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Good Things Come - Sweet Tale

Human x Luna story - Teen rated.

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21. Time Is Of The Essence (Part 3)

Entry 1

I don't know what happened. The last thing I saw was a flash of light and then feeling a lot of pain. I woke up about an hour ago in a rank, depressing cell, with nothing but the clothes on my back and a notebook with a quill and ink. I guess Minute didn't want us around. I tried banging on the steel door and shouting for anyone's attention. It never came.

As I realised I was alone, I decided to keep a track of my thoughts in this notebook. I guess that's why it was left here. I pray for my friends safety. Sitting alone in this cubic prison, a lit sconce is my only source of light. It dimly lights the area around me - four walls made of stone, no window, a large steel door, a hole in the floor (toilet probably) and a bundle of cloth. I guess that's where I'm supposed to sleep.

I still can't wrap my head around it. Why would Minute want all of this? Surely there must be some flaw in his logic. I remember him mentioning that Celestia had ruined his life but this is way too far for a bit of revenge, right? I feel that if we stop him when we stop him, he's gonna get punished to the nth degree. Normally I don't think of these thoughts but...I hope the death penalty is legal in this world.

Entry 2

It's cold. The heat of the torch isn't remotely close to keeping someone warm. Some weird-ass magic fire, I bet.

I keep thinking about my friends. Where are they? Are they alright? I do hope they are safe and un-harmed.

I don't know how to keep track of time in here. A lack of a window to the outside world denies me the knowledge of knowing if it's night or day. Come to think of it, how are the sun and moon going to be raised and lowered? Celestia and Luna can't do it because of no magic...surely Minute can't do it?

Wherever you are my friends...I wish you all the best.

Entry 3

The door opened a while ago. An armor clad pony walked in with a bowl of...something in his mouth and set it on the floor before walking back out. All the time he had this smug little grin on his face. God I wanted to hit him.

Whatever was in this bowl was not fresh, no way in hell. It was a kind of green soup with lumps of vegetables in it. I'm all for veggie soup but this smelt awful. I'm not touching that abomonation.

Why was the guard smiling? Has he/she pledged their allegiance to Minute already?! Yeah, sure, great soldiers here. The moment their ruler falls, they follow another. They make me sick.

I'm quite tired so I'll try and sleep.

Entry 4

I dreamt. Dreamt of my friends. I could see them...crying. I tried to rush to them to comfort them but...I couldn't. Something held me back, dragging me further away from them. I need to help, I NEED TO SAVE THEM!

I wonder how long I've been here. I've slept 4 times but...it may have not even been the night.

Entry 5


Oh god...why...

I got a visit from the big man pony himself. Minute entered my cubic slice of hell and just stood there staring at me. He started rambling on about how well things were going for him. According to him, the citizens are happier and they are used to the weather controlling itself. He also said that the creatures from the Everfree have left the forest and started roaming the lands. Manticores, timeberwolves and even a hydra were seen. He's destroying this world!

I asked how long I'd been here. Turns out I've been in this place for two weeks. Two weeks unconscious and one day awake. Why is he keeping me alive?

I then asked where my friends were. He summoned a newspaper and threw it at my feet before leaving the cell, sniggering quietly. What can be so funny?


Entry 6

I don't know why I'm still writing this shit. My life has been torn apart. My friends killed. My lover...the same.

I can't do this anymore...

Entry 7

Well, I can't kill myself. That stupid prick used a healing spell on me. I tried to smash my head against the wall, just to end this nightmare once and for all. At least I could join my friends...

Why the hell am I being kept alive?

An apple was summoned to my cell earlier. I can't. I just can't.

Entry 8

It's been a while. I lost the will to do anything after my attempted suicide. I just curled into a ball at plonked myself in the corner of the cell, hoping I could starve myself. No chance.

Three weeks he told me. Three weeks he's being using spells to keep me healthy. I just don't get it. Another thing - I could really do with a shave - this beard and moustache is driving me mad.

Another apple was summoned to me. That fucker's got a sick sense of humour.

Entry 9

It's my fault. All of this. If I wasn't so stupid and naive, I would have noticed something was wrong and I could have fixed it. Rainbow...

Damn it.

Rainbow crashing after we had the talk. That was the start of it. Four weeks it took me to notice and when did it hit me? Right when everything went wrong. Right when the shit hit the fan.

I suppose I found out something though. I gave my life to save Luna five years from now. At least we would have lasted that long. Better then any relationship I've ever had.

That doesn't matter anymore. All I want is my friends back.

Entry 10

Woken up by a water balloon. Yeah, real mature. Minute just stood there, cackling away. Suppose I should thank him - first wash I've had in over a month.

He told me that I'm being taken outside tomorrow to work. Work? Doing what? What do I fucking look like - a slave?

I guess that's true right now.

Entry 11


I tried to make a run for it. Minute arrived about ten minutes after I woke up. He ordered me to walk out of the cell and up some stairs. I was being escorted by a couple of guards who were carrying spears with their mouths.

Going up the stairs was my chance. I got two steps ahead then kicked back with my leg, hitting Minute on the nose. God that felt good. I ran. Ran as fast as I could. I got to an archway, which led to the throne room. I ran inside and glanced at the room. It was a state. The windows were smashed. The floor was filthy. The tapestry was torn and burnt. There were even blood splat stains on the walls. This nutjob's gone fucking insane.

I glanced too long. I froze mid-step and was levitated by the betraying arsehole. He said nothing as he levitated me all the way back to my cell and chucked me inside. He said that he was seriously considering releasing me.

Damn it.

Entry 12

This is gonna be my last entry. A guard came in earlier to say that Minute is taking me somewhere tomorrow and I'm never coming back here again.

Releasing me? If so, then what? Live in a world of constant day, surrounded by citizens offering their sympathy to me for the rest of my life?

I don't want to be released. To be perfectly honest, I don't even want to live anymore. I've lost everything and it's all down to my mistakes.

I don't know if you read this Minute, but if you do, when you take me away tomorrow, just do one thing. Do the right thing.

The door swung open to reveal my hoping-executioner. He still had that god-awful smug grin on his face. His horn glowed and a shackle was put around my neck and my legs.

"Time to go. You are needed." Minute said.

I nodded and slowly walked out behind him. I was led onto the same route as before - up the stairs and through the throne room and then out of it.

Before long, I noticed this route. "Where are you taking me?"

Minute said nothing and continued his walk with me following behind. We eventually came across a familiar sight. The exit.

"I'm giving you another chance. You can work for me and do exactly as I say or you can rot in that cell for the rest of your life." he said to me.

I thought about this for a second. Did I really want to go back to that cell? Or should I do a dastardly fiend's demands? Ugh, this sounds way too textbook.

"I'll do your work." I replied, looking down at the floor.

"Good answer. Follow me."

He opened the door with his magic and the intense sunlight blinded me temporarily. Being holed up underground and excluded from natural light for near two months has made sunlight harmful to my eyes.

After a while, I began to regain my focus. I really wish I hadn't. In front of me was Canterlot. It looked like a complete and utter shambles. The streets were bare, litter strewn everywhere, houses collapsed. It looked like it had been hit by a hurricane.

"You call this improvement?! What happened up here?" I asked Minute.

"Oh, so one city failed to adjust. So what. Plenty of other places are doing just fine. Canterlot failed to adjust due to the high population of unicorns. With magic failing, the townsponies struggled with daily life. Business failed and closed, jobs were lost. This is the only city that has lost out. I hear your hometown Ponyville is doing quite well."

"Really. What makes you so damn sure?"

"If you didn't notice, the major population of Ponyville was earth ponies. The only aspect in their life that has changed is the weather and the sunlight. It's a shame really, I miss the night sky."

I shook my head and continued observing the ruins of Canterlot. A once vibrant and beautiful city, reduced to nothing. It was dead quiet.

Before long, I heard wings flapping. A pair of flying creatures landed side by side me and dug their claws into the ground. I immediately cowered and covered my head with my hands.

"Oh get up. I summoned these griffons here to guard you to your workplace."


I looked up to see said mythological creature standing right beside me. The body of a lion with the head and claws of an eagle. Even in this depressing time, they looked stunning. Graceful creatures.

"Right. Just in case I break out of these shackles with my mighty human strength" I sarcastically quipped.

That resulted with a punch to the gut from one of the griffons. Hunched over, Minute stood over me. "You will speak, only when spoken to. Is that clear?"

All I could do was nod. My head was forced up by Minute's levitation. "Is. That. Clear?"


I groggily got back up and we continued our walk. We were circling around the castle, leading towards the mountainous region that was Canterlot was situated on. The path led uphill at a steep angle and I struggled to walk up. The rocky outcrops kept obstructing my feet causing me to trip on several occasions.

We reached a high altitude and I looked back over the land. As before, Canterlot looked terrible. But further on, I could see Ponyville in the distance. The town looked like normal. I could even see the apple orchards which were vibrant in colours. Maybe Minute was telling the truth. Why did I care...it's not like anyone I know and love lives there anymore.

We eventually reach the top of the mountain, to a flat surface. It was circular in shape, kind of, and was about one hundred feet in diameter. In the middle of the circular plain, was a statue, surrounded by a floor of soft dirt. A giant statue depicting...oh great. He loves himself way too much doesn't he?

Minute walked up to me and stood next to me. "What do you think? I think it's rather stunning if I must say."

"How did you get this built in six weeks?" I asked

Another punch to the gut by the griffon. Minute chuckled. "That's not the answer I was looking for. But if you must know, it was built by some ponies that you may know. In fact, it's being built right now."

What? "What do you mean? It's finished."

Minute walked to the statue and rested his hoof upon it. The griffons nudge me to walk to the statue. Even closer, it looked bigger. At least twenty feet high. Minute took my hand in his hoof and his horn glowed and the world around us began to glow with it. The ground became distorted as it started to wobble and shake. I looked at Minute who had his eyes closed. The light was too bright for me once again and I shielded my eyes with my hands. The sound of rhythmic tapping began to sound, eventually growing into loud thuds.

The light subsided and I unshielded my eyes. Minute motioned for me to look up. The statue was incomplete. It was only three feet tall at the moment.

"How? It was finished a moment ago!"


Those voices.. It couldn't be. I turned around to see a wonderful, albiet horrible sight. There they were, in all of their glory.

"GIRLS!" I shouted as I tried to run towards them. The shackles on my leg tripped me again and I fell flat to the floor. I was levitated up by Minute who also removed my leg shackles. I ran up to the closest pony, Celestia, and basically tackled her in a giant hug. "You're alive! You're all alive!"

"So are you!" Celestia responded with her own hug.

The hug broke and I could see that everyone else had surrounded us. I hugged each one of them individually before the reality hit me. They looked awful. All of their coats and manes were filthy and tattered. Their bodies looked like they had just run twenty five miles through a sea of dirt. They each had a metallic neck collar on, which was attached to a large rotary device near the statue. They were chained up. Even in their states, I couldn't be happier to see them. Even if Minute told me they were...

"YOU!" I shouted as I turned around to face Minute, who was now laughing on the floor. I chose not to approach as I could risk being hurt again. "YOU SICK FREAK! WHY DID YOU TELL ME THEY WERE DEAD?!"

Minute recovered from his laughing fit and stood upright. "That was a hoot! I was trying to demoralise you, trying to destroy your soul. I figured you had no use to me anymore so I thought I could try and destroy you in the toughest way possible. It worked...until now." His horn glowed again and a collar was summoned around my neck. "You will now work along with these ponies to build the statue."

"Why? It was finished a moment ago!" I retorted.

"Did you not see the spell I conjured? I have placed this entire area a few years out of sync with the rest of the world. Nopony can see it and nopony can enter or leave it. You see here?" Minute pointed towards a white glowing portal. "This is the gateway back to the current time. I'll come back in the future to inspect the work...or should it be the past?" he said, laughing at the end. MInute exited through the portal which closed afterwards.

I thought about this for a few seconds. 'Sounds a bit Doctor Who-ish to me.'

"Owen, I'm so sorry for what he did to you." a voice spoke up.

I turned to see Luna approaching me with a tearful disposition. Seeing her again made me choke up. I struggled to hold back sobs as I embraced her in a tight squeeze, nuzzling her shoulder with my cheek. We broke the embrace and sat down as did the rest of the group.

"I can't believe you're all alive. I seriously thought you were dead."

"So did we. When Minute hit you with that spell, he checked your body and said there was no pulse." Twilight answered.

"Damn, I remember that spell. That hurt!"

"So how long were you kept prisoner for?" Spike asked.

"I think it was about six weeks. It was hell."

"Didn't you try and escape?" Rainbow asked.

"Don't you think I tried that?!" That shocked the group as they all recoiled at the volume of my voice. "I'm sorry, I really am. It's just these past weeks have been the worst time of my life." Fluttershy leant over to me and placed a hoof on my lap which I covered with my hand, offering her a smile. "So how long have you guys been here?"

"Long enough. The sun and moon still rise and set here. We have been here for over two weeks." Celestia answered.

"Damn. And he wanted you to build this statue?" I said, pointing back towards the unfinished statue.

"Yes. That ruffian is forcing us to build a monument of himself. Quite egocentric if you ask me." Rarity said. She's still got her ladylike attitude - that's amazing.

"I've seen the finished product. Not that this is a good thing but it looks really good."

"We have to. Everything has to be perfect. Ah swear, the slightest chip here and he goes crazy!" AJ retorts.

We sat in silence for a few minutes, just enjoying each other's company. Even in this depressing situation, we can still find solace within each other. Eventually I had enough and tried to start a conversation.

"Just wondering, have any of you thought about how we can escape this place?" I asked.

"Duh. We tried thinking of a way out but that big meanie-pants trapped us here. He's really sneaky." Pinkie answered. She's still got her attitude as well. I love it.

"I know, I know. There must be a way." I got up and walked over to the edge of the circular area. Feeling the collar, I felt the line it was attached to. Like a kind of retractable lead, like a dog lead. I reached my hand out, only to touch a flat surface, like a wall. Walking around, I found no gaps. Not one. "OK, no way out this way. The only way we can leave is through that portal right?"

"Yes. But how do we get through it without Minute stopping us?" Twilight asks.

I itch my neck as the collar is annoying the skin. Wait...

"The collar! Let's look at this thing." We all walked over to the rotary device which our collar chains were hooked up to. "Any idea what material this is?"

Celestia looked over it. "This is a form of iron. A weak one at that. Nowhere near as strong as the iron in these supports." Celestia pointed towards the circular iron disks, which were about two foot in diameter. Her face then lit up.

"What is it?" I asked

"This certain type of iron is weak against magic! A strong enough spell will break through it!" she replied.

This brought a smile to everyone's faces. I looked over the device again and located where our lines were hooked up. "Oh he is not bright. Look here." They all peered in and 'ahhh'ed' at what I was pointing at. "All of the hooks on one point. That makes it easier."

"So how are we gonna get that varmint to shoot a spell at it?" AJ wondered.

I thought back to my time with Minute and came to a solution. I ran over and picked up one of the disks. Slightly heavy but easy to carry. "From what I have seen, he only uses magic to harm when he gets angry. If I can agitate him enough and kind of move towards this disk, maybe it'll deflect off this iron and onto the device!"

"If YOU can agitate him?" Luna asked with worry.

"Yes, me. It's my responsbility. It's my fault this happened and I'm taking the risks for it."

Luna nodded sadly and nuzzled me affectionately. "If you say so."

"OK, so I'll agitate him when he comes through the portal. He'll hit the device and then..." I face-palmed at a thought. "Damn it. He can use levitation can't he. He can stop us running."

"I'll stop his magic. I know a way." Celestia offered.

"Are you sure? He could...kill..." I tried to say.

"I am sure Owen. Perfectly. The magic needed to harm creates smoke. I can use that against him." she replied with a stern gaze.

"Alright then." I turned to face the rest of the group. "Until then, we're gonna have to work on this statue. Make it look like we're working properly, as per his wishes."

The lot of us were busy at work. We each had a set of tools to use. Twilight, Rarity, AJ and Pinkie were using their mouths. Celestia, Luna, Rainbow and Fluttershy were using their wings. After some explanation, it turns out they can still move their wings to use as hands but not to fly.

Not soon after, a familiar eerie glow began to emit from near the statue. Minute soona arrived through it and marvelled at how his statue was coming along. "Ahh...very good, very good." He began to approach Luna, who was chiseling some stone. "And how are you my dear?" he said, getting very close to her face.

"Get away from her!" I shouted. Step one was in effect.

"Excuse me?" Minute said, walking over to me. I slowly made my way to the locking device and stood next to it, picking up the iron disk. I hoped Minute didn't catch on. "Who are you to order me around? I am the ruler of Equestria!" he said in a slightly raised tone.

"Ruler of Equestria? What have you done since you took over? Destroyed Canterlot and ruined ponies lives. Yeah, great ruler in my eyes." I said to him. Minutes eye twitched at my statement. Getting there.

"How dare you talk to me like that! After everything I did for you!"

Now, I was seriously confused. "Everything you did for me?!"

"I fed you, I gave you shelter. I even gave you that notebook." he replied.

"And that's enough?! You tricked me into believing my friends were dead! You traumatised me beyond belief and now you say you helped me? What a load of shit!" Minutes eyes were flaring. He lowered his head towards me. He was getting close. "You helped me as much as you helped you son." I said with an ice cold tone.

"GRRRAAHHH!" Minute screamed as his horn glowed and shot out a spell at speed, leaving a trail of white smoke behind it. I quickly lifted the disk and tilted it downwards towards the locking device. The spell rebounded off the disk with tremendous force, knocking me back, but it did hit the device which shattered upon impact. The lines on our collars retracted into the device and we were free. I saw Celestia run through the smoke and heard an impact.

The smoke cleared to reveal Celestia shoving and burying Minute's head into the soft ground, using her entire body weight. His entire head was submerged in the soil. "Quickly! A unicorn can not use magic when the horn is buried! Quickly, go through the portal!"

The lot of us all ran towards the portal. The Elements quickly ran through, followed by Spike and Luna. I stopped just short of it and looked back towards Celestia with tears in my eyes. "Thank you." I mouthed to which she nodded. I entered the portal and hoped that our plan had worked.

Exiting the portal, we were all standing next to the completed statue. We all let out a cheer of joy as we had escaped but Twilight stayed silent.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"Look." She tried to use her magic. "It's still not working. Something's not right."

Rainbow tried flying but she fell to the ground. I looked out over the land, everything was the same. Nothing had changed.

"What's going on?" I wondered.

'Run my little ponies, run! I can't do this much longer!'

"Celestia!" Luna cried, rushing back towards the portal. I grabbed her, just short of the glowing gateway.

"No! If you go back, you'll never return! I know it's hard but please don't go back!"

Luna relented and held back, hanging her head.

'He's going to get back!"

"We've got to go!" I shouted. "We can't go down as ther are griffons everywhere. We have to go up!"

"But we don't know where that way goes!" Rainbow shouted back.

"Got any better ideas? There's only one path that way. It must lead somewhere!"

We all began to run along the mountanious path. It was like a reverse ridge - the path was inbetween two raised walls. None of us could see what was ahead but it was the only way to go.

We ran and ran. Never looking back. Before long, we came to an opening and came out onto a ledge. Not the best place to be. I looked over the edge of the ledge.

"Whoa! Long way down. No way to get down either."

"So where do we go now?" Twilight asks.

Running along that path, I couldn't see anything else. No turn-offs, no other paths, nothing. The only way back was towards the portal.

"Nowhere. We're stuck." I dejectedly said.

"What? Come on! There must be a way!" Rainbow states.

"Look around you Rainbow! There's nowhere to go! The only way back is towards the portal and we can't go back that way!" I retorted back with volume. The rest of the group solemnly assessed the situation and realised the same. We were stuck with nowhere to go.

"We failed." Pinkie says quietly, her mane all deflated.

I sighed and pulled her close. "I'm sorry."

I fell to the ground onto my backside, leaning back against the rock. I couldn't believe we messes this up. I tried my very best to save these ponies and look what I did. Led them to an early grave. Surely Minute would get back through and surely he would try and kill us.

I leant my head into my knees and began to sob softly, attracting the attention of the group. They all huddled around me and started to quietly cry as well. I think by now we all knew we were fucked.


A huge noise alerted all of us. I stood up and looked back to where the portal was. A huge white light was emitting from there, pulsing at an alarming rate.

"I'LL KILL YOU!" a voice echoed.

Minute sounded pissed. The light started to advance in our direction.

"Is that Minute?" Fluttershy asked meekly.


"What do you think he'll do?" Rarity asked.

"Seeing us at the edge of a cliff? What he said." The girls all shivered with fear. Spike clung to Twilight and hugged her profusely. "I'm sorry guys. I really am. I really fucked this up."


"I don't know what to do...I...I'm..."

Then, realisation. I've watched enough Sci-Fi in my lifetime and I thought of an idea. An idea which may be entirely stupid but we didn't have a choice.

"Guys? I have an idea. It's just for me to do and I need to know you are OK with me to do it. Do you agree?"

"What's the idea?" Twilight asked.

"No details. Just please say yes." The girls nodded. "Thank you." I stood up. "Minute kidnapped me from the future right? He used my future self to use the nullification spell right?"

"Yeah?" they all responded.

I walked up to the edge of the cliff and turned my back to it, looking upon the group. "What if I was never there? What if he couldn't take me in the future?"

"What are you insinuating?!" Luna shouted at me.

"I'm saying that if he can't kidnap me in the future then there's no way all of this can happen. A paradox! And when a paradox occurs, everything resets! Everything will go back to normal!" I said with a manic grin. Finally, Sci-Fi was going to save the world instead of destroying it.

"That's ridiculous! How do you know it's going to work?" Twilight asked.

"I don't! But is there any other option right now?"

"But, how are you not going to be there in future? You're here now." AJ asked. I point to my chest and then point to the cliff. The realisation hits them all.


"We haven't got time! I need to do this!" I say, my eyes starting to tear up.

"Owen, no! I can't let you do this! What if you don't come back?" Luna shouted at me, gripping me with her hooves.

The tears were now flowing. I couldn't believe I was doing this. "Then you will continue without me. It'll be hard but..." I let out a few sobs. "You can manage. All of you, you will do well." The rest of the group were as teary as I was. Luna pulled my face close to her and pulled it into a kiss. I responded by kissing back hard.


"HMPH!" I muffled through the kiss. That's when I noticed the world moving fast upwards at an alarming rate. Luna was still kissing me. I broke the kiss and looked around.


"TOGETHER! OR NOT AT ALL!" she screamed back.

We embraced once again, waiting for the inevitable to happen. The wind rushed past us with awesome force. I looked around and saw the scenery change into greenery. Tops of trees. Tree trunks. Hous--


*A/N* - There we go. Re-edited. Some of you may recognise the last bit from a certain show. There will be a twist in the next chapter!

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