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Good Things Come - Sweet Tale

Human x Luna story - Teen rated.

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36. Addiction

"Video games? You mean that...that err...eggs case you mentioned?"

I couldn't help but laugh at that. "Oh Spike, that was close enough. It's called an Xbox 360. That's one of the consoles I own. I've got quite a few more." I opened up the door to see that the weather team decided to make tonight a wet one. "You two alright running?"

Twilight levitated Spike onto her back. "It'll be no problem." She quickly bolted past me and out of the door. "Last one there's a rotten manticore!" she shouted back.

"Oh it's on!" I quickly shut the library door and began to run after the duo. The rain was coming down hard and I was quickly soaked. Running after the purple pair, I managed to catch up, ever so slightly to within about a meter of them. Twilight and Spike were both laughing as we all sped through the downpour and at me getting all muddy...damn dirt paths.

My house was in sight. I tried my best to kick it up a notch but my legs said no. Before long, Twilight and Spike had reached my home and turned around, looking smug and relishing in their victory. "Tough luck Owen!" Spike called out to me.

I slowed down to a brisk walking pace and eventually reached my home. "Good...good job...you two." I said through ragged breaths. Reaching my hand into my soaking wet pocket, I pulled out my key and opened the door. "Go on, you two first." Twilight and Spike entered my house but as I was just about to walk through, a certain speck of bright colour caught my vision.

I looked to the right and noticed something bright purple. I knew exactly who it was as the colour was in the clubhouse. "I'll be back in a second." I said to Twilight and Spike. I walked over to the clubhouse and stood outside the entrance. "Scootaloo? You in there?"

"Right here!" she replied, poking her head out of the window.

"An' me!"

"Me too!"

I wiped the rain of my forehead as it started to obscure my vision. "What are you three doing up there? Shouldn't you be at home?"

"We're waitin' for this darn rain ta stop! Then we're fittin' to run home!" Apple Bloom shouted back over the sound of the rain.

"I don't want to run in the rain. Neither does Sweetie Belle!" Scootaloo shouted.

"Yeah!" confirmed the small unicorn.

I knew I couldn't leave them out here. I made my way up the ramp and poked my head into their clubhouse. "Listen girls, you stay here any longer and you might catch something. It's not healthy to stay out in the rain so long." The three fillies all shared worried looks. "Why don't you come with me? Twilight and Spike are visiting and it's nice and warm in my house."

"But what about AJ? She'll be mad at me for not comin' back." Apple Bloom replied with a hint of worry at what her elder sibling might say to her.

"Don't worry about it. To be honest, she'd thank me for looking after you. Now come on! Come inside before you get sick." I ordered. I descended the ramp and ran for my door which was left ajar. Looking back, I saw the three fillies running towards me. They all quickly ran inside, I followed and shut the door behind me.

"Apple Bloom? Sweetie Belle? Scootaloo? What are you doing here?" asked a confused Twilight.

"I found them in the clubhouse, shielding from the rain. I thought I'd give them a warm place to stay for now." I looked down to see the three fillies were pretty wet, even though it was a twenty second run. "I'll just get you some towels." I quickly went to my bedroom and picked up five towels. Giving them to Twilight, Spike and the fillies, they started to dry themselves off. "I'll just go and get changed."

After getting changed, I came back out to see the five of them patiently waiting for me. "Right then, time for a little fun. I was having a thought about what's best to play, giving that you haven't got fingers like me. Spike'll be fine, but I'm not sure about you four."

"What are we doing?" asked Sweetie.

"I thought I'd introduce video games to Twilight and Spike. But seeing as you three are now here, I might as well show you as well." I went into one of my treasure chests (a container with my consoles in it) and picked out my oldest console, setting it down on the floor in front of them. I then pulled out a small TV (one of those old blocky ones from the 80's) and set it on the table.

"This wonderful machine right here is called an Atari 2600. It was kind of one of the first video game consoles ever made and it was made in 1977 - way before our time." I pulled out the leads and connected it to my TV using some weird convertor boxes that were only needed for this machine. I plugged in a controller and handed it to Spike. "Here ya go Spike, you can go first. Let me just find a game...and...a-ha!" I picked up a classic and plugged it in.

"So...what do I do with this?" Spike asked, holding the Atari controller with his hands, moving the joystick back and forth.

"You move the joystick left and right and press the red button to fire your weapon. Seriously, you're gonna love this game." I turned the TV on and set it to the right channel. "Once I flick this switch, the game will start. Just watch the screen and play. You ready?" Spike nodded. I flicked the switch to on and the game started.

Spike looked in awe at the screen before him. "Uhh..." He looked at the controller before him and moved the joystick to the left which made the ship move to the left. "Wow!" Suddenly, an armada approached. A large group of ships rained down upon the solitary player and started to fire. "What do I need to do?" Spike asked.

"Move your ship left and right to dodge the fire from the aliens and press the button to fire your weapon at them. And you have to be quick!" I explained.

"Quick! Got it!" Spike pressed the button and managed to destroy a ship on his first go. "I got one!"

"Nice one. Now, keep firing!"

Spike immediately went back to firing at the ships. The three fillies and Twilight's gaze never faltered from the TV screen. "Pretty good, eh?" I said to them.

"This is amazing. What do you call this?" Twilight asked.

"This is called Space Invaders. It's one of the most legendary and historic games to have ever been made." I looked over at the crusaders who had not stopped staring at how Spike was playing. "Enjoying the view there girls?"

"It's so cool!" Scootaloo replied happily.

I chuckled and looked back up at the screen. "Yeah it is pretty cool. Do you three want to play?" They all gasped and nodded in return. "Alright. I tell you what." I went back to the chest and pulled out the rest of my Atari games. "These are all the games that will work for the that console. I only have one controller so you'll have to take turns. But when Spike is finished, decide who plays what and share nicely, OK?"

"Sure!" the three of them replied.

"Good. Having fun there Spike?"

Spike kept gasping and shouting at the screen. "I can't hit that purple one at the top!"

"Keep trying, you'll get it!" I turned back to Twilight. "Follow me." I led her to my bedroom and sat down on a chair - Twilight taking a seat on the other one. "That should keep them occupied for hours. But I think you deserve something more advanced than that. So..." I gestured towards my bigger TV that was situated on a chest of drawers at the end of my bed. "I'll put on a more recent console for you."

"How much more advanced is it?" Twilight asked.

"Well it--" I turned back around to see she had a quill and parchment held with her magic. "Seriously? You're taking notes now?" I said, bemused.

"This is all very interesting. I'd like to take down as much information you have about these consoles." she explained.

I sighed and sat back down on the chair. "I know some history of the video game industry. Do you want a backstory?" She nodded. "Well, I'll start from 1985. That's when the new generation of video games consoles came into being...

"...and so Atari dropped out of the console market altogether due to the failure of the Jaguar. This meant that Nintendo and Sega had the..."

"...so now the Playstation 2, Xbox and Gamecube were the three main consoles. There were also handheld Nintendo's called a Game Boy Advance..."

"...which means that the older generations get phased out and discontinued. So to summarise, what he have left now are the Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Wii, Nintendo DS and the PSP. And I can guarantee there's probably more by now."

Finishing my tale, I looked on the floor to see Twilight had accumulated over ten full parchments, all full of information. I looked at the clock which read 9:15. "Wow, I must have spent ages talking."

"Not really, only thirty minutes." Twilight replied.

"Huh...fair enough. Anyway." I turned my TV on and sat back down. "Say Twilight. You see that black box there? Press the silver circle on it."

Twilight cocked her head but walked over anyway and pressed the button which beeped at her touch, making her jump. "Did I break it?" she asked with worry.

I patted the chair next to me and she came and sat down. "Just watch..." The Xbox 360 logo soon came up. I glanced over at Twilight whose jaw hung open. And that's only the logo...oh boy." I held up the controller and showed it to her. "Now, these are more designed for human hands but I was thinking, can you use your magic to hold it properly?"

She took the controller out of my hand and held it in front of her. Brighter tendrils of magic acted as fingers and reached out to test the buttons. "Like this?" she smugly asked.

"Yeah, like that." The game I wanted to show her was already in the machine. "Now, you see that human there? The one's that called Owen?" She nodded. "Press the A button." She did so and it logged me in. "Now, move the left stick...that one...over to the bit where it says 'Play The Orange Box' and press A."

Twilight pressed the correct buttons and the game began to load. The Orange Box screen soon came up. 'Welcome! Welcome to City 17.'

"Right, now go to Portal. And click A." She did so and Portal loaded up.

"This looks so amazing. So in thirty years, humans managed to create lifelike situations in games?" I nodded, smiling proudly. Trust Twilight to listen to my history lesson.

"OK, now click new game." The game began to load. "OK, you get this voice talking to you. Just listen to what she says and the game will show you the controls. You feel up to it?"

"Of course." she stated. "I will master this game."

I got to my feet and walked out of the room. "I'm sure you will..." I mumbled. I walked back into my living room to see Sweetie playing Pitfall. Every time the character jumped on the vine and made the Tarzan noise, all flour of them laughed at it. "Hey guys, having fun?" A chorus of 'hmm' and 'huh' was all I got in return. "Just like a teenager." I mumbled.


I had now moved them onto a newer console - The Mega Drive. Apple Bloom was currently engrossed in playing Sonic 2 and was repeatedly trying to beat the Casino Night boss.

"Come on Apple Bloom! Just hit him!" Spike commanded.

"Ah'm tryin'!"

It was funny watching them play something that I could easily brisk through. I wouldn't do that to them though, it'd make them feel terrible.

"Owen, I'm finished." came the voice of Twilight from the bedroom. I got up and walked into my room.

"Oh sweet, so how far did you..." I stopped talking as I saw the credits. "You finished it?! And it only took you..." I glanced at the clock. "Just under 2 hours...unbelievable. Did you enjoy it though?"

Twilight smiled. "Oh yes! It was very enjoyable. Although, I have some questions. For one, why was that computer angry?"

"Oh, you mean GLaDOS? You kind of get clues in the game. Basically, she's a computer and she's gone mad. There is a sequel to this game but I think I'll let you play that another time." We both made our way back to the other room. "Come on guys, time to go home now. It's 11PM now."

"Awww...can we play a little longer?" Sweetie pleaded. She gave me one of those puppy-dog eyes looks. There was no chance that was going to make me crack.

"Nope. Besides, Rarity's probably going crazy over where you are Sweetie. Apple Bloom, I'm sure AJ is wondering where you've got to and Scootaloo..." I looked down at the filly and noticed she wasn't awake. "Scootaloo?" I nudged her slightly. No movement, only soft breathing. "It is late, no wonder she fell asleep." I walked to the door and opened it up, looking outside. "Still raining but it's not as bad as earlier."

"Ah can run home from here." Apple Bloom stated before walking past me. "Thanks for the games. Goodnight!" she called back.

"I can escort you home Sweetie." Twilight looked at me. "But I don't know where Scootaloo lives. Do you?"

"I do." Sweetie said. "She lives in a house on the other side of town."

"Near the club area?" I asked. Sweetie nodded. "Oh man...that's a long way." I rubbed my head and tried to think of a solution. "Twilight, if you take Sweetie home, that'd be a great help. I'll let Scootaloo stay here for the night."

"You sure you can look after her?"

"No problem. Besides, she's asleep. I'll get her some blankets and she'll be fine."

Twilight looked unsure but nodded. "OK. Thank you for the fun evening and goodnight."

"Yeah, goodnight. Goodnight you two." I said to Spike and Sweetie. They returned the greetings before I shut the door quietly. I checked on the orange filly who was still asleep. I quietly went to my room to get a spare set of duvets and pillows. They were giant in comparison to what Scootaloo would sleep on but I wanted to make her as comfortable as possible.

Setting the duvets on the floor, I folded them once so one side could be lay on and the other to use as a cover. Once I set up the duvet and pillow correctly, I slowly but surely picked up the little pony and lay her onto the duvet. Not once did she mumble, move or awaken which was a relief. I made sure she was covered before retiring to my room. Remembering it was a Sunday, I made note to set my alarm early so I could get her home before she goes to school.

"Goodnight Scootaloo."





I flailed my arms wildly to turn off the dream-shattering noise polluter. The clock read 6:30AM...way too early to be awake but I had someone to look after this morning. Getting out of bed, I stretched and groaned. I quickly threw on some clothes and made my way to the living room to see Scootaloo was still asleep and had not moved an inch.

I quietly approached the sleeping filly and leant down so I was close to her. "Scootaloo? Come on, wake up." The filly shuffled slightly but didn't awaken. Right, gotta step up a level. I placed my hand on her side and shook her slightly. "Scootaloo, you've got to go to school."

"Nyuh...five more minutes..." she groaned.

Nearly there. "No, now!" I said loudly. Her eyes immidiately opened. She rubbed her eyes with her hoof and yawned. It wasn't long before she noticed me.

"Hng...Owen? What are you doing in my..." She drifted off as she realised she wasn't in her home. "Where am I?!" she shouted with worry.

"Hey, whoa, calm down. You're in my home. I let you come in yesterday because of the rain, remember?" She looked skeptical at first but then nodded. "But you fell asleep by the time everyone finished. And it was still raining so I gave you a bed for the night. Sweetie told me that you lived on the other side of town and it was too late to walk you home." I explained. "I hope that was alright."

"Um...yeah." She shot her head up and gasped. "Oh no! Aunt Cherry doesn't know where I am! We've got to back to my house, right now!"

She began to dash for the door but I managed to grab her quickly. "Whoa, stop a second. I'm sure she'll be fine. Anyway, you can't go back yet as you haven't had breakfast. When we've eaten, I'll take you home and then you can wash and prepare for school. How's that sound?" The orange filly hesitantly nodded and sat back down on the duvet. "What do you fancy for breakfast? I can make toast or pancakes? I've got cereal?"

"Some pancakes would be awesome!" she cheerily said.

I responded with a salute. "One order of pancakes, coming right up!" This got a giggle from her which is what I secretly craved. After preparing some pancakes, I set them on the table. Scootaloo quickly caught the whiff of the sweet smelling breakfast and jumped up onto the table. Normally, you'd scold someone for sitting on the table, right? Well not mine - it's too tall!

After consuming our breakfast, we set off towards Scootaloo's home. On the way, we got into conversation about what she's learning at school, what the crusaders are planning and how she enjoyed the games last night. All were positive conversations although somehow they all related to Rainbow Dash in the end. I thought it was nice to see such a huge fan of the rainbow-streaked mare.

About an hour later, we came across a small house, just on the outskirts of Ponyville. A quaint little place. "So this is where you live, huh? It's nice."

"Yeah...it is..."

"You OK?"

"It's just what Aunt Cherry will say. She gets worried when I don't tell her when I'll be back or where I've gone." Scootaloo solemly said.

"Hey now, don't worry. I'll explain everything. Just leave the talking to me if it gets heated." I calmly said. I knocked on the door three times. "Although, you never said. What's your Aunt's full name?"

"Cherry Spice."


The door opened to reveal said pony, dark red in colour with a yellow mane. She looked visibly relieved when she noticed Scootaloo.

"Scootaloo, there you are! You've stayed out for a long time before but not all night! What were you thinking?" she berated the child.

"But Aunt Cherry, it was raining and--"

Scootaloo was interrupted by Cherry. "Nevertheless, you should have found someone to inform me that you weren't coming home. What if something had happened to you?"

"Actually Cherry, that's kind of my fault as well." She turned to me and stared. "Last night, her and her two friends were staying in their clubhouse to avoid the rain. I found them and took them inside to, you know, stop them from getting ill. We waited until the rain died down but by then, she'd fallen asleep so I gave her a bed for the night. I'm sorry I couldn't bring her back but it was quite late."

Cherry sighed and approached me. She put a hoof on my shoulder. "Thanks Owen. I appreciate it." She seemed to have calmed down and she was smiling.

"It's no problem. We've had breakfast and I said she could prepare for school when she came back so she hasn't washed or anything." I explained.

Cherry turned her head back to Scootaloo. "Go on then, go and get ready for school." she said with a bigger smile. Scootaloo walked inside and my attention turned back to Cherry. "Won't you come inside? I can make a nice tea."

"Umm...yeah that'd be nice, thanks." I entered the home and found myself a seat to sit on. A little small but hey, I was a big guy. "Nice place you've got here."

"Thanks!" Cherry called from the kitchen. "You can thank Scootaloo's father for that!"

It was then that I remembered that I never asked Scootaloo about her parents. To be perfectly honest, I hadn't even seen them before, let alone know Cherry was her Aunt. Cherry came back in, levitating two mugs of tea, which I took one of. I then decided to try and get some information.

"You never told me you had a niece." I said.

Cherry took a sip of her tea. "She's not my niece really. I'm not even her Aunt."

"Then...why does she call you Aunt Cherry?"

She sighed and set her mug down. "Because that's what she's grown up knowing me as. It happened when she was very young. Her father joined the Royal Guards and moved away from home. This of course, left Scootaloo in the care of her mother. Over time, her mother started to fail at certain...aspects of parenting. It seemed the stress of being a single parent was too much and she suffered a nervous breakdown."

"Oh no..." I mumbled.

"I had known her mother for many years. So when the doctors told me that she would be ill for a long time, they needed somepony to look after Scootaloo. That somepony is me."

"Ohhh...I get it." Cherry looked quite upset at the memories of Scootaloo's mother. "Hey...for all it's worth, you'd make a great Aunt. And you have. Just look at what you've raised."

Cherry sniffed and looked up at me. "Thanks...nopony's ever said that to me before."

I smiled and gave her a reassuring tap on her shoulder. "So...when was the last time she saw her father?"

"About a year ago. He got promoted which minimized his time off."

"Oh right. Wait...if she lives with you, then who looks after her when you work at the club?"

"This town does have foalsitters you know." she replied with a laugh.

Our conversation was cut short by Scootaloo descending the stairs. "I'm ready now." she gleefully said. Seeing that Cherry was still a bit down, I took the initiative.

"Come on you, I'll walk you to school. Give your Aunt the morning off, eh?" I looked at Cherry and winked who smiled in return.

"OK! Bye Aunt Cherry!" Scootaloo said to Cherry. We were quickly out of the door and on our way to Cheerilee's schoolhouse. "What were you and Aunt talking about?"

"Oh umm...I was telling her what you did last night. She's very interested." I lied. This conversation carried on until we got to the schoolhouse. "OK, you have a good day now."

"I sure will. Oh hey Apple Bloom!" She ran off towards her fellow crusader and they started chatting away. I was about to start making my way back home before I saw their teacher. Thinking again about an idea I had at Scootaloo's home, I approached the teacher. "Miss Cheerilee?

The purple mare turned around and smiled. "Good morning Owen. How are you this morning?"

"I'm very well thanks but I need to ask you something." I leant down and whispered into her ear. "You see, I've got this idea that I can..." I told her the rest of my plan. Finishing, she gasped at what I suggested and began nodding.

"Oh Owen. That's a fantastic idea. I fully approve of it!" Cheerilee says, smiling vigourously.

"Brilliant. That's just what I needed to hear. I'll be on my way then. See ya." I began my trek back to my house. On the way, I picked up some fresh produce from AJ, who was out bright and early on her apple stall. Getting inside, I located my gem and tapped it twice. A voice soon answered.

"You're up early. Something happen?"

"No, nothing happened. I helped out a filly in Ponyville and took her to school, that's all. Anyway, good morning dear."

"Good morning to you as well my love.

"I thought I'd just catch you before you go to bed. I need to ask you for a favour. It could be you or Celestia that does it but I would really appreciate it if it could be done."

"Of course. What is it that you need?"

"Well...I need to ask for..."

It was the following morning. I was waiting at Ponyville train station for the express from Canterlot. Luna and Celestia were more than happy to grant me my request and I was now waiting for that 'request' to arrive. It was around 10AM so the day was getting warmer but my god was it cold now!

Before I could complain further, I heard the shrill whistle of the train approaching. Stopping with a hiss of steam, I saw the pony I was after and approached him. "Hey, are you Scarlet?"

The crimson maned pony approached me and smiled. "I sure am! I just want to say thank you for this."

"Hey it's no problem. The idea came to me and...let's not waste time here. Come on, we've got to be somewhere. Oh by the way, thanks for wearing that. I'm sure it'll work." We began our walk through Ponyville. During our walk, the passers-by became skeptical of the visitor that I was walking with and became rather...spacious.

Soon enough, we came across the schoolhouse. I looked down at the pony. "You ready for this?"

He breathed heavily. "I think so...no...I know I am." he defiantely said.

"Good. Now, wait outside the classroom, but just in earshot OK?" We entered the schoolhouse and approached the classroom door. The pony waited to the side and I knocked on the door.

"Come in!" I heard Cheerilee say. I entered the room and soon, a dozen pairs of eyes were on me. "Ah Owen, thank you for coming." She turned to the class. "Class, we have a special guest visiting us today so please turn your attention to Owen here." She winked and sat back down at her desk.

"Thanks Miss Cheerilee. Right, good morning to you all. I first want to thank Miss Cheerilee again for giving me this opportunity. Now, I bet you're wondering why I'm here."

"Probably nothing..." someone mumbled.

"I'm sorry?"

"I said it was probably nothing." a more determined pony stated.

"Diamond Tiara!" Cheerilee scolded.

"No, no. Let it slide. I suppose you're right Diamond, it is nothing. Nothing from me anyway. No, I have another visitor with me who is the real reason for class stopping. This visitor has come all the way from Canterlot to visit. After hearing a story from one of my friends yesterday, I came up with a plan. A plan to make somebody's day magical."

I walked over to the side of a certain pony's desk and knelt down. "That somebody...is you Scootaloo"

"Me? Why me?" she asked nervously.

I stood up and walked back to the front of the class. I cleared my throat and took deep breaths as I knew this was going to be hard. "Lieutenant Scarlet Ripple?" I called out.

The door opened and the armor-clad pony walked in. A gasp was heard from a certain desk. "D-Daddy?"

"Scootaloo! My princess!"


The orange filly leapt out of her seat and ran towards her father who discarded his helmet and embraced his daughter. Tears freely flowed from both the father and daughter, Cheerliee and myself. The scene before us was like one you'd find in a tear-jerker movie. Scootaloo sobbed into her father's shoulder as the class cheered for the reunion.

Cheerliee tapped me on the side. "You've done something amazing, you know that?" she said through sniffs.

I wiped my eyes and smiled at the family below me. "Yeah...yeah I-I have..." I quietly said, letting another tear fall. "I'll just...be outside. Closing the door, I could still hear Scootaloo's sobs, along with a few from her father. I wiped my eyes again as my emotions ran wild. I didn't know what caused me to do such a thing but it felt right to do so. And now I'm feeling the consequence. Is it sadness? Is it shock? No. It's joy...pure joy.

I decided to leave the school and venture off into the town on a search of something to do. Even thinking about what I just did was making me tear up again. It wasn't long before someone noticed.

"Are you alright?"

I wiped my eyes again and looked at the pony before me. "Yeah. It's just...I just did something huge..." Another tear fell from eye.

A tissue was levitated to me which I gladly took. "Come on darling, let us talk over some tea." I was led away by the fashionista's hoof.

Author's Note:

Oh man...I've never got teary-eyed at writing something before but THAT...well there's a first time for everything, right? I recently saw a picture on DeviantArt which inspired me to write this chapter. Hope you enjoy it...I know I sure did.

If you want to see the picture, please go to this link. Credit to THAT1ANDONLY.

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