• Published 31st Jul 2012
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Good Things Come - Sweet Tale

Human x Luna story - Teen rated.

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7. Drunken Mishaps

*A/N* This chapter is about the previous night's events and will not be spoken in first-person narrative like in previous chapters.

Twilight's plan had worked. Feigning dizziness and collapsing, pretending to fall asleep, had fooled her friends into thinking she was out for the night. Unbeknowest to them, Twilight just didn't want to continue drinking. She waited for her friends to surround the table before getting up slowly and hiding at an unlighted part of the barn. She observed Owen as he began setting up cups on the table.

"What about Beer Pong?" he asked.

The five ponies all shook their heads, trying not to make themselves fall over in the process. Fluttershy stumbled slightly but saved herself by falling onto Pinkie's back before they both burst out laughing.

"Careful, girls. You don't want to miss out on this. Now, we need four ponies to pl..to play this....errr....Rainbow!" Owen shouted startling Rainbow. "Since you're soooo eager to beat Applejack at drinking, you and me can face her and..." Owen scanned the other ponies, judging their sobriety. Fluttershy and Pinkie were still using each other for support so they wouldn't be good. Rarity shook her head when he cast his gaze over her. The only pony left was...

"VINYL!" he shouted over the music, catching the DJ's attention. "We need you for this drinking game! You'll be paired with--ulp" he said, forcing back down a risky burp. "Paired with Applejack." Vinyl put a record on her turntable and let it play while she walked over to where Applejack was, hoofbumping her.

"Right, this is how it works. You see these 6 cups in front of you? Fill them up with whatever alcohol you like and how much you can drink." Owen commanded. The girls and the human began to fill up the cups with whatever alcohol they could find. Owen and Rainbow mostly had vodka and cider whilst Applejack and Vinyl had a different alcohol in each cup.

"OK, now. The idea is to take this ping pong ball..." Owen held the ball up. "...and throw it, trying to make it land in a cup at the end of the table. If it lands in a cup, whatever cup it landed in, a member of the other team has to drink the contents..." Owen leant down on the table and narrowed his eyes. "...in one go...HA!" he said, laughing at the end. "The team who drinks all their cups first...loses. Make sense?"

Applejack and Vinyl nodded and gave battle stances, ready for competition. Owen looked at Rainbow who had a determined look on her face.

"Right, since I am a gentleman, ladies first. Rainbow?" he said, lowering the ball to her. Rainbow took the ball and readied herself, staring intently at the opposing mares.

"Ohhh...*hic*...you're go-going down AJ!" she slurred before throwing the ball, narrowly missing the cup. "Oh man..."

"Oooh, way to miss Rainbow!" Vinyl retorted with a sly smile. Vinyl picked up the ball and threw it, landing it straight into a cup, filled to the brim with vodka.

Owen gave a death glare to Vinyl. "You sneaky little...fine." he said before picking up the cup and downing it's contents, immediately coughing at the strength of it. "God almig..*cough cough*...bloody hell. That's another rule by the way...urgh...if you land a ball in a cup, whose ever turn it is next has to drink it." Owen picked up the ball and threw it, bouncing it on the table and landing it straight into a cup filled with a brown liquid.

"Ohh boy. Nice shot partner!" Applejack said before backing the cider. She looked towards Rainbow and chuckled. "My turn..."


This was it, the final cups. Both teams had one cup remaining. Many throws had been taken, all off target. The constant arc of the ball was all too familiar with the teams as the game went on. The limbs were beginning to hurt, the annoyance was setting in. It was all becoming too much *PLOP*


Vinyl and Applejack looked at Owen in defeat as he had just claimed the last of their cups. Vinyl took the cup and downed it. "Oh man...good game Owen...urgh...good game." she said before walking to a seat and parking herself on it.

Owen looked at Rainbow who hovered in the air and gave a high five with her hoof. "That was so awesome! We totally beat AJ and Vinyl!"

"We sure did! No hard feelings, eh girls?"

Applejack and Vinyl offered a smile and a grunt in response.

"Whose next? Anyone?" Owen waited for a response but none came. He looked towards Rainbow. "Me versus you. How about it?" Rainbow's face lit up.

"Oh, you are so on!" she replied.

Owen and Rainbow began setting up the cups again and stood at each end of the table. Owen was about to throw before he was tackled by a certain pegasus.

"Owen! Can I play? Please?!"

"Err...Fluttershy? You feeling OK?" he asked. This was not like Fluttershy at all. Drunk Fluttershy was loud, excited and up for anything!

"I'm more than fine! That game just looked so fun so can I play?" she asked with a massive grin.

"Sure, it'd be great! Rainbow, you need another player!"

Rainbow quickly pulled Pinkie next to her and soon after, another game was under way.


The clock read 12AM. Four more games of Beer Pong had been played and by now, everyone had played a game. Unfortunately for Owen, he had been in all of them. The five mares and Owen were lying on the floor, resting against a hay bale.

"Guys, seriously...this...this has *hic* this has been amazing. I...I love you guys, ahaha..." Owen slurred.

"Yeah, it's been great! Best party in like, forever!" Pinkie replied, still hyperactive as usual. Silence filled the room as the music had stopped playing. A loud belch from Fluttershy broke it, causing herself and everyone else to burst out laughing at the outburst.

"AHAHAHA! That was amazing Fluttershy!" Rainbow managed to say between breaths.

"I know! HAHAHA!" Fluttershy replied, literally ROFL'ling.

"Ahaha...ha...oh man, we need some more music. I wi...wish I brought my...my Ipod with me...that'd be awesome right now..." Owen mumbled.

Twilight, who was still sitting in the dark corner of the barn, looked up from the book she was reading and cast her horn alight. A few seconds later, Owen's Ipod materialised in front of him and dropped into his lap. "Huh...well would you *hic* look at that? MUSIC!" Owen happily cried before stumbling to his feet. "We need some music...and I have the answer! Vinyl, you got any lights up on there?"

Vinyl slowly got up and walked over to her turntable, flicking a switch which sent multi-coloured strobe lights everywhere. Owen turned to Applejack. "AJ! Turn off the barn light!" Applejack did so and the barn became a club. "Perfect! Now...some dance music..." Owen shuffled his Ipod before playing a familiar tune. Everyone eventually got up and started to dance to the music - despite of how drunk they are.


1AM now. Everyone had worn themselves out from dancing and were all sitting in a circle around a bottle. Owen's Ipod had been put on a quiet volume and on shuffle. It was playing many tunes from Earth, such as Queen, The Beatles, Crush 40 and Foo Fighters.

"Come on Owen, it'll be fun!" Rainbow said, nudging the human in the side.

"I don't know girls, I've never played this before and I'm not..." Owen muttered, shying away from the group. Rarity put her hoof on his shoulder.

"Owen, look at me." He did so. "This is a great game, it's loads of fun and you're the only stallion here. It'll be most fun for you!"

"Stallion, eh?......Oh, what the *hic* hell." he replied.

"Yes! Good on ya partner. I assure you, this'll be a ton a' fun." Applejack happily cheered. She spun the bottle with her hoof and it spun 3 times before pointing to her. "Ehehe...OK, it's me." She spun it again. The bottle spun and spun, slowing down and ending up pointing at...

"Aw ponyfeathers..."

"You're telling me."

"Go on Rainbow, you have to do it!" Fluttershy jeered. Rainbow looked at Applejack with a nervous glare, which she returned, before they leant in their lips met for a second before pulling away. Everyone applauded and cheered and the bottle was spun again, landing on Pinkie.

"Ooh ooh! My turn!" Pinkie spun the bottle and it landed on...

"Fluttershy!" Pinkie cried.

These two had no problem with the kiss as they practically jumped at each other, locking lips for at least 5 seconds. Parting lips, everyone burst out laughing at the scene that had just played before them. Owen picked up the bottle and spun it. It landed on himself.

"Oh no..." he quietly said - the other ponies sniggering. He spun it again and it landed on...

"You OK with this?" Owen asked.

"It's the rules. Besides..." She lifted up her glasses to reveal her magenta eyes. "I'm more than OK with it." Vinyl said with a smirk. She walked over to Owen and put her hooves on his shoulders before leaning in and kissing him...hard. Owen's eyes opened widely as her lips connected with his but closed slowly when the comfort of it set in. Vinyl leant her hooves around his neck and pulled him harder towards her before breaking the kiss after about 10 seconds. "How was that?" She asked with a blush forming on her face.

"I..uh...it...it was great." Owen stumbled, trying to find the right words. The mares just stared at Owen and Vinyl, smiling at what they witnessed.

"That was amazing Vinyl!" Applejack said.

"Yeah! It was cool!" Fluttershy cried.

"Yeah...it was." Rainbow said quietly, staring at Owen's eyes - his eyes not meeting hers.

The bottle was spun again and again. Rarity had to kiss Pinkie, Fluttershy had to kiss Vinyl and Applejack had to kiss Rarity.

"Right guys, this is it. Last turn. I gotta hit the sack." Applejack said, yawning afterwards.

"I'll do it!" Rainbow shouted. She spun the bottle once and it landed on her. She spun it again and it landed on exactly who she wanted it to land on...but she didn't let anybody else know that.

"Uhh, Rainbow. You don't have to you know, I know how uncomfortable you were earlier..." Owen said, looking into her eyes.

"You can say that again. Never mind, I've got to go to sleep. G'dnight everypony..." Applejack said, getting up and walking out of the barn. Rarity, Fluttershy, Pinkie and Vinyl all said their goodbyes and left. Only Owen and Rainbow remained.

"Well Rainbow, it was a great party. We need to do this again sometime!" he said, trying to get up but he was held down by something. It was Rainbow.

"I'm not uncomfortable with it..." she said with a smile.

"Uncomfortable with wha...ohhhh. You sure?"

Rainbow walked over to Owen and sat in front of him. She leant up to him, put her hooves around his neck and kissed him. Owen returned the kiss and then tried to pull away but Rainbow relented. She pulled him in harder, kissing him more passionately. Owen was shocked but not disagreeing with it. He put more effort into the kiss whilst putting his hands around Rainbow's body, pulling her towards him, holding her tight.

Rainbow leant into Owen some more and his body gave way, making him fall onto his back, still holding her. About a minute later, they parted lips and looked into each other's eyes before Rainbow laughed.

"Ahaha...that was nice...drunken accident right?" she asked.

"Yeah, for sure. Drunken *yawn* accident..." he replied.

Rainbow remained on top of Owen's chest and before long, they had both fallen asleep.


"Seriously?! I did that?!" I asked.

"Indeed you did. After I saw that you and Rainbow had fallen asleep, I gently pulled her off you and teleported you back here. I just about managed to put you into bed, he he." Twilight replied.

"Thanks for that, really. I mean it. But you should have said something! I feel bad that you had to wait around for me to finish--"

"Owen, it's OK. You were having loads of fun and I could see that you needed it. I was more than happy to wait for you."

"It sounded like loads of fun...too bad I can't remember any of it."

"I'm going to AJ's in 30 minutes to help out for the day. Do you want to join me?"

"After her hosting that party for me? I think I will...you know...as a way of saying thanks. Just uhh...let me wash first...I smell terrible.

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