• Published 31st Jul 2012
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Good Things Come - Sweet Tale

Human x Luna story - Teen rated.

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13. A Day of Leisure, Luxury & Truth



1. Supreme happiness; utter joy or contentment: wedded bliss.

2. Theology . The joy of heaven.

3. Archaic . a cause of great joy or happiness.

4. The state of which I am in right now!


Up...and down. Up...and down. Up...and...

The gentle rocking of my head ceased. The rhythm that was keeping me in the land of nod stopped and I instantly woke up, slowly opening my eyes to the view of the library. The first object in my field of vision was of a visibly shocked unicorn who was holding my head up with one of her hooves.

"Hey...why'd you wake me?" I asked, sitting up. Twilight pointed to the 'pillow' that I had been using. "Oh right. She came to visit last night, around two-ish. Sorry for not asking." Twilight smiled in return and walked upstairs.

I turned my head to look at Luna. She had discarded her breastplate, crown and shoes and was effectively naked. I leant back down and embraced her body with my arms, pulling myself close to her. Luna shuffled slightly and rubbed up against me, making me feel an unusual feeling. I looked down to where her chest would be on a human and saw something I wasn't expecting.

'Nipples! She's got fucking nipples!'

I was initially shocked to see them but something Twilight said echoed in my mind. 'She's just like you.' My mind didn't give me much time to get used to the situation as Luna yawned and slowly opened her huge eyes.

"Morning beautiful." I said, rubbing her side.

"Good morning." Luna sat upright and observed her surroundings. "I guess I couldn't stay awake. Excuse me whilst I dress myself." Luna got up on all fours, picked up her belongings with her magic and walked upstairs into the bathroom.

I made my way to my room and got dressed in some clean, fresh clothes. I opened up my curtains to see that the sun had already risen. Walking back out into the hallway, I stopped and knocked on the bathroom door.

"Hey Luna. Did you lower the moon this morning?"

"I just noticed that. I guess my sister took the liberty this morning."

I walked back downstairs and set myself a bowl of cereal. Munching away, Luna came down the stairs and sat next to me, observing my style of eating.

"That looks very complicated. How can you control all ten of those digits individually to hold your cutlery?"

"To be honest, I don't know. How the human body works is not my strong section of knowledge I'm afraid. All I can show you is this - what happens when I flex my fingers and thumbs."

I turned my hand over so the underside of my wrist was shown. I flexed all of my fingers individually to show the bone move under the skin of my wrist. Then all at once to show the muscles move as well. Luna put her hoof on my wrist whilst I flexed and quickly moved it away when she felt the bones moving, elliciting a chuckle from myself.

"Human biology is very interesting. I wish I could know more."

"Well, in time maybe I can explain more but it won't be much."

Luna walked into the kitchen and came back out with an apple which she happily ate. Twilight and Spike descended from upstairs and greeted us.

"Morning you two. Have fun last night?" Spike quipped causing me to choke slightly on my cereal.

"Spike! I'm sorry your highness." Twilight apologised.

"No need to apologise dear Twilight. I have grown accustomed to the humor of the present time. But no, nothing happened last night." Luna explained.

"That's right. We just spent the night together." I leant over and kissed Luna's cheek causing Twilight to 'aww' at us. Spike, on the other hand, made gagging noises.

"Eww, get a room you two." We all chuckled at his statement and went about our morning business. I took my bowl to the sink to wash it before a thought occured.

"Hey Spike. How did you know me and Luna were together?"

A hoof was swiftly brought to Twilight's mouth as she looked more nervous than ever. I walked over to Twilight with a stern look on my face and leant down to look in her eyes.

"Twilight...Sparkle." I said still glaring at her. I immediately sniggered and laughed, putting my hand on Twilight's shoulder. "It's fine. I knew you couldn't keep this secret for long. Everyone's gonna know about it eventually."

Twilight let out an exasperated sigh and went to a bookshelf, scanning for a particular book. I turned to see Luna standing next to the front door.

"I have to return to Canterlot. Celestia is probably worried about where I am."

Well, that's put a cramp in my day...and it's only 8:30. I walked up to Luna and threw my arms around her neck, hugging her. "When are you next free? I'll come and see you or vice-versa." Luna put a hoof to her mouth in thought then her head shot up as if an idea hit her. I swear, I was waiting for the light bulb to appear above her head.

"Twilight. Is Owen busy today?"

"Not that I know of. Why?"

Luna opened the door and walked out, nodding her head as a sign for me and Twilight to follow her. We walked outside where stood straight up, making herself look tall. She was about 6'1" so just a bit shorter than me.

"Come back with me Owen. We'll make a day of it."

"Are you sure? Don't you have royal duties to attend to?" I asked.

"Yes but those won't take long. So how about it, will you return with me?"

I didn't need to think long about this answer.

"Sure. I'd love to."

"Excellent, we'll make haste at once." Luna lowered herself to the ground. "Climb on."


"I'm flying back to the castle. The only way I can take you with me is if you sit upon my back."


"Is there a problem?"

My teeth immediately began to chatter as I thought back to that awful chariot ride a few days ago. Twilight walked up to my side and placed a hoof in my hand.

"Princess, Owen has a fear of flying. He explained this to me when we left Canterlot."

"I see. What exactly frightens you about it?"

"I...I don't know really. It's just everything about it. It's not heights, it's just the flying itself. Besides, if I ride you, I can fall off. There's no support. And I'm too big for your back."

Luna chuckled and stood on all fours again. Her horn glowed blue as an aura enveloped her body. I watched in amazement as her entire body expanded and grew. The aura dissapated and Luna was now at least 2 foot taller than myself. I looked up into her eyes and they showed genuine comfort.

"You have no need to be afraid. Whilst you are on my back, I will place a spell on you which will keep you stuck on my back until we reach Canterlot. Will that suffice for you?" Luna asked in a soothing tone. She lowered herself to the ground and I gulped in nervousness.

I slowly clambered onto her back, placing one leg each side of her frame. I placed myself near her neck so I couldn't obstruct her wings. Her horn glowed again and my body tingled and then felt heavier. Luna then raised onto her feet, with me throwing my arms around her neck for support.

"Try and fall off my back." Luna instructed. I leant left, right and backwards but I stayed firmly rooted to the alicorn.

"That's impressive. You sure you're OK with this?"

Before I could get a response, Luna's wings flared open and flapped as we ascended into the sky. I quickly shut my eyes as we rose higher and higher.


Twilight was sorting out her shelves as Spike came into view.

"Spike. Now that you know about the Princess and Owen, I don't want you to go telling everypony about this." she demanded.

"Come on Twilight, like I'd go and spread gossip around the town. I'm not that type of dragon."

Spike retreated back upstairs with a book and set himself down in his basket at the foot of Twilight's bed. He chuckled evilly to himself.

"I won't gossip...but I know a certain pony who will..." he muttered to himself.


'I'm gonna die. I'm gonna die. I'm gonna die.'

"Owen. Are you OK back there?" Luna called.

"Fine! Just fine!"

"Then why are your eyes closed?"

"I can't open them. I can't!"

"Trust me Owen, you'll be fine. Just open them."


"Do it!"

The determination of her voice pushed me over the edge. I slowly opened my eyes before the were forcefully opened by the air currents. We were flying. Actually flying.

"Oh...wow. This is..." I looked down. "HOLY HELL! HOW HIGH ARE WE?!"

"About one kilometre. The world looks wonderful, does it not?"

She was right. Looking down, trying not to be scared by the height, I marvelled in the land below. I could see countless buildings and settlements below. Looking ahead, all I could see were fields and forest, stretching on for miles.

"It's beautiful." We soon flew over a rather dark and gloomy looking patch of ground. "Luna! What's that down there?"

"That is the Everfree Forest. It's very different to the rest of Equestria as it houses many violent creatures and the weather controls itself."

We must have flown for at least 2 hours now. I was constantly bombarding Luna with many questions about the current sights which she happily answered to me. Before long, the mountainside city came into view.

"Is that Canterlot?"

"Yes, it is. You've been there before!"

"Yeah I know but the first time I went, I was teleported. The way back we flew and I had my eyes shut the whole time." That caused Luna to burst out laughing. "Oh stop it. It's embarrasing."

Soon after, Luna touched down on the balcony of the throne room. She de-activated the stick spell and I climbed off her body which she then shrunk back to it's original size. While I was trying to re-gain my balance, she sidled up next to me.

"Well? Did you enjoy that?"

"Not at first but it got better. Much better."

"Would you do it again?"

I turned my head to face her and gave her a small kiss on the lips. "Of course. As long as it's with you." A faint blush adorned her cheeks as we opened the balcony doors to see that Celestia was in the middle of a conversation with a pony.

"Ahhh. There you are Luna. I was hoping you would return." Celestia said with a grin.

"I apologise sister. I lost track of time."

"Hold on." Celestia turned to the visiting pony. "Thunderlane, can we please put this conversation on hold for just ten minutes?"

"Of course Princess." With that, Thunderlane flies out of the throne room. Celestia closed the doors with her magic and stood up from her throne. She walked over to us.

"I have to say I'm slightly disappointed with you Luna. Not only did you abandon your nightly duties but you did not inform me that you were leaving. I was concerned for your safety."

"Sister, I--"

"Celestia, can I explain?" She nodded towards me. "Luna came to the library last night to check on me as you told her I was attacked. She was very concerned for me. After I assured her I was fine, we had a talk...about us."

Celestia's demeanour changed into one of surprise and happiness. "How did it go?"

"Luna told me she talked to you. She knew how I felt about her and she told me she had feelings for me as well. I admitted to it with a kiss but it was when I said 'I Love You', that sealed the deal. We remained in the library for a while before I had to sleep. Luna said she would return here early but she fell asleep as well."

"So does this mean that...you two are a couple now?" I could see that Celestia wanted to jump for joy, judging by her facial expressions. Me and Luna looked towards each other, smiled, then kissed. We released the kiss and looked at Celestia before responding together.


Mine and Luna's body was pulled to Celestia by her levitation and embraced in a hug. Celestia was giggling like a school girl and nuzzling both mine and Luna's faces. "Congratulations to you both. I'm so happy for you!" Celstia released the death grip and wiped a few stray tears from her eyes.

"I'm guessing this is good news for you?" I joked.

"Of course! This is amazing news!" she replies.

I look towards Luna with an annoyed expression. "Celestia, Luna said she has some duties to cover. What could I do in the meantime?"

"Nonsense! No sister of mine should need to perform royal duties on a day like today. I command you both to take the day for yourselves and enjoy it to how you see fit!"

"Thank you Celestia."

We both exited the throne room and walked out of the castle. We then arrived at the royal gardens where many types of plants and flowers adorned the perimeter of the gardens. I knew it was cliche but I tried to do something romantic. I picked a vibrant red rose and held it up to Luna.

"For you, my dear."

"Oh, Owen. Thank you."

Before I could place it decoratively on Luna's mane, she quickly took it from my hand and gobbled it down. I tried to string some form of sentence together.

"Why...but...how...are roses a delicacy here?"

"Of course they are. Are they not on Earth?" she asked with worry.

"Well, I'm sure some chefs would find a use for them but normally, they are used as presents...romantic presents."

Luna gasped and quickly tried to spit out the remainder of the rose in her mouth. Except there wasn't any. "I'm so sorry! I thought you were offering me a snack!"

I laughed heavily with a wheeze. "Oh my goodness...I'm sorry but that's adorable!" Luna hung her head which I quickly noticed. I put my arm around her and kissed her cheek. We continued walking until we reached a collection of statues.

"Who are these Luna?"

"These statues commeorate the pioneers of Equestria. This one here is of Starswirl the Bearded, one of the greatest magic users that has ever existed. This one here is of our nanny of when myself and Celestia were children. Her name was Sunny Skies. This one over--"

Luna quickly pushed me away from a rather large statue. "This one is not important." I could tell there was something wrong.

"Luna, what's wrong with this one? It looks a bit...freaky." This statue was of an unfamiliar creature. I was a mix-match of about 7 or 8 different animals. Luna turned around and sighed, looking up at the statue.

"This...is Discord. He is the God of Chaos and a pure evil entity."

"Oh wow...that's pretty deep. What happened to him?"

"Only recently, he escaped from his prison and wreaked havoc and chaos on the world. It wasn't until the Elements managed to seal him again that the world recovered."

"Blimey. So where is this prison?"

"You're looking at it."

I gasped and stared at the statue. So this was a creature at one point, turned to stone by Twilight and her friends.

"So this is actually Discord's body? Just in stone?"

"Correct. Now if you don't mind, can we move on? I don't like being around him."

"Of course. You go on ahead. I just want to study this further."

Luna walked around the corner and I approached the statue. I touched the statue, it was ice cold. The expression on his face was one of horror - as if someone was about to shoot him. I stood back from the statue and stared into it's eyes.

"Huh...weirdo." I turned the corner to find Luna waiting for me. We both walked around the gardens for a bit longer before retreating to the castle.

We entered the dining room and Luna asked the chefs to prepare lunch for us both. A wide variety of sandwiches, salads and fruits were brought in for us. As we tucked in, we both discussed how ponies would accept us as a couple.

"I am not sure how our subjects would respond. I'm sure it'll be a shock to them." Luna stated.

"I suppose that they might be shocked at first but I'm not worried. We'll cross that bridge when we come to it."


Once we finished our lunches, Luna guided me to a room, high up in the castle. She wouldn't tell me why but I can imagine it was something good.

"Believe me Owen. I always do this when I have a day off. It really relieves the stress."

"Ummm...OK then." I was quite nervous about what she wanted to do. Part of me thought that she wanted some...activites to exist between us but the other part of me dismissed it. We approached a door which Luna opened with her magic. Inside the room lay two beds with trays seated next to them.

"How would you like a massage from our expertly trained professionals?"

"Sounds good to me. I've never had a massage before."

"Then you're going to enjoy this."

2 ponies, both female, led myself and Luna to the beds. Luna was asked to remove her breastplate and I was asked to remove my clothes...all of them. I went to the adjoining bathroom with a towel and undressed myself, coming back out with the towel around me.

"The usual for myself please and give Owen here the best treatment you can." Luna asked.

"Of course your highness. If you could lie down for us please." one of the masseuses asked. I lay down face first on the bed and wondered how this would feel.

"So what do you do? Do you just rub my back or...ohhhhhhh."


An hour later, myself and Luna had exited the massage room. Luna was marvelling how she felt much better as was I.

"Wow. Massages are amazing. I feel so relaxed now, you know?" I said.

"Exactly what I was aiming for. Those ponies know how to make you feel good."

"Excuse me a second. I just need to go somewhere quickly." I nodded towards a door which led to the toilet. Luna nodded in understanding and I entered the bathroom, locking the door behind me.

Once I was finished, I washed my hands and was about to exit before I heard chatter outside the door. I put my ear to the door to listen.

'Princess, is the human staying in the castle tonight?'

'I do not know as of yet but it's quite probable.'

'I see. Do you know where he will be sleeping if it has been arranged?'

'I don't know why you ask these questions but he would be sleeping in my chambers with me.'

'Very well. Have a good day Princess.'

That voice, it sounded familiar. Opening the door, I noticed Luna had a thoughtful expression on her face. "Something wrong?"

"It's just that guard. He wanted to know where you were sleeping tonight - like he REALLY wanted to know."

"Huh, how bizarre. Stalker maybe?"

"I hope not."

We began our walk to the throne room to check on Celestia. It was only fair to offer some help if she was very busy. Upon entering, Celestia was sitting upon her throne, drinking from a mug.

"Greetings you two. Are you enjoying your day?"

"Indeed sister. We have explored the gardens, had some lunch and even had some massages."

"Excellent. I hope you enjoyed yourself Owen."


"Owen?" both Celestia and Luna called.

'That voice...where do I know that vo--'


My shouting literally scared the shit out of the princesses as they jumped back with fright. Luna was first to implore my outburst.

"What is? Who?"

"I knew I recognised that voice! The guard you were talking to Luna - it was him! The pony that attacked me!"

"WHAT?!" both sisters exclaimed.

"Are you positive Owen? Absolutely sure?!" Celestia cried.

"One hundred percent sure. I'd recognise that voice anywhere! Luna, do you that guard's name?"

Luna shivered at the fact that her lover's attacker had just spoken to her right under her nose.

"LUNA!" I shouted.

"AH! It's Sharp Blade! The guard's name is Sharp Blade." Luna exclaimed.

Celestia summoned a scroll in front of her and unrolled it. She scanned the scroll then put it down. "My tower chamber - that's where he is stationed today. GUARDS!" she shouted. Two pegasus guards flew in and landed next to Celestia.

"Yes your highness."

"Go to my chamber tower. Guardspony Sharp Blade is stationed there. Bring him to me. Now." she commanded with anger in her voice. The guards immediately flew out of the throne room. I began to breathe faster as I became nervous with the fact that my attacker will be here any second now.

"What are you going to do sister?" Luna inquired.

"We are going to ask him some questions before we accuse anypony of this. I hope you can understand Owen."

"Of course Celestia."

We waited in silence for the fore-mentioned pony to be brought here. Our silence was broken by the throne doors opening up and a unicorn guardspony being dragged in. Celestia ushered me behind her throne to hide me.

"What is the meaning of this Princess?" Sharp Blade asked before the other guards exited the room. Celestia's horn glowed and touched Sharp Blade causing him to tense up.

"Guardspony Sharp Blade. I have reason to believe that you have committed a crime. I have binded your body so you are unable to leave until I say so. Where were you on Sunday evening?"

"I was stationed in the royal gardens." he replied.

"Did you perform your duties as instructed by your leader?"

"As always your highness." No change in his voice.

"Did you or did you not leave your post at any point un-instructed?"

"No...no your highness." There it was. The sudden change in his tone of voice.

"Hmm...very well. OK, come out now."

I walked around the throne into Sharp Blade's view and his eyes immediately latched onto me. His facial expression turned to one of horror and fear as he noticed who I was.

"Do you know who this is Sharp Blade?" Luna asked.

"No. I do not." His eyes darted around the room. Luna narrowed her eyes at him and glared. Sharp Blade gulped and hesitated. "OK fine. He is the human that everypony has been talking about."

"Correct." Luna started circling the guard. "Are you aware of the events that occured on said Sunday?"

The guard didn't respond. He could only look at the floor. I looked at Luna - she was angry but she was holding it in. It looked like she was ready to burst. She lowered her head to his face. "ARE YOU AWARE?!" she screamed at him.

"YES!" he responded. A few tears escaped from his eyes as he struggled to hold his composure.

"One more question. Do you know who is responsible for the incident that occured?" she asked in a ice cold tone.

The guard sniffled and looked up at Luna. "Yes."

"And who was that?"

"It...was me."

Luna raised her hoof, ready to strike the guard but I rushed forward and grabbed it before she could. She looked at me with a look of confusion.

"No Luna! There's no need. He confessed." Luna lowered her hoof and leant against me. "Celestia, can I ask Sharp Blade a question?" Celestia nodded in confirmation. I walked over to him and leant down to meet his eye level. "Why? Why did you do it?" I asked in a calm tone.

"I...it..." Sharp tried to say.

"Go on." I edged him.

"I had to do it. I had to do it for my family. We needed the bits."

"Wait, money? How would you get money out of this? And how much?"

"It was an order. An assassination order...for one million bits."

Celestia and Luna gasped at this and rushed to the guard. I held up my hand to stop them which they did. "OK. You know you are going to prison for this right?" He nodded. "Then help me out now. I understand that your family means much to you but we need to know. Who gave you this order? Who wanted me dead?"

"It was...it was..." I placed a hand on his shoulder and smiled at him to show I mean well. "It was the Prince. Prince Blueblood."

All three of us stood back from the guard and mused over what he just said. I can't imagine what Celestia and Luna must be thinking right now. Celestia called for the guards to come back in.

"Yes Princess."

"Place Sharp Blade under arrest. Take him away."

"Yes Princess."

Sharp Blade looked at me and mouthed 'I'm sorry' before being led away by the guards who were reading him his rights. "Sharp Blade, you are under arrest by the order of Princess Celestia. You do not have to say anything but anything you do say could and will be used as evidence. Do you understand?" Sharp Blade nodded as the guards exited the room. I turned to face Luna and Celestia who were crying.

"I can't believe this. I just DON'T BELIEVE THIS!" I've never seen Celestia angry before now and believe me, it's frightening to say the least.

"To think that Blueblood would pay for somepony to be killed! It's unforgivable!" Luna cried. I walked up to Luna and Celestia and embraced them in a hug.

"Don't worry. We'll bring him to justice. Do you know where he is?"

"Most likely to be in the concert hall. There is a social gathering there tonight and he will be talking on our behalf." Celestia stated.

"Well then, let's go down there."


The concert hall was in sight. A marvellous building - kind of reminiscent of the Royal Albert Hall only looking older. On the left of me was Princess Celestia, god of the sun. To the right of me was Princess Luna, god of the moon and my girlfriend...that sounds so strange to me.

We approached the main doors and the bouncer-type ponies bowed to us as we walked in. I walked into the main room first un-noticed by the upper-class ponies of Canterlot. I tried to spot this Blueblood but I had a flaw - no idea what he looked like.

"Hey, what's he look like?" I asked the princesses.

"He has--there he is! Over there!"

"OK. Just wait here. I'm going to approach him and see what happens. If anything bad starts, please break it up."

"But Owen! He could be dangerous." Luna alarmed me.

"Maybe so. But I've had my fair share of standing up to bullies. Mostly failing but I stood up nonetheless. I'm gonna try and speak to him and get him to confess and come quietly. If not, you two need to come in. I just don't want this to turn into a brawl." The princesses nodded and I moved towards the prince, keeping close to the wall.

He was standing in the middle of a crowd of ponies, talking to all of them. I got closer to overhear his conversation.

"...and it was most incredible that a new species had arrived in Equestria. A human, I hear it's called."

'Hmm. So far so good.'

"I was staggered to hear that the poor fellow had been attacked by an unknown assailant."

'What?! That was your doing you fucking bastard!'

"Believe me, if I was there, I would have stopped the attack. Nopony, not even an alien species, deserves to be attacked for no reason. I highly admire this fellow, even though I have yet to meet him."

'Oh that is it!'


Every single pony stopped and stared at me. My sudden outburst caught the attention of the prince who walked towards me with a grin on his face. He reached his hoof out to touch my arm but I quickly slapped it away, causing the surrounding ponies to gasp.

"Don't you dare touch me." I calmly said.

'Celestia, Luna. I know you can hear me. Do not approach yet. I'm just a bit pissed at him.'

"Whatever is the matter, human?" Blueblood asked

"I have a name. It's Owen and I know everything you just said is a load of rubbish." Blueblood's left eye twitched. He knew that I know about the order. "Listen everyone. Whatever he has told you about me, it's probably true. Apart from the attack that I suffered on Sunday. Unknown assailant? Not anymore. We caught the culprit and he has been arrested."

The surrounding ponies all acknowledged the fact that the attacker had been arrested. "Well there you go. Mystery over." Blueblood quickly said.

"Not quite. You see, the attacker said that he was ordered to attack me. Not just to attack...but to assassinate me. Someone wanted me dead." This ellicited gasps from everyone in the room. "Now, we tried to get him to tell us who ordered him to do it and why. He needed money for his family. This order...was worth one million bits." Blueblood started to back away ever so slowly. I walked towards him at the same speed.

"And he told us who ordered him to do it. Do you want to know? Do you really want to know?" I raised my arm in the air and stretched out my finger. Lowering it slowly, I pointed it straight at the executioner. "You. Prince Blueblood."

Blueblood quickly stepped back knocking over a display of champagne glasses. "Slander! I-I never gave such an order!"

"Really? Maybe we need proof of it then." My anger was building fast. I needed someone to calm the situation. "Princess, can you please come over here." Celestia emerged from the archway and walked over towards me and Blueblood, staring at him the whole time. Blueblood's face said it all. "Princess, I am going to ask the prince here a question. A pretty straightforward one. When he answers, can you read his mind to check if he's lying or not." Celestia nodded.

"Well then. Prince Blueblood. Did you give an order to Guardspony Sharp Blade to assassinate me for one million bits?"

"No. I did not." he replied whilst Celestia hit him with a mind reading spell. The spell ceased and Celestia's face turned to one of disappointment, not anger.


All ponies gasped in the room. The amound of gasps we have had now, we should have run out of air. Blueblood looked frantic, looking around the room for a chance to escape. There wasn't one. Well, there was but it was through his aunt.


A few ponies fainted and some ran off in shock.

"I wanted this disgusting creature out of our world and nowhere near us!"

Anger levels rising. "Disgusting? You don't even know me!"

"And I don't want to! You don't fit in here and you never will! You're an alien and we don't let aliens live in Equestria!"

"I...am a human. I'm NOT AN ALIEN!" I retorted.

"You're a dirty, disgusting, ruthless alien and you always will be. I heard your conversations about your past. The homes you lived in, the people who cared for you...your parents." he said with a chuckle.

"Don't...you...dare talk about my parents." I said through gritted teeth, clenching my right hand into a fist.

"Why not? Although, now I can see why they abandoned you. It was the right decision for them."

That was the breaking point. I couldn't hold it back anymore. Before anyone could react, Blueblood's face was caught subject of my rather fast approaching fist.


Blueblood stumbled for a bit before falling to the ground, unconscious. I towered over him, ready to punch him again but I was stopped by Luna who held me in her levitation. She brought me close to her and held me in her hooves.

"Owen, no!"


"That makes you no better than he is!"

That brought me back down to Earth...Equestria. I let out a huge sigh and lowered my fist. My head rested on Luna's shoulders as my emotions came out in tears and sobs instead of rage. I embraced Luna and buried my face into her shoulder. I overheard Celestia talk to the ponies in the room.

"My loyal subjects. Prince Blueblood here is guilty of attempted murder. He will be arrested and sentencted to prison for his crimes. Guards, take him away!" Cheers and applause, in the style of hoof stomping, was heard as Blueblood was dragged away by four guards.

Luna pulled me away from her to reveal my depression state. She gently stroked my head with her hoof. "It's all over now. Come on, we'll go back to the castle." I replied by nodding and the three of us made our way back to the castle.


It was around 7PM before we got back to the castle. I walked slower this time just to think about what transpired. We got back into the throne room as Celestia spoke up.

"Are you both OK?"

"I know I am. How about you Owen?"

"What will happen to them? Sharp Blade and Blueblood?"

Celestia hesitated but answered soon enough. "They will both be put on trial for their actions and most likely sentenced to a lengthy term in prison." I nodded in understanding. "Are you alright though?"

"I guess." I winced as my right hand emitted pain. "I can't believe I punched him. I shouldn't have done that."

Luna placed a wing around me for comfort. "But he was making you angry, very angry. We don't condone violence but nopony could have prevented that."

"I could have." I replied sadly. "I could have repressed my rage. I should never have let my anger take control of me. It was just the mention of my parents that set me over the edge...I didn't even know them so why was I angry?" Celestia crouched down to meet my eye level.

"Even thought you never knew your real parents, they are your parents nonetheless. Your reaction was out of respect for them and you needed to protect their name, their rights." I smiled at Celestia for lifting my spirits. She was right, even though I never knew them, I protected their names and fought for them.

"Well, I'm sorry for hitting him anyway." I apologised.

"It's OK. He's not hurt seriously. Although I've never seen anypony get knocked out with one hit before." Celestia mused.

"That'll be the anger..."

Silence filled the room for a while as we sat quietly, musing over the evening's events. I eventually needed to do something.

"I hope you don't mind, but I just want to go and have a wash and go to sleep. Think it's best after a day like this."

"Of course Owen. Come with me, I'll show you the baths." Luna said, helping me up with her hooves. "Goodnight sister."

"Goodnight to you both. I will control the moon tonight Luna. You help Owen with whatever he needs."

"Thank you Celestia." I offered.

Luna led me one floor up and to a rather large set of doors. Opening them up, it revealed a huge bath in the centre of the room, at least 25 feet by 25 feet.

"Wow...that's huge."

Luna walked over to the taps at the edge of the bath and turned them on, letting the torrent of hot water fill the bath at a speedy rate. She also poured in some purple liquid which foamed when it met the water.

"This is theraputic bath oil. It helps relieve stress and calms the mind."

"Thanks. Just what I need."

"On the side there are some shampoo bottles with various bath soaps and wash-cloths. And don't worry about the temperature. The bath is magically enchanted to keep the water hot all of the time."

I put my arm around Luna and kissed her cheek. "You're amazing you are. Simply amazing." Luna blushed and exited the bathroom, closing the doors behind them. I waited for the bath to fill to the right level before turning off the taps. A sea of foam was before me. I quickly undressed and slowly set myself into the bath.

"Ahh...oohh, that's hot...that's...ahhhh..."

I sat down in the bath; the water just reaching my chest. The temperature was perfect. I quickly downed myself under the water to warm up and resurfaced, catching my breath. I lay back and stretched out, letting the fumes and vapours of the oils relax the mind and relieve my stress. I just wish I had an ice pack for my hand.

Minutes passed, twenty I'd say. Hard to tell when you're this relaxed. Any more relaxed and I'd be asleep. I slowly started to drift...more and more and--


Damn it all. I quickly pulled some foam over my private regions. "Come in!" The door opened to reveal the pony of my life. Luna, in all her finest. "Hey. How are you?" Luna walked over to where I was and sat down next to me.

"I'm well thank you. I came to see how you were."

"I'm good. These oils really helped and I'm really relaxed."

Luna smirked. "Oh...well that's good to know..." she said with a chuckle.

"What's so funny?" I noticed she wasn't wearing her breastplate, crown or shoes. "Err, Luna. Why are you--" Before I could finish, she jumped over me, cannonballing into the bath, sending a wave of suds over me. She surfaced and looked at me, laughing her head off.

"Ha-ha! I got you good!" she chimed.

"You most certainly did." I waded over to her and put my hands under the water. "Hey Luna."


I raised my hands fast, sending loads of water into her face. "HA! Got you back!"

"Oh, it is on!"

We spent about five minutes, splashing each other and kind of...wrestling in the water. She got me good a few times. After another failed attempt to dunk her head, we both surfaced and sat back against the edge of the bath.

"That was great fun!" I exclaimed.

"Indeed it was!"

We both chuckled and stared at each other. We both leant forward slightly, our lips meeting in a passionate kiss. I put my arms around the back of her head, pulling her closer as she did the same with me. About twenty seconds passed before we broke it. Luna moved to sit in front of me, with her back to me. She leant her head on my chest and I put my arms around her. Her wet mane flopped over her eyes and over my chest. She actually looked better like this...kind of...sexy.

"You know. I just realised something." I said with a smile.

"What's that?"

"I love you even more now. You really showed me that today."

"Awww, stop it. I love you as well."

We stayed there, just listening to each other breathe. Every once in a while, I'd cup my hand and bring water over Luna's head to keep her warm. It was a short while after that an idea came to me.

"Hey Luna?" She responded with a 'hmm?'. "I know this'll sound weird but...can I...wash you?" Luna lent her head up to look at me with a frown. Damn...wait, she's upside down, it's a smile!

"That's not weird. Course you can."

I picked up her chosen shampoo and put some into my hand. I gently began to lather it on her mane, running it through all of the hairs. It felt kind of theraputic to me and I hoped it felt the same for her. She wasn't complaining so I guess so. After washing her hair off with water, I asked her to sit up so I could wash her body. She did so and I gently washed her body, wings and legs. Running my hand through her wings, I felt how soft her feathers were.

I finished washing her body and marvelled at how good she looked, especially with that floppy mane.

"Your turn." Luna asked.

I sat in front of her and leant back into her. She did the same as what I did; washing my hair with shampoo and rinsing it off ever so gently. The soft touch of her hooves was enthralling. It was like someone just got one of those memory foam pillows and started massaging you with it - that kind of plushness. I was in such a trance when she was washing my body, I started humming one of my favourite songs. It was quiet but loud enough so Luna could hear it. Once my body was washed, she embraced me from behind and pulled me back onto her, with me leaning my head on her chest.

"What are you humming there?" she asked.

"It's a song from my world - one of my favourites. It's called 'You Raise Me Up'." (It actually is one of my favourite songs. Don't abuse me for it!)

"It sounds beautiful."

We stayed there embraced for another five to ten minutes before Luna got out of the bath, me in tow. The bath emptied as we both dried ourselves off with towels. I caught Luna staring at me.

"What?" I asked

"Your erm...your..." She pointed a hoof at my mid-section.

"You mean my--" There it was, in all of it's glory...at full attention. I quickly covered it with a towel and I felt warmth flush up to my face. "My goodness, I am so sorry!" It's bizarre that I didn't even notice it. I looked at Luna who was blushing.

"Does that mean that you're...ready to mate?"

"Sometimes yes. It happens to everyone at some point in the day. Sometimes it happens for no reason at all and sometimes...there is a reason."

"Is there a reason now?" she asked with a coy look.


Luna chuckled and walked out of the bathroom. I followed suit, picking up my clothes and walking behind her. She led me to her chambers and we both entered, with the door shutting behind us. Luna stood very close to me and looked deeply into my eyes.

"Do you want me to...take care of it?" she asked, pushing me onto her bed.

'Oh my god. She's actually wanting to do this. I can't believe it, my first time! This is going to be--'


'No? What do you mean no?!'

"No, Luna."

'What's wrong with you? Say yes you moronic twat!"

Luna looked dejected at my answer and she moved away from me. I quickly moved up to her and put my arm around her. "It's not that I don't want to, it's just...I've never done this before and I feel that we should do this later in the relationship...not so early into it. Do you understand?"

Luna turned to me and smiled before kissing me on the lips. "Of course I understand my love. I understand completely."

"I love you so much."

We embraced each other in a kiss and hug and lay down on the bed. The covers were quickly levitated over us as we continued our embrace. Breaking the kiss, the lights went out at the shout of 'Off' and the room was darkened. I snuggled close to Luna as she did with me.

"Thank you for stopping me today. I would have probably tried to kill him if you didn't stop me."

"You're more than welcome. I'm glad I stopped it when I did."

"And thanks for the water fight." I laughed softly. "Been ages since I had that sort of fun. It reminded me of--AHAHAHA!"

"What's so funny?"

"Your feathers. I'm really ticklish." Luna gave me a massive smirk. "Don't you dare. Don't you even--" I was interrupted by a barrage of feathers on her wings tickling me in all the right places. "AHAHA! STOP! I SURR-AHAHA! PLEASE STOP!" Luna did so and retreated her wings. I looked at her and chuckled evilly. "My turn."

"No! WAIT!"

The sound of female and male laughter echoed down the staircase leading to the throne room. At the foot of the staircase, Celestia stood, laughing at what she was hearing.

"I think he just found out her weakness."

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