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Good Things Come - Sweet Tale

Human x Luna story - Teen rated.

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49. Facing The Crowd


I remained oblivious to the continuous knocking on my front door as I remained still, staring at the battery. The cylindrical energy provider had moved but only slightly. I reached out and picked up the battery, eyeing it up.

“Wow...did I really move you?” I shook my head and laughed. “Look at me...talking to a battery.” I glanced at my hand and flexed my fingers, feeling a slight twinge in them. “Hmm...l”

I set the AA back on the table and stared at it. Focusing carefully, I repeated the same process as before. Closing my eyes, I breathed slow breaths and focused on moving the magic down my arm and towards my--


The knocking finally got through to me and brought me out of my focus. Pinching the bridge of my nose, I sighed heavily. “Fuck sake...right, let’s get these...so-and-so’s out of the way...” Bracing myself, I placed my hand on the door handle, pulled it down and opened the door quickly. I was met with something that I could only describe as a ‘wall of noise’.

“Is it true you’re engaged to the Princess?!”

“What are your plans for the future?!”

“When is the wedding going to be?!”

I held my hands up and chuckled nervously at the amount of questions I was being asked. “Now, I will answer all of your questions but--”

“What do you think this means for the royal family?!”

“Is it true you own a large collection of weapons?!”

“Do you think I made the right choice in my career?”

Getting through to these ponies was near impossible. “Right, will you guys just shut--”

“Did you have Princess Celestia’s blessing for this event?!”

“What does this mean for your career?”

“ENOUGH!!!” I couldn’t take it anymore. Shouting at the top of my lungs seemed to get the squalor to quieten down enough so I could actually speak to them. “Alright...thank you. Now, I will answer your questions. Just wait right there...” I left the door open and walked back towards my bedroom. Picking up the object I was seeking, I returned to the large group of reporters as they all held out their notepads and quills, ready to jot down anything I was going to say. I quickly grabbed the battery on my way as well.

“As I said, I will answer your questions...” I unrolled the scroll. “But only with my other half! Owen to Canterlot!” The group in front of looked shocked for a second before the landscape started to blur and meld into something else entirely. Before long, I was standing in the throne room, just in front of the doors. I shook my head and focused my vision on what was in front of me - my fiance and her sister.

“Owen! How did it go?” Luna said as she approached me.

“Err...well...I didn’t actually do anything.”

“How do you mean?” asked Celestia.

“They wouldn’t shut up. I could not get them to stop shouting at me...so I used the scroll.” Both of them smiled and nodded at what I said. I smiled too until a realisation hit me. “And I left my front door wide open...bugger.”

“I will send a couple of guards to patrol the area. If there is anypony in your house, they will deal with them.” Celestia called for a couple of guards and sent them towards Sweet Apple Acres. “So how are you going to deal with the reporters?”

“It’ll be no problem. We’ll try and do this in a civil manner and then I can give all of them the answers they need.” I explained, turning to my lover. “You up to the challenge?” I asked with a smile.

“I suppose it cannot be avoided. As I said before, news spreads fast. I imagine the reporters you left in Ponyville were locals.” said a nervous Luna, shifting her gaze between me and Celestia.

“So you mean to say that they are just a small portion of the ponies I’ll have to deal with?”

“Not just ponies.” added Celestia, catching our attention. “An event like this has not occurred for a very long time. It’ll only be a matter of time until...” She leant close to us and whispered. “...the other engagement...” We nodded in understanding. “...is known to our subjects. For news like this, we will get ponies, griffons, zebras. Even dragons will be interested in this!”

“Dragons...griffons...brilliant...just brilliant. They er...they get along fine with ponies right?” The only time I had seen a griffon was during the lost time. Even then they were extremely intimidating.

“We’ve had our squabbles in the past.” adds Luna. “But our nations are peaceful with each other and we liaise with one another.”

“That’s good to know. Last thing we need is a race issue to break out.” I couldn’t imagine a racial problem here...I really couldn’t.

“Your Majesties!” We turned to see a guard approaching us and bowing. “I have news regarding Princess Luna and her Royal Courter.”

“What is it subject?” Luna asked.

“Your Highness...there are hundreds or reporters outside demanding answers. Answers about something I am not sure of.” He eyed up me and Luna. “I um...is what I have heard true?”

“And just what have you heard?” I replied.

The guard swallowed and started sweating a little. “T-that Princess Luna and her Royal Courter...are to be...wed?” he asked with extreme nervousness.

“That is true. As for the reporters outside, lead them to the grand hall entrance. Myself, Princess Luna and her Royal Courter will make our way there. Prepare the guards to keep watch over this group as we let them come before us.” instructed Celestia.

“You sure about this?” I asked.

“It is the only way for everypony to get all of their answers at once.” She turned back towards the guard. “We will keep this civil. If any of our subjects is too pushy or starts to be violent, I want them escorted out of the castle grounds immediately.”

The guard saluted. “Yes Your Highness. I shall prepare the guard.” He turned to leave but turned his head back. “And...if you don’t mind me saying...congratulations to you both.” He smiled at us before turning back and trotting off, out of the throne room.

“Aww, how nice of him to say that. See, he understands. I just hope the others do.” It really was nice to see at least one pony believes in us.

“Come. We shall make for the grand hall.” Celestia began to walk off with Luna following. I caught up with my other half and walked alongside her. “We will use the exit the castle through the back and use the private walkway towards the hall. I would rather keep our interactions with these reporters minimal.”

Celestia walked on ahead but I stayed with Luna who was looking nervous as hell. “Come on babe.” I put my arm around her. “It’ll be fine. They’ll just shout questions at us and we’ll answer them the best we can.”

She looked away from me as we passed a few guards who bowed at our presence. “This is all my fault...if only I was concentrating.”

“It’s fine. If it helps...I’m nervous as well.” She looked up at me with a confused face. “Absolutely terrified. But we can get this out of the way and then everyone will know. Then all we’ll have to deal with is everyone giving their best wishes which will be great!”

She leant up to me and kissed my cheek. “You always know what to say...thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” We passed through some double doors and entered a passageway between two parts of the castle. No-one could see us but I could see the hall we were aiming for. “Never even knew this was here.”

“Nearly all of our subjects don’t.” Celestia replied, still walking forwards. “From time to time, somepony does find this place but they never mention it to anypony else.”

“Ah right.” We continued walking on towards the hall. Whilst we walked, I thought about what those reporters in Ponyville were doing. Probably ransacking my house no doubt. I thought about what they could take...like my TV, 360, my clothes even! I put my hands in pocket as I walked along and felt something...something I should have remembered was there.

“Owen? What’s wrong?” Luna asked.

“I have to talk to you about something. You and Celestia!” I said with glee. “It’s really important!”

“Let us get inside.” Celestia replied. She pointed towards a set of doors in front of us. Opening them up, I saw we were at the front of the room on a raised platform. Three large chairs were set up on the platform for us with a large table in front of them. We all took a seat and I looked between the two Princesses. “What was it you wanted to talk about?”

“It was something I saw happen at school today. One of the students, Sweetie Belle tried using levitation. She tried so hard and she had some amazing support from her friends. Unfortunately she didn’t succeed. But it was something that Cheerilee said. She said ‘Only the smallest amount of magic is needed for levitation. So...” I got the battery out of my pocket and set it down on the table. “...I tried to do it myself.”

“You...tried to use levitation?” asked a confused Luna.

“Yeah I did. And I think it worked. I followed the book’s instructions and focused my magic on my arm, using the ring as a substitute horn. I had my eyes closed and...I felt this twinge in my wrist but those...damn reporters turned up and I lost my concentration.” I picked up the battery and eyed it up. “When I looked again, the battery had moved two inches or so to the left. So...I think I might have done it...”

Celestia levitated the battery and set it onto the table. “Show me.” Celestia said. Her expression was neutral.

“Alright...I’ll try. Just...give me a second.” I held my hand out and closed my eyes. I did the slow breathing and focused the flow of magic into my arm. Once again, my arm tingled at the feeling as I felt it travel down, past my elbow towards my wrist. I pictured where the battery was and thought of lifting it. “Is it moving?”

“Not yet...but I can sense the magic in you. This is...” Luna sounded shocked. “This is unbelievable...”

“I...I can’t...I need to get this right...”

Celestia gasped. “Owen! It’s--”

“Your Majesties!” I immediately lost my focus and opened my eyes. “Shall I let the reporters inside?”

Celestia sighed and turned towards the guard. “Keep them civil and let them in single file.” The guard saluted and exited the hall. Celestia turned to me with a huge smile. “Owen...it did work. Just wait until this is over and then we’ll try again.”

I said nothing. Did she really say that?! I didn’t have the time to respond as the reporters started flooding in. Wave after wave of ponies surged forwards towards us - the sound of their hoofsteps echoed around the hall. A few griffons flew in through the door and circled around the room, trying to find a place to seat themselves.

The three of us shared nervous glares as the room filled up almost immediately. Every single creature was screaming questions at us, shining us with the flash from their cameras. Looking towards the back of the hall, I saw that the guards had closed the doors. Standing up, I walked to the edge of the platform and held my hands up.

“COULD EVERYONE PLEASE BE QUIET!” This did nothing as the wall of noise just grew louder. The reporters all surged forward again to try and get their questions answered. “QUIET!” I shouted again. The surge continued. It was only a matter of time before someone was going to get hurt...or crushed. I looked back at Celestia who lit up her horn. I could feel my neck tingling as her familiar yellow aura surrounded it. Nodding to me, I turned back around and opened my mouth.


That had never felt so good. “So that’s what it feels like...” My attention was brought back to the crowd as they all remained silent and awaited anything we had to say. Knowing it was not really my place to say, I motioned for Celestia to say the first words.

The regal mare stood proud and faced her crowd. “My loyal subjects.” Her voice was much louder than usual - maybe an volume spell or something? “I understand there are many questions to be answered given what news has been told to you all. Princess Luna and her Royal Courter will choose who can ask questions. Only one of you can ask a question at a time and if you cause a problem, you will be asked to leave. Are we understood?” The crowd all nodded at her request. “Very well. Sister?”

Celestia sat back down as Luna cleared her throat. “I will make this clear now.” Her voice was the same volume as her sisters'. “The news that has been spread about the engagement between myself and my Courter. This is true - we are engaged to be married.” Murmurs filled the hall as the crowd conversed between themselves. Many of them started scribbling down on their notepads.

“We apologise for keeping this secret for so long but we thought it was the right course of action. Now, we will answer some questions from the crowd.” Every single pony all held their hoof up to ask a question. Luna shook her head before summoning a microphone and levitating it to a small cerulean coloured unicorn mare. “Yes, you there.”

The mare looked surprised as she was chosen. “Oh, um...good afternoon. I’m Quick Note and I want to ask when will the wedding be?”

Luna looked over to me and smiled - she wanted me to answer. “Well Quick Note, we were planning to have the wedding some time after Hearth’s Warming but nothing has been confirmed yet.”

The microphone was levitated again - this time to a tan coloured pegasus stallion. “Sharp Shooter. How long have you been engaged?”

“My dear proposed to me at the top of Canterlot Castle in March of this year...so nearly three months.” Luna explained. She hovered the microphone over to an earth pony mare- green in colour. “Yes please?”

“H-hi...my name is Glow Press. If your Courter becomes your husband, does that make him a Prince?” she asked nervously.

“I...um...” I turned to Luna. “I don’t actually know.” I turned to Celestia. “What would happen?”

“It is your decision.” Celestia said. “The title of ‘Prince’ will be bestowed upon you but it is entirely your choice if you wish to use it. You will formally recognised as royalty but how you are greeted is up to you.”

“Ah...right.” After all of this time, I still didn’t like the respect that was given to me due to my connections with the royal family. So my choice was an easy one. “If you want to address me by the title of ‘Prince’, you can. But...I’d rather not accept the title.” I glanced back at Luna. “If that’s alright with you.”

She brought her hoof to my face and held it against my cheek. “Whatever you choose...” She leant forward and kissed me, eliciting a few awww’s from the crowd. “...will be fine by me.” We turned back to the crowd who were still itching for more. “Yes, you there.”

After about an hour of questions about pretty much EVERYTHING, the three of us retired to the dining hall for some dinner. The moon had been raised and Luna was on duty...but she could take a sneaky hour off for a meal with her publicly known fiance.

Laid out in front of us was a wide array of fruit and vegetables, an assortment of breads, pastries and cakes...and even some chocolate dipped strawberries. Luna had managed to find out my favourite sweet treat some time ago and since then, I couldn’t get enough of them.

“I can’t believe you answered the question about your underwear.” Luna grumbled.

“Hey, ‘ask and you shall receive’. Besides, all he wanted to know was what colour they were.” I replied, biting into another pastry.

“Yeah...and if he could see them.”

“OK...that was a bit strange. But I don’t care really. I’m more than happy to answer questions...as long as they’re not like that, that is.” I finished off the iced bun...my third one. “Besides, they all got what they wanted. They got the details of us and we don’t have to keep it secret anymore.”

“That is true.” added Celestia, who was sipping from her tea. “Now what needs to be done is to organise your wedding.”

“Actually, it’s not our wedding you want to be focusing on.” I took a sip from my orange juice. “Shining and Cadence’s one is first.”

“They wanted a Hearth’s Warming wedding. Just over six months away...” Luna muttered. She went to take a bit out of her apple but immediately dropped it and gasped. “Why are we eating?! You used magic!” she bellowed at me.

Celestia chuckled and set her cup down. “Oh my. It seems that detail had slipped us by.” Using her levitation, the plates on the table were moved around so that a small empty space was made. “From what Luna and myself saw earlier, you almost succeeded in using magic.” She levitated a grape onto the empty space. “If that truly was you, I’d like you to try again.”

“Well...alright. I’ll er...apologise now just in case it goes wrong.” I said quietly. I rubbed my hands together in anticipation and focused myself. Closing my eyes, I--

“No Owen.” Luna’s voice stopped me. “Keep your eyes open. Believe me, you will want to see this.” she said with a huge smile. She shuffled herself next to me and put her hooves around my neck. “Just do what you did before...just keep your eyes open.” She leant towards my ear. “I know you can do this.”

“I believe in you also. I am most certain you can accomplish this.” Celestia added.

“Geez...no pressure then...” This time, keeping my eyes open, I focused my magic to flow down my right arm. Once again, I felt the familiar tingle as it travelled past my shoulder, down my arm, past my elbow and into my hand. The ring felt a little hot as the magic coursed into it. Pointing my hand at the grape, I thought. I thought hard. “Come on...please work...”

“Just concentrate my love...you will find the way.” Luna whispered.

“I...I can feel it...” A glow. The grape glowed ever so slightly in a light blue aura. The corners of my mouth turned skyward as I saw what was happening. Looking down and looking at the grape, my ring and the fruit had the same coloured glow on it. “Wow...”

“Now think Owen. Think of lifting the grape.” Celestia instructed.

I did so and thought again, hard. The grape started to wobble on the table, rolling from side to side ever so slightly. “Don’t roll...lift...” And with that, it was up. Only a few centimeters off the table but the grape was up. “Oh my...”

The last of the reporters were leaving the grand hall as the questioning had come to an end. Notepads were filled, questions were answered and subjects were satisfied. Various groups of reporters were all talking about how cute the Princess and the human looked together. There was talk of ideas for a dress, when the wedding should be, who should be invited and much more.

But there were a few who were not so happy. Standing just outside the castle grounds, three male unicorns were conversing with each other in hushed tones.

“I can’t believe this. It’s just not right.” The first unicorn stated.

“Believe me, we’re all angry about this. Right?” he asked, turning to his third friend.

“Right. Having a creature like that in the Royal Family. Just the thought of those two being married...makes my skin crawl.” He shuddered and looked up at the castle. “This won’t stand. With enough ponies, this plan will work. All we’ve discussed, do you think you’re up to it?”

The other two unicorns exchanged looks before smiling and turning back to their friend.

“Count us in.”

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