• Published 31st Jul 2012
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Good Things Come - Sweet Tale

Human x Luna story - Teen rated.

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43. A Theory

Did I ever mention that I hate hospitals? Probably...but now I hate them even more. Fair dues, these ponies are trying their very best to try and come up with a solution to my condition but my current surroundings aren't really helping at all.

Over the past two days, I had been locked in this empty room. This room was a prison. All I had was a toilet and a bed. The doctors kept me well fed by using a small lift system that entered through the floor. They gave me my clothes back and retrieved my iPod for me.

Celestia had come by many times on both of those days to ask how I was and if there was anything I needed. I responded with 'A solution to all this.' every time. I had asked if I could speak to Luna but Celestia told me that she was blaming herself for my condition.

"Come on Celestia! Just drag her down here so I can talk to her!"

"Do you not think I have tried that? Luna has barricaded herself in her chambers using some of the strongest spells known."

"Please...please get her here...I need her..."

That conversation played over and over in my mind and I could not get rid of it. I couldn't get her out of my mind...well, I never can anyway. But to picture her holed up with no outside communication and upset as hell, it just makes me feel terrible. I couldn't imagine how she must feel right now.

But as of yet, no solution had been found to my predicament. I keep asking the doctors and Celestia if they have had any glimmer of hope towards finding out how to fix me but each time I was met with a voice filled with regret. And each time I asked, it just made me more depressed.

Cutting to now, it's a Sunday morning and I am once again awoken by the lift sending up my breakfast - a tray of toast with a glass of orange juice. Simple, yet filling. After demolishing the morning meal, I got dressed and did what I had been doing for the past two days - sitting on the bed, listening to my iPod. I was concerned at first as Celestia told me that she used her magic to charge it but she told me it would be safe. Yeah...just like alicorn blood being transfused into me.

I hate to say it but not having any contact with another living being for a while has made me moody. I hate that about myself but how can I feel good about this situation?

"Good morning Owen." a voice sounded.

"Oh...hey Doc. What's up?" I said, sniggering as what I said reminded me of my childhood.

"I thought I would let you know that a Miss..." I heard some papers shuffling. "Miss Twilight Sparkle will be along later. She said she has a theory that she would like to try out."

"Oh really?" I was genuinely happy about this. "That's brilliant news! I...er...just let me know when she gets here!" The doctor said his goodbyes as I contemplated what Twilight could have figured out. I was slightly confused as I remember Celestia saying that no magic can be used and seeing that Twilight is one of the strongest unicorns alive didn't exactly fill me with confidence.


Who is this man?
What sort of devil is he
To have me caught in a trap
And choose to let me go free?
It was his hour at last
To put a seal on my fate
Wipe out the past
And wash me clean off the slate!
All it would take
Was a flick of his knife.
Vengeance was his
And he gave me back my life!

I was laying on my bed, singing along to a piece from Les Miserables. I had always loved the stage shows and the music, as well as the book. This song is particular was when Javert commits suicide so it's not exactly a happy song but the voices are incredible.

Damned if I live in the debt of a thief
Damned if I--

I immediately stopped singing when the door opened up. Staring at the opening white panel, I smiled greatly as Twilight walked in, nodding at whoever was closing the door.

"Twilight! How are--" I said, running over to her but stopping. "Hang on...I can't be around you. Your magic will hurt me again." I said, backing away from her.

"It's alright Owen. See here?" She pointed to a small metallic ring that rested around the base of her horn. "That rings stops my magic from working. You're perfectly safe around me."

I slowly approached the lavender unicorn and swept her into a hug. The first physical contact I've had in nearly a fortnight...oh god it was good. "You have no idea how happy I am to see you."

"It's good to see you awake. I was so frightened when you collapsed. Thankfully the doctors got to you just in time." she replies, hugging me back.

"Yeah..." I sat down on the floor next to her. "So...where's everyone else? Applejack and Rarity and such?"

Twilight shuffled her hooves slightly. Sighing, she looked up at me with sadness written all over her face. "They didn't come because they thought they'd hurt you even more."

"Seriously? Aw man..." I sighed heavily. "So...are they all alright? I mean, they do know what's happened to me right?"

"Oh yes!" she retorted. "They couldn't be more worried for your safety. Pinkie said she'll throw you a party when you get better. Rarity was making some sort of gown for you to wear in the hospital." I facepalmed. "Rainbow Dash said she still owes you one rainboom. Applejack tended to your garden while you have been away. Fluttershy was trying to teach her birds to come and sing to you and Lu..." Twilight's face scrunched up.

"It's alright...I know." I rested a hand on her back. "Celestia told me. I just wish I could speak to her." We sat in silence for a bit before the real reason for Twilight being here returned. "So...the doctor said you had a theory."

Twilight's eyes sprung open at my question. "Of course! Celestia instructed me to try and find a solution to your condition without the means of using magic. I have spent countless nights looking through every book I could find before I found something that could work." I nodded with a smile. "I had to read over the information about the only previous documented situation and try to figure out a solution. I...I assume you know what happened to him."

"Kind of gathered." I deadpanned.

"Sorry. The reason that the earth pony could not get rid of the magic was that he had no point on his body to exert the magic from." Her statement confused me and I'm sure she noticed my expression. "Let me explain. Unicorns can use magic because we have horns. Earth ponies and pegasi can't because--"

"Because they don't have horns, I get you."

"Right!" she exclaimed with a grin. "According to the notes, a medical team spent months trying to find the exertion point on his body from which the magic can escape. Alas, it was not found and the magic overwhelmed him. But with you..." She pointed a hoof at me. "Your body is unique. We can try and find an exertion point on your body!"

"Right OK." Twilight moved herself so she was in front of me. "So...how do I do it?"

"To be able to exert the magic, you will need to understand it. Magic is controlled by anypony who can use it. If I were to use a spell, I'd have to just think of what I need to do and will the magic to do it. The first time I tried to use a spell, I had to direct the magic to my horn so it could be let out."

"OK..." I tapped my forehead with my hand. "No horn so what do I do?"

"As your body is not magical, you will need to try and direct the magic around your body until you can find a point where it can be expelled." I gulped loudly. "I know you are frightened and yes, you do have a significant amount of magic in your body but I promise you, it will be safe." She took my hand in her hoof. "Trust me."

I squeezed her hoof with my hand and nodded. "Alright. So do I just...think about moving the magic and it'll move?" Twilight nodded. "OK...so..." I remained perfectly still and started to think. But I had to think of where to move it to first.

'I'm not having it come out of mouth. Dick? No way. Magic farts? Nah. Ooh...how about...yes...right...come on... I thought of the right place and started to try and will the magic in my body. "Come on, come on." I said under my breath. I gritted my teeth as I felt no change. 'Maybe I need to force it. COME ON!' I gripped my knees as I thought as I hard as I could.

"Owen stop!" I did so as I heard the worry in her voice. "You can't be too forceful with it. With your amount of magic, forcing it out could cause more damage." I sighed and brought my hands to my face. I felt Twilight take them down. "Listen to me and do exactly as I say." I nodded. "Breathe in." We both did so. "Breathe out." I let out the air. "Breathe in...breathe out. Now continue slow breathing for a minute to get a rhythm going."

I followed her instructions and kept on breathing slow, long breathes. It did help calm me down and I felt ready to try again. "I'm ready."

"Alright then. Now this time, relax, stay calm and be as gentle as possible." she instructed.

Keeping the rhythm going, I calmly tried to will the magic towards my chosen area - the eyes. 'Move down...from the brain...towards the eyes...' As I thought that, I felt an immediate rush in my head, like I had just drunk a freezing cold drink. "I can feel something...in my head...like...like brainfreeze without the pain." I said through my slow breathing.

"You've got it!" Twilight happily exclaimed. "Now try and find the exertion point."

I nodded slowly and kept on using my mind. I felt the magic move around my head several times before travelling down, past my forehead and stopping at my eyes. My eyes felt itchy - seriously itchy. "Is...is anything happening?"

"Owen, your eyes! They're glowing blue!" OK, that freaked me out. My breathing increased as I got a bit worried. "It's alright, calm down. You've managed to move the magic to your eyes. Is your vision different?"

"No, not at all. Twilight, what do I do?" I said, slightly panicked.

"If there is no exertion point in your eyes then the magic will stay there. Try willing it out through your eyes." I did so as calmly as I could but I felt nothing change. "I can't feel anything. Try somewhere else."

*1 Hour Later*

"I don't understand it, that should have worked!"

We tried everywhere. Eyes, ears, mouth, hands, feet - I even had to try my belly button, nipples, dick and my arse. But still, nothing worked and the magic was still trapped inside me. "Sorry Twilight. I wish I could have made it work."

She kicked the edge of the bed with her hoof and sighed. "It's not your fault. I was just so sure that would fix everything. I'm the one who's sorry." She turned away from me and headed towards the door.

"Twilight wait." I knelt down and put my arms around her. "Thank you for trying." She nodded and opened up the door. "Wait! I have a request." She turned around again. "Take the gem. Try and talk to Luna. If you get through to her, tell her I want to speak to her. And tell her...tell her I miss her and I love her so much."

"I will." She exited the room and shut the door. I was alone again. I sat myself back down on the bed and turned my iPod back on.


I groaned. "Ugh, what now Doc?"

"You have two more visitors. I'll just put them on for you."

I heard a bit of scuffling and a few things knocking about. "Hello?"

"Hello. It's me."

"And me."

Well this I wasn't expecting. "Vinyl...Cheerilee...what are...how are you?" I asked, confused.

"I'm OK. How about you?"

"Like I just spent 24 hours in front of a bass speaker. How about you Cheerilee? Are you alright?"

"I am fine. We were most worried about you and we both feel responsible for your current condition."

"You don't need to be. Are you two alright now, no more arguing or fighting?" I got a hum as their response. "Good. And it wasn't your fault. This was going to happen eventually, I just didn't know when." All I got was a few coughs and hoofsteps as a response. "So...I suppose you want some answers from me...don't you Vinyl?"

"I wasn't going to ask...but..." she responded nervously.

"It's OK. I have nothing against your club or anyone who works there but..." I sighed. "Look I don't want to make you feel like I disrespect everything you did for me but I chose to take the school job because Cheerilee was right - I would be helping myself in that job as well as the children. But I don't want to think that I chose her job over yours because she of what she said."

"I understand Owen. Me and Cheerilee talked about it and came to an agreement. There's gonna be no rift between us." she said. I could hear the smile in her voice. "But I am gonna miss you."

"I'm gonna miss working you too. Don't think I won't come back to visit. How can I not?" I said with a laugh. "Cheerilee. I'd be happy to work for you but I don't know when or IF I'm getting out of here. It could be a while yet."

"Perfectly understandable. I want to thank you for reconsidering your options and I want to apologise for causing a scene with Vinyl." Cheerilee says.

"Yeah, me too."

"No problem." I yawned loudly. "God...I'm tired..."

"Then we shall leave you to get some rest. We hope to see you soon."

"When you get out dude, come by the club and we can have a drink."

"I'd like that. See ya guys."

In her former bedroom, Twilight sat on her bed, holding Owen's gem in her hooves. To try and get a reclusive Princess out of her magically sealed chambers was going to be a tough challenge. She tapped the gem twice. It wasn't long before she got a response.


"Sorry Princess, it's Twilight. Are you alright?"


A worried silence. "Princess?"


Twilight sighed and thought carefully about what she should say next. "Princess, you know Owen doesn't blame you for this. Please come out."

"I...I can't...this is all my fault." Luna tearfully replied.

"No it's not! You weren't to know this was going to happen. Unfortunately it did and we are all trying our best to help Owen in any way we can. I saw him earlier and he said he misses you."

"He...he did?"

"Yes he did. He told me to tell you that it's not your fault, that he misses you and that he loves you very much. Can't you see he needs you right now?" she said with more force.

"He doesn't blame me?"

"Not at all. He's so lonely in there Princess. Even though you can't be in there with him, you can speak to him. When I spoke to him, I could hear the loneliness in his voice...his sadness. He needs you Princess...more than ever."

"Then...then I shall speak to him. It is my...wait, how did you SEE Owen? I thought nopony was allowed in."

"That is true. I had a theory to test with him on how to expel the magic from his body. I had to wear a magic dampening ring around my horn and I was safe to enter. Unfortunately, it won't--"

A blinding flash erupted in at the foot of Twilight's bed as Princess Luna teleported into her room. "The ring! Of course! That means that I can--"

"Princess no!" Luna stopped and stared at her sister's pupil. "Your magic is too strong for the ring. I'm sorry but you cannot--"

"It's not that!" Luna replied, levitating Twilight into a hug. "The ring is the solution to the problem!"

Author's Note:

Managed to get this finished before my four straight shifts at work. Over the next four days, I will be working 36 hours so I won't have any time to get the next chapter done. Got Friday and Sunday this week so you can expect the next chapter on either of those two days.

Hope you enjoy this one. Ties up an issue from the previous chapter and leads on to the conclusion for the next! :pinkiehappy:

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