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Good Things Come - Sweet Tale

Human x Luna story - Teen rated.

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17. Meet The Nightmare (Part 1)

The plan was all set. It was a last minute plan but it was going to work, I just knew it. Luna had been worrying about this night for too long but she was adamant that she was going to attend Ponyville and meet the townsfolk.

Just like she said, her carriage began to descend from the...

Damn it, I've skipped forward haven't I? Well to be honest, the last four weeks weren't as hectic as my first two weeks here so there isn't much to tell. Just for shits and giggles, I'll recap for you, week by week.


Week 1

Monday. The start of a new week. I woke up early for a change and quickly got myself showered and dressed, hoping I could be up before Twilight for a change.

Yeah, fat chance of that. By the time I got downstairs, she was already throwing her gaze into another dusty old tome. I set myself some breakfast and sat down at the table.

The previous night's actions came to mind and I remembered the strange bipedal creature I saw. It certainly looked human but I couldn't be sure. I mean, this world is like the world of make-believe. I pondered asking Twilight about it but decided against it, concluding that it had been a long day and my mind was playing tricks on me...I hoped.

I got into a conversation about Nightmare Night and Twilight explained the premise behind it. Overall, it was nearly the same to Halloween and I hated Halloween. That's one thing I was glad about back home; I lived on the top floor of a block of flats so no child would be able to get in! The only difference is that there is a old mare's tale behind the night. A statue of Nightmare Moon is located in the Everfree where a local Zebra called Zecora takes the children to tell them stories. When they arrive there, Zecora would tell the tale of Nightmare Moon, saying she wants to eat up the young ponies unless they offer her their candy.

I chuckled at the idea of it and labeled it childish much to Twilight's disdain. I would normally brush off a night like this but Twilight kind of talked me into attending it...well...forcing me into going. I can't fight back to magic.

The rest of the day was spent building the foundations of the new clubhouse. When I got to the site, the removal firm was just finishing up their clearance job which I thanked them for. Shift had delivered all of the lumber, tools and the safety shed.

I worked until about 5PM before I called it a day. The clubhouse, at the current time, was about a foot tall. Just the foundations built today. I made my way back to the library, passing Minute once again. I called out to him but he completely blanked me. I wanted to try and see what was wrong but I left him to it.

Tuesday and Wednesday morning was the same. I went back to the clubhouse and continued adding to it. On the Wednesday, a couple of familiar faces arrived to lend a hand/hoof. Big Mac said that he had some free time to help his younger sister and she asked him to help me - fair enough. The other was Ditzy. Now, from what I've heard from the ponies of the town, she's a bit of a klutz but I couldn't let her know that. Both of them set to work, surprisingly knowing how to build. Mac was good at heavy lifting and upper body strength and Ditzy was good at co-ordination and measuring.

I was skeptical of Ditzy at first as she struggled to keep up with me and Mac but she eventually got into it and did a pretty good job. She may be a bit of a klutz but she's a great handyman...handywoman...handymare, whatever.

In the evening, I had a shift at the club from 6 till midnight. It wasn't such a busy night as the first time I worked there which was a relief - I was knackered. Minute hadn't shown up for work which worried me. I informed Vinyl of it and she noticed he was acting a bit strange as of late. As it wasn't that busy, Weight was fine to work the doors by himself as I worked the bar most of the night.

Saturday rolled around and I had another shift tonight. Mac and Ditzy had helped me once again on Thursday and Friday and we managed to get the clubhouse to about 50% completion. I thanked them for their work and offered to pay them, which they amazingly declined. Seriously, the ponies of this town are far too friendly and kind.

The shift tonight was from 6 till 2...a long one. When I arrived, I noticed Minute who had shown up at last. I didn't say anything at first until he explained he was having some trouble at home with his missus. Throughout the night, he cheered up and we were eventually happily conversing with one another. At the end of the night, all of the staff had a drink and a talk about next week. I was given 3 shifts to work...good god.


Week 2

I had shifts on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. I wanted to try and get this clubhouse done by the end of the week. On the Monday and Tuesday, me, Mac and Ditzy once again set to work on the partially built building.

By Wednesday afternoon, the clubhouse was nearly complete. It just needed a few more additions here and there and it would be finished. I worked in the club that night and it was a quiet one. Minute seemed a little depressed - must have been about his wife - so I didn't really engage with him.

Friday morning was a great morning. Mac brought the crusaders along with him to the nearly complete clubhouse. Turns out they had come up with a colour scheme that they all agreed on. Since the last bit of the clubhouse to be finished wasn't exactly dangerous to work with, I let the crusaders help out for a bit. A few hammered in planks here and there and a few edges sanded down and...

"Done! It's finished!"

The moment they heard that, the crusaders were literally jumping for joy. Their new clubhouse was built and ready to use. All that was left was to paint it. I said that I'd get some paint at the start of next week so they can help paint it after they finish school. Mac and Ditzy still refused any payment after I profusely thanked them for all their help. In the end, I treated the five of them to anything they wanted at Sugarcube Corner...BIG mistake.

The crusaders all wanted the most sugary thing they could get their hooves on. I did say they could have anything they wanted so I kind of brought this problem on myself. Sitting down at the table, the crusaders dug into their so-called 'Pinkie Pie's Extreme Cupcake' and made a complete mess of themselves. What followed was what I can describe as 'Road Runner, Speedy Gonzales, Sonic the Hedgehog and Pinkie Pie combined'.

The shrills of high pitched screaming and laughter echoed through the town as the three young'uns sped about, causing havoc wherever they lay hoof. Eventually, the sugar rush ended and they collapsed in a pile in the middle of the street. Mac took all three of them back to his farm so they could sleep it off. I thanked him again and he was on his way.

The shift tonight was moderate. End of the week kind of thing so most ponies were here just to have a drink. Once again, Minute was a bit frowny but he actually engaged in conversation this time. He mentioned he 'can't take this much more' and he needed to make a decision. I was never one for offering advice on marital situations so I said the only thing I could think of.

"Do what your heart tells you."

I mentally hated myself for saying it - what a cheesy thing to say. But it worked! He chuckled slightly and a small but permanent smile found it's way onto his face for the rest of the night.

Vinyl pulled me away from the bar at about midnight for a chat. Turns out, she was just as worried about Minute as I was. I mentioned that he was having trouble and he couldn't cope. She said she'd fix it and I went back to work for the rest of the night.

On Saturday, I bumped into the local primary school teacher. Literally, bumped into. I was running down the street and ran straight into her. A purple earth pony, with a two-tone pink mane and a trio of smiling faces as a cutie mark. She introduced herself as Cheerilee and that she was the teacher at the school. This was the first time I had ever met her and I suppose it was the same for her so I was slightly taken aback when she didn't run screaming.

Then I found out it was because that the crusaders had talked about me in their classes saying how awesome I was. The moment I heard that, I felt so happy. Happy that I brought joy to young children and became their friend. The subject of their clubhouse came up and I mentioned that me, Mac and Ditzy had spent the last two weeks building their new one and that the crusaders are painting it next week.

Cheerliee mentioned that nearly everyone in her class uses the clubhouse and she asked if they could all help paint. I happily agreed to it before she came up with another idea. She asked me to come and introduce myself to the class and ask them myself, so it looks like I'm trying to get on good terms with them all. A good idea but I'm not one for public speeches so we settled for a Q&A session on Monday next week.

That night was a long shift again. From 5 till 2 this time. When I first got there, I asked Minute how he was but he didn't really give me a confirmed answer. At the end of the night, Vinyl pulled us all together for next week's rota, except there wasn't one. Vinyl said that with the increased income over the past 3 weeks, she can afford to close the club for a week so everyone can have a week off. That was met with thunderous cheers, even from Minute.


Week 3

Monday was the only day when I actually needed to do anything. Cheerliee asked me to come in the afternoon around 2PM so the kids could have something fun for the end of the day. I can't see how talking to me can be fun but if she says it will be, I'm not one to complain.

It was an early start and Twilight and Spike were already up. Spike was shelf-sorting and Twilight was reading, as usual. Glancing at Spike, whilst eating my breakfast, I noticed the look of boredom on his face. Doing these tasks again, again and again must be strenuous for the little guy so I thought I'd treat him since I don't really spend any one-to-one time with him.

I asked Twilight to give him the day off so I can treat him to something. She initially declined, stating that the whole library needs re-shelving. I made it clear to her that he needs some time off to have some fun as whenever I see him, he's always working. After much bantering, Twilight agreed and me and Spike were out of the door like a flash. I asked Spike what he wanted to do as it was his day off and his decision. He recommended going to the spa for some relaxing treatments.

Now, I've never been to a spa before so I've no idea what it's like. Nevertheless, I agreed to it and Spike led the way. We eventually came across a small building which we entered. We were greeted by two very brightly coloured ponies. One was bright blue with a bright pink mane and tail whereas the other was the same but inverted colours. I was introduced to them and found out their names were Lotus and Aloe. Spike asked me what he could have, to which I told him he could have anything he wanted.

Did I say anything? Spike asked for everything! Mud baths, seaweed bath wraps, massages and the steam room. Oh well, in for a penny, in for a pound. We started off with the massages which were surprisingly good. The constant thumping of hooves on my back was really relaxing. Next we moved onto the steam room. I'd been in a sauna before but that was at a crappy leisure centre. This was the real thing. I never really saw the point of just sitting in a room, sweating away but I guess that the room works - I do feel more relaxed.

After that, we showered and then had a mudbath each. Again, I couldn't see the point and yet again, I was proven wrong. It was soothing, warm and relaxing. Me and Spike started conversations with the spa ponies - just general chit-chat but it was nice that I can actually talk to these ponies now without them asking who or what I was.

After that, we had a seaweed bath wrap. Won't bother saying how I thought about it because you probably know. As I had to be naked for this, the spa ponies were having a bit of a giggle wrapping the seaweed around me. I wonder why...

We finished in the spa and I treated Spike to lunch at Sugarcube Corner. We both had a savoury pastry and a milkshake. I swear, this bakery is run by gods. They KNOW how to bake properly. Our lunch break was interrupted by a rather large crash from outside. I rushed outside to see that a pegasus had crashed into a stall. Soon after, another pegasus did the same thing. Some doctors quickly examined them and said there was no damage. Soon after, they both took off again and flew away normally.

Me and Spike returned to the library to find Twilight struggling to levitate some books. I asked if I could help but she refused, wondering why she couldn't lift them. After a while, she effortlessly did it, confusing all of us. Why couldn't she lift them a minute ago?

The time eventually came for me to attend the local school. Approaching it, I took in the view. A quaint little building, like a cottage with a thatched roof. I entered the building and spoke to a pony behind the front desk. The receptionist asked me to wait whilst she entered the classroom. Not a second later, she returned with Cheerilee in tow. She said that she gave the children a five minute break before I came in. We discussed what would be said and what could be asked.

Five minutes later, the children were once again quiet as Cheerliee entered the classroom. I listened at the door to what she was saying.

'Quiet down everypony. Now, for the last pary of the day, I have a special guest for you all. He is new to Ponyville and I want you all to be very kind to him.'

Cheerliee looked at the door and nodded at me to walk in, which I did. The moment I walked in, three familiar faces greeted me with cheery faces. The rest of the class looked...flabbergasted. Some were scared, some looked in amazement while two in particular did...nothing.

I took a seat on the desk and gave a brief introduction, telling them my name, where I was from and what I did for a living. The moment I mentioned I was from another world, all of the children took full attention. Once my very brief speech was over, Cheerilee asked if anyone had a question. How many hooves went up? All of them.

Many questions were asked, like 'What's Earth like?' and 'What are the ponies like there?'. I tried to answer the best that I could to most of the questions. There were some obscure ones but I managed to get through them.

Eventually, it was time for the class to end. I bid them goodbye and began to make my way out of the door before Cheerliee caught my attention again, mentioning the clubhouse. How that skipped my mind, I'll never know. I explained that a new clubhouse had been built and I needed help to paint it. I said that the crusaders were already helping but anyone else can help if they want to. All of the kids agreed apart from two who I were told were Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon. I had a few questions from them both and the way they asked them was a bit rude. I could tell they were upper class and looked down on everyone else so eventually I thought 'nuts to them'.

On Tuesday, in the afternoon, the whole class, including Cheerliee and various family members of the kids, showed up at the clubhouse, ready to paint. I let the crusaders show them their design and let them say who was doing what. They commanded very well and soon enough, the children and even the family members were painting the clubhouse. Cheerliee pulled me off to the side to thank me for letting her class do this to which I said I was more than happy.

The rest of the week went by smoothly. Since I wasn't working at the club this week, Applejack asked if I could help on the farm to which I agreed to. For some reason, Mac wasn't strong enough to pull the cart for long periods anymore. Applejack said that he was getting older and just needed some rest. Later in the week, Applejack started getting frustrated because she couldn't get all the apples down in one kick, which she could always do.

I tried to help out as much as possible on the farm to which the Apple family was very grateful. So grateful in fact that I was treated to some of Granny's cooking and my goodness, this was food of the gods. Well, it was apple with everything but still, it was amazing!

On Saturday, the crusaders came by to mention that the clubhouse was finished. I followed them to it to see the finished product. And what a sight it was. No more than three weeks ago, all that was here was a pile of rubble and now, there was a fully completed children's playhouse. I've never felt a bigger feeling of accomplishment in my life. The crusaders gathered the rest of their friends to have a small opening ceremony. Apple Bloom gave a quick speech and thanked me for helping to build it. Soon after, they were all inside, doing god knows what. I made my way back home, feeling higher than I'd ever been.


Week 4

I had two shifts this week - Wednesday and Friday. From Monday to Wednesday afternoon, I worked on the farm to help out as their problems were still persisting and no-one had figured out why. Applejack thought it could be a health issue but I said they look perfectly healthy which she agreed to.

Wednesday night's shift was another quiet one. The first thing I did was to see if Minute was back to normal, which he was...kind of. I approached him and asked him how he was, to which he answered that he was great. He always kept a rather forced smile on all the time which freaked me out a bit.

It was the same with Friday night. Although, when I struck up a conversation with him, he said he 'made the decision' and that everything is going to be fine from now on. For a moment, I was considering informing a mental health expert about him but thought better of it. Best to just see how he gets on for now.

Sunday night's events were a surprise for me. Just before I was about to go to bed, there was a knock at the door. Opening it up, there was no-one there. Remembering last time, I stepped back, opened the door fully and then shut it after about twenty seconds. Sure enough, Luna un-cloaked herself and we embraced in a hug and kiss.

Luna explained to me that she was dreading tomorrow night and wasn't sure if she could go ahead with it, no matter how much she needed to. We talked for ages, with me explaining that if the ponies of Ponyville knew her for who she is now, not for what she was, then she'd gain so many friends. She was still skeptical at first but I started to concoct a plan. A plan to give the residents of Ponyville the scare of their lives and for them to gain a friend in a high place.

"Right. Here's what you're going to do..."


The plan was all set. It was a last minute plan but it was going to work, I just knew it. Luna had been worrying about this night for too long but she was adamant that she was going to attend Ponyville and meet the townsfolk.

Just like she said, her carriage began to descend from the clouds and the lightning began to strike.

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