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Good Things Come - Sweet Tale

Human x Luna story - Teen rated.

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42. Isolation

"Is there any change?"

"Not at the moment. His readings are still climbing and there's not sign of it slowing."

"Then I fear it may be worse than I imagine. Take him to Room 12 and please don't use--"

"Yes, we know Doctor. It will not be used."

There it was - a small speck of light in the distance. The only salvation in this world of nothing, this void space. It grew. Bigger and bigger. It got brighter and brighter. I reached out and tried to feel the light and it soon reached me.


My eyes opened ever so slowly and I managed to glance at my surroundings. A white, sterile room, devoid of anything. I looked over my body and saw I was completely naked save for a small cloth covering my privates. I tried to sit up but an wave of pain rushed to my head, causing me to lie back down.

"Ohh man..." My head felt like it had been run over by a steamroller, then punched by David Haye repeatedly. "Is...am I..." I swung one of my legs over the edge of the bed and then started to move the other.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you." a male voice sounded.

"Wha...who's that?" Swinging my leg back onto the bed, I looked around for the source of the voice but found none. "Hello?"

"Hello Owen. How are you feeling?"

"How am I feeling? Umm...headache-y I suppose. Where am I?" I asked.

"I would advise you to lie back down please. As for where you are, you are in Canterlot Medical Center."

I lay back down as the voice instructed. "Where are you? I can hear a voice but..." I rubbed my eyes. "I can't..."

"I am outside of the room, observing your actions. My name is Doctor Gear."

"Ob...observing me? Why? And why do I feel like shit?" I asked the doctor.

"For the past week, you have been isolated within that room due to an ongoing condition. We do not know what this condition is but somepony does who wishes to speak with you."

"...OK. Just...just let me..." I groaned as I rubbed my head which was still emitting pain. "W-who is it?" The sound of a microphone giving feedback was heard which did NOT help at all. "Jesus man, what the hell?"

"Hello Owen. Glad to see you awake." a female voice replied.

"Celestia...hey..." was all I could muster. The pain was sapping my strength away. "H...how are you?"

"I am fine but it is you we are worried about. I'm..." I swore I could hear her sniff a couple of times "I'm so sorry this has happened to you."

"Hey...what's...what's wrong? I'm the one is hospital here." I joked. This got a small laugh out of the solar princess. "Seriously...what's wrong with me?"

"When the doctors first examined you in Ponyville, they immediately thought of a brain aneurysm due to how my subjects explained your fall. As it was deemed a brain issue, you were transferred to Canterlot which is where you are now." I followed her so far. "It was there where the medical team found out it wasn't an aneurysm...it was something much worse."

I gulped loudly. "Much...worse? How can something be worse than that?! How can...hnnngg...." My shouting caused my head to hurt again.

"Please don't shout Owen, you are in such a volatile state as it is!" I heard her sigh heavily. "The reason for your collapse became apparent when some certain examinations were made. We checked many things before we checked your...your magic level."

"My what?" Surely I didn't hear her correctly. "Did you say magic?"

"That is correct. Ever since you arrived in this world, your body has been absorbing magic. These amounts were minute and your body was able to disappate it quickly. But now your body has been absorbing more and more magic and it can't deplete it fast enough. I believe I know the reason for this."

"Go on."

"Blood Owen. It's Luna's blood in your body." I let out a breathe I didn't know I was holding. "Allow me to explain. Remember when you asked me about any side effects you could gain from having Luna's blood in your body?"

I scratched my head. "Yeah...you said I might be able to sense mag...ohhh, is that it?"

"It is precisely that. As I said before, this has only ever happened once before. The pony in question could sense unicorns' magic. But with you, you have Alicorn blood in you which is highly infused with powerful magic. This is why your body is absorbing more magic than usual."

"So...let me get this straight. I'm absorbing loads of magic due to Luna's blood being in me?" Celestia hummed her response. "Suppose that's why I got those headaches when Twilight and Luna used their magic near me." I stayed silent for a minute before thinking of something else. "But that still doesn't explain why I passed out and why my head hurts so much."

"Your body took in so much magic that it couldn't take anymore. The magic in your body had nowhere to go and basically tried to push it's way out as you have no way of using magic."

"That's what the pain was..." I groggily said.

"Yes. And with everypony treating you, more and more magic started to flow into you which is why you are in this room, isolated."



"Yeah...I'm here. I'm just......so what happens now?" I asked.

"Unfortunately, nopony can use spells to cure this as it involves high levels of magic. I am sorry to say this but until we can figure out what to do, I am afraid you will be staying in this room under observation."

"What?!" Another wave of pain. "Seriously...I...hnnggg...I have to stay here? What about friends? Can I see them and Luna?"

"You may speak with them like I am now but you cannot see them. It's too much of a risk to your health. I'm sorry." I sighed heavily and placed my hands over my face. "I am so sorry Owen. But please know this, we are doing everything we can to find a solution to this."

"Alright..." I dejectedly said.

"I must return to the castle. I will inform Luna of your current condition. Rest easy.

I heard retreating hoofsteps. "Wait!"

"Yes?" she replied.

"This earth pony which had the same problem. What happened to him?" The only sound I got was shallow breathing and a couple of sniffs before more hoofsteps were heard. "Celestia?!" I got no response. Surely she didn't mean...


Author's Note:

Bit of a short one here but it gives you the gist of what's going on. And before you ask, I've had a lot of people saying stuff like 'I bet he's going to be turned into a unicorn' or 'Human with a horn!'.

I'd like to clarify here that THAT is never going to happen. I have nothing against that type of storyline but I don't want to include it in my story.

Anyway, enjoy! :pinkiehappy:

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