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Good Things Come - Sweet Tale

Human x Luna story - Teen rated.

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16. Lazy Sunday

The morning sun was glowing down upon the peaceful town of Ponyville. Being a Sunday, the town was quiet and empty. The only busy part of town was a clean-up operation, surrounding a popular club.

There's one thing I hate about the sun. Sure it keeps you warm, it brightens your day and it makes things grow. But one thing it does that I'm pretty sure everybody hates, is that it shines a beam of light, directly into your eye when you're trying to sleep in!

"Damn light." I mumbled with a groan, lifting myself off the floor of the library. Turns out I didn't have the energy to climb a flight of stairs last night and my body gave up.

I stretched and cracked my back, ready to start a new day. I made my way upstairs and proceded to my room to fetch a clean set of clothes. Doing so, I exited the room and walked into the bathroom. Taking my clothes off, I looked at myself in the mirror - I looked like shit.

"Damn...I look terrible." I rubbed my chin with my hand. "I wonder if I can find a shaving kit in this town?" I never like facial hair and I always kept it short. But in the past fortnight, I haven't shaved it once and it's grown into an un-manageable mess of bumfluff.

I turned to the shower and noticed a stray hair on the floor. Normally I wouldn't notice stuff like this but this hair stuck out like a sore thumb. "A blue hair? Why would there be a blue--" I immediately covered my mouth with my hand as I remembered what happened last night. "Ohh...fuck...."

I exited the bathroom in my boxer shorts and proceeded towards Twilight's room where Rainbow had rushed to. I raised my hand to knock the door but retreated it, thinking better of it. I re-entered the bathroom, showered and dressed myself. I grabbed my Ipod from my room and went back downstairs to the kitchen.

"Stupid, stupid, stupid...why the hell did I tell her?" I scolded myself, slapping myself on the forehead. "We are gonna be seriously awkward now..." I set my Ipod on the kitchen side and put it on shuffle. This tune started to play.

Thinking of a way to be neutral with Rainbow, I decided to cook some breakfast for us both. I gathered 4 eggs, 4 slices of bread and 4 oranges. I turned the gas stove on and set a pan on the open flame. I cracked the four eggs and set them into the pan, causing them to fry immediately. I turned the lower stove on to heat the bread for some toast. Setting the bread on the lower stove and watching the eggs, I located a reamer and grinded the oranges making some juice.

The music changed to a different tune, which I instantly recognised. I started placing cutlery on the table in the main room and began to start singing along to the music.

"If you take a life do you know what you'll give?
Odds are you won't like what it is
When the storm arrives would you be seen with me
By the merciless eyes of deceit?"

I pulled the bread out and flipped them to cook the other side.

"I've seen angels fall from blinding heights
But you yourself are nothing so divine
Just next in line!

I set the OJ down on the table.

"Arm yourself because no-one else here will save you
The odds will betray you
And I will replace you
You can't deny the prize it may never fulfill you
It longs to kill you
Are you willing to die?"

I pulled the toast out and set it two plates, with the eggs on top. I brung the plates out and set them on the table. I heard a door open upstairs so I shut the music off and sat at the table, waiting for Rainbow to appear, which she did soon after. She gingerly walked down the stairs, not making eye contact with me. She sat herself down at the table and marvelled at the food before her.

"Morning sleepyhead." I said with a smile.

Rainbow looked up at me and smiled softly. "Hey...did you make this?"

"Sure did. Everyone needs a good breakfast."

Rainbow nodded and started eating her food, as did I. During that time, not a word was said between us. A few awkward glances here and there but nothing substantial. Breakfast was quickly finished and I grabbed the plates to put them in the kitchen. I returned to the main room to see Rainbow making her way towards the door.

"Rainbow, wait. Can we talk?" I blurted out.

Rainbow stopped and hung her head. She turned around and walked back to the table where we both sat across from each other. Her eyes still not meeting mine, I tried to engage in conversation with her.

"So...did you sleep well?" I asked. Rainbow looked up at me and raised an eyebrow. "Alright, look. I want to talk about what was said last night."

"I really don't want to." she replied quietly.

"Well I do." I said, reaching my hand across and grabbing hold of her hoof. "Look, we need to talk about this otherwise things are gonna be really awkward between us...and I don't want that."

Rainbow sighed heavily. "I'm sorry I said anything."

"It's OK. You can't keep stuff like that cooped up for so long...Celestia made me notice that..." I said, drifting off. "But I want to thank you for telling me. Takes a lot of courage to do something like that."

Rainbow smiled slightly at my remark. "Yeah...guess it was courageous."

"Exactly. And I am happy that you have feelings for me, I genuinely am. Knowing that I'm making great friends with everyone is an amazing feeling and you further cemented that fact so thank you for that." Rainbow nodded slowly, smiling more. "I'm sorry you had to find out about me like that but...me and Luna are together and we love each other...but that doesn't mean I don't want to be a great friend to you. You're too much of a great friend to lose."

"I am?" Rainbow asks, blushing slightly.

I release her hooves and set them down. "Of course you are! You're always there for me, we always have fun with each other and you make everyone smile! You're an amazing friend if I ever knew one."

Rainbow chuckles slightly. "It's always nice to hear that from someone else."

"I'm glad. Besides, you're training to be a Wonderbolt. Being with me all the time will slow you down...unless I can figure out how to fly with these bony things..." I said, flapping my arms in a silly way. This made her laugh loudly. I know I was only feeding her ego but it was making her feel loads better.

"So, how about this. We'll remain great friends...no...best friends and I'll make more of an effort to hang out with you a lot more. Sound good?" I said, holding out a hand.

Rainbow shook my hand with her wing. "Sounds good to me. I gotta go!" She took to the air and opened the front door to leave, before stopping. "Oh, hey Owen?" she said, not looking back.


Rainbow turned her head to face mine. "Thanks." With that, she took off and disappeared with the door slamming shut behind her. I heard a crash and rushed outside to see Rainbow in a heap on the floor.

"Rainbow! You OK?" I called to her.

She got herself up very easily. "Yeah, I'm fine." I walked up to her to see if she was really OK. "Seriously I'm good. I think I've done something to my wing because I keep mis-judging my direction. Only slightly but it's a little annoying. Anyway, see ya!" She shot off again into the sky.

I walked back to the library and sat myself back down on the cushion thinking about what just happened. 'It was the right thing to do. You only need one love and that is Luna.'

"Suppose you're right..." I answered my own thoughts, now I'm losing it. I got myself up and began to clean up the mess I had created.


The dishes were washed, the kitchen was spotless and the library was mess free. Apart from what I'm doing now - sweeping. Thinking about it, I always see Spike sweeping the library again and again so I thought I'd save the little guy a job or three. The broom isn't exactly built for my height but I was making do with what I had.

In the middle of sweeping, three knocks sounded on the library door. I answered the door to reveal a brown earth pony with an hourglass as a cutie mark.

"Good morning. How can I help?" I asked.

The pony walked in past me, staring at me as he did. "Ah, so you're living at Twilight's. I met you at your party but I wouldn't think you would have remembered me." He held out his hoof. "The name's Time Turner."

I bumped his hoof with my fist. "Nice to meet you...again. So, how can I help?"

"Well I was hoping to check out a book that's not very well known. Knowing how many books this place has, I thought that the best pony to ask would be Twilight. Would you be able to help?"

"I can try. I'm not sure of the order that these books are in but I'll certainly help. What's the name of the book?"

"It's called 'Time: A Guide To Travel'.

I turned my head sharply to meet his gaze. "Time? A book on time travel?!" I asked with anticipation.

"Don't get your hopes up. This book is very old and nopony has any proof that it really works. The book contains theories about time travel but nothing has been proven."

"Oh...right. Well, why do you want it?"

He nodded towards his cutie mark. "Would my cutie mark explain it? Well no, it doesn't. When I was younger, I worked in a clock-making shop in Phillydelphia. It's just that the thought of time travel has always intrigued me and I love reading about all the theories."

"Good reason. Now let's have a look here."

Both myself and Time Turner scoured the shelves for the elusive book. We searched high and low but we still couldn't find it.

Thirty minutes had passes and we were still looking. Time was looking on a low shelf as I was on a pedestal, checking a top shelf.

"Must be a good book if we can't find it." Time called.

"I'm sorry?"

"My father always told me that the best books are the hardest to come by." I nodded at his statement but I noticed his face cringe at the mention of his father.

"You OK?"

"I'm OK, thank you." We went back to looking. "Just...mentioning my father is a bit troublesome."

I climbed down from the pedestal and sat on it, looking towards Time. "Tell me about it. I've got the same problem."

"How come?"

I explained my backstory and my lack of parents. Time listened to every word and never interrupted.

"So I never really knew him at all but I still feel bad when I talk about him. So what about you?" I asked

Time sighed heavily before beginning. "I was born to unicorn parents and as you can see, I'm an earth pony. My father always despised me for not being a unicorn and hated my mother because he thought she cheated on him. Eventually my mother left and my father was left to raise me on his own. I don't remember much from my early childhood except the shouting and abuse my father gave me."

I put my hand on his shoulder as comfort.

"As I got older, my father began to change. His behaviour would switch from friendly to erratic in a matter of seconds for no reason. Eventually I got old enough and left my home in search of somewhere new. Before I left though, I asked him why he was angry all the time. He told me it was the Princess' fault."

"The Princess? Celestia? Why?" I asked.

"I never found out. He said that he hated her and how she ruled over Equestria. Also, he was another reason I love reading about time travel as he was as fascinated in it as I am. He always went off on his rants, saying that he would one day take over Equestria when he figures out how to travel in time. Naturally I called him crazy but that just made him angry."

"So eventually, I moved out and came here where I have been living for the past ten years."

I went back to looking for the book. "Wow...that's some serious craziness right there. Sounds like he had a screw loose."

Time was also searching another shelf. "I don't think he had one screw fully tightened to be perfectly honest with you."

The searching went on for another hour. We had searched the entire library and we still couldn't find it.

"Sorry about this but I don't think we're gonna find it." I said.

"Never mind. It's quite a rare book so I imagine it's very difficult to come by but thank you for helping me look." Time replied.

"It's no problem." I chuckled slightly. "You know, i bet if you ask Twilight when she comes back she could find it in a heartbeat."

"You're probably right! Anwyay, it was nice talking to you and thanks again." Time exited the library and I went back to sweeping.

Not long after, I had finished cleaning the library and it was only 1PM. Looking outside, I saw that it was another beautiful day.

"Does this place never have rain?" I asked myself. I grabbed a few cushions and set them outside in the sunlight. I then brought out a few reading books and sat down, enjoying the hear of the sun.

It really was a perfect day. The temperature was just about right and there was a slight breeze as well. I took my shirt off to try and really enjoy the heat. Maybe get a tan as well - I never really got a tan before so I guess I could try.

I closed my eyes and drifted off to the sound of the wind in the trees, the sound of birds chirping up high, the sound of hooves getting louder and louder...wait a minute.


That got my attention. A collected bellow from three school age ponies interrupted my peace. I sat up to observe the crusaders at my side with Apple Bloom carrying a saddlebag.

"Hey girls, how are you?"

"Ah'm swell! We got those designs you asked for!" Apple Bloom responded.

"We spent all day yesterday drawing these!" Sweetie quipped.

"They're so awesome!" Scootaloo added.

"Alright. Show me what you've designed then."

The girls unpacked a collection of drawings from the saddlebag and laid them out in front of me. All of them had the same basic house shape so that was easy to build. Every drawing had a different colour scheme and many different decorations. I scanned them over, asking them whose was whose and questioning them about it. I seperated the drawings into two piles.

"Right girls. All of your designs are brilliant and very well drawn. I can see you all want the same shape clubhouse so that's easy. I did notice you all wanted different colours and decorations as well." They all nodded in agreement.

"Right, here's what I want you to do. Take these drawings-" I passed them each their best drawings. "-and decide between you what colours you really want. I would love to do them all but there won't be enough space and it'll be very difficult. So I need you to draw one more design - a shared idea that you can all agree on. Sound good?"

"Yeah!" they all replied.

"What I'll do is find somewhere to buy some tools and some supplies and then I can start building."

The girls began to run off with more design in their mind.

"Girls wait! Come here a second." They gathered round. "Closer." They did so. "This is gonna be a clubhouse right? So do you want a secret entrance?" I asked quietly to them.

"A secret entrance?" Apple Bloom replied loudly.

"Shh! Don't go telling everyone." They all giggled at that. I loved this - being able to make kids laugh. "Every clubhouse needs a secret entrance you know. Try and design that as well but keep it a secret (!)" The girls then scampered off to destination unknown and I sat back on the cushion.

"Adorable little things." I mumbled.


Thinking ahead, I grabbed my bit pouch and made my way to the centre of town. Knowing that I need to find a place to buy lumber and tools, I need to get addresses and locations for said places. To find them, I need to go to...

"Town Hall. Pretty impressive." I said as I looked at the huge building. Certainly the biggest building in Ponyville. I entered the hall and walked up to the main desk where a light brown earth pony was working behind a desk, filing papers into a drawer. I approached the desk and got the pony's attention.

"Good afternoon."

"Ah, hello to you. I don't think we've been acquainted yet. Mayor Mare, mayor of Ponyville." She extended her hoof out to me which I bumped with my fist.

"Nice to meet you. Name's Owen."

"Well a pleasure to meet you at last. Now, what can I do for you today?"

"I was hoping you could give me the addresses or locations of any construction companies in the local area." I asked.

"Oh? Are you planning to build something?"

"Yes I am. You may know this, maybe not, but I was the reason for the destruction of the kid's clubhouse. I felt really bad about it and I want to build a new one for them."

The Mayor smiled at me. "That's very generous of you but...do you know how to build?"

"Absolutely. Back where I am from, I had much experience in the construction trade. I'm sure a child's clubhouse will be no problem for me."

The Mayor reached down and pulled a large book up onto the desk. "Well then, let's have a look here. Carpenters...chefs...colonists...demolition...oops! Too far...ah! Construction. There's a small company just a buildings to the north of here. Run by somepony called Shift Bar."

"Thanks very much. Also, do you know of any removal companies that can take away rubble? Like the remains of the old clubhouse?"

"One of my dear friends works for a removal company. Would you like me to submit a request on your behalf? I can get her to do it tomorrow if that's good."

"That would be brilliant, thank you so much."

"If you could give me the payment for it, I will pass it on. That'll be 50 bits."

I handed the bits over to her and bid her farewell.

"Have a good day." she replied.

"You too!"

I exited the town hall with the construction company destination in mind. Going in the direction of which the Mayor said, I sure enough came across a small house with an attached yard, full of timber. Perfect. I walked up to the door and knocked on it twice.

The door opened to reveal a bulky looking pegasus with a neutral facial expression. "Can I help you?"

"Yeah, are you Shift Bar?" The pegasus nodded. "The Mayor told me that I could purchase some lumber here? I need some for construction."

He smiled at me. "Ah of course. How much will you be requiring?"

"Well it's a small build. I'm building a new clubhouse for the kids. From what I know so far, it'll be 7 meters long, 5 meters wide and 3 meters high with a pointed roof. Might also have stairs as well."

The pegasus did some quick math in his head and started counting to himself. "No problem. That'll cost you around 500 bits."

I exhaled at the announcement of the price but I needed to do this. "That's good. Also, do you sell tools?"

"Indeed. What do you need, basic construction tools?" I nodded. "Well I have a full set of everything you will need including hammers, saws and whatnot. Also have nails and metal strips for support. I can give that to you for another 100 bits."

"Sounds good to me." I counted out the bits and handed them over to him. "Thank you very much. Where do you want it delivered to?"

"You know where the kid's clubhouse is...was?" He nodded. "Deliver there sometime after tomorrow and that'll be great."

"No problem. You know, you'll need some place to keep this stuff safe so I'll tell you what I'll do. I'll bring along a secure store unit you can use until you're finished. Consider it a freebie."

"Thanks so much. That'll be a real help."

We bid each other goodbye and I started to walk back home.


I made the decision to check out the rubble one more time before the removal team arrive tomorrow. I reached the rubble and began carefully sifting through it to see if there was anything of salvage.

By now, the sun had started to descend the light was growing dim. Continuing my search, I started lifting up the planks of wood, rotting with decay and searching the piles of dirt. I came across a few coins, some £1 and 50p coins, and put them in my pocket.

Still searching, my head was dripping with sweat from the heavy lifting. I stood up straight and wiped my head and looked around. My vision was fixed on a section of bushes that were rustling. The bushes were about 30 feet away from me so I kept my distance and just stared.

Not too long after, a black shape crawled out of the bush, into a clearing behind some trees. I slowly walked closer to examine what it is, thinking it was a wild fox or something. I got close enough to see that it wasn't a fox. I couldn't see what it was at all as it was rolled up into a ball. Maybe defending itself?

I slowly backed off trying not to frighten the poor thing whilst keeping my gaze on it at all times. Before I could get too far away, it began to rise off the ground onto two legs.

"What the hell...a bear maybe?" I pondered.

It was too small to be a bear. The creature stood up and I could see it's figure for the first time. It looked like...like...

"Is that..."

I slowly walked back towards it to see more of it. Before I got close enough, I trod on a twig which snapped and caught it's attention. It turned to face me and gave me the shock of my life. It was human in shape, same height as me, same build, same everything except it's left arm was missing. I couldn't see it's face due to the lack of light.

I closed my eyes and slapped my head hard, thinking I was delusional. I opened my eyes to see nothing there. No trace of it.

"...Time to go methinks..." I mumbled to myself.

I began to walk back in the dusk light and the image of that creature filled my mind. What was it? Was it human? Why was it there?

Before long, I reached library and noticed that the lights were on, indicating that Twilight and Spike had returned. I entered the library to come across Twilight unpacking her saddlebags.

"Hey Twilight and Spike. How was Canterlot?" I asked.

"Very good. The Princess informed me of a rare book she found so she asked me and Spike to visit." Twilight said.

"Ah, nice. You hungry?" Both Twilight's and Spike's bellies grumbled. "I take that as a yes. What would you both like?"

Spike was first to answer. "Can you make that sticky vegetable dish again?"

"Ooh! That sounds good." Twilight chimed.

"Very well. Sticky veg it is!"

An hour later, dinner was finished and Spike had retired to bed. I had stayed downstairs to help Twilight with her unpacking and noticed her eyeing some of her bookshelves.

"Did you re-arrange the books here?" she asked.

"No, not at all. A pony came in this morning to look for a book and I helped him look for it. We must have been looking for ages." I answered.

"Did you find it?"

"Unfortunately not. He said it was quite a rare book. It was called 'Time: A Guide To Travel'."

"You mean this one?" she said, levitating a book in front of my eyes. I face-palmed causing Twilight to laugh and drop the book.

"Yes...that one. Where was it?" I asked, my hands muffling my voice.

"Right here." Twilight replied, giggling again.

We spent another 5 minutes putting stuff away before we both sat down with a mug of tea that Celestia had given Twilight.

"So, anything interesting happen while I was away?" she asked.

"Oh sure. I had my first day of work which went really well. I bought some supplies to help build a new clubhouse for the Crusaders and..." I remembered last night. "Oh yeah...Rainbow dropped by and...laid down the truth."

"What do you mean?"

"She admitted that she liked me...more than a friend would."

"Rainbow said that?! That's not like her to openly confess." Twilight pondered.

"Yeah it's not. I noticed something was wrong and questioned her about it which caused her to open up. Anyway, I told her about me and Luna and...she didn't take it well." I looked down when I said that last bit.

"Oh no! Is she OK?" Twilight worringly asks.

"Oh she's fine now. We had a talk this morning and decided it would be best if we remained good friends...best friends even." I said with a smile.

"Thank you for that. You've gained a great friend there."

"Yeah, I have."

Twilight got up from her cushion. "I think I'll have to call it a night. My bed is calling me. Goodnight." She began to walk away but a thought stopped her. "Oh of course! Luna asked me to give you this." She levitated a scroll into my hands before walking upstairs to her room. I unrolled the scroll and began reading.

My dearest Owen

I'm sorry my visit to you yesterday was so short-lived but I could not afford to be away from Canterlot any longer than I was. You looked so happy behind that bar and it looked like a lot of fun! Although frankly, the music could have been better.

I am unable to see you again until Nightmare Night is upon us due to many royal issues I must attend. I can't think of how you and I will cope without each other for so long. I have asked Twilight to remind you to write letters to me often so we can keep in touch.

Nightmare Night is in four weeks time and I will be coming to Ponyville. If you are unfamiliar with the concept of Nightmare Night, please ask Twilight to explain. I'm sure she can explain it all to you very easily.

Till then my love

I rolled up the scroll and made my way upstairs to my room, flopping down on the bed. I set the scroll down on the bedside table and got under the covers.

"Nightmare Night...Halloween maybe?"

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