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Good Things Come - Sweet Tale

Human x Luna story - Teen rated.

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12. Identity Unknown

What would you do after being assaulted. Panic? Call the Police? Whinge and moan about it? Have nightmares? That would be normal procedure back home but here, it was different. I didn't do any of it. As soon as I put my head on the pillow, that was it, lights out.

The peaceful world of slumber was my domain. Pure bliss. Absolute silence. Apart from this annoying jabbing on my ribs.

'...-ou awake?'

Oh, leave me alone. I'm so comfortable...

'Owen? Are you awake?'

OK, you win Twilight. I'll check out of El Casa Slumber. I groggily shuffle in my bed and turn my head to Twilight. Opening my eyes slowly, my left eye emitted pain when I opened it.

"Hrng...damn, that hurts." I grumble.

"Sorry to wake you Owen but I want you to read this letter before I send it to the Princess."

"Letter?" Last night's actions return to me. "Oh...right. Let's have a look then."

Twilight levitated a piece of parchment with a note written upon it. I rub the sleep out of my eyes and focus my gaze on the letter.

Dear Princess Celestia,

I am compelled to inform you of an incident that occured last night in the library - Owen was attacked. At the current time, the assailant is unknown as he kept his face hidden during the attack. Owen is injured but recovering as it was not too severe. I fear for his safety staying in Ponyville as the attacker could strike again. Please reply as soon as possible with your best course of action.

Your faithful student,
Twilight Sparkle

"Is that enough information, do you think?" Twilight asks

"It's the basic details. I'm sure that Celestia will want more information when she asks for it."

"Very well. Spike!" Twilight rolled up the letter and sealed it; Spike entering the room behind her. "Please deliver this letter to Celestia using the emergency system." Spike quickly breathed a blue fire onto the letter and it disintegrated.

"Why did you burn it? I thought you wanted to send it." I asked, confused.

"That's how the Princess and myself communicate. Spike's breath can send the letter straight to the Princess' castle. Normally we would send it with a green flame but in an emergency, a blue flame is used to indicate a very important message."

I let out a few short sighs as the process was explained. "Magic...still surprises me."

Twilight and Spike exited my room as I got out of bed and got showered and dressed for the day. I caught a glance at my blood-stained suit and quickly looked away, trying to forget about last night. Looking in the mirror, the skin around my affected eye was red and swollen. The bridge of my nose was a mixture of red and purple. The skin on my stomach was bruised in a dark colour.

I walked downstairs and fixed myself some porridge for breakfast. Eating away, I looked up every now and then and caught Spike and Twilight staring at me, averting their gazes when I noticed them.

"Stop worrying about me. I'm fine." I glumly said.

"But your face. Shouldn't you--"

"I said I'm fine!" I retorted with frustration, causing Spike and Twilight to recoil at my outburst. I sighed heavily and looked at them again. "Sorry, I shouldn't have shouted at you. It's just...I'm just trying to forget last night, OK?"

Twilight and Spike both nodded and resumed eating their breakfast. Once the meal was finished, I contemplated on what I should do today.

"Hmm, there must be something I can do."

"Well uh..." Spike stammered a bit, trying to find his words. "You could um...go to the hospital and get some stuff for your face."

"Look, I'll be just--" A sudden pain from my eye cut me off. I raised my hand and touched the skin around it, causing pain to emit. "Actually, that's probably a good idea. Thanks." Spike grinned at me and went back to his shelf sorting. "I know the way to hospital." I walked towards the door and opened it, looking outside. "I'll be back in...a..." I slammed the door shut with much force.

"What's wrong?" Twilight worringly asked.

I just stared at the door, looking out of the little window that sat in the middle of it. "All that open space...he could still be out there...he could get me again!" I shakily said, starting to panic.

"OK, OK. Calm down, it'll be fine." Twilight said, putting a reassuring hoof in my hand. "Do you want me to come with you?" All I could do was nod rapidly. "Alright then. Just stay near me and you'll be fine."

Twilight opened the door and we walked out of the library into the morning sun. I never felt more aware of how much open space there was here. I stood as close as I could to Twilight as we walked through the town. Every unicorn we passed; I couldn't take my eyes off them. Anyone of them could be the attacker.

We eventually reached the hospital and walked up to the front desk where Nurse Redheart was filing some papers.

"Good morning. How can I help..." Redheart gasped as she saw the sight of me. "Owen! What happened to you?"

Not wanting to mention it, Twilight came up with a clever lie. "He fell down the stairs and landed on his face. As you can see, it has swollen quite a bit and we wanted something to help with it."

"Of course. Please come this way."

We both followed Redheart into a room out of sight of the reception area. I was asked to sit down for an examination, which I obliged to.

"Fluttershy examined me yesterday and said that there weren't any breakages. She also cleaned up a cut on my nose." I informed Redheart of.

"I see. I'll fetch a doctor quickly and have them examine you." Redheart exited the room as I was left with Twilight.

"Thanks Twilight. Falling down the stairs? I would have never thought of that."

"The amount of times it's happened, it's easy to remember.' she replied with a chuckle.

A knock at the door interrupted our conversation as a familiar pony entered the room.

"Well, well, well. Look who it is." he said with a smile.

"Oh, Doctor Stitch. Nice to see you again." I said, bumping his hoof. "I had a bit of an accident at home."

"I can see. Let me just examine you quickly."

Stitch began to look, poke and prod the affected areas of my face. He signalled me to lift up my shirt which revealled the bruised area. After a good 10 minutes, he came to a conclusion.

"Good news. Your injuries are minor, very easy to heal. I can use a healing spell for your eye and nose and they will heal immediately. For your bruising, I can't really help with that. I can only advise you to take it easy and not to put much strain on it. Should be right as rain within 2 days."

Stitch's horn lit up and shot at my face. The skin around my eye began to twitch, causing chills to run down my spine. My nose began to go numb as the skin around it was repaired. Soon after, the spell was stopped and Stitch held a mirror to my face. My eye and nose were back to normal.

"Thanks so much Doctor."

"Not a problem. You take care now." Stitch said before leaving the room. Twilight and I got up to leave and walked out of the examination room, through the reception and out of the doors.


Walking back through the town, I felt less nervous than I had earlier. Many ponies had greeted us and involved us in conversation, which I managed to contribute to, after many tries. Approaching the stretch of street leading to the library, we noticed a rather large group of ponies surrounding the library entrance.

"What's going on here?" I ponder.

Twilight gasps with excitement. "Maybe they all want to use the library! Oh, I've never had this many ponies at once before!" Twilight broke into a gallop as we approached the library but we both stopped as we saw the reason for all this commotion. Standing at the front door of the library was none other than-

"Princess Celestia!" Twilight exclaimed, running up to her mentor's side.

"Ah, Twilight, good to see you." She turned towards me with a stern look. "And you as well Owen. Can we talk inside?" The crowd dispersed as Twilight and I entered the library, locking the door behind us.

"I assume that you are here to talk about last night's events?" Twilight said.

"That is correct my student." Celestia turns to me. "Are you able to talk about it Owen?"

"I...I suppose. I've been trying to block it out all morning." I took a seat on one of the cushions with Twilight seated next to me. Celestia crouched down in front of us, levitating a quill and parchment.

"OK. Whenever you are ready, explain what happened." Celestia said very calmly.

I took a deep breath and looked down at the floor, trying to gain the courage to speak about it. I raised my head to meet Celestia's gaze and closed my eyes.

"We had all been out for a meal at the restaurant next to the town hall. After we finished, I forgot to bring the bag of bits that you gave me. I obtained a key from Twilight and walked back to the library, getting lost on the way. It must have been about 40 minutes later that I arrived at the library. I walked in and noticed a unicorn standing at the rear of the room...staring at me."

"And what did this unicorn do next?" Celestia questioned. I held my hands to my face and let out a large sigh.

"He...he blinded my vision. I tried to feel what it was - it felt like a bag. I then shouted at the unicorn, asking what he wanted. Then he..." I rubbed my temples. "He hit me, here." I lifted my shirt to show the bruising. "Twice he hit me. It hurt so much...I...I fell to the floor in pain. I tried to get up and get away, I tried! But he hit me again in the face, knocking me over."

Tears started to fall as I remembered the ordeal and the pain. Trying to hide my sobs, Twilight put one of her hooves around my shoulders, offering me a warm, hearty smile. Celestia noticed my sudden change in mood.

"Owen, I'm sorry for prying but I need to know as much as possible."

"I...I can't."

Celestia raised her hoof and put it on my hand, pulling it away from my face. "I know this is very upsetting and I know this is hard to talk about so I have an idea. Can I have your permission to use a memory spell on you?"

"What kind of memory spell?"

"It will allow me to see a certain time period through your eyes as you saw it. That way, I can see the rest of what happened last night. Is that alright for me to do?"

"But...OK...sure. Do it."

With that, Celestia lowered her horn to my head and it glowed. I watched as she closed her eyes and focused on her magic. Her face soon scrunched into shock.

'Must have worked then.'

Celestia's magic quickly stopped and she looked at me with solemn eyes.

"My goodness, that's horrible! So, it's somepony who knows about you and Lu--" Celestia held a hoof to her mouth and looked at Twilight worringly.

"It's alright Celestia. She already knows."

"Ah, OK then. It's somepony who knows about you and Luna. From what he said, it sounds like he's either jealous or scared of you. I couldn't see any features that stick out but I know he's a unicorn and he's white." Celestia then gasped and turned away from us. "It can't be, it just can't..." Twilight was quick to notice what Celestia had said.

"Princess! Do you know who it was?" she questioned.

Celestia turned round and faced us again. "I'm not sure. I have an suspicion but I can't be perfectly sure. If it his who I think it is...it just doesn't sound like him at all." Celestia looked worried before looking at my face in confusion. "Wait, if he attacked your face, where are your injuries?"

"Ah. Well that was the doctor who fixed me up. He used a healing spell on my eye and nose to restore them. The bruising on my stomach will go in a few days.

"I see. Now, about what you said in the letter. I understand that your safety is a concern but I can assure you that no more harm will come to you. I will deploy a team of guards to patrol Ponyville until I see fit. This attacker will be caught, I promise you."

"Thank you Celestia. I appreciate all of this."

With that, Celestia nodded to us both and exited the library into an awaiting chariot which flew away with haste. Twilight and I were left in the library, alone. She turns to me with an inquisitve look.

"So, got any other plans?"



*2 Days Later*

The past 2 days were pretty uneventful. Rarity had come round to take away the suit for cleaning and repairs. I finished the Daring Do novel, which was pretty damn awesome. Rainbow Dash had crashed into a library window and then challenged me to a hoof wrestling match...I lost. Twilight and I had many conversations about Earth and I treated Spike to a visit to Sugarcube Corner.

I decided to take a stroll around the town, hoping I can explore some parts I had yet to discover. I soon came across a darker coloured building, situated at least a good 50 meters away from any other building. Approaching it, I noticed that the windows were tinted either black or navy blue and the door has a banner over it. I slowly opened the door and walked inside.

The inside of the building looked like what I can only describe as 'Dubstep HQ'. The place was a club, a good looking one at that. Looking around, I noticed a bar, a dance floor and the mother of all turntables. The lights were dim and I could not see anyone inside. Memories of the party came back to me, remembering a certain unicorn.

"This must be Vinyl's place." I pondered out loud. "Hello? Anyone here?" I walked over to behind the turntable to see a hallway leading down next to the bar. I walked down it, looking at the doors as I walked past them.

"Bathroom...Cloakroom...Power Room...Wub Room?...Ah! Office." The door at the very end of the hallway is where I needed to go. Knocking on the door three times, I waited for a response. Nothing. I turned the doorknob and peeked inside.

"Hello? Hmm...no-one here. I'll just leave a note." I picked up a spare piece of parchment and a quill and jotted a note down.

To Vinyl

Popped round earlier to see if you were about but nobody was here. I'll come and visit again soon. If you want to come and see me, I'm staying at Twilight's library.

All the best,

My handwriting is not exactly above par, even with a quill but it was legible enough. I set the letter down and marvel at the amount of gold records the adorn the walls of the office.

"Wow, quite a collection."

"It is, isn't it?" a female voice responds. I turn around to find the source.

"AH! Who said tha--" I look at Vinyl - the white unicorn. "AHH GOOD GOD!" I screamed, jumping and falling backwards over her desk.

"Whoa! Are you alright?" Vinyl asks with worry. I look at her and calm myself down by remembering one key fact.

'It was a male. It's not Vinyl.' I get up off the floor and look sheepishly at the mess I created. "Ehehe...I'll clean this up." I began to pick up the quills and parchments and placing them back into neat piles before Vinyl levitated all the mess and sorted it immediately. "Well that saves a lot of time!" I joke.

"Oh yeah, couldn't live without magic!" she responds. "So, what brings you by?"

"Ah, well. Twilight mentioned that you were interested in my Ipod." I reached into my pocket and pulled out the device which Vinyl stared at intensely.

"Ahh yeah! I really wanted to see this! Can you show me how it works?"

I showed Vinyl the basics of how the Ipod worked. She was dumbfounded by the touch screen but soon got the hang of it after using her hoof a few times.

"So, what kind of music do you like Vinyl? I'm certain someone mentioned dubstep."

"Dubstep is awesome! Anything like that or club, dance or techno is pretty good."

"Hmm, I haven't got much music like that but I've got a few. My style of music is more rock & roll, pop and punk rock. I'll see if I can find some music for your tastes..."

I began scrolling through my song collection. I had about 2000 songs on my Ipod, with over half of them being from video games. I eventually came across this tune.

Then this.

And then this.

The whole time that the three tracks were playing, Vinyl paced up and down the room, bobbing her head to the beat. I couldn't help but join in. I swear, I looked like one of those bobble-head figures you see in cars. At the end of the third track, I showed Vinyl the playlist that those songs were in.

"If you go here, and press the playlist name, all those types of songs and music will be in there." I informed.

"This my friend, is amazing. I have a favour to ask."

"Which is?"

"Can I borrow this for a while? I've been trying to create some new beats for the club nights and I've been having some trouble." She lifted her glasses and narrowed her eyes at me. "But THIS! This will solve all my problems! Can I borrow it? Please?!"

I couldn't say no. After all, she referred to me as a friend and this will help her with her work.

"Sure you can. As long as you take care of it."

Vinyl practically launched herself at me and embraced me in a bone-crushing hug. "Thank you, thank you, thank you!"


"Oops, hehe...sorry." she said, releasing her vicegrip on me.

"No problem. Hey, I meant to ask. What on earth is the 'Wub Room' anyway?"

"That's my creation room. It's where I create and test new music before showing it to the paying folk."

"Oh right. Do you get a lot of ponies at your club nights?"

"Sure! Maximum limit is 150 and it's nearly full every night."

I scratched my chin in thought of what she just said. A busy club, lots of ponies and I have just helped her out big time. An idea occured to me.

"Say Vinyl. You wouldn't be able to do a favour for me would you?"

"Depends what it is." she answered, raising her eyebrow..

"I recently found out that I'm actually staying in Equestria, for the rest of my life."

"Oh, that sucks."

"Ahh, don't fret over it. It's just, I'll need to support myself from now on and I was wondering...as I helped you out...could you...give me a job here?" I asked with hesitation.

Vinyl focused her gaze on me. "You want to work here? Why?"

"Because I think working with you will be pretty awesome. Besides, I've always wanted to work somewhere like this but I've never had the opportunity."

"Hmm...do you know how to mix music?" I shook my head. "OK...what about serving drinks? Or being a bouncer?"

"I've never done any of those...not really suited for this am I?" I answered, hanging my head low.

"Oh, not at all. I can teach you!" Vinyl chimed.

"You will?!"

"Sure! It's Wednesday today so why don't you come here on Friday, around Midday and I'll give you the basics."

I leant down and decided to give Vinyl the equivalent of what she gave me a moment ago. "Thanks Vinyl. I really appreciate this." I release her and she chuckles at me.

"It's not a problem. Friends help each other out, right?"

"Right. Well then, I better be off. Twilight's probably wondering where I've got to."

"Sure dude. See ya soon!"


I exited the club and began my trek back through the town with a spring in my step. Many ponies greeted me as if I was one of their own. It felt nice to be recognised as a safe being. I reached the stretch of path which led to the library. Casually walking down it, I felt the breeze blow upon my face. A cool breeze on a hot summer's day. It was the perfect--




I barely managed to register what the danger was before it literally hit me. I was thumped to the ground by an unknown force, hitting me square in the back.

"Owww...my back..."

"Mister! I'm so sorry!"

I slowly dragged myself off the ground, turning around to see the perpetrator. A grey, blonde maned pegasus stood before with an extremely worried look on her face.

"Are you OK? I'm sorry for crashing into you! It's just I can't see too well and I--" I raised my hand to stop her voice before she started screaming at me. I noticed that her eyes were crossed. I better go easy on her.

"It's alright. No permanent damage." I held my hand out to her. "I'm Owen." She bumped my hand and her facial expression soon grew into pure happiness.

"I'm Ditzy, Ditzy Doo. Ponyville's resident mail-mare!" she exclaimed, showing off her saddlebags, stuffed to the brim with letters and parcels.

"Nice to meet you Ditzy. So, how did you end up cra--"

"My muffin sense is tingling! Bye!" Her left eye began to twitch and she immediately took the air faster than Rainbow Dash.

"I...er...bye then." I mumbled to the dust cloud hovering to where Ditzy once stood. I turned 180 and made my way back to the library.

'Muffin sense? Wait...Spider-Pony...Muffin-Mare? That'd be freaking hilarious!

Entering the library, Twilight and Spike both greeted me whilst re-arranging the books of the shelves. Judging my Spike's demeanour, this must have been at least the fourth re-shelving of the day.

"Hey Owen. How was your day?" Twilight asked.

"Pretty good. I got myself a job working at Vinyl's club!"

"Oh wow! Well done!"

"Thanks. I've got some training to attend on Friday so I'll see how it goes from there."

It was early evening so I decided to help prepare dinner for my house-mates. Looking around the kitchen properly, I saw that there was a stove with frying rings on top.

Looking through the cupboards, I found many vegetables to all of our liking. I also found some oriental ingredients, like you'd find on Earth. Ginger, soy sauce, even some chilli sauce.

"Hey Twilight. Where did you get these ingredients from? These are just like ingredients on Earth."

"Oh those? The Princess gave me them froma trip she took to an Eastern providence. We class them as Neighponese."

"Huh, we call them Chinese. So many subtle similarities..."

I went back to the kitchen and scoured the cupboards again for a meal I could cook up. A certain recipe came back to me, one I used to cook at home. I got out some cooking utensils. I pulled out some carrots, potatoes, tomatoes, onions, mushrooms and aubergine. That was the main veg out of the way. For the marinade, I got some garlic cloves, a small chunk of ginger, 2 small tomatoes, soy sauce, chilli sauce, some oil and some sugar.

I first got a large mixing bowl and set it down in front of me. I de-skinned the garlic and ginger and then crushed the cloves and grated the ginger - putting them in the bowl. I then chopped and ground the small tomatoes to make it into a puree, also putting it in the bowl. I then added 2 tablespoons of soy sauce, then 1 tablespoon of chilli sauce and oil. I then added a small amount of sugar to sweeten the chilli sauce. Mixing the marinade together produced a dark-red sauce.

I de-skinned the certain vegetables then chopped them all into small chunks. Adding them to the bowl, I mixed thoroughy until everything was coated evenly. I turned on the flames on one of the rings and set a large frying pan down, adding a splash of oil to it. When the pan was heated enough, I poured the entire load of the bowl into the pan and began frying it. The second the food touched the pan, an amazing concoction of oriental flavours wafted into the air, infiltrating my nostrils causing me to 'ahh'.

"Mmm...that smells incredible. What is it?" Twilight asks, trying to peer into the pan. I put my hands over her eyes to stop her from seeing.

"Uh, uh, uh! No peeking. Go and take a seat, it'll be ready soon."

Twilight pouted her bottom lip to try and guilt-trip me. I was having none of it. I pointed my finger out of the kitchen and she walked away with a 'hmph'.


See, told you.

After about 10 minutes of frying and stirring, the vegetables were starting to become soft and sticky with the marinade cooking into them. I turned off the stove and searched for three plates I evenly dished up the food onto the three plates and brought them out to Spike and Twilight with cutlery.

"What do you call this dish?" Spike asked, eyeing the dish curiously.

"Hmm...let's call it Sweet and Sticky Vegetables." OK, it wasn't the best but it was the only thing I could think of. "I used to cook this back home, one of my favourites."

Twilight and Spike each took a tentative bite and began to chew. At first, they didn't react, causing me to curse myself internally. They then turned to me with a look of wonder on their faces.

"Oh wow. This is amazing! It's so good!" Twilight cried, taking another mouthful.

"It sure is! Almost as good as my gems!" Spike added.

"I'm glad you like it. Seriously, I'm impressed that I could cook for both of you."

The meal was finished shortly after that and I took the plates away. Three empty plates, three full bellies. The hour was late so I quickly washed the plates and pans and dried them off. I bid goodnight to Twilight and Spike as I retired to my room, collapsing on the bed. Quickly undressing myself, I got under the covers and closed my eyes. I heard Twilight walk past my room as she went to bed.

Either we were all tired or I just invented the tranquilizer meal.







'Owen, wake up.'

"...huh?" I looked at the clock - 1:39 AM.

'Open the front door.'

That voice was defintely in my head. I closed my eyes again.

'You're not dreaming. Come downstairs and open the door.'

I opened my eyes again and sat up, trying to listen for the source of the voice.

"That voice...it sounded like...!"

I quickly got out of bed and walked downstairs to the front door. Unlocking it, I opened it fully, peeking outside.

"Hello?" I whispered. There was no-one there. Just as I was about to shut the door, a bright light shone in front of me and revealed a hidden creature. "What the...Luna?"

"I'm sorry for startling you. I had to remain hidden so nopony would see me."

"Oh right. Come in, come in." I responded, quickly ushering the moon princess inside. I turned on the light and Luna looked at me with worried eyes. "What's wrong?"

"Celestia told me you were attacked. I had to come and see you." Luna said, putting a hoof on my shoulder.

"I'm fine now. I've healed up and I'm fighting fit." I replied, holding her hoof with my hand. "Come here." I sat down on the cushion and pulled Luna down with me. She sat herself next to me with me putting an arm around her neck, stroking her twinkling mane. We both shared a silent stare before one of us broke it.

"Celestia told me something."

I swallowed hard as Luna said that. "Oh um...did she?"

Luna turns to face me with a smile. "Yes, she did. She told me that she talked to you. About...us."

"Yeah...we did."

"She told me how you felt about me, how you thought of me."

I nodded at her statement.

"I have to know. Is it true? Do you...love me?" she asks, leaning closer to me.

I had never been so nervous in my life. Never being in a relationship before, I didn't really know what to say. My mouth dried up as I tried to find the right words.

"I...I..." I thought back to that fateful night. The evening that changed everything. The talk with Luna, the kiss, sleeping with her. I marvelled in her beauty but couldn't find the courage to say it.

'SAY IT, GODDAMN IT!' my brain screamed at me.

I took my hand and placed it behind her head. I slowly leant forward and placed a kiss on her lips. Holding it there, I closed my eyes as my mind began to drift. Releasing the kiss, I tried to be as suave as possible.

"Does that answer your question?" I said with a smile.

"It does. But..."


"I need to hear you say it."

"OK. Princess Luna." I held her hoof in my hand. "I love you."

Luna threw her hooves around my neck and pulled me into a kiss. Pushing herself forward, I fell onto my back, taking Luna with me. We held the kiss for about 10 seconds before she broke it off and looked into my eyes.

"I love you too."

All I could do was smile. Smile at this beautiful creature in front of me. Luna rolled herself to my side and we put our arms/hooves around each other, embracing one another. I stroker the back of her mane as she circled her hoof on my back.

I don't know how long we lay there but it felt like hours. Neither of us said a word as we lay there, embraced with each other.

"I'm starting to get drowsy. I think I need to sleep." I said, groggily.

"Then sleep. I'll stay here with you." She kissed my head as I snuggled down onto the cushion and closed my eyes to try and sleep. A sudden thought came to me.

"Say, shouldn't you be at night court?"

"Pfft. Who cares?"

*A/N* Hey guys. This will be the last chapter for a while. For those of you who read my blog posts, you know why. For those who do not, I'm moving away for a month to care for a physically disabled student at his university campus. As this job will be literally 24/7, I will not get as much time to make new chapters for the story. I may be able to get a chapter out but it seems unlikely. I will return home in the beginning/middle of October. See you in a month!

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