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Good Things Come - Sweet Tale

Human x Luna story - Teen rated.

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51. Learning About The Night

Light shone through what remained of my windows. Turns out that the offending group of unicorns did more than try to attack me - they attracted the attention of the Apple family who promptly arrived at the sight of fire. By the time they had reached my home, the group had dispersed and the flames had gone out. When asked by the fruit farmers what caused the fire, I did something stupid.

I lied.

How the hell was I supposed to explain to them that I did that? That I managed to conjure up a spell to potentially cause harm of that magnitude?! Anyway...they believed me when I told them that the group caused the fire, which was technically true. Applejack seemed intrigued but went along with what I said.

"And they tried to set your home alight?"

I turned to the pony asking the question. It wasn't long until Luna had found out what happened. At the crack of dawn this morning, she sent a platoon of Royal Guards to my house to investigate the incident. It's 9AM now and I was still talking to the various guards who were eyeing up every single damaged area. Pieces of glass had been taken away for examination...for whatever reason, I don't know.

"That's right. They lit a rock alight...which was a bit strange...and then threw it at my house." I then had to think quick on my feet. "For some reason it exploded in mid-air and kind of singed them." I chuckled softly, earning a few harsh glares from the guards. "Sorry..."

The guards continued jotting down notes on and examining the scene. It was a surprise to not see Luna here. She would normally be the first one to arrive at the news of me in danger.

"Just keep it up. They believe every word."

Part of me knew that this lying was oh so wrong...but they bought every word. "Owen?" I turned to the guards who were looking up at me. "Our investigation is complete. Somepony will be along later today to repair the damage to your home. Please go about your day." The guards all saluted me and walked away from my house, leaving me alone.

"See ya then..." I mumbled. I closed the door and slowly sat myself down. "Can't believe this..." The shock of the past twelve hours suddenly hit me all at once. The attack, the words that unicorn shouted...my...magic. The thought of being able to do that petrified me.

"You don't need to be afraid. You should be happy."

I raised my hand and grasped the gem around my neck. Why wasn't she here? "Something more important..." I remained there for a few minutes, replaying the scenes in my head over and over. How could I have done that...just...how?

I had to talk to her. I tapped the gem and waited patiently. The wind howled through my home, adding nature's whistles to my ears. Still no response. Normally she wouldn't wait this long. I took the gem off and put it on the sofa, next to me. Rubbing my eyes, I started to feel fatigue brought on from having no sleep the night before. I mean, how could I sleep when something like that happened?

"Owen, there you are!"

Snapping out of my daze, I hastily picked up the gem and held it close. "Hey you. You busy today?"

"I've been talking with guards regarding what happened. How are you? Are you alright?"

She sounded worried. More worried than I had ever heard her before. "I'm OK...I'm fine. It just a bit of a shock you know?" I took a deep sigh and rubbed my eyes again. "I've had no sleep at all...all because of that...fucking group."

"I'm going to have to teach you not to use such vulgar language." she replied - a smile was clearly evident in the sound of her voice. "What did they look like?"

"The same as I told the guards. All in cloaks, grey in colour."

"Grey?" She gasped loudly. "How many of them were there?!" she shouted at me.

"Around six or seven...why?"

A blinding flash of light soon caught my attention as Luna appeared in the room. She ran up to me and put her hooves on my shoulders, all the time wearing a face of pure shock. "Why didn't you mention that before? Did you not realise how important that information was?!"

I stepped back making Luna stand on all fours again. "I'm guessing quite important?"

"If there were six or seven of them, then you may have been attacked by a known group who are currently wanted for previous attacks." Luna explained. She paced back and forth on my rugs and then sharply looked towards me. "Is there anything else?"

"Hang on, hang on...wanted? Previous attacks? Just who are these ponies?" I asked

"They are a group who have evaded capture on so many occasions. Even the best of the Royal Guard cannot capture these ponies." She held a hoof to her face and sighed. "The meaning behind their group is ridiculous and it doesn't even make sense. They despise individuals who can use strong magic. They believe that magic should be low-levelled."

"WHAT?!" I was literally perplexed by this. "They oppose individuals who use strong magic...by using their OWN magic against them. Just...what the hell do they hope to accomplish here?!" I shouted. This had really made me angry.

"Exactly my point. Their group makes no sense...what did they exactly say to you?" Luna asks.

"Only one of them spoke. It was a male and he called me a 'monster' for being able to use magic when I couldn't do in the past. Then that's when they started throwing the rocks. I managed to use levitation on three rocks at once which surprised me."

Luna's eyes bugged out and focused on me. "On three separate objects...at once?" I nodded. "How did you do that?"

"I...I don't know really. To be honest, I just saw them coming and used levitation to stop them. I wasn't expecting for it to happen." I shook my head - just thinking about it made me angry. "And then they--"

"Don't...mention...a word."

"They used a flame spell to ignite something and throw it at my house."

"I'm warning you. Say...nothing."

"But it backfired on them. It exploded in mid-air and the fire hit them instead of me. Then they called me a monster again and ran off."

Luna continued to stare at me. Her expression sharpened and she slowly approached me. "Owen...is there something you're not telling me?"

"Don't think so." I lied. "That's all they did."

"Keep it that way."

Luna's kept her stern gaze on me, not once batting an eyelid. "I don't know...something's off." She paced around the room, observing various objects, the broken windows, even casting a few spells here and there. "I have to return to Canterlot. Celestia has asked me to cover for her court whilst she attends to other matters." She walked over to me and placed a wing on my shoulder. "Is there nothing else you need to tell me."

"...no." I put my arm around her shoulder. "There's nothing." I gave her a smile and kissed her on the cheek. "I've got to get to work now so..."

"Of course." She removed the wing from my shoulder and folded it back to it's original position. "Keep the gem on you. Just in case I need to contact you or vice versa." She walked out of my front door and slowly stopped. "Be careful, OK?"

"I will do." I watched as she teleported away and I was alone again. Grabbing my jacket and my keys, I exited my house and locked the door behind me. Walking out of the Acres and towards the town, I received quite a few concerned stares from the town's residents.

"Glad to see you're OK!" called Colgate from a distance.

"We'll catch those ponies!" Bon-Bon added as she rushed past me.

How they came to know of what happened confused me but I brushed it off and continued towards the school. I knew today was going to be tough - not sleeping the night before and going into a school full of kids? Yeah...not good at all.

"Say nothing to the foals."

"Ugh..." I rubbed my head as that familiar headache returned. Approaching the school, a thought arose. How was I supposed to explain what happened if I asked about it? How can I explain my magic? I shook those thoughts aside and reached my hand out, opening the door to the school. Thankfully the kids hadn't turned up yet which gave me the opportunity to relax for a bit.

"Not gonna tell them."

I sat down in the chair seated behind Cheerilee's desk. Setting my feet on the desk, I leant back and tried my best to get comfortable. All of the thoughts in my head prevented me from doing such a thing. I glanced around the classroom, seeing that everything had been set up for today's lessons. I noticed a few loose pencils on the floor and leant down to pick them up.


I picked them up and stared at them. Smirking, I chucked them in the air and immediately caught them with my levitation. Keeping them held, I swirled them around a few times. I turned my head to see the wastepaper bin. Carefully, I flicked one pencil towards the bin...and missed.

"Damn it..."

"Try again."

I focused on the second pencil...aimed...and threw it at the bin. It hit the rim and bounced off, onto the floor.

"Oh for...grr..."

"Come on...FOCUS!"

Angrily, I launched the last one at the bin. The pencil pierced the wicker and wedged itself in the side of the bin.

"How the..."

The door opened up to reveal Cheerilee - I quickly got out of her chair and stood up, hiding my hand behind my back. "Oh...Owen. I wasn't expecting to see you today. How are you feeling?" she asked.

"Could be way better." I felt my hand cool down so I brought it back to my front and scratched my arm nonchalantly. "But I'm unharmed. Suppose that's a given."

Cheerilee smiled at me and nodded. "That's good to hear. I heard the news on the grapevine - there are so many ponies talking about this." She set her books down on the desk and set out her supplies for the day. "Are you going to be alright to work today?"

I grunted and sighed. "I'm alright. A little sleep depraved but that shouldn't stop me from working. I'm just glad it's over now."

"If you don't mind me asking..." She look around nervously. "What exactly happened last night?"


These headaches were doing my head in. "I'd rather not say. Best to keep it quiet and under wraps, wouldn't you say?"

Cheerilee put a hoof to her chin, then nodded. "I suppose that is true. Never mind then, I will not ask about it." She pointed to the clock. "Nearly time."

The analogue clock read 8:59 AM. I watched as the third hand went round...reminded me of Countdown. God I loved that show. I was always good at the numbers round.


The sound of children approaching caught our attention. I turned around to see Silver Spoon entering the schoolhouse. "Let the day begin."

12:25 PM - Lunchtime

Standing up against the wall, I was struggling to keep my composure. After a morning of maths, it was great to get outside and get some fresh air. Of course, this would come with the job of keeping an eye on the kids as they ate their lunches and played outside.

"Come on guys...please?" I looked left to see Twist sat on the swingset, waiting for someone to push her. "Just a little push?"

"No way! Not for you anyway!" retorted a cobalt Pegasus as he walked away from the swings.

I looked back at Twist who was close to tears. Seeing stuff like that happened made my heart melt so I decided to give her a little push of my own. Placing my hand behind my back, I pointed it in the direction of the swing and gave it a little push with my repulsion spell. Slowly but surely, the swing began to move backwards and forwards, much to the surprise of the red-maned filly.

"Huh? What?" said the surprised filly. She held onto the ropes as the swing continued to pick up momentum and swing back and forth. "Wheee!"

Seeing this filly go from sad to happy so quickly made me smile so much. I continued to keep the momentum going and chuckled softly as she enjoyed the ride. My vision soon turned to the cobalt colt who made fun of her earlier. I so wanted to have a go at him but I knew it was best to just write it down and report it later.

"The colt was so brash...so cold."

I glared at the colt as he chatted with his friends. How I wanted to get right in his face...

"What's happening?"

That little kid who made another one cry for denying such a simple request...

"It's too fast!"

"Angry are we?"


My anger was quickly replaced with fear as I noticed Twist flying into the nearby tables. She landed with a nasty thud as her head hit the edge of the table. The playground fell silent as she came to a stop. I quickly rushed over to the stricken filly and got her to her hooves. "Twist! Are you alright?!"

She held her hoof on her forehead. "Yeah...I'm alright..." She shook her head but continued holding her forehead with her hoof.

"Let me have a look." I asked her. She slowly removed her hoof and revealed a small red mark on her forehead. "Alright...just a little bump." I looked around to see that I was attracting a crowd. "Could you all go back inside now? And could someone bring Miss Cheerilee out here?"

"Surely that wasn't...I couldn't have..."

"It was you. You used her magic to do that. Your anger did that."

"I...I can't...I...did...no..." I shakily began to comfort Twist as she winced in pain.

"Twist! Are you alright?" came the worried voice of Cheerilee as she rushed over to us. "What happened here?"

I gulped as she looked straight at me. "I...I don't know." I pointed to the swing. "She was sitting on there and then..." I pointed at the table. "I saw her flying into the table and she hit her head." I really hoped that's what happened but I knew...it wasn't. I looked at my ring and a thousand thoughts were going through my head. But the most important one was for the safety of Twist.

"Come on Twist." Cheerilee helped said pony to her hooves and led her towards the schoolhouse. "Let's get you cleaned up." The two of them walked inside but I remained sat on the floor. I stared at my hands and started breathing rapidly.

"N-no...it wasn't...I couldn't have..." I looked back towards the school. "Oh Twist...I'm...I'm sorry..."

"You need some help to control your magic..."

I got my feet and slowly edged towards the door. Walking through it, I heard the chatter of the various foals as they returned to their seats. Hearing a few sniffles, I peeked my head into the staff room to see Cheerilee holding a cloth over Twist's forehead as she quietly sobbed.

"Is she alright?" I asked.

Cheerilee took the cloth off and looked at Twist's injury again. "I think it would be best if I took her to the hospital, just in case." She got Twist on her hooves and began to walk out of the building. "Will you be alright to cover for the afternoon? I know it's a lot to ask but I think it's best if Twist is checked over."

"S-sure...no problem." I leant down and put my hand on Twist's shoulder. "You get better soon, OK?" She nodded and mumbled something before Cheerilee led them out of the school. A huge wave of guilt rushed over me as I saw them leave...I couldn't believe I was so careless. I let my anger get a hold of me.

"Don't feel bad. He probably deserved it."

I pushed the classroom door open and walked inside, quickly noticing that same colt from before. "OK children, please settle down." The class soon went silent and focused on me as I walked behind the desk. "Miss Cheerilee has had to leave for a bit so I'll be teaching you for a bit."

"Where'd she go?" asked Apple Bloom.

"Well uh..." They were going to find out eventually. "Twist had a bit of a fall so Miss Cheerilee has taken her to the hospital to get checked out." As soon as they heard the word 'hospital', they all gasped. "Now don't worry, she'll be fine. Just a little knock to the head."

"So what will you be teaching us?" asked the orange Crusader.

My eyes widened as she said that. The one thing I'm here to do...and I didn't even ask WHAT I'll be teaching. "That's a very good question. To be perfectly honest...I'm not sure. Um..." I looked over the books that lay on Cheerilee's desk and read the titles. "Astronomy...History...Farming..." I pushed the books aside and smiled. "Why don't you have an afternoon of doing your own studying. You can work with others as long as you actually do your work. And please, come to me if you have any questions."


The last two hours had dragged on...so much. Fighting the urge to fall asleep, I took various walks around the groups and asked if they needed anything. Sweetie asked for some help on her math work which I kindly helped with. Maths was always my strong subject in school.

"Can you help me please?" came a voice.

I looked over the desk to see an emerald green filly holding up a sheet of paper. "Sure. What do you need help with?"

"I wrote this on what I want my Cutie Mark to be when I grow up. Can you read it for me?" she asked with a sweet smile.

There was no way I could refuse her. "Of course I will." I took the paper from her and began to read it over. There were some interesting facts in there about what she wanted to be. "So you want to be a baker?" I asked, smiling.

"Yeah! I live next door to Sugarcube Corner and Pinkie Pie always looks so happy working there!" she happily exclaimed.

"Yeah...she sure does." I read some more but there was one bit that stuck out to me. "Hey...can you explain something for me?" She nodded. I pointed to a certain sentence. "What does this mean? 'I'll get my Cutie Mark one day...or not.' Of course you'll get your Cutie Mark!" I gave my most sincere smile. "What made you think that you wouldn't?"

"Um...well..." She shuffled her hooves nervously. "I heard Diamond Tiara say something about Cutie Marks. She said that fillies my age will never get Cutie Marks as they are too old to get one. Is she right?"

I grumbled and muttered an expletive under my breath. "No...she's not right at all. I've read somewhere that a pony got their Cutie Mark at age 30 one time so there's no way you're too old to get your Cutie Mark." I placed my hand on her shoulder. "Just you wait, it'll come in time. Just like those three's marks as well." I said as I pointed towards the Crusaders. I leant down to her ear. "Just ignore what those two say, alright?"

"OK!" she cheered as she took the paper back from me and went back to her seat.

"She's cute...unlike the pink one..."

I focused on Diamond Tiara as she was having a conversation with Silver Spoon. I knew she didn't say that to the filly directly so I couldn't say anything to her about it. But I had to say something. "Diamond Tiara? Can you come here a second please?"

The pink filly walked up to the desk. "Yes, what is it?" she asked, rolling her eyes.

"I just spoke to that filly over there." I pointed to the emerald green filly. "And she said she overheard you say something about Cutie Marks. Something about being too old to get one? Where did you hear that?"

Diamond huffed and shook her mane. "It's fact! Everypony knows if you don't get a Cutie Mark whilst you're at school, then you're never going to get one."

"But it's not true. Where did you hear that?" I asked.

"I don't need to tell you." She walked away from me. "Besides, why do you want to know? You're not getting a Cutie Mark any time soon."

I sat there, dumbfounded at the way she spoke to me. "The nerve of that...how dare she..."

"Oh my...she is a spoilt brat isn't she?"

I shook the negative thoughts out of my head and added them to the mental list for Cheerilee. I sat back down on the chair and started to read through one of the many books placed on the desk. I started to mumble out what I was reading. "Certain plants and crops take only a short time to grow and...ugh..." I set the book down, confused as to why I was reading up on farming. I leant back on the chair and closed my eyes slowly.



"...ank flank!"

Opening my eyes slowly, I looked out to see Apple Bloom and Diamond Tiara glaring at each other.

"So what if Ah am?!" the bowed pony responded.

I rubbed my eyes and re-focused my vision. "Uhh...girls? Can you please stop--"

"Everypony knows that you're too old for a Cutie Mark now. You're going to be blank flanks for life. All three of you!" Diamond teased.

"Am not!" Sweetie replied with anger.

"Are too!" Silver Spoon added.

"Girls! Stop arguing!" I called out to them.

"AM NOT!" Scootaloo screamed.

"Are too!" Diamond added.

"Wow...that's cold..."

I'd had enough. I got up from my seat and began to walk over to their desks.

"SHUT UP!" Apple Bloom shouted back.

"Why should I?" Diamond pointed her hoof at the three Crusaders. "Why should I listen to you three blank flanks? You will NEVER get a Cutie--"



The room was silent. I shook my head to realise what I had just done. Below my balled up fists lay a destroyed desk, shattered into various pieces. I looked forward to see Diamond Tiara had been thrown into the wall and was laying on the floor, wincing in pain. Her tiara lay in the rubble of her desk.

"I..." I looked around the room to see that all of the students had backed away from me and were cowering in fright. "I...I didn't..."

"That was impressive. She sure deserved it."

I looked upon the stricken form of Diamond Tiara as she slowly opened her eyes. "Diamond...I..." She quickly scooted away from me and covered her eyes.

"Don't...don't hurt me...." she said through sobs. Her body had a few red marks and a small cut grazed her cheek.


"Oh no..." I turned to see Cheerilee staring at me in absolute shock. Her eyes darted between Diamond and the desk. "What happened here..." she asked in a whisper.


"It was him! He hurt Diamond!" called out the same emerald green filly I helped earlier. All of the other students nodded slowly to confirm what she had said.

Cheerilee looked at me with her mouth agape. "Owen...is...is this true?" She looked at my hand and gasped. I looked as well - they were bloody and had various splinters in them. "How...how could you do this?!"

"Che...Cheerilee...I don't..." I looked back and forth between my hands, Cheerilee and Diamond. There was nothing I could do to make this moment better. So I did the only thing I could do.

I ran. I quickly ran out of the door and out of the school, not daring to look back.

"Oh smart move genius. Just where are you going to go now?"

I kept running, ignoring all calls and greetings the residents were throwing at me. Past Sugarcube Corner, past Twilight's Library. I didn't know where I was going...but I had to get away...to prevent anything else from happening. Fluttershy's cottage soon came into view and I sped past that, not letting my speed fall at any time soon. But something soon stopped me. That border between sunshine and darkness - The Everfree Forest.

Slowly, I edged myself into the forest. I just kept walking, ignoring all of the noises the forest was giving me. Animal's calls...spiked branches...swamp puddles...I felt nothing. All I focused on was the path ahead.

"Keep going. Just keep going."

Before long, I reached a bridge which was placed over a rampant river. Being careful, I slowly made my way over the rickety bridge and got to the other side, where an upturned tree provided a seat for me. Sitting down, I dragged my hands over my face and shuddered.

"How could I have...I shouldn't have...I couldn't have..." I looked at my knuckles which were now muddy but the splinters were still visible. "I did...oh god...what have I done..."

"You did do it. And she deserved it."

I clenched my fist slowly as I thought about what Diamond had said. "That rude...bitchy little..."


The gem. Luna. I just hope she didn't know. Tapping it twice, I held it to my mouth.



I chuckled. "I don't know. Somewhere in the Everfree."

"Do not tell her what happened."

"I just heard what happened. Owen, how could you do that?"

"I...I didn't mean to! It just happened! She just made me so...so..."

"Your anger."


"Yeah? What do you--"

"Wait...did you just respond?"

"Huh...hang on...what?" I rubbed my head in confusion. "Didn't you just say anger?"

"I said nothing Owen."


"Owen? What's going on?"

"I...I can...hear...someone. Someone angry..." I muttered. There was a voice, just audible enough but it sounded pissed as hell.

"This is happening too fast!

"What does this voice sound like?"

"I...it sounds...I don't know..." My headache came back worse than before.


"Alright, alright!" I shouted.

"I can't locate you Owen! Something is preventing me from locating your gem! Just stay where you are and I'll find you!" Luna shouted with worry.


"AARGH!" The pain in my head throbbed as something shouted at me. "I'm going! I'M GOING!" I replied.

"NO! OWEN, WA--"

I tapped the gem and got to my feet. The scenery sped me by as I continued running to an unknown destination. The forest soon changed to a mountainous region and I ran through gorges, over boulders and jumping over gaps.

"Hurry! If you do not get there in time, this will not work!"

"Where though?! I don't know where I am! And what won't work?!" I shouted back to the voice.

"All in due time. Now go!"

I continued my sprint as I reached another bridge. Over the other side lay a building of some sort. From a distance, I could make out it was some kind of castle. I could see a large door but the roof of the castle was missing and the walls were crumbling away. I quickly ran over the bridge and reached the door.


Pushing the rusty doors, they echoed an ear-splitting creak which must have sounded for miles. Inside the castle lay a pedestal with six joints sticking out of it. Ahead of the pedestal lay a throne. A throne made of stone. "Where am I?" I asked myself.

"Somewhere important. Somewhere where things will change."


The sound of flapping wings resounded throughout the castle, which got louder and louder.

"Great...just perfect."

Before I could answer, the room was filled with dozens of Royal Guards, followed by their esteemed leaders. Luna and Celestia kept their distance from me as I watched the guards fill the room, all with their spears raised.

"How did...you find me?" I asked.

"I found you gem. The block disappeared." Luna explained. She edged forward slowly and stood about fifteen feet from me. "Owen...you need to come with us. Something is not right with you..."

"Everything is fine! SAY IT!"

I rubbed my temples and tried to block out the voice. "I...I hear this voice...and it won't go away. Every time it speaks, I get these huge pains..."

Celestia stepped forward and approached me. "Will you allow me to use a spell to deduce something?" she asked.


"N...N..." I fought against the urge to say it. "D..do it." Celestia's horn lit up and aimed towards me.

"Big mistake."

My hand involuntary raised and shot out a flash of energy, knocking Celestia back a bit. "OH MY...WHAT?!"

The guards all gasped at me striking their Princess. Luna stared at me in deep worry. "Something's controlling you. You need to fight it!"

"I...I will...fight it!" I managed to mutter through pained breaths.


"AARGH!" I collapsed to my knees as a huge wave of pain hit my head. "AARGH...MAKE...IT STOP!"

"There is only one way to make me stop. Let me out."

"LET...YOU OUT?" I shouted.

I heard Luna gasp heavily. "OWEN! NO! DO NOT DO IT!"

"DO IT! Say these words. 'I allow your freedom'.

"N...NO!" The pain was excruciating. I pounded the ground with my fists as it became unbearable. "I...WON'T!"

"I allow your freedom!"

I shook my head rapidly. "I...I AL...N-NO!"

"OWEN! DON'T SAY IT!" I heard Luna scream.


"I..." I couldn't take the pain anymore. "I ALLOW..." I just couldn't take it. "I ALLOW YOUR FREEDOM!!!"


My body fell limp as the pain stopped.

Luna's POV

My lover's body was engulfed in white as he said those words.

Those words he tried his best not to say.

And now something was getting out.

The castle began to rumble as the light intensified. I could see Owen's body start to twitch horribly as a high pitched whine filled our ears.


"No...it couldn't be..."

The rumbling stopped and the light slowly dimmed. What now lay on the ground...was not Owen.

(BG Music)

He slowly rose to his feet, breathing heavily. As he stood up, I noticed he was at least a hoof taller. His clothes had been turned a dark blue and had been shredded in places. Silence fell over the castle as he stood stock still.

"O...Owen?" I whispered.

He remained still. "Aha...ahaha...HA!" He turned around slowly and faced us.

"No..." That was not Owen. His eyes had turned cyan and had become slit-like. Several fangs hung from his mouth as he smiled at me. "You can't be...Owen?"

"Oh come now." he slyly said under his breath. His hands raised and shot a beam of energy towards the wall, blasting a large sized hole in it. "Remember that trick Luna? Celestia hated that all those years ago."


Lightning bolts filled the room as he cackled once again. "The world will once again fear in my name!" The lightning intensified and illuminated his frame.


"OWEN IS NO MORE!" He raised his hands once again. "FOR NOW THERE IS ONLY NIGHTMARE MOON!"

Author's Note:

And something I have been wanting to do for a long time has finally come to fruition. And look - no delay this time!

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