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Good Things Come - Sweet Tale

Human x Luna story - Teen rated.

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20. Time Is Of The Essence (Part 2)

"Hmmhmmhmm...it's about time you noticed me."

The cloaked pony lifted it's head and chuckled, walking forward ever so slowly.

"I'm surprised I was not noticed sooner."

Celestia rose to her hooves and gave a stern stare to the unknown approaching pony. "How did you get in here? My guards should have been protecting the entrance."

The cloaked pony stopped in his tracks, a good thirty feet away from the group of us, and chuckled again. "Something troubling you Princess? Nothing new there..."

Luna rose to her hooves and stomped one of them. "Answer her question!" she bellowed.

"Oh. The Princess of the night, nice to meet you as well. How was your trip to the moon?" he asked in a mocking tone.

I glanced at Luna whose face showed nothing but anger. "I said...answer her question." she said, her voice being ice cold.

"Simple really. Teleportation. What else?"

"How? How did you do it when there's no magic?" I called out. The hooded pony cocked his head in my direction and gasped.

"Ohhh...the human as well. Oh this is too good, just the right time as well. Tell me, how is the Princess in bed?"

"WHAT?!" I clenched my fist as that question burnt right through me. I was not happy. "Who do you think you are asking those type of questions?"

"Oh give over. From what I know, the Princess could use a good rut. It's been waaay too long, haha."

That sent me over the edge. Directed at me, it would have been fine. But not to the woman I love. I sprung forward and charged the offending pony.

"Take back what you said!" I shouted at him, raising my fist back. "You have no right to--"

A sparkle of light eminated from within his hood and it stopped me dead in my tracks. I tried to move but not a single muscle would budge.

"What is this?!" I barked at him.

"Simple freezing spell." he stated matter-of-factly.

The sound of approaching hooves filled my ears. I could hear a group of ponies approaching, fast.

"Stop this right now!" I heard Luna shout. They reached where I was before another glimmer of light shone and the group was frozen in place, just like me.

"Tsk. Pathetic really."

"Let us down!" Rainbow ordered him. Hearing that from Rainbow made me chuckle internally, regardless of the anger I was emitting. Rainbow asking to be put on the ground? Never heard of!

"How are you doing this? There is a problem with magic! Nopony can use it!" Twilight stated.

The cloaked pony nodded. "Indeed there is. You can blame your precious Princess Celestia for that. No magic at all...apart from ME!"

"Celestia? Why?" I asked. 'His voice sounds familiar...'

The pony walked over to where Celestia was frozen and looked up at her face. "You. It's your fault this is happening. You never helped."

"Helped? With what?" Celestia asked.

The pony got right in her face. "Don't act like you don't know! Hearth's Warming Eve, 1987! The night you made my life worthless."

"I'm sorry but...I don't know what you mean." she apologetically said.

'Where do I know that voice?'

"OI!" The hooded pony looked my way. "Why don't you tell us who you are?" I ordered him.

"Indeed. Know your enemy." The hooded pony stepped back from Celestia and walked towards me, laughing softly. "I know you recognise my voice. It's quite funny really, all this time I've been right under your nose."

"Under my nose? I recognise your voice but..." I trailed off, with a familiar night's memory returning to me.

The shift tonight was moderate. End of the week kind of thing so most ponies were here just to have a drink. Once again, ****** was a bit frowny but he actually engaged in conversation this time. He mentioned he 'can't take this much more' and he needed to make a decision.

And another...

From Monday to Wednesday afternoon, I worked on the farm to help out as their problems were still persisting and no-one had figured out why. Applejack thought it could be a health issue but I said they look perfectly healthy which she agreed to.

Wednesday night's shift was another quiet one. The first thing I did was to see if ****** was back to normal, which he was...kind of. I approached him and asked him how he was, to which he answered that he was great. He always kept a rather forced smile on all the time which freaked me out a bit.

And then it hit me. Realisation. "I really hope it isn't you under there--"

Before I could finish, the pony beat me to it. He uncovered himself and threw the cloak off to the side. I looked on in shock as my fears were confirmed.

"Minute Hand." I said in a low tone of voice.

"The one and only!" he declared.

"Are you the one responsible for all of this? The magic problems?" Celestia shouted out.

"OHHH! At last! The most powerful pony in all of Equestria and her idiotic cohorts finally figure it out! Congratulations to you all." Sarcasm to to the nth degree.

"How can you even use magic? You're an earth pony!" Rainbow calls out.

A glow emitted from under Minute's mane, which covered his forehead. His 'mane' became etheral as it literally faded away, to reveal a bald head and a rather noticeable horn.

My patience was wearing thin. "Alright! What the hell have you done!" Minute all but laughed at my statement, sitting himself down on the floor. "MINUTE! TELL US WHAT YOU'VE DONE!" I bellowed at him.

"Owen, please, you're scaring me..." a extremely frightened Fluttershy whispered from next to me.

"Yes Owen, don't scare the most fearless pony in all of Equestria." Minute said before laughing again. "Oh this is too funny. OK, you want facts?" Minute walked up to me and put his face close to mine. "I'll give you facts."

"The whole of Equestria is going to change. Magic as you know it, will cease to be with myself being the only user in existence. All because of that stupid bitch there!" he shouted, signalling towards Celestia.

I tried to swing for him...no luck. All of us started to defend Celestia by shouting and screaming at Minute. Minute was clearly getting agitated and his horn shone, causing us all to stop speaking simultaneously. Our mouths were now frozen in place. The only noises we could make were quiet grunts.

"That's better. All because of your precious Princess, On one night in 1987, she performed an act which crippled my entire family and ruined our lives. The day that happened, I didn't love the Princess anymore. I hated her. I LOATHED HER!"

Minute started pacing back and forth. "So I decided that with this newfound hatred, I would rise against the Princess, to destroy her reputation, to ruin HER life as she did mine. Now that time has come."

His horn shone again to unreveal one mouth - mine. "Time to do what?"

"I studied the Princess. How she ruled Equestria, how she dealt with her subjects. It's wrong. It's all wrong. Her day court proves it's just a waste of time. Granting ponies everything they need? Oh sure, why not. Get made a fool for by every pony in Equestria. That's when I decided that somepony else could do a better job. Somepony like...me."

"You?! How would you fare better than Celestia and Luna?" I asked.

"Very easily! I'd treat everypony equally, regardless of race, magic ability and gender."

"So all of this is down to some racial issue you have?"

Minute snapped his head in my direction and scowled. "Racial issue? Can't you see that unicorns are treated better than pegasi and earth ponies? That they get all the praise for being able to use magic?! I don't like that!"

"What the hell are you on about? Everyone is treated equally regardless of race!" I stated.

"Clearly the Princess is treating you like royalty, you can't see through the lies. With me ruling the land, I will see that everypony is the same! That's why I got rid of magic!"

Strange how that question skipped me by. "How? There's no way you could have done it by yourself."

Minute's horn shone again and a chair was summoned out of thin air and placed behind him, which he placed himself on. "When I was a young colt, I discovered a book. A dusty old tome. It listed hundreds of spells that I was intrigued by. Being a child, all of the spells seemed like a gold-mine to me. Especially one of them - time travel."

I gasped at the revelation. "Time travel? You mean to travel throughout history right?"

Minute shook his head in a 'of course, you idiot' way and then looked over to Twilight. "Oh, Element of Magic. You're going to have fun with time travel. Give it a while." Twilight's eyes widened. "Hmm. That's right. Time travel. Throughout my childhood years, I learnt the spell and managed to get it working. It only went back or forward a week so it was pretty useless."

"It wasn't until that night with Celestia that I started researching it more. Over time, I perfected it and was able to travel to many different time periods and along with the teleportation spell, I could travel anywhere, anywhen. The past, the future, everywhere. One time, I travelled back further than I had ever been and came across a unicorn tribe, living it what is now Las Pegasus. The ponies there were...well, let's just say they're not your average pony. They lived to torture. They believed that inflicting pain on another pony was deemed correct and righteous."

"During my time there, I was introduced into their tribe, the Unicronos. They taught me how to torture ponies with spells and it...felt...good!"

"You're sick!" I shouted at him.

"Maybe so, but not as bad as them!" he bellowed back in anger. Seems I hit a nerve. "They eventually gave me a book to learn from, which I did. And one of those spells..." Minute rose from his seat and leant towards my ear. "...nullifies all magic in a pony."

"Mmmfhmm!" a muffled voice shouts. Minute shone his horn and another mouth was unzipped. "That's not possible! Those books were lost long ago!" Celestia shouts to us.

"And why were they lost?" Minute looks at me, then at Celestia. "BECAUSE I TOOK THEM!" MInute walked back slowly towards his seat and sat back down. His horn shone again and Celestia's mouth was shut again. Still mine remained open.

"Then what?" I asked.

"I studied the spells. Especially the nullifying spell." He chuckled. "Now here's the funny part. You needed ingredients for this spell which were quite horrific. One was a unicorn horn!"

All of us gapsed at his revelation. "They killed unicorns for a spell?"

"Of course not you fool. They just removed the horn. It divides the unicorns brainpower by half but they live like earth ponies for the rest of their life. The second ingredient was...you're gonna love this. The second ingredient was as follows - flesh from a creature, not of this world."

"What's that supposed to mean?" I asked.

"Don't you get it? YOU, are not the first alien in Equestria! And do you know why there aren't anymore of you? Because we found a use for you!"

My mouth hung open in shock.

"I don't know if it was human or not but it was not of this world. It was a kind of crab-like creature that stood on two legs. The tiniest bit of flesh and the tiniest chunk of unicorn horn was all that was needed for the spell to work...and work it did!"

"You're a sick freak!" I shouted at him.

Minute rose from his seat and raised his hoof at me, swiping me across the face. "Don't you call me a freak! I..." Minute turned away and sighed heavily. He then turned back round and faced me with tears in his eyes. "You don't know what I did to make this spell work! I...the stuff I did..." he trailed off at the end. His voice was becoming quiet.

"What did you do?" I asked in a cold tone.

"I needed to test the spell in the current time. So I did what I could. For the unicorn horn I...I used my son."

"Your own son?! How could you do such a thing? You're a monster!"

Another hoof across the face. "SHUT IT! Don't you think I feel guilty enough? I tried to live with my guilt but...I couldn't do it." His voice settled again. "In the end I created a life around the lie. My son was only weeks old when I took his horn so he never remembered. I raised him as an earth pony and loved him. But my guilt got the best of me and I took it out on him, saying he was a mistake. He left me in the end and I've never seen him since..."

The cogs in my brain began to spin. "Wait a minute..."

Time sighed heavily before beginning. "I was born to unicorn parents and as you can see, I'm an earth pony. My father always despised me for not being a unicorn and hated my mother because he thought she cheated on him. Eventually my mother left and my father was left to raise me on his own. I don't remember much from my early childhood except the shouting and abuse my father gave me."

I put my hand on his shoulder as comfort.

"As I got older, my father began to change. His behaviour would switch from friendly to erratic in a matter of seconds for no reason. Eventually I got old enough and left my home in search of somewhere new. Before I left though, I asked him why he was angry all the time. He told me it was the Princess' fault."

"Time Turner! He's your son!"

Minute turned to me and stared in surprise. "How did you know that?"

"He told me. He said you were crazy and now I BELIEVE HIM EVEN MORE! HOW COULD YOU DO THAT?!" I screamed at him.

Minute said nothing as he just sat there and cried silently.

"Wait...what about the second ingredient? The 'flesh from a creature, not of this world'?" I asked.

Minute perked up and looked at me with a demonic grin. "Ohhh Owen. This is where it gets interesting. I tried going back in time to take some of the crab's flesh but I couldn't travel to that time period anymore. So I went to the only other place I could think of."

"Do you know why I worked at the club as a bouncer?" I shook my head. "It was because of you. I travelled through time looking for another alien before I came across you one night. There you were, lying in that hospital bed, all battered and bruised. I had a good mind to take you there and then but your purple friend here interrupted me."

"So I studied you for the first week you were here. You made friends with mostly everypony in Ponyville so I realised I couldn't just take you under the eyes of so many ponies. I realised what I needed to do. I needed to get you to know me and treat me as a friend. To gain your trust. So when you applied for a job working with that annoying musician, I went back in time and applied three months prior. Made it seems like I was a long serving staff member. And it worked."

Minute paced back and forth, talking more and more, with hatred and venom mixing into his tone. "That day you came in, oh how great that was. Putting you through those exercises, being...ugh...friendly to you. I hated it. Hated every second. But I persevered because you were my ultimate aim. Remember those nights were I was being odd and evasive? I was so close to just taking my prize there and then. But I realised that it would raise suspicion. So I waited. Waited and waited."

"Are you getting somewhere with this?" I asked in humour. One more swift hoof across the face told me he didn't appreciate that. Oh well.

"Five years passed. Five fucking years!" The rest of the group gave muffled gasps at his language. His voice was full of hatred. "All that time working with you was hell. You were so delusional, believing me to be your best friend. Pfft."


Minute laughed under his breath. "SO...five years into the future, I gave you an offer. You accepted it."

"What, I gave myself to you? Why the hell would I do that?" I asked.

"Why don't you ask yourself that?" Minute spat back. He shone his horn again and a light eminated from next to him with a small hum. Before long, the light ceased and a large thump was heard. A lump of furry mess was where the light once was.

"It's a pile of fur." I stated.



The mass of fur began to rise upwards. The mass raised higher and higher until it was at least six foot high. It looked like--

"The creature!"

"Creature? This is no creature!" His horn shone again and the fur evaporated, leaving the creature exposed. Collective gasps were heard, mine included. "This--" He levitated the creature so it was face to face with me. "--IS YOU!"

The creature was indeed me. Behind the rough facial expression and tatty wears, I could see myself. I looked like hell. Seeing myself in such a state made me crack. My eyes began to water as I looked upon the dishevelled state of my future self.

"How...why...but..." I managed to stutter out.

"Five years from now, I give you an offer. The offer was this. Give yourself to me to save your loved one's life." Minute explained.

That brought my attention back. He was going to try and kill Luna. "You touch one hair on her and I'll--"

Minute's horn shone again and my mouth was resealed. "Enough of you voice, goodness it's irritating. Now, you may have seen yourself crop up from time to time. I gave him a bit of my power so he could time travel. Nothing serious, just to mess with ponies. Also, have you seen this!"

Minute levitated the tatty rags that adorned my left shoulder which revealed a bloody stump. I wanted to puke so much but my mouth wouldn't allow it.

"Flesh from another creature? Have a guess what I did!" Minute un-summoned my future self and he disappeared in a flash. "The spell only needed a tiny amount, so I took a finger at first. Then I needed a test subject. I tried to find the most gullible pony in the whole of Equestria." Minute looked over to Celestia. "Your nephew, Blueblood. He was the test subject."

I mouth an un-audible 'WHAT?' through my sealed lips which got MInute's attention. "I first tricked him into arranging a pony to try to kill you. I figured that your past self had no further use so I told Blueblood that you had fallen in love with Luna and made him angry about it. A small thought-control spell may have altered his anger to multiply - thank you very much tome of wonder!"

"Little did he know that I used the nullifying spell on him as well without him noticing. Then he hired that ridiculous excuse for a guard to try to kill you. Sharp Blade I think it was. After his failed attempt, you had him arrested then you confronted Blueblood. Why do you think Blueblood didn't fight back after you confronted him?" I shook my head in confirmation. "That's right, he couldn't. He never uses his hooves so he uses magic...if he had any at the time!"

"That was the test over and done with. So I went onto something bigger. Reading the tome again, I learnt that the more flesh and horn you use, the bigger the radius of the nullification would be. But with a bigger radius, it takes time to work. Approximately a month. And something even better? With a large scale nullifcation spell, the caster would be immune from it's effects!"

Minute's horn unsealed my lips once again. "So that was it then huh? All those problems with Ponyville - the pegasi crashing, magical spells not working and earth ponies losing their strength - that was your bloody spell working?"

Minute chuckled again. "Absolutely. Now that magic has been eradicated across all of Equestria, I will rule this kingdom as I see fit, being the only magic user in existence! HAHAHA!" he bellowed with a manical laughter at the end.

Minute's horn shone again and we were all released from our freezing spell and our lips were unsealed. I stood up and gave Minute a staredown.

"Was it worth it? Using your own son and an alien visitor as tools?" I shouted at him.

"More than you could ever imagine." Minute charged his horn with an orange glow and a large tome was summoned, which landed on the floor with a thud. "Just to be on the safe side." He blasted the book with his spell - a fire spell. The book exploded into thousands of pieces, all of them disentegrating into ash. "Now you can't stop me." he said with a menacing glare.

The group of us stood firm and stared him down. I stepped forward. "We won't stand for this you monster!"

Minute stiffled a laugh and looked at me with a grin. "No, you won't. Why don't you relax and LIE DOWN!"

All I saw was a bright yellow light which struck me in the chest, sending me flying. I felt myself slam against a wall and fall to the floor before fading into unconsciousness.

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