and he remained still for a moment. Nodding slowly, he opened his eyes and placed his pen down. “It’s nothing.” He pointed to the various circles again. “The most important details on this graph that require you to live have not changed. The one that has is something insignificant.”

“How insignificant?” I asked.

“It could be anything. Pigmentation, hair colour, body fat.” He gave me a large smile. “But I promise you, it’s nothing to be worried about. You just might lose your hair a bit earlier in life.”

I snorted and got up from my chair. “Least of my worries.” I said with a laugh. Reaching down, I hoof-bumped the doctor. “I want to thank you for doing all of this. I realise you must have had much more to do today.”

“A Royal appointment is not a problem for me. I have all the time in Equestria for you.” he replied. He opened the door with his magic. “Feel free to come to me with any questions you may have.”

“Strobe. Could I be a pain and ask for a quick check-up?” Luna asked. Strobe nodded at her request. She turned to me and hugged me. “Go back to the castle and run a bath, I’ll be there in about half an hour.” she whispered.

“Sure thing.” I responded. I exited the room, closing the door on the way out. Exiting the hospital, the sun beamed down on me, filling me with warmth. I made my way back to the castle, giving a cheery greeting to any guards I passed. Some were still a little edgy towards me but most of them had no problem at all. Just something I’ve got to deal with for now.

I just hoped none of them tried to trip me again.

As soon as the door closed, Strobe’s happy visage dropped. He couldn’t believe what he just did.

“Strobe, before you say anything--”

“Why!” he replied angrily. “Why did you make me say that? He needed to know the truth!” The unicorn retreated to his desk and looked at the charts again. “This is unbelieveable. I promised him he’d be alright!”

He watched as the Lunar Princess followed him and laid a wing across his back. “I’m sorry Strobe. I know this goes against everything you know but I needed to keep this secret from him. I am not sure how he would take it.”

Strobe shook his head and pointed at the different circles. “I’ve never seen anything like this. And what you spoke to me in my head...you have no idea how hard it was not to react.” He sighed heavily. “I realise this is a big thing for you but...if you decide to do this, he will find out eventually. Besides, it might not even work.”

Luna’s blue mane brushed against Strobe’s face as she turned away from him. “I know. But...considering all that has happened...I might not get another chance. He might not be so lucky next time." She opened the door and hung her head low. "I have to try.”

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Seriously Owen? Freaking out about porn? You need to better invest your energies man.

I'm gonna guess cancer. :ajsleepy:

4565804 I am betting the first I doubt she would need to the hide the second one from him.

A change in DNA means the genetic code have been changed, this may be either good or bad. Like the chapter stated, possible early hair loss, change of hair or eye colour, increased body fat, change of eye or hair colour. One positive effect I could think of is the Telomeres being able to rebuild themselves.

Telomeres are like a sort of time bomb in our DNA, every time a cell divides, the telomeres shortens. This causes aging and finally death when there is no more telomeres.

If one's telomeres was to last for indefinite period, he or she could be biologically immortal.

Either that or he has cancer.

Must save the species! Easily done by becoming compatible through DNA!
Keep going! ;)

Ok, that was funny.

God damn cliffhanger

Comment posted by Arvu deleted Jun 26th, 2014

You just gonna make them get all the bad things at the same time, first nightmare moon then crysalis and now there is something wrong with owen :( You start to remind me of the guy who writes the Game of thrones ;-;
Y u cant just give them a moment of peace and make that sappy romance stuff like at the begining?

I bet he's become genetically compatible with ponies now. Should be fun and awkward. Pony porn made me lol.

She's trying to extend his lifespan, isn't she. :twilightsmile:

4796283 That's another problematic type of thinking. Creating a character is about balance. You need to fit him/her to the story, not your expectations. It's unrealistic to expect an average-joe to Kung-Fu Kick Celestia into submission, but it's just as unrealistic to have them cower before her.

(The term 'unrealistic' being used with caution here in the place of 'not likely to happen'. I know this is fiction, but that doesn't give the excuse for bad writing.)

Hmmm, either immortality, compatibility, he is the elements now, or...

i love this story but my main problem is that i'm pretty sure instead of 'royal courter' it would be 'royal consort' but keep in mind i might be wrong as well.

Love how everything flows in this story, can't wait to read more!

4895142 Shadow Prove from Bakugan: New Vestroia.

So I just read this entire story, in the midst of family shit, college and work it took me about three weeks, a few chapters here and so forth. I enjoy the theme and the story arc so far. The few incorrect details like the medical stuff and the CPR thing don't matter too much, however, not sure what you're playing at but your main OC Owen is really pathetic. He reacts soooo- unrealistically to situations. And as a English male no doubt exposed to a similar culture and have trouble as a child wih my mothers alcoholism, and knowing several of my friends wih similar childhoods, one even has a very alike upbringing to Owen, I doubt any self respecting 24 year old male from Portsmouth would act in such a manner.

Crying is fine, when used sparsely, as an emotional story telling point it looses all strength if your main OC is crying about shit all the time.

"How are ponies just moving on with their lives?"
Uh, I think its considered healthy to move on, mate.

And whats that bollocks about humanity talking about a shit situation, for years?
Mourning the dead and not letting yourself feel any happiness due to something that happened SIX WEEKS ago!

Argg. Lke the story, enjoy the writing and characters.

Aside from that dicksplash Owen.
Minus points out of ten.

Toodle pip mate. :moustache:

altered DNA mixed with a little alicorn to give luna a foal? taking bets?

4927474 I found your review refreshing. I agree about the main character.

sorry for the question but... This is going to continue? I mean, it's about 3 months since the last update

Comment posted by Xermy deleted Oct 18th, 2014

Update? :applecry:

Whats happening, no more updates. Is the story dead? :fluttercry::fluttershbad::fluttershyouch::fluttershysad::applecry::raritydespair::raritycry::pinkiecrazy:

5204251 True, you can't speak English either ;P

5272110 huh. First reply i have gotten in weeks.

man good story:twilightsmile: the ending left me confused:facehoof: can't wait for the next update:twilightsmile: but from what I have seen you probably won't:twilightangry2:

I needssssss the nextssssss chapterrrrrrrrrrr:pinkiecrazy:

I can't wait for the next chapter so excited :pinkiehappy:

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