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Good Things Come - Sweet Tale

Human x Luna story - Teen rated.

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28. Slander! Lies!

Chowing down on my morning meal, I laughed to myself observing Twilight rushing around the library cleaning anything and everything. Ever since I told her yesterday that Celestia was visiting, she took it upon herself to do a thorough clean of her home.

"You sure you don't want any help?" I ask.

Twilight stopped mid-step and turned her head to face me. "NO!...I mean, no thank you. I have everything under control. All I have to do is dust the bookshelves, re-organize the section on Equestrian History, I have to move the--"

"Hey, whoa there." I said, standing up and walking over to the frantic unicorn. I knelt down so that I was eye-to-eye with her. "Celestia just coming to visit, she's not doing an inspection. She knows how hard you study and I'm pretty sure she knows how messy a student's work area can get." I put my hand on her shoulder. "Just calm down for me, OK? If you want to clean, then I'm not gonna stop you but you don't need to be so frantic about it, alright?"

Twilight breathed in and out heavily and shook her head a little. "OK...it's just I always get nervous when Celestia wants to visit me. It's always something really important."

"Well, to be honest Twilight, it's not you she's coming to see. It's me."

Twilight's eyes widened as she gazed at me. "The Princess is coming here NOT to visit me?" she asked.

"Well the letter said she has come across a spell which be of use to me. That's why she's coming."

"Oh...OK." Twilight huffed to herself and continued her cleaning. Something bugged me about her reaction but I was sure that she would perk up once her mentor arrives here.

I finished my breakfast and washed the plate up. I started helping Twilight clean before a distinct noise caught my attention. It was like a small beeping noise.

"Ah, that's the gem. I'll be back in a minute." I quickly darted upstairs and into my room, picking up the noisy jewel and tapping it twice. "Hey you. Thought you'd be asleep by now."



"I need to talk to you. Face to face. I will be arriving with my sister this afternoon."

"Uhh...sure. What's with--"

The talk was cut off as the gem stopped communicating. I tapped the gem twice to re-establish the contact. No reply. I set the gem back on the counter and wondered what just happened.

"I don't get it. She sounded angry. With me maybe?" I pondered, tapping the counter with my fingers to concentrate. Shaking my head, I put the gem necklace around my neck and went back downstairs to see Twilight had sat down, stopping her OCD cleaning.

"Something wrong?"

My facial expression could clearly show I was confused. "Yeah. Luna said she wanted to talk to me in person and she said she's coming this afternoon with Celestia. And she sounded a bit...angry. Then before I could respond, she cut the communication."

"Did you do anything to anger her?"

"Not that I can..." I smacked my head as it dawned on me. "The quill. Damn it."

"Are you going to give it back?" Twilight asked.

"Yeah I will. It's been two weeks so it's been long enough." I looked at the clock on the wall and examined the time. "Giving it's only eleven, they won't be here for another couple of hours so I'm gonna go for a walk. Do you need anything from the market?"

"If you could pick up some tomatoes, that'd be a great help."

"Tomatoes, right." I put on my shoes and coat and walked out of the library into the warm Spring morning. I made my way into the town. But something seemed off. Many of the ponies were giving me a harsh glare as I walked past them. I waved hello to some of them but they simply turned their noses up at me.

Soon enough, I came into the market which was heaving with ponies. Walking through, many conversations dulled when I was in close proximity. Something was wrong and I had a hunch it was something to do with me.

"...how could he do that to the Princess?"

"Just like any other stallion."

That piqued my interest. I turned my head to the two ponies in conversation who quickly shut up as they noticed me looking at them. "What are you two talking about?" I said to them. They both stayed silent and continued to stare at me. "Come on. Why are you talking about me?" I turned around to view all the other ponies. "Why is everyone avoiding me?"

The ponies remained silent and started to walk away. I shook my head in disbelief at the situation, just what the hell was going on? I walked up to the tomato vendor and smiled at him. "Good morning. Can I have a dozen tomatoes, please."

The stallion huffed at me before reaching into his basket and pulling out the tomatoes, setting them down on the counter with a little force. I put the correct amount of bits on the counter and he took them quickly, still glaring at me.

"Thank you." I said, gathering up my produce.

"You're a disgrace."


The stallion turned around and remained silent. That was it. This was starting to really piss me off. "Alright! Just what have I done to make everyone angry at me? Just why--" I stopped mid-sentence as I caught sight of a butter-yellow pegasus staring at me with teary eyes. "Fluttershy, you OK?"

She quivered her lip before running off at a high speed. "Wait!" The ponies surrounding me tutted and I heard some of their remarks.


"How awful."

"I think she's quite pretty."

I didn't have a fucking clue what was going on so I quickly ran back to library, holding onto the red fruits as tight as I could. Why were they angry? Did I do something wrong? I reached the library and barged inside, slamming the door behind me.

"Excuse me! I do hope you know that...Owen?" I started pacing around the library. "What's wrong?"

"Have I done something illegal in the past two days?"

"Huh? What do you mean?" she asks in confusion.

"I went out. Ponies were avoiding me and talking about behind my back. Some of them called me disgraceful. Have I done anything that bad in the past few days?"

"No, of course not. Well, that I know of."

"See, this is confusing and worrying now. Luna said that she wants to talk to me face to face, she sounded angry and now ponies are avoiding me and bad-mouthing me. Even Fluttershy ran away from me! What the hell..." I said, slumping onto a cushion and sighing. Twilight walked over and sat down with me.

"Do you think this is about the quill?"

"The quill?" Could it? "I wouldn't think so. Would it really be that bad, that she'd tell every creature in Equestria about it?"

"You know Princess Luna's temper better than I. The question is, do YOU think she would make a big deal about it?"

I thought for a moment. I really didn't want to imagine that Luna would freak out over something like this but it does make sense. One of the ponies in town did say 'how could he do that to the Princess'. "I hope not...but it looks possible." I put my head in my hands. "Oh man...I've really made her angry."

Twilight set a hoof on my shoulder. "Come on now. I'm sure this is a big misunderstanding. When the Princesses get here later, talk to Luna alone and find out what the problem is. I'm certain it'll be alright."

I nodded slowly and tapped her hoof. "Sure. That's a good plan. I'll just..." I got up onto my feet. "...go and wait upstairs." I slowly walked upstairs and into my bedroom. Closing the door, I sat on the bed and pondered my thoughts.

'That quill.' I reached into my drawers and pulled out said quill. It was a dark blue, decorated with a feather the same colour as Luna's. 'Damn. Why did I take it? It was only a joke.'

The touching down of a chariot alerted me from my seated state. I hadn't moved in the whole time I spent up here. I gulped and rose to my feet as I heard a conversation downstairs.

"Princess Celestia! Princess Luna! It's so good to see you both."

"My faithful student, hello to you to. How have you been?"

Well, she was down there. Bracing myself for whatever the Princesses had to throw at me, I walked towards the door and put my hand on the handle. My legs started to shake as my nervousness grew. I swallowed my fear and opened the door.

"You. A word. Now."

Luna pushed me back into my room and slammed the door behind me. "L-Luna! I'm sorry I hid your quill. Here!" I picked it up and held it out to her. "Please take it back. It was only a joke!"

Luna took the quill with her magic but she still had a mad look on her face. "This is not what I wanted to talk about." She paced the room and turned away from me. "How could you?"

"As I said, it was only a joke. I was only getting you back for taking my I--"

"THIS IS NOT ABOUT THE QUILL!" she said in the Royal Canterlot voice, sending my body into a new shiver of fear. I walked back slowly.

"Then w-what? I don't know what I've done!" I replied back with volume, my lip quivering.

Luna's horn glowed and she summoned a newspaper. She threw it at my lap. "Does THAT look familiar?" she icily said.

I picked up the paper and looked at the front, examining the headline. "What the?!" I could not believe what I was seeing. On the front, in huge bold letters, it read 'Royal Courter: The New Mare' and showed a picture of me and Fluttershy from the other night. "How the?!" The image was misleading. The picture showed me sitting up in bed, without clothes on my top half, with my arm around Fluttershy who was looking up at me smiling with her eyes half closed. "Luna, this is not what it looks like!" Oh damn it, that fatal sentence. Why the hell did I say that?

"Then do tell!" she said, stomping her hoof. "Explain why you are in bed with one of the Elements!"

My eyes started to get teary as the situation hit me. "I got locked out of the library two nights ago, when that huge storm hit. She gave me a bed for the night." Luna's scowl didn't lower. "I was soaked through as I'd been out in the rain for about half an hour. Fluttershy ran a bath for me so I could get washed, she hung my clothes up to dry and she made her sofa into a bed for me. If you look there..." I pointed to where I was holding a mug. "...she made me a hot drink. She was only sitting next to me because she was scared of the storm. That's why I had my arm around her, so she wasn't scared."

Luna's glare softened slightly. "It still doesn't explain why she was looking at you like that."

"If I remember, that was when..." Then a sudden thought came to me. "Hey, wait a minute! Who took this picture?!"

"I will answer that when you answer my question. Why was she looking at you like that?" Luna repeated.

"Because I was telling her about how I was afraid of storms when I was younger. You know, I told you that one time. I was only trying to comfort her." My eye let out a stray tear and it rolled down my cheek. "Luna, I would NEVER cheat on you. Ever."

I reached my hand to stroke her cheek but she moved away and sighed. "There is only one way to determine if you are telling the truth. Come with me." She walked out of my bedroom and I followed suit. We came downstairs into the library foyer where Twilight and Celestia were waiting.

"Are you two OK?" Twilight asked.

"Sister." Luna said, completely ignoring Twilight's concern. "I will ask Owen some questions. Can you please use a spell to determine whether he is telling the truth or not." Celestia nodded and pointed her horn at me. "Owen, did you get locked out of the library two nights ago?"

"Yes." I answered. Celestia's horn glowed as her magic enveloped me. It stopped after a few seconds.

"Truth." she said.

Luna nodded. "Next. Did you spend the night at the Element of Kindness' home because she offered you a bed for the night?"

"Yes." Another glow.


Luna's eyes became watery. "N-next question. Did you engage in any form of mature activities with the Element of Kindess?"

"NO!" I shouted. Another glow.

"Truth again."

Luna began to smile. "L-last question." She sniffed loudly. "Have you ever cheated on me?"

"How can you even ask that question? I have never cheated on you and I never will." One last glow.

Celestia nuzzled her sister. "Honest truth dear sister."

Luna practically launched herself at me and wrapped me in a hug, sending me to the floor. She started planting kisses on me. "I'm *kiss* so so *kiss* sorry! Can you *kiss* forgive me?" she said through tears.

I reached up with my hand and wiped her tears away with my thumb. "I can always forgive you. No matter what." We remained on the floor in an embrace. "You may have to do something for me though."

"What's that?"

"Tell the entire town that I didn't cheat on you. They all hate me at the moment."

"Why those.." Luna said through gritted teeth. She got to her hooves and made her way for the door. "I'll teach them to--"

"Luna stop!" She froze and turned back to me. "They didn't know. For all they knew, it was true. All I need is for you and me to go and talk to them."

Luna nodded and opened the door. "Owen, could you come here please?" I did so and walked up to where Luna was standing. In front of the library was what looked like the entire population of the town. As soon as they saw me, the barrage began.



"Banish him!"

"QUIET!" Bloody hell, she's got a right set of lungs on her. "Citizens of Ponyville. I have been made aware that you treated my courter with disrespect following what was printed in the Canterlot Chronicle. My sister and I have performed truth dectection spells on my courter and the truth was revealed. The printing is a lie!"

Gasps were heard all around the crowd.

"I told you!" a pony shouted.

I looked over the crowd to see a pink mane bobbing up and down. "Fluttershy? Is that you?" I called out. The pink mane approached and the crowd parted to reveal said pony. "Is that why you ran off earlier?"

"I saw the paper...it was terrible..." she quietly said.

I walked up to her and knelt down to her level. I reached forward and hugged her. "I'm sorry I put you in this mess. Everything's sorted now. It's all good."


"Citizens of Ponyville!" Celestia said loudly. "Please return to your daily duties. And please treat Princess Luna's courter with the same respect you would give us." The ponies all bowed at her words before walking/galloping away.

Breathing a sigh of relief, I looked at Luna who gave me a mean look and punched me in the arm. "OW! What was that for?"

"That was for taking my quill." she said with a smile.

"OK, fair enough." I thought about the newspaper. "Actually Fluttershy, did you see any photographers yesterday?"


"See, that confuses me. That picture was taken during the storm which means someone must have following and watching me."

"We will investigate this matter. As for now, my sister wishes to speak with you." Luna said.

"If that's all then I'll be on my way...if that's alright with you..."

"Course it is Fluttershy! Once again, sorry about all that and thanks again for putting me up." Fluttershy smiled at me, bowed to Luna then retreated from the library. Me and Luna walked back in, shutting the door behind us. "Phew! I'm glad that's sorted. I've never seen you so angry." I said to Luna.

"Yes well, the implications on the newspaper were quite strong. I'm glad that we resolved it and found the truth. And believe me." She took my hand with her hoof. "We will find whoever took that picture."

"I'm glad." I looked at Celestia who was smiling at me. "So, you had a spell you wanted to inform me of?"

"You are correct. Please sit." I sat on a cushion in front of Celestia, who in turn sat in front of me. She looked at Luna and Twilight and motioned for them to sit as well, which they did. "The spell I have become aware of could be of great use to you."

"In what way?" I ask.

"Say, you are outside. Far from your home and you need something from it. This spell will allow you to teleport an item from your home to yourself, no matter how far away you are."

"Wow! That could have been useful the other night." I said, rolling my eyes. "But, how can I do it? I don't have magic."

"Well yes, that is a drawback. But if you are with a unicorn, they can perform it on you." Celestia explained.

"Alright, that sounds really useful. Shall we try it?"

"That is why I am here. But we will do it away from the library." Celestia said, getting to her hooves.

"Right, how's this gonna work?" I ask.

We had walked north for about three minutes until we were in an open space. I couldn't see the library anymore so this must have been far enough.

"I will conjure the spell on you and all you need to do is think of something from home that you need. Something small." Celestia asked.

"Something small from home, OK."

Celestia lowered her horn to me. "Are you ready? This may feel a bit strange."

"Strange? How so?"

"When this spell had been used before, the ponies it was cast upon mentioned slight dizziness and nausea. But this spell has never been used on a human before so I do not know how it will affect you."

"Great. Well, let's hope I don't puke. Go for it." I replied, giving a nod.

Celestia's horn glowed yellow and it enveloped me. I did what she instructed and thought about something from home.

'Home...home...something from home...home...'

As she had said, I started to feel dizzy and my stomach started doing loop-de-loops. I looked up to see her horn had stopped glowing. I looked in my hand for anything that might have appeared.

"Nothing." I glumly said.

Celestia tapped her hoof with her chin. "Shall we try again?" she said, lowering her horn again.

"No thank you. I think if you do that again, I'll either pass out or throw up. We can try again another time."

"I am sorry Owen. I thought that would have worked."

"No need to apologise. Thanks for trying. And hey, it might work another time." I offer, trying to lift her spirits. It seems to work as a much needed smile appears on her face.

We walked back towards the library to retire for the day. I must admit that Celestia's got some decent spells. I mean, this one would have been great to use if I ever needed something when I spent a night with Luna.

Approaching the library, an unfamiliar noise started sounding. Almost like a stampede of animals. We all turned to see masses of ponies running towards Sweet Apple Acres. One of these ponies was a small filly who was familiar.

"Hey, Scootaloo!" I called out. She stopped in her tracks and turned to see me.

"Hey Owen! Did you hear?"

"Hear what? Is there a huge sale on at the acres?"

Scootaloo scoffed and laughed at me. "No! Something's appeared near our clubhouse. Something big! We're all going to see what it is!" She returned to following the other ponies.

"Something big has appeared?" I turned to the three beside me. "Any ideas?"

"I think it would be best if we all went. If it starts to get out of control, the Princesses' prescence will calm everypony down." Twilight stated.

"I agree. Let's go." Luna replied. We took off after the galloping ponies, following the path towards the acres and also, the CMC's clubhouse.

"I sure hope it hasn't destroyed that clubhouse! I've already destroyed and rebuilt it!" I shouted over the sound of the galloping hooves. Soon enough, we came across a huge crowd of ponies who were surround something huge. A large, cream coloured, rectangular...thing. "What is that?" I say to myself.

"Look, it's the Princesses!" a pony shouted causing everyone else to turn and bow to the approaching royalty.

"Please stand back my little ponies. We will investigate this object." Celestia walked in front of us and motioned for us to follow. Following her, the ponies remained bowed but their eyes were following wherever we went.

Getting closer, the object was much bigger than it looked. At least eight or nine feet tall and twenty foot long and wide. "Can I look closer?" I asked Celestia, to which she nodded. I approached it and looked over the object. Walking around, something caught my eye - a gap. I approached it and observed it. It wasn't what I was expecting.

"Hey, come round here!" The two sisters and Twilight came to me and spotted what I was looking at. "A window. The curtain's are closed though...wait..." I looked on the windowsill to spot something familiar...very familiar. "Is that a..." I ran around the other side of the object, and saw something else familiar. "Oh my goodness..."

The three ponies approached where I was and looked at what I had seen. "It's a door. 7A? What does that mean?" Twilight wondered. My jaw hung open at what lay before me. "Owen!"

"Wait right here. Don't let anyone touch that." I ran away from the object. Many shouts of 'Wait!' were heard but I ignored them all. I ran faster than I ever could, dodging still approaching ponies. The library was in sight so I sped up. "Oh my god. If this is real then...AHH! Oh my god!" I said in a fan-boy tone.

Reaching the library, I swung the front door open and saw that a pony was inside, reading a book. "Don't mind me!" I shouted at the pony, before running upstairs to my bedroom. I searched my drawers until I came across the item I was searching for and descended the stairs again.

"I was wondering if I could check this--"

"Blue book! On the counter! Sign your name! Gotta go!"

I knew it was rude but in fact, THIS was something extraordinary. Running back towards the clubhouse area, I started to get a stitch in my side. "Oh come on! Not now!" I ignored the pain and continued running. I soon reached the crowd of ponies, which had at least tripled in size since I left and started to push my way through.

"Excuse me. Pardon me. Stand aside please! Excuse me!"

Soon enough, I reached the Princesses who were still guarding the object, not letting anyone touch it. I leant down to catch my breath. "Owen? What did you run away for?" Twilight asked.

"I...I had to...give me a second here." I coughed loudly a few times and got my breath back. "Right, rememeber when I crashed here and destroyed the clubhouse? You found my Ipod here right?" Twilight nodded. "Before the rubble was taken away, I searched through it to see if anything else was there. And sure enough, there was." I held up the retrieved item. "These. I had these on me when I was transported here."

"Keys? Why do you need them?" Luna asked.

"Don't you see? What do you see here?" I ask.

"A door."

"Right! A door with 7A on it. Look at this!" I held up my bunch of keys which had keyrings on it. "What does this one say?"

Luna squinted her eyes and read the writing. "Owen - 7A."

I walked up to the door and put my key in the lock. Turning the lock, I heard it click. "Wait here. Don't follow me a second." I opened up the door and walked inside, shutting the door behind me. I walked through the darkness and reached the window, opening the curtain. The window let in the light and it illuminated the room. Smiling at what this was, I laughed. I laughed with joy. I walked back towards the door, smiling still and opened it and walked back out.

"I think that spell worked."

"It did?" said a bemused Celestia.

"This here, this object is something from my world." I pushed the door open wide and walked inside again. "Follow me." They did so, slowly and walked in behind me.

"What is this place?" Luna asked, looking at the room.

"I don't know how but...this..." I put my arm around Luna. "This is my home."

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