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Good Things Come - Sweet Tale

Human x Luna story - Teen rated.

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39. A Year Older


I slapped the infernal slumber stopper as it's cries reach my ears. 8AM it read. "Why did I set an alarm?" I sat up in bed, my own bed. Last night didn't turn out too bad as it goes - I had about two mugs of AJ's cider and the party ended after about an hour. It was at midnight after all.

Stretching, i clambered out of bed and got dressed in some fresh clothes. I put on my blue football shirt (NOT SAYING WHO I SUPPORT) and a pair of demin jeans. I walked out into my living room and noticed something.


Something was on the sofa - a note. I picked it up and read it out loud. "Owen, i set your alarm so you could get up early. Meet me at the library at 9AM. Twilight." I set the note down and set myself some breakfast - a couple of slices of toast and some pink grapefruit juice.

Munching on the morning meal, my mind drifted to last night. After drinking my first mug of cider, Pinkie somehow brought out a giant grammaphone and put on some addicting music. So addicting that we all started to dance a little...OK, a lot. Normally I wouldn't be one to dance but as everyone else was doing it, I just thought 'Why not?'.

After finishing my meal, I decided to make my way over to Twilight's early. Walking towards the town, the brisk morning air greeted me softly as a cool breeze blew about. The trees were starting to go green again and it was starting to get warmer. Man, I love spring. What I love most about living somewhere this abundantly green is how noticeable the seasons are.

Soon enough, I came across the library and entered. I was instantly greeted by Spike who was dusting. "Seriously Spike? You're working at this time in the morning?" I looked around for his caretaker but I couldn't see her. Standing at the bottom of the stairs, I shouted up to her. "Hey Twilight! Doesn't Spike get a lie in too?"

A deafening metallic screech cut off my shouting. Both me and Spike covered our ears in protection until the noise subsided. It did soon after and the basement door opened up to reveal Twilight wearing a pair of safety goggles. "Hi Owen. You're early."

"Yeah I..." I glanced into the doorway towards the basement. "What on earth was that noise?"

"Oh it's just one of my machines, no need to take any notice of that." she replied, shaking her hoof. She closed the door with her magic and took her goggles off. "Thank you for coming over. I hope you didn't mind."

"Nah, of course not. I'm actually glad last night didn't turn into a drinking contest for once. Couldn't do that two nights in a row." I said, laughing at the end.

Twilight giggled slightly. "I must thank Pinkie for putting that together at such short notice." Her attention was on me fully now. "The reason I have asked you here is so I can give you this." She levitated a small box to me.

"What's this?"

"Duh, it's your birthday present." Spike said, shaking his head.

"Happy Birthday." said a smiling Twilight.

"Thanks." I opened up the box to reveal a book. Picking it up, I found it to be quite heavy despite it's size. It was bound and the title read 'The History of Earth and The Human Race by Twilight Sparkle'. I looked up at Twilight who was grinning heavily. "You made this?"

She nodded. "From what information I gathered from you and from the books that you gave me, I was able to create a tome containing most of your planet's and race's history. I thought the first copy should be yours."

"Wow...this is amazing." I leant down and gave her a small hug. "Thanks so much." I opened up the book to view the contents. "Creation of Planet Earth, Human Evolution, Stone Age...I had all of this information in those books?" She nodded. "Shows how much I read them doesn't it?" I closed the book and gave it a tap. "This is a great present. I'm actually going to Canterlot tonight - do you mind if I show Luna or Celestia?"

Twilight gulped and laughed nervously. "Well I um...I don't know if..."

"You made this book so you could publish it for public release right?" She nodded again. "Well then, if I show it to Celestia then she can give her opinion on it. I can almost guarantee that she'll love it."

"Well...if you think so..."

"I know so. Celestia knows you always do your best at something like this and it always turns out brilliant." I glanced Spike who was smiling down at Twilight. "You proud of her, hmm?"

Spike instantly looked away and I could see a small blush arise on his cheeks. "Uh...no. I mean yes...err...I was just um...I've gotta go out! See ya!" He ran out of the library and shut the door behind him.

Both me and Twilight laughed at what Spike just did. "Yep, he's proud of you." I glanced at the clock which read 8:40. "Well, I'm probably gonna go and get the train up to Canterlot early as I'm up at this time. You don't mind do you?"

"Not at all. I remember you saying that the Princess had a surprise for you so I wouldn't want to keep you waiting." she replied. "And before I forget, the girls all have gifts for you but they will give them to you when you come back."

"They got me something as well? I'm treated way too much by you lot." I picked up the book and held it under my arm. "Once again Twilight, thanks for this. This was so thoughtful of you."

"You're welcome. Have a good journey."

I exited the library and breathed in a good lungful of fresh air since the library was quite stuffy. The town was bustling with life as the morning rush was in full effect in the market. Many of the patrons gave me a wave or a greeting as I walked past them. Even that snobby little filly Diamond Tiara cast a smile at me. It looked quite genuine which incredibly surprised me. I knew that filly was a bit of a bitch but maybe she can change...maybe.

I soon came up to the train station to see the train sitting at the platform. Walking up to the ticket office, I bought a ticket from the stallion behind the counter and walked onto the platform.

"Hey, Owen!"

I could see the scarlet maned pony from a distance as he called me over. "Hey Scarlet, how you feeling?" I asked, walking over to him.

"Better. Yesterday was..." He shook his head. "Interesting to say the least."

"You're telling me. Do you remember us singing?"

"Singing?...not to my knowledge." he replied, holding his hoof to his chin.

"Well we did. I started singing a song from my world...to Princess Luna."

"WHAT?!" He exclaimed, slamming his hoof back down.

"Yup. You joined in as well." He facehoofed and sighed with a groan. "Don't worry about it. She thought it was hilarious."

He dragged his hoof over his face. "If the guards hear about this, I'll never hear the end of it." We both shared a laugh. "Are you going on this train?"

"Yeah, I'm visiting Luna tonight. You going back as well?"

"That's right." He sighed sadly. "Going to be a while before I see my Scootaloo again."

I put a hand on his shoulder. "I'm sure it won't be long. Come on, let's go and find a seat and have a nice hot drink or something." We both entered the train and found a booth where we sat ourselves down.


"So you really hit him?"

"Sure did, right on the nose. I tell ya, he was pissing me right off. That's the first and only time I have ever hit someone in rage."

It was just before 1PM and our conversation had drifted to memories of our childhoods. Scarlet was in his early thirties so he had more stories to tell but he was greatly interested about my school years. Most of them were about the pricks that attended that shithole of a school and how a few of them were excluded again and again.

"But I'd never do that now. Nothing like that exists here...well, apart from the odd name calling between the kids in the school." I finished.

"Ah but you can't stop that. It's going to keep happening. I'm just glad that my little princess isn't part of it." he said with a smile.

"There's no way she'd ever do that - she's way too friendly."


The train's brakes sounded as the train slowed down as we entered Canterlot Station. The train stopped with a jolt and we both lurched forward as gravity took control. Falling back, we both laughed. Rising to our feet/hooves, we both stretched and both earned some satisfying clicks out of it.

"At least these seats are comfy. You've no idea how horrible the trains are where I come from." I said, stretching my right arm.

"These Canterlot-bound trains are the most luxurious ones." We both walked out of the booth and descended from the train and onto the platform which was bustling with life. "Off to the castle?" he asked, adjusting his saddle bags.

"Yep. What about you?"

"I'm to report to the barracks. It's just outside the castle so I'll walk with you."

"Sure." We began our walk up through the main street towards the castle. Many upper class ponies were out and about, visiting the various stores and stalls that were placed on either side of the street. Most of them were wearing very formal attire whereas only a few were wearing nothing.

"So what happens now? Back to guard duty?" I ask Scarlet who was eyeballing some store displays.

"Indeed. I should imagine I'll be put back on duty the instant I meet with my commanding officer."

"Seems a bit harsh."

Scarlet shook his head. "Not really, considering what we do for a living." The conversation remained about the guards until we reached the entrance to the barracks, situated just outside the castle walls. A tall archway signified the entrance to anyone who passed it. "Well then, thanks for the past few days. It's been great." he said, holding up his hoof.

I bumped it, wearing a grin. "It sure has. And whenever you're free and I'm in Canterlot, we'll go for a drink sometime."

"Sounds good."

"Lieutenant?" a voice sounded.

Scarlet turned and I looked over his shoulder to see a unicorn approaching. But not just any unicorn. "Captain Shining Armor." Scarlet said, saluting his superior.

Shining returned with a salute of his own. "Glad to have you back. I trust your stay in Ponyville was enjoyable?" he asked with full interest.

Scarlet looked up at me then burst out laughing. "I guess you could say that."

"I'll fill you in." I said to Shining who nodded, chuckling.

"Very well. On your way Lieutenant." Shining commanded. Scarlet gave a wave before dashing off into the barracks.

"He's a good'un. You don't want to lose him."

Shining nodded slowly and turned to face me. "No...he's an amazing guard. Many years of loyal service. But anyway, what did he do in Ponyville?"

I brought my hand to my eyes and rubbed them. "We got drunk and ended up singing to Luna at about three in the morning." I said quietly and quickly. Shining tried to hold back his laughter but failed miserably. Every time he seemed to simmer down, his laughter would erupt again, causing me to groan. Shining's laughter finally subsided after a good couple of minutes. "Feel better now?" I said in mock annoyance.

"You bet!" he replied, still wearing a huge grin. "I'm sorry my friend but that's one of the funniest things I've heard in a long time. Way funnier than when Cadance slipped and..." He held a hoof to his mouth.

I knew that had to be a secret. "Shouldn't have said that should you?" He shook his head. "I'll find out another time. I've got to go and meet Luna. Was good seeing ya!" I carried on my walk after parting with Shining, who retreated into the barracks. I entered the castle, greeting the guards who were patrolling the halls. It wasn't long before I found something that was here every time I came here - the line to see Celestia. Thinking I'd rather not appear rude, I joined the back of the queue and waited. The queue was about ten ponies long so it wouldn't be long.

"Excuse me Sir but you do not have to wait in line." a guard said, walking towards me.

"I know, I know but I'm not in a rush and I don't want to make these ponies wait any longer than they normally have." This got a smile and a couple of thank you's out of the ponies in front of me.

It wasn't long before I was permitted to enter. I walked through the large doors and thanked the guards who opened them for me. It was kind of hard to miss the pony I was after. "Good afternoon Celestia."

She descended from her throne and met me halfway down the throne room. "A good afternoon to yourself." She draped a wing over my shoulder and pulled me close. "I wish you the most warmest greetings on your birthday."

"Aww thanks. 24 years young now." I said with a slight laugh.

"Have you received any gifts?"

"Actually, just the one and it's a brilliant present." I took the book from under my arm and handed it to her. "It totally astonished me. Twilight wrote a book compiling of all the information about my planet and the human race."

Celestia opened up the book and glanced at the contents page. As she kept turning pages, I could see that the smile on her face was getting bigger and bigger. Closing the book, she chuckled. "My most faithful student, you have outdone yourself this time."

"I told her I was going to show you and see what you thought of it. Judging by that reaction, I'm thinking that you like it?" I said, nudging her side with my elbow.

"I most certainly do. I will write her a letter later this evening and explain what I think." She levitated the book back to me. "It's an amazing book and I feel that my subjects can learn a lot from it."

"Your subjects? You mean you want to show this to other ponies?" She nodded. "I think you might want to redact some of the stuff in here. There are some parts of this book that I don't want your world to know of as it causes nothing but problems. Such as..." I opened up the book and located a certain page, describing war. "This. And everything to do with it."

Celestia read over some of the bits about World War 2 and seemed to take notice of the violence that occured and the weapons that were used. "I see what you mean. Very well. I will refrain from releasing that information."

I let out a breath that I didn't know I was holding. "Thank you. Anyway, sorry I'm early but I had nothing else to do this morning. I'll go and er, make myself scarce until Luna wakes up."

"That is not needed."

A flash of light blinded me for a second where Luna teleported herself next to Celestia. "Hello beautiful." I threw my arms around her velvety neck and hugged her tight, as she did the same to me.

"Hello yourself." She leant back and gave me a kiss on the cheek. "Happy birthday...Mr Farenheit."

"Mr Farenheit? What do...ohhh..." I returned the kiss with one of my own. Breaking it, she laughed at what I realised. "I'm so sorry about that. It seems you've got a new nickname for me though."

"It was funny. Although now I know that you can sing properly." she said, smirking.

"Seriously? You liked my singing voice?" I asked, flabbergasted.

"Of course. You were in tune and you could hold your notes."

"You sure that wasn't Scarlet?"

She kissed me lightly on the lips. "It was you. And now that I know you can sing, I can expect more from you in the future." I groaned as I knew I was going to regret this in the future. "Now come along. We have a schedule to stick to." she said, taking my hand and walking out of the throne room.

"Wait, what? A schedule? But I just got here and I'm early."

"Well, I can add something else to the list. Now come on, first item is this way."


"Are you sure you don't want me to pay for this? It seems too much..."

"I already said dear, you do not have to pay a single bit. This is your birthday and you will be treated as...oohohohooo...that's gooood..."

"OK...only if you're sure...hnng...ohhhhh...that is...mmm."

After a fitting for a custom made suit, Luna had directed us both to the leisure room in the east block of the castle. I had only had one massage before today, when I treated Spike, and it still felt weird being massaged with hooves...but I wasn't complaining and neither was Luna. A hoof had just found a soft spot on my back and the feeling just made me melt into the table.

"You know...I never thought this kind of stuff was worth it back home. I mean you pay so much money for someone to prod and poke you but...oh, OH! That's...ohhhhh......but now I can see value for money." Right between the shoulder blades that one was. Surprising as they have never done this on a human body before.

"Cotton Breeze here has been with us for over twenty years and in all that time and she has never given an unsatisfactory massage to anypony. Could you move onto the wings please?"

"Of course Your Highness." a fiery red unicorn responded - her hooves stretching out Luna's wings and caressing them ever so softly. "Is this good for you?"

"Mmmm...yes..." That voice...oh how it got to me. So quiet yet sultry. That's the kind of voice I want to hear on our wedding night.

"Enjoying that over there Luna?" I asked with a smirk.

"More than you could imagine." she replied, winking.


"Wow...this place looks fancy." I said, staring at the sight before me.

"It's one of my favourite restaurants. Come, let us enter." Luna led me towards the double doors of the fancy establishment. The doors were opened by two stallions who bowed at our presence. Before either of us could say a word, a unicorn mare greeted us both.

"Good evening Your Highness and Royal Courter. Please come this way." The unicorn led us towards the back of the restaurant, where a table was set up for us both. Two giant plush chairs sat at either side of the table, both decorated with a variety of materials and gemstones. Walking to the table, the other diners all stopped eating and bowed at us both.

The waiter seated us both and directed us to two leather bound books on the table. Well, I say it was leather but I wouldn't think that it was, considering that cows speak here. She levitated a book to us both and we opened them up.

"The soup today is leek and potato and the special course is...is um..." She stutter as she forgot her words. She couldn't make eye contact with either of us. I held my hand out and rested it on her shoulder, causing her to flinch.

"It's alright, take your time." I said as calmly as I could.

She took a deep breath and tried again. "The special course is roasted vegetable tart with grilled asparagus tips." She smiled as she remember what to say.

"Thank you." I said as the mare walked away. I looked back at Luna who looked sympathetic. "Poor thing, she looked terrified."

"Yes she did. I sometimes feel for my subjects when they try too hard around us." She opened up her book and started reading the menu. "There's so much I love in here, it'll be hard to choose."

"Too right. I mean look at all this." She was right, there was loads to choose from. There was a variety of pasts dishes, many pies and tarts along with a large section of hay and grass meals. Me and Luna both decided what we wanted to eat and drink.

The unicorn mare returned to our table soon enough with a notepad in her levitation. "Have you decided on what you would like?"

"Can we have the soups to start please." Luna said. The mare quickly wrote it down. "And for the main, may I please have that wonderful vegetable tart you mentioned."

"Of course Your Highness. And for you Sir?"

"I think I'll have the squash and sage risotto, thank you."

"Of course. And to drink?"

I smirked at Luna. "A bottle of Berry's Brook please." I leant over to the mare. "It's her favourite." I whispered in her ear.

She giggled slightly and wrote it down. "Thank you very much." She retreated back to the kitchen and we could both hear her speak out the order.

I looked back at Luna and took her hoof with my hand, holding it across the table. "Thank you so much for this. It's been amazing." I leant down and kissed her hoof and saw an immediate blush on her face.

"Only the best for you my love. I take it you enjoyed your surprise." she replied.

"You kidding? You got a custom made suit for me, you treated me to two hours with your personal spa ponies and you're taking me out for a meal in one of the fanciest restaurants in Canterlot. This has been amazing." I leant forward and kissed her on the lips. "I couldn't have asked for a better day."

She grinned and stroked my hand with her hoof. It wasn't long before the wine arrived. Two glasses were poured out for us. I handed one to Luna and picked up the other for myself. "A toast, you think?" I asked.

She looked to her left and then nodded. "Yes, I think so." She rose from her seat and turned to the other patrons of the restaurant. "My loyal subjects." she called out. The whole restaurant went silent as she spoke and each and everyone's attention was on her.

"Luna...what are you doing?" I asked.

"I would like you all to join me in a toast. A toast on a day like this is needed. So please, raise your glasses." Everyone did so. "A toast..." She turned to me. "To my darling partner. I wish him the happiest of birthdays. To Owen!"

"To Owen!"

Everyone took a sip and applauded. I felt the blood rush to my face as everyone was staring at me. "Thanks everyone, cheers!" Luna sat back down and smiled at me. "That was so lovely, thank you."

"You are most welcome." Her eyes drifted towards an assortment of approaching ponies. "I think our starters are ready."

Re-entering the castle, we both proceeded to the throne room. Stopping just short, Luna nudged me forward. "Go on, Celestia is inside. She wants to give something to you."

"Really? OK." I opened up the doors and just like Luna said, Celestia was sitting upon the throne. "I thought you'd be in bed by now." I said to the alabaster alicorn.

"On any other day, you'd be correct. But not tonight, I have offered to cover for Luna so you and her may spend the night together." She got down from her throne and began walking towards me. "I take it that your evening went well?"

"Oh it was amazing. Such great service and quality in the restaurant and food beyond belief. Must admit, I'm getting a slight taste for wine now...not sure if that's a good thing." I said with a laugh.

"A bit of wine now and again is perfectly fine. Just don't turn into a certain Ponyville resident and you'll be fine." I knew exactly who she was talking about. "I have something for you." She summoned a small package, tied with multicoloured bow. "It is something that should be have given to you a long time ago."

Confused by her words, I undid the bow and opened up the box. Inside lay a small scroll. I unrolled it and began to read. "The words upon this scroll when spoken will......what, really?" I asked in shock. She nodded. "Will teleport 'Owen the Human' to Canterlot Castle."

"I thought it would save you spending all of your bits on train journeys. This verbal spell will only work for you and no-one else. If you speak the words again, it'll teleport you back to your home."

Words couldn't describe how thoughtful and generous this gift was. I walked forward and gave Celestia the biggest hug I could muster. "Thank you so much. This is so amazing."

"You're welcome. Now you and Luna can see each other more often."

"Yeah...speaking of which." I turned around to see she was nowhere to be seen. "Where'd she go?"

"Maybe she went to her chambers. If I know my sister, after a fancy meal and wine, she'd relax in her chambers for the rest of the night." Celestia explained.

"Makes sense. I'll go up there then. Thanks again for this." I began to walk away.

"Goodnight Owen. Love the suit." I turned my head back round and smiled at her. I walked out of the throne room and started to ascend the spiralling staircase towards Luna's chambers. Reaching the top, I spotted the night guard, stationed outside Luna's doors.

"Did Luna come in here?" I ask

"Yes Sir. Please go on in."

"Thank you. Have a good night." He opened the doors for me and I walked through, closing them afterwards. I couldn't see her anywhere and it was dead quiet. "Luna? You in here?"

"I'll just be a minute!" I heard her call from the en suite. I sat myself down on the bed and kicked my shoes off. "I'm just washing up. I hope you don't mind but I'm a little tired so I may go to bed."

"It's no problem. I feel a little tired as well."

"I won't be too long. Why don't you undress and keep the bed warm?" she said. I could hear the smile in her voice.

"Will do." I took off my suit and folded it up, placing it on the cabinet. I undressed down to my boxers and climbed into the bed, ushering myself under the covers.


That sounded like a painful groan. "Luna, you alright?"

"It's...it's fine. I'm just taking off my shoes and caught my hoof on an edge." she said, sounding strained.

I got out of bed and went towards the door. "You sure? Let me see." I put my hand on the door handle.

"NO!" I instantly withdrew my hand. "It's alright...in fact, just sit down on the bed. I'll come out and show you in a second."

"Well...alright, if you're sure." I sat on the edge of the bed. "You sure you're OK? You sound like you're in pain."

"I'm OK." I heard her place something down. "Are you sitting down?"


The en suite door opened slowly. "Good. Because I have to show you something..." The door opened fully to reveal Luna...but not as I knew her. "Here's your real surprise."

"..." I was too shocked to say anything. The only thing that was getting a response out of this was in my boxers. Luna was wearing a French maid outfit...a very tight one. The skirt end just fit above her tail where a wonderful view of her rear was in plain sight. She also sported a matching hat, replacing her crown. "Luna..."

"Yes...Owen?" she said, slowly moving towards me and showing off her lucious curves and beautiful body. "Does this..." She turned around and backed her rear close to my face. "...please you?"

I gulped heavily as I saw that she was wearing panties as well. They hugged her backside and made it look...wonderful. I had to fight the urge to just take her right there. "Y-yes...this..." I raised my hand and rested it on her rear, squeezing her cheeks softly. "This pleases me...so much."

"Good..." She turned to face me and used her magic to levitate me onto the bed. Laying me down, she crawled over and lay on top of me, purposefully making sure to make me as pleasured as possible. I put my arms around her and latched onto her lips, kissing her passionately.

I broke the kiss and stared into her eyes. "You look so amazingly beautiful..." I couldn't believe I was about to do this...but I did. I raised my hand and slapped her rear, hard. "...and damn sexy."

She leant down and kissed me hard again. Releasing the lip lock, she dreamily looked into my eyes. "Happy Birthday my love."

"Oh...it is now."

Author's Note:

And that's how close I will ever get to writing clop. I've never written clop before so that ending scene will probably be shit. I don't intend to write clop in the future......but I bloody love reading it xD

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