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Good Things Come - Sweet Tale

Human x Luna story - Teen rated.

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37. Temperature Rising

I yawned loudly as my slumber was disturbed by the morning sun, as always finding the tiniest of gaps to shine through right into my face. I re-adjusted and pulled myself closer to the being who I was sharing the bed with. The sudden movement woke her from her sleep. She groggily opened her eyes and smiled when she saw my face.

"Good morning beautiful. Sorry I woke you, I know you've only just gone to sleep." I apologised. She leant forward and kissed me slowly.

"It is fine dearest." She put her hooves around me and pulled me close. "Have you enjoyed yourself in Canterlot?" she asked.

"Always do. It's when I see you. But yeah, it's been nice to have a few days just chilling out and doing nothing. Definetely compares to what's been happening recently."

"Exactly why I asked you to come here." she replied, nuzzling my chest.

And she was right. The last five weeks have been nothing but trouble. First of all it started with Fluttershy trying to find a pet for Rainbow Dash as she was the only one without a pet. One thing led to another and now there was a competition or a contest which decides what pet Rainbow gets. Of course she loved the falcon but surprisingly, she chose the tortoise. I'm not gonna fault her decision as it was very generous and kind of heart-warming. Although now, that bloody tortoise is a health hazard as it's got propellors on it's shell, enabling it to fly. Just need to give it some glasses and bingo, perfect pet.

So that wasn't too bad. But a week after that, various accidents started to happen all around the town and who shows up to save the day? Your friendly neighbourhood, Rainbow Dash. I had to admit that she did look kind of cool saving ponies from harm. But of course, her over-inflated ego got a bit more inflated and she started boasting about everything she did, which got really annoying. So the other five girls concocted a plan to become this masked hero, aptly named the 'Mare Do Well'. I had to remain inconspicuous to the whole thing but it was so hard not to say anything when Rainbow was getting so flustered at being beaten to the danger. Eventually she got pissed and unveiled the masked hero, shocking herself when she saw it was Pinkie. Needless to say, she learnt her lesson.

One good thing came out of this though - mine and Spike's relationship grew quite a bit. At first, I heard that Rarity was going to Canterlot for a visit. She was due to make a dress for Twilight's upcoming birthday but she sent a letter saying that her cat was sick so she couldn't make it. So, whilst me and Spike were in my home, playing a bit of Super Mario Kart on the Super Nintendo, the rest of the girls decide to move Twilight's party from the library all the way to Canterlot WITHOUT telling either me or Spike. To say Spike was upset would be an understatement. He had her day all planned out and he was so looking forward to it. We had a bit of a chat about how he feels when Twilight sometimes ignores him and makes him stressed. I felt for the little guy, I really did. So, to cheer him up, I took him to Sugarcube Corner and let him have as much stuff as he wanted. Big mistake for two reasons. One, this dragon could eat! Two is for what happened later in the month. When Twilight returned back home, we all had a bit of a talk and Spike spoke of his issues. Twilight was apologetic and she promised to pay more attention to Spike and to involve him in more events from now on.

One of said events was a must - Spike's twelfth birthday. If what Celestia and Twilight told me about a dragon's lifespan, baby dragon is the right term to use! The lot of us all got Spike a present and he was extremely eager to open each one and he thanked us all. Soon after, Spike got another present from the Cakes - a sapphire-encrusted cupcake. That was when the shit-storm started - Spike started to get greedy. Giving that this was his first birthday in Ponyville, he wasn't accustomed to receiving so many presents so he thought he could get one from everybody. It wasn't until the following day that we noticed a change...a big change, Spike grew! After visiting various medical practitioners and a local zebra called Zecora, it was determined that his growth is fueled by his greed. As soon as that was found out, all hell broke loose. Spike ended up stealing nearly all of Zecora's possessions, Scootaloo's scooter and most of Twilight's books! And then...out of all places...my home looked rather inviting to the growing dragon who was now at least twenty feet tall. Not being able to fit through my door, what does he do? He decides to rip my wall down and rampage in my front room, stealing my TV! It wasn't long before Spike became this huge monster and had stolen Rarity. For reasons I don't know, Spike suddenly turned back to normal and both him and Rarity were caught by Rainbow and Fluttershy.

So, as a result from that, most of the town was damaged and in the process of being fixed and rebuilt. Somehow, Celestia became aware of this and sent a large platoon of guards to help with the reconstruction of the town. Luna gave me the opportunity to come and stay for a few days and I easily took up the offer.

"Owen? Are you OK? You drifted off..." Luna asked.

"Hmm?" I turned to her. "Yeah, I'm fine. Just thinking about everything that happened. I think it was the thing with Spike that scared me the most. I just shudder to think that that's what he'll be like in the future."

Luna leant close to me and stroked my hair with her hoof. "I'm sure he'll be fine. That was the result of sudden greed. His natural growth rate will include slight greed but not that much."

"That's good to know." I gave her a small kiss on the lips then got up out of the bed. "I'd best get myself ready."

"Your train is at 9AM correct?" I nodded. "I do wish you could stay longer." she said, pouting slightly.

"Now don't give me that look." She instantly giggled and smiled. She sat up and shuffled close to me to which I wrapped my arms around her. "Thanks for letting me stay. You've no idea how happy I am when I'm with you."

"Awww..." She leant forward and kissed me slightly. "I feel the same way. So what are you going to do for the rest of the day?"

"Train arrives in Ponyville at around one-ish. I would have work today but Vinyl gave me the week off and she wouldn't say why." I put on my t-shirt. "Come to think of it, Twilight said she'd be busy this week...as did Pinkie...and AJ...everyone did."

Luna put a hoof to her mouth. "Hmm..." Her eyes widened suddenly. "What is the date today?" she asked with worry.

"Err...Monday 8th of April. Does it matter?"

Luna gulped and moved her hoof back down. "N-no. It's just...something I have forgotten about. Something that Celestia should know as well."

I put my hand on her cheek. "You OK? You look scared."

"I'm fine, I'm OK." She took my hand with her hoof. "Just promise me that when you get back, go home immediately. Don't go anywhere else, just go home. Can you promise me that?"

"I...don't see why but...sure. I promise." I got my trousers on and then my shoes. The way she said that got me concerned but she had that look that told me she didn't want to discuss it further. I gave her a smirk. "Come here." I pulled her close and brought our lips together again for another embrace. "I'll talk to you this evening OK?" She nodded. "See ya. Enjoy your sleep." I said with a laugh.

Walking out of her chambers, I closed her doors and began my walk out of the castle. But it wasn't long before I ran into a close friend. "Morning Celestia. How are you?"

"I am well, thank you. Are you leaving?" the regal sister spoke.

"Yep, I've got a train ticket booked for 9 so I've got to leave now if I have any hope of catching it. I'll see you later." I walked past her but a thought occured. "Hey, could you keep an eye on Luna for me please? Something she said this morning made her seem...off. I don't know what it was but she seem worried about something."

"Of course. I will talk to..." Celestia trailed off and looked like she was thinking about something. "I know what she's worried about. I'll be sure to talk to her."

"Thanks. I'll see you later." I exited the castle and started to make my way towards the train station. The warm Spring breeze embraced me as I walked down the main streets through the capital.

I soon came across the train station to find the Ponyville-bound train waiting. Walking onto the platform, I noticed it was empty. And it was dead quiet. I walked up and down the side of the train and peeked in each window - the entire train was empty. Dismissing what I saw, I walked up to the guard and presented my ticket to which he accepted it. I took a seat near a window and waited for the train to move.

The gentle rocking of the train eventually lulled me to sleep. The only reason I'm awake now is because the guard decided to prod me until I woke up.

"Uh...huh, what?" I groggily said.

"Five minutes to Ponyville Sir." the guard replied.

"Oh right...cheers." I said, stretching my arms. I looked around to see that the carriage was still empty. "Where is everyone? Shouldn't the train be more full?"

"I haven't a clue. You're the only passenger on this train."

"Really?" I scratched my head in confusion. "Why? I can't understand that giving that this is the main line from Ponyville to Canterlot."

"It has baffled me as well. Not a single mare or stallion has boarded this train and nopony knows why......huh...oh well, enjoy the rest of your journey." The guard nodded and walked away. I looked out of the window to see that Ponyville was coming into view. Gathering my coat, I slipped it on and approached the door, waiting for the train to stop.

The train halted with a jolt and the guard opened the door for me. "Have a nice day Sir." he said with a smile.

"You too. Thank you." I made my way off the platform and out of the station into the town. But the town wasn't as I remembered it. I looked at my watch to make sure it was right, which it was. It was just gone 1PM, so the town should be bustling with ponies. But...

"What the hell...?"


The town was silent. Not a pony or even a creature in sight. I slowly started to walk further into the town, looking at the many houses and stores that lined the dirt paths. Each one was locked up with the curtains drawn.

"Alright, what the fuck is going on?" I muttered to myself. Walking around this town when it's dead quiet was making me feel kind of...uncomfortable. I picked up the pace slightly and continued making my way towards my house. "Maybe this is why Luna asked me to go home. There's something fishy going on around--"

A pony. Just in the corner of my eye. I looked towards the pony, whose head was sticking out of the door of the Quills & Sofas store. He stared at me and made the 'come here' sign with his foreleg. I walked over to him cautiously.

"What are you doing out here? Don't you know it's dangerous?!" he said in hushed tones.

"Dangerous?" I chuckled slightly. "Is Spike rampaging again...if he's hit my house again, I swear I'll--"

"It's not that!" he shouted in whisper. "It's the..." He glanced over my shoulder, gasped and shut the door in my face.

"Wait, what was it? What's wrong?!" I shouted at the wooden obstacle. I knocked hard on the door - his tone of voice was one of fear so I knew something was wrong. "Hello?!" I knocked twice more but still no response came. "Pfft...alright then." I turned around and spotted something new.

Two ponies were staring at me through their window. One was an aquamarine unicorn and the other was a beige earth pony. Their stares were piercing and they had toothy smiles. This kind of freaked me out a bit. Freaked me out so much that I needed some help. I grabbed the gem that hung around my neck and tapped it twice, just hoping that she'll be awake.


"Yeah it's me. Listen, I've got a bit of a problem and I need your advice."

"Hmm...problem? Problem with what?"

"I've just got back into Ponyville and--"

"Are you home yet?!

She sounded terrified. "Uhh...no. That's the reason I'm asking for help. I'm just walking through the town and it's deserted. There's no-one outside and there's this...strange smell in the air."

"You need to get home NOW. Lock the doors!"

"What's the big problem? It just seems everyone I see is aware something's wrong and I'm the only one who doesn't!"

"Oh...nothing's wrong."

I turned around to see that the aquamarine unicorn has approached me whilst I was talking to Luna. "Nothing's wrong? Then how do you explain all this then?" I asked the unicorn mare.

She grapsed my hand with her magic and held it. "I suppose you were never told. Come inside and let me...show you." She started leading me towards her home. The way she said that was a bit unnerving.

"OWEN! DON'T GO INSIDE!" Luna screamed at me.

I knew she was dead serious. I quickly backpedaled away from the mare as she gave me a sultry look. She also started licking her lips. "OK, alright. I don't know what the fuck is going on but--"


I had bumped into someone. Turning around, I saw that it was Carrot Top, a local earth pony vegetable seller. "So sorry. I um...I'll just..." She had that same look in her eyes. Something was so wrong. I began to walk away from the two mares until I noticed that a small group was starting to form around me.

"He's a stallion...a biiig stallion." one of the mares said, her voice shuddering.

"Look at those muscles..." another added.

"HE'S MINE!" One particular pony shouted, jumping at me. I managed to dodge her and she flopped onto the floor, still giving that same look as everyone else.

I was trapped. The group had surrounded me and I was getting scared...very scared. I slowly picked up my gem and whispered into it. "Luna...I don't know what to do..."

"Just run! Just get out of there!"

I looked for a way out. There had to be one. There just had to be! I began to shiver with fear as the circle shrunk around me. There was no way out. Everywhere I look, there was a mare, each looking like they want to devour me. I brought my hands to my head as I tried to think of a way out. A solution to this.

"OWEN!" I turned to see the behemoth pony that is known as Big Macintosh charging through the crowd towards me. "GET ON!" he shouted at me. Waiting for the right moment, he ran parallel to me, quickly lowering himself allowing me to jump on. As soon as I was on, he continued his charge, plowing through the crazed mares and towards the library.

"Thanks Big Mac, I owe you one! Just what the hell is going on?" I shouted to him.

"No time ta explain! Just hold on!" he replied.

I looked back to see some of the mares giving chase but none of them were fast enough to keep up with Mac, even though he was carrying me. We soon arrived at Sweet Apple Acres. Mac quickly ran into the barn and slammed the doors shut, puting a door bar down to secure us. I climbed off his back and fell to the floor. Looking up at him, he didn't break a sweat. He really is pure energy.

"Owen? Are you alright? Are you safe?"

"Yeah, I'm alright. Big Mac saved me and we're hiding in the barn at Sweet Apple Acres." I looked up at Mac and rested a hand on his back. "Thanks so much...I thought I was in real trouble then."

"You were."

"You were."

I chuckled that they said the same thing. "Alright, I'll be OK for now. Mac's gonna run me through this and I'll get home as soon as possible. Sorry for waking you love."

"I'm sorry I didn't tell you. It's something I find quite hard to talk about but I hope that Big Macintosh will be able to explain."

"It's alright, it's OK. I'll speak to you later. I love you."

"I love you too."

I tapped the gem to end the talk. "Mighty fine mare you got there." Mac said.

"Yeah she is...she's incredible." I turned my attention fully to him. "So...what IS going on? Why have all the mares become crazy?"

He moved the grass he was chewing on from one side of his mouth to the other. "Them mares in heat."

"In...heat? What does that mean?"

Mac spluttered as I said that his eyes widened. "You don't know about heat?" I shook my head slowly. "When mares are in heat, they're ready to have foals."

"Ready to have...OH!" I slapped my head as it all made sense. "You mean this is when they can get pregnant?" He nodded, chuckling slightly. "But...why do they act all crazy?"

"You've seen there are more mares than stallions, hmm?" I nodded. "Because there aint enough to go 'round, mares get crazy and they want any stallion they see. Makes them go crazy and they can't control themselves."

"So that's what the smell is as well...it's their...you know..."


"Right." I leant back against one of the support beams of the barn and sighed heavily. "My god...if they got a hold of me...I dread to think...would they have just tried to...have sex with me?" I asked, stunned at my own question.


"Oh bloody hell..." The thought of me having sex with anyone apart from Luna was...oh god, I didn't WANT to think about it. "So...what do we do now?"

"We wait."

"We wait? For how long?"

"Till the end of the week."

"Oh you have got to be kidding me..." I said, hitting my head on the support beam.


Both of us stared at the door in worry. "Did they follow--"

"SSHH!" Mac silence me. He carefully walked up to the door and made sure the bar was secure. "Nopony can get through that." he whispered.


"Big Mac, Owen! Ah know you're in there!" a familiar voice called.

"Oh ponyfeathers..."

"Oh fuck."

The one pony who COULD break through that door...it was Applejack.

Author's Note:

Sorry for the delay but work has been tough! Enjoy!

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