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Good Things Come - Sweet Tale

Human x Luna story - Teen rated.

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52. A Crime Committed (Slightly Dark Ending)

*Just a note for you all. As our fellow human has become a bit of a naughty boy, chapters will be told in Luna’s eyes...how long for...well that would be telling wouldn’t it!*

“It...can’t be...” Lightning struck in quick succession around Owen as he cackled maniacally. Looking down, saw that the tiles beneath him were shrouded in a black fog. It was then when his laughing suddenly ceased and and silence filled the ruins. I slowly looked up to see Owen staring right back at me with those slit eyes. His gaze bore into me and I couldn’t look away. Not out of fear, but of shock. “Nightmare...” I whispered.

His mouth turned upwards to form a smile...a devilish one. “Luna...so strange to see you like this. I only ever saw you in a reflection.” His voice was a mix of his own and Nightmare’s - it echoed around the ruins as he spoke. He lifted his arms and flexed his muscles, observing his body all over. “This body is most unusual.”

The wind howled through the destroyed section of the wall as I watched Nightmare stretch her arms and legs. I glanced left to see that my sister was staring at Nightmare with a scowl. “Sister...I...I don’t know what to do...” I said telepathically to her.

She looked at me and blinked slowly. “We must remain cautious. We don’t know how strong Nightmare is yet so restrict magic use to an absolute minimum.”

“Oh please, as if I didn’t hear that.” Nightmare said out loud.

“How can you--” I started.

“I’ve been a part of you Luna for over a thousand years. Hearing telepathic thoughts isn’t something you forget.” she replied. She looked down at her hand and flexed the fingers. Raising her hand, it lit up with a light blue aura. She pointed her hand at the platoon of guards, who still had their spears raised at her body.

“DON’T YOU DARE!” Celestia ordered.

Her aura dimmed and she glared at Celestia. “I...can do...” Her hand instantly glowed again and she picked up one of the guards who yelped in fear. “...WHAT I WANT!” With an almighty thrust of her arm, she threw the guard out of the destroyed wall.

I couldn’t let him get hurt so I instantly caught him with my levitation and placed him back on his hooves next to Celestia. Never breaking my gaze with Nightmare, I started to approach her slowly. Her hands raised towards me, causing me to stop.

“Sister, what are you doing?!” Celestia asked with worry.

“What needs to be done.” I replied. I gulped nervously and took a breath. “Why? Why him?”

Nightmare laughed softly. “Ohhh Luna...you have no idea how long I’ve been in your precious lover.” she said mockingly. “Ever since the day you ‘saved’ his life.” She raised her left arm to her mouth and sunk her fangs into the skin. She turned her arm so I could see the injury - blood was pouring out of the bite marks. “Remember this?!” she barked, starting to laugh again.

“NO! What are you...” I froze. Surely she couldn’t mean...

“HA! There it is!” The blood continued to drip out of the wound as she continued to show her arm to me. “I was always there Luna...always waiting...and YOU set me free!”

“Luna, ignore her.” Celestia ordered. “She’s trying to guilt you, just ignore her!”

“But...it’s my...” A thought soon occurred in my mind. I glared at Nightmare and growled. “Where’s Owen?” I asked in a ice cold voice, my anger rising.

“Ooooh, there’s the anger. I loved it when you felt like that...” Nightmare cooed.

“STOP IT! WHERE IS OWEN?!” I screamed at her.

She tapped her body in various places. “Why he’s right here. I think his mind is still in here somewhere.” She placed her hand on her head and grunted. “Ahh...he’s ugh...here...somewhere...” Her eyes suddenly changed colour changed shape and colour as her body went rigid.


That voice... “O-Owen?!”

“Luna! Celestia! Don’t listen to anything she says! She’s planning to...ARRRGGGHHHH!” Her eyes changed back to Nightmare’s as she growled angrily. “You fool! That’s the last time I try to be civil with you!” She pointed to her head, breathing heavily. “That’s...the last time...you’ll hear from…” Nightmare groaned again and clutched her head. “Nnngg...grrr...AARGGH-- GET...OUT OF...MEEEE!-- ….NNNGGARRRRGH!”

Her screams shook the floor with such velocity as she thrashed about in front of me. I could hear my beloved...screaming for his life…

Nightmare quickly stopped thrashing and leant down, still breathing heavily. “I...I can’t…” She slowly stood upright, taking deep breaths. “Still not there yet…” she mumbled.

“Enough of this.” Celestia’s horn lit up and Nightmare’s body was engulfed in a yellow aura, immobilising her. “You will release Owen...now.” she commanded in a stern voice.

Nightmare grunted as she tried to break free from Celestia’s grip. “Impossible...you shouldn’t be able to…” She continued to try and release herself from the aura as Celestia started to approach. “GET BACK!”

“Release the human.” Celestia once again asked.

Nightmare’s eyes were fixed on Celestia as she closed the gap between the two. “STAY AWAY…” She bared her fangs as her anger grew. “FROM ME!” In a split second, her hand rose and shot a powerful blast of energy at Celestia, knocking her against the wall.

“SISTER!” I rushed over to her side, helping her to her hooves only to have her grunt and fall to onto her front. Looking down, I saw that the regalia had taken most of the blast as it had considerable damage to it. “Are you alright?”

“Nightmare Moon!” I heard a guard shout. I turned to see the whole of the platoon surrounding Nightmare with their spears raised. “You are formally charged with assaulting a member of the Equestrian Royal Fam--”

Before he could finish, Nightmare rose her hand again and bathed the entire platoon in a blue fog. Within seconds, the fog cleared to reveal how powerful Nightmare Moon really was. Every soldier’s fur had changed to a navy blue/almost black colour and their eyes had turned a sickly yellow. Their armour was now a dark purple with jagged edges shooting out from the corners. They all turned to me and Celestia, wearing devilish grins.

“How do I plead?” Nightmare asked, raising her hand to the sky. “GUILTY!” Her hands glowed and created a blinding light, making myself shield my eyes to prevent damage. The light soon cleared and both me and Celestia gasped at what we were staring at.

Nothing. She was gone along with the guards.

“We must act…immediately!” Celestia said through pained breaths.

I gingerly placed my hooves under her frame and helped her to stand up. “Are you hurt Sister?” I asked.

“I’ll be fine…” She glanced down at her breastplate and shook her head. “How did she manage to do that…”

“I don’t know…” I really didn’t. Owen’s magic was never THAT powerful, he could only use levitation!

“We must find her…” She stared at the spot where Nightmare once stood. “...wherever she is…” Celestia unfurled her wings, preparing to take flight but flinched when they reached full stretch.

“You are in no state to fly.” I grimaced as Celestia returned her wings back to their folded position, emitting a small grunt of pain as she did so. “I shall teleport us to the throne room.” With that being said, I placed a wing over my sister and teleported us to Canterlot.

The Cloudsdale Weather Department was as busy as ever. The facility was crammed full of pegasi, awaiting their orders for the day. A golden coated pegasus approached the waiting crowd of pegasi with a clipboard in her hooves.

“Alright, here’s the rota for today. Cloud Kicker, keep the skies clear above Ponyville. Rainbowshine and Thunderlane, you join her.” She flipped the page over. “Rainbow Dash.”

“Yes ma’am!” she saluted.

“We’ve got a few stray storm clouds heading towards Ghastly Gorge. I’d like you to get rid of them for me. After that, freelance. See what needs doing anywhere you like.” she replied with a smile.

“Sure thing Boss, I…” Rainbow’s attention was caught by something she spotted out of the window. She flew outside the window then flew back in. “You mean THOSE storm clouds? They’re huge!”

Everypony followed Rainbow back outside to see what she was talking about. The golden pegasus sighed heavily and put a hoof to her head. “Who let the cumulonimbus drift off, you know how dangerous they can be!”

“Hang on…” Rainbow said quietly. “That’s not a storm cloud...that’s something else…”

Landing on our hooves, the guards in the throne room approached us and saluted. “Your Majesties. We are…” They noticed the damage to Celestia’s regalia. “What happened Your Highness?” one asked with worry.

“Guards, place Canterlot on maximum alert. A threat from the past has returned and we are currently unsure of it’s location.” I instructed.

“Yes Your Highness.” they replied, saluting. With that, they sped out of the throne room, barking orders at any nearby guards.

I sat down next to Celestia who looked in deep thought. “Sister? What are you thinking?”

“How could we have missed this? How could she have hidden herself in Owen without us noticing?” She put a hoof to her mouth. “Surely we would have felt her presence within him…”

“I...I don’t know…she…” It was then that the full load of the situation hit me. Nightmare Moon returned, in the body of my only lover, has an unknown supply of power...and it was my fault. I felt the first tear roll down my cheek as I let my emotions free. “What have I done…”

“Luna...this isn’t your fault.” Celestia offered.

How could she say that?! “YES IT IS!” I screamed, my Canterlot voice returning. “It’s MY fault Nightmare existed in the first place! MY fault that I got jealous and angry. AND…” I dropped to my front and let the tears flow. “It’s my fault that Owen’s gone…”

I felt Celestia’s wing drape over me and pull me close. “It’s alright Luna...it’s alright…” She rested her head upon mine and kept me close. She then gasped loudly and made me face her. “He’s not gone Luna, don’t you remember?!” She got to her hooves and helped me up also. “Nightmare had that little episode and you heard his voice...we all did!”

A small smile returned to my face; she was right. “So he’s still alive?!” I exclaimed.

Celestia was silent for a moment before responding. “I...assume so. Nightmare has control of his body and has shaped it for her uses. If he was able to answer you then...he is still in there.”

“We need to get him out.” I said confidently, wiping my still-watery eyes. “I will not let him die due to my mistakes.” The moment I said that word...I knew I shouldn’t have said it.

“He will not perish, I promise you. Only if we…” Celestia stomped her hoof loudly. “OH! Remember what happened next? Owen managed to regain control by his own will and Nightmare said ‘Still not there yet’!’

“What do you think it--”

“GUARDS!” Celestia shouted. Around ten guards flocked into the room, saluting us both as they approached. “What is to be said here is to kept between us and the Equestrian Military. Do you understand?”

“We understand Your Highness.” They all replied in unison.

“Very well. Nightmare Moon has returned.” The guards all looked nervous when that was said. “Unfortunately, Nightmare has managed to return to Equestria by taking over the Royal Courter. We currently do not know her location or what her plan is but I instruct you all now - the whole of Equestria is on high alert. I want all of you to relay this information to the rest of the guards and alert other military forces all across Equestria.”

Watching the guards run out of the room, I let out a breath I didn’t know I was holding. “This is really happening isn’t it…”

“I’m sorry Luna…” Celestia offered. “But we will stop this...it’s been done before.” She summoned a scroll and a quill and began writing a letter. Finishing it quickly, she sent it off in a puff of green fire. “I have summoned the Bearers to be with us. We are going to need all the help we can get.”

“Will the Elements work this time?” Celestia said nothing but stared ahead at the throne room door. “Sister...will they work?” I asked more sternly.

“I don’t know Luna, I just don’t know. But they worked before so we will try again and…” She tilted her head at me and looked awfully confused. “Why do you look darker?”

“What?” I looked down at my coat to see that it was a darker shade than usual. I looked at Celestia who had the same problem. “The same with you.” It was then I noticed that the sky outside was getting dark, fast. “The sun’s setting.”

Celestia turned to the window and tapped her horn. “No it isn’t, I’m not moving it.” We both shared a look of worry and quickly sped outside to view the sky turning darker and darker. “Look, there’s the sun!”

And she was right. The sun was clearly visible in the sky but something stronger was covering it up. It looked like a black veil being strewn across the sky, shielding the world from the sun’s warmth.

Celestia lit up her horn and tried to move the sun, struggling with all her might. “I...I’m latched on and I can move it but...the light is not coming through!” Ceasing her spell, she caught her breath and then used another spell, lighting up the lamps that were scattered around Canterlot. “What is this?”

I followed my sister as she ventured into the streets if Canterlot where a variety of ponies were asking what was happening. She put on a fake smile and said that she was testing a new phase with the sun and that things would be back to normal shortly. Coming across the centre of Canterlot, we met with the guards.

“Any sighting of Nightmare?” I asked.

“Nothing yet Your Highness.” a guard replied, pointing upwards. “What is this?”

“We don’t know.” Celestia added. “But I assume it is Nightmare’s doing.”

“Once again Celestia, you are correct!” came a booming voice from above. Myself, Celestia and the guards looked up to see Nightmare floating down with her corrupted guards following behind her. She eyed up our guards and winked. “Hello boys.” She looked back at her guards. “I’ve got this.” Her guards all stepped back.

“Nightmare…” I said angrily. “What do you aim to get out of all of this?” Celestia gave me a surprised look. “You can’t rule the night anymore…”

She laughed softly and raised her hand at me. I flared my wings open and lit my horn, ready for an attack. “I have no need for the night anymore but…” She pointed above. “Looks nice though, right?”

“Don’t avoid the question.” Celestia nodded and her guards raised their weapons. “Tell us. Now.”

“You’ll find out in time. As for now--”

“Excuse me, Princess?” came a voice from behind me. I turned and was shocked by who I saw. “Can you please explain to me what is going on?” The pony looked behind me and noticed Nightmare standing there. “And why does the Royal Courter look so ghastly?” he asked.

I turned to see Nightmare had an awfully large smile on her face. “Well, well, well! Look who it is!” She snapped the pony up in her levitation and brought it him close to her. “A face from the past...his past to be precise.”

The pony, a unicorn, brown coated with a white mane, whimpered as he was suspended in mid-air. “I...I remember meeting you before...just the once….” He gulped as Nightmare licked her fangs. “P-please put me down…”

“Ohh...I don’t think so. Do you remember what you did...what you did to the Princesses?!” She turned him around so he faced Celestia and myself. “To the Elements of Harmony?!”

“Nightmare! Release him!” Celestia ordered.

“N-N-Nightmare...Nightmare Moon?!” He looked at Nightmare all over and realised how much danger he was in. No words escaped his mouth, only whimpers and shrieks of fear.

“I think someone else wants to see you.” Nightmare closed her eyes and remained still. “Oh Owen...remember this pony?” Her eyes opened to show they had changed again. “Who is...NO! NOT HIM! GET HIM AWAY!”

There he was again. “OWEN! MY LOVE!” I shouted at Nightmare.

“GET HIM AWAY FROM ME! I STILL REMEMBER WHAT HE DID! AWAY!” Owen screamed through Nightmare’s body. Nightmare shook her head and her eyes had changed back...she’s building more control. “But Owen...remember how it made you...feel? How angry he made you?”


“Owen, listen to me!” Celestia shouted. “It never happened, he’s not the same pony!” At that point, Celestia’s mouth dropped. “The anger...it’s making her stronger...and she’s using it to make Owen emit more anger…” she muttered.

“No...she…” I looked at the unicorn, still in Nightmare’s grip, crying in fear. “NIGHTMARE!” I shouted. “LET HIM GO!” I lit up my horn and tried to take the unicorn out of Nightmare’s grasp but he never came.

“Come on Owen, he tried to kill you. Don’t you want to…” She stared into the unicorn’s eyes. “Return the favour?”


“How should I get him away?” she teased.


“Very well.” She flung her hand towards the unicorn, causing him to careen into the wall of a nearby shop. His body hit the ground with a thump with the unicorn emitting a soft cry of pain.

“How could you…” I angrily muttered. This was a new Nightmare, she was out to hurt.

“He said anything...I’m not finished yet.” In a flash, she shot a huge spell at the unicorn’s body, once again blinding our vision. I tried to rush forward to help the pony but I couldn’t see where he was! I flailed my hooves in all directions to try and save him!

The light started to dim and I heard the echoing laugh of Nightmare in the distance. I rubbed my eyes with my hooves to try and regain my vision. “Ohhh...Celestia?” I looked left to see my sister staring at the wall, where our guards were doing the same. I looked to where they were and was shocked to my very core.

There, against the wall, lay the battered and bruised body of Minute Hand. I approached his body and slowly rose my hoof to his chest. Then to his neck. I sighed heavily when I couldn’t find it. This Nightmare was definitely new. She wasn’t just out to hurt.

She was out to kill...and she made Owen a murderer.

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