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Good Things Come - Sweet Tale

Human x Luna story - Teen rated.

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48. First Day Of School

Have you ever had a moment in your life when you just freeze on the spot and have no idea what to do? Well imagine that...now imagine 10 sets of eyes staring at you. Can you see it? Now imagine trying to stop crapping yourself...quite literally!

I stood before the class alongside Cheerilee. The children were looking at me rather expectantly and Cheerilee was staying silent. Shifting my view back and forth between the students and the teacher, I knew they were waiting for me to say something. So, gathering up what little courage I had left, I cleared my throat and opened my mouth to speak.



PRAISE THE LORD! I glanced at Cheerilee who nodded at me. "I'll just be two minutes. The Princess wants to speak with me." I began to walk out of the room with the beeping gem when one certain remark caught me off guard.

"As if. No way would the Princess talk to him."

Diamond Tiara...who else. Shaking my head, I walked out of the classroom door and tapped the gem. "You just saved my backside."

"Was it in any trouble?" she asked, laughing. "How is it going?"

"Just about to start. I made a complete idiot of myself and stayed up all night reading up on the Elements."


"I know, I know. It was...I was really interested. And to be honest, it did help clear my head." There was a moment of silence before I thought of a good way to start the day. "Hey...are you free for a couple of minutes?"

"I am. Why?"

"Because there's this filly in the class..."

After conversing with Luna, I turned the gem off and walked back into the classroom. "Sorry about that." I said to Cheerilee. I leant down and whispered something in her ear which she gracefully smiled at. I got back up and turned towards the class, excited at what was about to happen. "Right then. Good morning to you all. My name is Owen but I'm sure you all knew that. I hope we'll get on well with one another. And there is one more person I want you to say hello to. Any second..."


"...now." I tapped the gem and held it up. "Hello?"

"Hello?" The children all looked a little shocked as they heard a voice coming from the gem. "Is anypony there?"

"Yes, I'm here." This was going too well. "Now, I know who you are but...would you like to greet the class?"

"Indeed I shall. Good morning to Miss Cheerilee's class in Ponyville. And especially to a Miss Diamond Tiara." Said filly's mouth dropped as the voice spoke to her.

"Now class. Does anyone here know who this is?" I saw a show of hooves go in the air, followed by a few excited grunts. "Ummm...Sweetie Belle." I chose at random.

"That's Princess Luna!" she happily exclaimed. Diamond could not have looked more shocked right now. "See Diamond! I told you, you were wrong!"

"Please Sweetie Belle. It is rude to gloat." Luna said with a slight giggle, causing Sweetie to turn back to the front of the room. "Are you all ready to learn class?" A few collected 'Yeah's' were the response but this isn't what me and Luna were looking for.

"I don't think she heard you. Come on class, are you ready to learn?!" I said in a higher volume.


"Then learn well my subjects. Farewell!"

With that, the gem stopped working and I let it fall back to it's original place. "Well then, that's my introduction. All that's left to do now is for Miss Cheerilee to start the day." I sat down on a custom made chair next to the flipchart and began to watch, listen and take in what Cheerilee was teaching.

It was now Midday. Cheerilee had called lunchtime and all of the young'uns escaped from their educational prison the moment she mentioned it. She asked me to keep watch outside whilst she prepared for the afternoon's lesson.

The morning had not gone too badly. As Cheerilee mentioned, every week there is at least one day where Cutie Marks are on the agenda - and today was that day. Most of the talking was left to the purple coloured teacher as she explained how cutie marks are discovered, what they mean and so on. At first I was a bit nervous to actually do anything but my role today was assistant, not teacher. If there was a problem, I helped out with it.

One of these problems was a small yellowish-gray Pegasus who had trouble hearing what Cheerilee was saying. Squatting down next to the young colt, I repeated whatever he missed out and made sure that he understood what she was saying.

Another problem was from the upper-class filly who had a rather large surprise earlier from my fiancé. The talk of Cutie Mark gave her a perfect excuse to pick on the crusaders. Of course, Cheerilee heard the four arguing and silenced them so thankfully I didn't have to deal with it.

"Look Silver Spoon. It's the Cutie Mark losers!"

Or so I thought. Glancing over to the swingset area, I saw the crusaders glaring angrily at the approaching devious duo. I kept my distance first so that I could give the group a chance to sort it out between themselves. Thinking back to my school years, that's all that ever happened - wait for the first push or shove and then step in to stop it before it gets worse.

"You better not say anything else Diamond..." Scootaloo angrily said through clenched teeth.

"Oooh...the blank flank doesn't like us. Whatever shall we do?" Silver Spoon retorted, sharing a laugh with Diamond. God, these girls were mean.

"We'll get our Cutie Marks one day. Just because we don't have them doesn't mean we'll never get them. Right Apple Bloom?" Sweetie added. She was damn right.

"Yeah! Ah know we'll get our Cutie Marks soon, just you wait an' see!" she shouted, getting right into Diamond's face.

I just knew what was coming next. Get in real close to someone and shout in their face, what's the first thing they do? Push. Push hard. Which is exactly what Diamond did. Apple Bloom fell onto her rump as she received a harsh shove in the chest from the bully.

"Time to take the initiative." I mentally said. I walked over to the group just before the crusaders could retaliate. Apple Bloom had gotten to her hooves and had a look that could kill a man at fifty paces. "Hey, hey, hey! Would you all please stop arguing?" I stood between the crusaders and the bullies who were trying to glare at each other through the space in my legs.

"They started it!" the crusaders shouted in unison, raising a hoof and pointing it towards them.

"No we didn't! Those brutes attacked me!" Diamond retorted, pointing her own hoof towards the trio.

"Did not!" quipped Sweetie.

"Did too!" replied Silver.



"That's enough!" I said in raised tones. The five of them all backed down. I noticed that the rest of the class had now stopped what they were doing and were watching this event unfold. I looked down at the crusaders and remained neutral. I did the same with the two bullies. "Right then. I saw what happened and heard what has said. You two and you three will stay away from each other for the rest of the lunch break."


"No buts. Now go on." The group around me dispersed and went their separate ways. The students who were not involved started murmuring in their own little groups about what just happened as the crusaders and the bullies stayed well away from each other. I returned to my original position and watched over the playground as the atmosphere returned to normal.

"Excuse me, Owen?" I heard Cheerilee call from inside the building.

I walked inside and saw her with a concerned look. "What's up?"

"Is everything alright out there? I heard shouting."

"It's all good now. Just some arguing between some of the kids."

"Diamond Tiara, Silver Spoon, Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo?" she grumbled, rolling her eyes. I nodded slowly, stunned how she knew that. "It happens a lot. Every time it's always about Cutie Marks."

"I couldn't let it go any further. Normally I would let them argue it out and then they'd go on their way but it was when Diamond shoved Apple Bloom--"

"Wait." she interrupted. "Diamond actually pushed Apple Bloom?"

"Yeah she did but I have to say she was provoked...even if she did start the problem in the first place." I rubbed my temples in frustration. "If you want my opinion on this, I say that we both talk to the five of them after school and leave punishment out of it. They probably know they're in trouble already."

Cheerilee tilted her head sideways at me. "How did you decide on that?"

"What, on what to do?"

"Yes. You certainly know the right path to choose. I'm just wondering how you thought of it."

I rubbed the back of my head. "Well, to be perfectly honest, when I was in school, that is what would have happened to me. If anyone ever picked on me and I retaliated, it nearly always resulted in a talk after school hours. If it was worse, maybe detention."

"Then that is what we will do - talk to them after class." Cheerilee walked back to her desk and I turned to walk back to the playground. "Oh, one second! I almost forgot. This afternoon's plan."

"Ah right." I returned to her desk and took a seat. "What's the agenda?"

"I hope you don't mind me asking but...I was going to have a one hour segment about you." she said with a smile.

"Me?" I was a little confused.

"Well, seeing as you have vast knowledge of your world that next to nopony knows, I thought we could have a little question and answer session. Just so the students can know a little bit more about your world."

I sighed softly. "As much as I like the idea, I have to warn you. Not everything about my world is exactly...good. There is a lot of bad."

"As in this one. Surely you've heard about Discord and Nightmare Moon." I nodded. "Along with Manticores, Diamond Dogs, Tartarus, Hydras--"

"Yeah, I get it." I said, chuckling. "Alright, I'll do it. Just bear with me on some bits, my knowledge on certain things isn't exactly great."

"It'll be fine. I'll make sure that the children stay clear of any sensitive issues. Just raise your hand or something." She walked past me and out into the playground. "Come inside class! Break time is finished." I heard her call.

"What, now?!" I call out to her.

"If that's alright." she replied, walking back in with a line of colts and fillies behind her. "Is it?"

"Umm..." I watched as the children all returned to their desks and began staring at the front of the class. "I guess so...ehehe..."

"Good afternoon class." Cheerilee began. "For a change, we are going to have a talk with your new teacher. Owen is more than willing to answer any questions about the world he came from is anypony has any questions." Cheerilee turned to me and nodded, giving me the signal to start choosing who can ask me questions.

I looked at the class - all of them had a hoof raised. Scanning the class, I chose a random pony and I really can't believe I chose her. "Silver Spoon. What is your question?"

"Do you have a Cutie Mark?" she asks.

"Uhh...no. No I don't."

"So you're a blank flank?" Diamond adds with a devilish smirk.

"Diamond Tiara!" Cheerilee calls out.

"No, no, it's alright." I turned to the two fillies and thought of a more...interesting answer. "I won't be able to get a Cutie Mark because I'm not a pony. But I will tell you something that I could have had done back on Earth. You were able to get these illustrations marked on your skin called Tattoos. But that is as far as anyone like me can go to get a Cutie Mark."

A multitude of colours shot into the air as hooves were raised once again. "Erm...Apple Bloom."

"What was your school like?"

Cheerilee looked at me worryingly to which I shook my head. "I'm sorry Apple Bloom but Owen can't answer that question as it's not nice to talk about." Apple Bloom looked a little downtrodden but nodded slowly. "Do you have another question?"

"Um...OH! What was your hometown like?" she asked with a huge smile.

"Ohhh, now that I CAN answer. I'll tell you all about it." I took a seat on Cheerilee's desk. "I came from a town called Portsmouth. It was...hang on." I went to the blackboard board and picked up a piece of chalk. Using my miniscule artistic skill, I drew a quick outline of the UK.

"Alright. I'll give you a little lesson. This area here is called the United Kingdom or UK for short." The kids started writing down notes. At least they were learning. "The UK is split into four different countries." I drew lines on the map, separating the countries. Tapping to each one, I named them all and wrote their names down. "This one is Northern Ireland. This one is Scotland. This one is Wales. And this one here is England, which is where I am from."

Cheerilee was also writing down notes as I spoke. "I'll give you some names of cities from England. The capital city is called London, which is here." I drew a mark on the board. I started drawing various marks on the board. "This is Manchester. This is Newcastle. This here is Oxford. And right down here..." I made a tiny dot at the bottom of the UK, right on the coast. "...this is Portsmouth."

"What was it like?" asked Sweetie Belle.

"It was an average city. A lot of buildings and the whole place was over-populated - had about 400,000 people. There were the bad parts of the city and the good parts. Throughout my time there, I lived in both good and bad places. But the best place I lived was on the seafront, over looking the beach." I smiled as I remembered my old place. "It was beautiful. The beach stretched for about five miles. And just over the sea was an island called the Isle Of Wight. I remember evenings where the sun would set and the sea would turn this amazing shade of orange. I spent many nights sitting outside watching the sun set."

"It does sound beautiful." Cheerilee added.

"It was. I just wish I got a picture to show you of it." I looked out to the class. "Anyone else?"

For the next hour or so, I was asked a variety of questions by the class. Some were about Earth, some were about my life here...and one was about my feet. Bit strange but...I answered.

From 2:30 to 3PM, it was the kids' own study sessions. They were allowed to study by themselves or in groups. Mine and Cheerilee's job was to supervise and keep an eye on the kids as they talked amongst themselves. From time to time, Cheerilee would walk around the room and ask the students if they were alright and if they needed any help.

Seeing as I was still sat down, I decided to follow suit. I walked up a table to find Twist reading '101 Ways To Boost Your Confidence'. I left her alone to her reading and glanced over at another group who made me frown. The devious duo, Tiara and Spoon, were reading a book about Cutie Marks right next to Apple Bloom.

I approached the pair and leant down to their eye level. "Come on girls. Please go and read that somewhere else." They both gave a huff, closed the book and walked over another table. I looked over at Apple Bloom who smiled at me. "You alright?"

"Ah'm fine. Thanks." She turned back to her fellow crusaders. "Come on Sweetie Belle, you can do it!"

"I'm...trying..." she muttered.

"What are you--"

"SSHH!" Scootaloo said, holding a hoof to her lips.

Watching the unicorn, I noticed she had her eyes closed and was grunting softly. I looked at the book that was open - it was about magic, specifically levitation. On top of the book was a quill laying motionless. "Ohh..." I muttered. I watched with anticipation as Sweetie tried her best to levitate the quill.

"I...can't..." Sweetie grumbled. Her horn sparked a couple of times before she let out a loud breath, panting rapidly. "I couldn't do it..."

Scootaloo and Apple Bloom placed a hoof on their friend's shoulders. "That's OK Sweetie Belle. You'll try again another time and Ah know you'll get it right!"

"Thanks...I...I know I will." she responded between catching her breaths.

"Sweetie, maybe you should rest for a bit. You need to get your breath back." I said with concern. "Just don't try to practice any more magic for now, alright?"

"OK..." she replied, rubbing her eyes. The crusaders all started talking about Cutie Marks again so I left them to it. Walking back to the front of the class, Cheerilee looked a little concerned. "Something wrong?"

"I saw what Sweetie was trying to do. She's been trying so hard to get her magic to work but every time she tries, it ends up like that."

"I'm sure she'll get there. That book they're reading looked quite informative." I said.

"Oh I know...it's just most unicorns can use a little bit of magic at Sweetie's age. You only need the smallest amount of magic to levitate something like a quill." She looked at the clock, cleared her throat and stood up. "OK class. That's all for today! Make sure to tidy your desks and remember to take everything with you."

"The smallest amount of magic?"

The students all quickly returned the school supplies to their rightful places and began to pack up their belongings. Before long, the door opened and the kids all filed out wishing Cheerilee and myself a good day.

"Well then, that turned out better than I hoped. Apart from that altercation at lunch..." I slapped my head as I forgot to keep those five behind to talk to them.

"Never mind." Cheerilee answered, giggling. "We'll talk to them tomorrow. I have to thank you for giving all your best. How did you find it?"

"Fun. Really fun actually." I wasn't lying - today was very enjoyable and I did learn a lot about how to speak in front of a group. "I'm looking forward tomorrow!"

"I'm so glad!" Cheerilee picked up her saddlebags and hung it over her back. "See you tomorrow at 9?"

"Sure thing. I'll just pick up my stuff and I'll be out in a bit." Cheerilee walked out of the schoolhouse and I was alone. I returned to the table where the crusaders were sitting. The bookcase behind the table was where my sought item lay. Scanning the various books, I found the one I was after and shoved it into my bag. Lugging the bag over my shoulder, I exited the schoolhouse and closed the door.

Something that Cheerilee said made me really think. Walking back home in the afternoon sun, my thoughts were only leading to one place and one place only. "What if I could..." It was a stupid thought but it was one that was not going away.

I reached my home in the Apple farm and opened the door. The musky air inside my home greeted my nostrils as I entered my humble abode. Closing the door, I grabbed myself a cool drink from my fridge and sat down at my table. Reaching into my bag, I pulled out the school book and set it down. Opening to the correct page, I took another swig of my drink and started to read.

Whilst I was reading, I started to think if this was a good idea. I mean, Luna and Twilight both said that I will always have a tiny bit of magic in me as most of it is siphoned out of the ring. But it was when Cheerilee said that it only needs the smallest amount of magic...maybe, just maybe I could pull it off.

I read the chapter that Sweetie was reading and made sure to read every word. After making sure I knew exactly what to do, I chose a battery as the test subject. Setting the battery down, I moved my chair away from the table and sat down, focusing on the metallic object.

"Right...breathe in..." I did so. "...and out. Focus...drown out everything around you. Focus your magic into your horn..." I shook my head and laughed. "Into your ring. Guide the magic into..." This sounded awfully familiar to what Twilight instructed me to do when I was in hospital. Remembering what she said also, I closed my eyes and held my hand out.

I breathed slowly as all I focused on was directing the magic into my hand. My arm felt tingly as I felt the magic coursing through it. It was nowhere near as bad as before as it was only a small amount but it still felt damn weird. The ring on my finger began to feel slightly warm as the magic was directed.

Opening my eyes, I looked at the battery which was still motionless. "Come on, come on..." I whispered. "Please..." I breathed long, slow breaths, keeping my focus on the battery at all times. "This is it...come on..." I could feel the magic building. "Come on...yes...this is gonna work..." The release was coming. Any second now...


"DAMN IT!" I lost my focus and tapped the beeping gem below me. Of all the times she had to call. "Hey honey. How are--"

"Owen, I've may have done something bad!" she shouted at me.

"Whoa, calm down! What's wrong?" I asked.

"It's...I...I didn't mean for it to happen I swear!" she frantically exclaimed at me.

"LUNA!" I got no response...hopefully she had stopped panicking. "Now...calmly...tell me what's wrong? I'm sure it's nothing."

"This isn't nothing. I was sorting my mane in the mirror when--"

"You didn't break a brush again did you?" I said with a laugh. The last time this happened...wow...she lost it.

"THIS IS NO LAUGHING MATTER!" OK, she was pissed again. "Whilst I was brushing my mane with my brush, a maid bumped into me and made me jump." She gasped a few times. "It made me accidentally use a spell."

"Oh? What spell?"

"An invisibility spell was reversed..."

"Invisibility spell? On what...." The gears turned. Surely she didn't mean... "Luna...what became visible?" I knew the answer but I had to be sure.

"The ring." God damn it. "And the news has spread fast. I don't know how but...nearly everypony knows."

"Oh god...well...what do you think's gonna happen now?"

"If I know any better, there'll be journalists knocking--"


"Oh no..."


"It's them! You have to run!" She sounded terrified for my safety.

"Alright, alright. Look, I'm sure it'll be fine. All they'll want is answers to some of their mindless drivel and they'll be on their way."

"But you can't! Canterlot journalists are--"

"Horrible ponies who print lies. I'll talk to them but I won't say much. Just...give me a bit of time and I'll call you back, alright?" I waited for a response but I got none. "Luna...I'll be fine."

"...alright. Please be careful."

"I will. Call you back soon, OK love?" I ended the communication and set the gem down. Getting up from my chair, I moved towards the door and prepared myself. "Right, let's get these bastards out of the way." I quickly returned to the table to pick up my drink. Setting it back down, I noticed something odd - the battery had moved two inches to the left.

"No way...it...it couldn't have..."

Author's Note:


Yeah, calm down, I know what I'm doing. Believe me, it'll be worth it. And I admit this to you here and now, THIS IS NOT PERMANENT.

Wow...biggest delay I have ever bestowed upon you. Writer's block hit me bad but I'm back on track now. Should be more frequent with updates now.

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