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Good Things Come - Sweet Tale

Human x Luna story - Teen rated.

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53. Splitting Pain

“Got to...keep...trying!”

“Luna, you can’t! It’s wrong!”

“You have to let...hnng...me try!”

I felt a feathery embrace pull me away from the fallen unicorn. My eyes remained locked on him as I tried everything I could to revive him. Celestia lay her head on my shoulders as she solemnly looked at the pony. “Those spells are wrong and you know it. That is a side of magic we want to stay far away from.” She nuzzled my cheek. “I’m sorry. We can’t revive him.”

Turning my head slowly, I nodded at my elder sister as she comforted me. Nothing needed to be said as we rose to our hooves. A small crowd started to form around us - the attack had caused some much unwanted attention. Celestia quickly summoned a blanket to conceal the body before anypony could notice.

“What happened here? What was that scream?” asked a bystander.

“I couldn’t see! Where did that light come from?”

“Where has the Royal Courter gone?”

We both received a barrage of questions from the ever-growing crowd which we tried our best to answer. Many of them accepted the answers but some were more persistent than others. The Guards formed a makeshift barrier between us and the townsponies but they could not stop their questions.

“Sister, what should we tell them?” I mentally asked Celestia.

“We cannot mention Nightmare Moon. Nopony has even mentioned her name as of yet so we can try and explain this in the--”


A scream from a male pony broke our conversation. A tanned unicorn with a dark brown mane. “Oh no...Celestia...is that--”

“Where is my father?!” he shouted again. He locked onto us both and galloped in our direction. “I heard my father was attacked! Where is he?!” Both of us couldn’t answer, we just couldn’t tell him.

“Time Turner...you need to--” Celestia started.

Time turned to the crowd. “Anypony! Have you seen my father? His name is Minute Hand and he’s a unicorn!” The crowd went silent and avoided all eye contact with him. “Well?!” Still no answer. “ANYPONY?!” he screamed.


That voice...a tiny voice came from my left. A filly, no older than seven years old looked up at Time with teary eyes. “He’s over…”

Her lip trembled as she raised one of her hooves and pointed at the blanket next to us. Time looked in our direction and noticed the lump in the blanket. His gaze, now empty of all emotion, bore into us like an owl’s stare. Time slowly approached us and walked straight past me. I held out my wing to prevent him from going any further.


“Time Turner, I must insist you stop.” I calmly instructed.

He pushed against my wing with his head and tried to move forward. “Let...me...GO!”

I couldn’t stop him from this. I ignited my horn and levitated him so that he faced me. “Time Turner. I must apologise for this and I am so sorry but…” I set him down and held in place so that he faced the blanket. Looking over at my sister, she nodded, ignited her horn and lifted the blanket.

I felt Time’s whole body shake with fright as he looked upon the body. I heard short gasps of air as he continued to stare. I released my hold on him to which he set a hoof forward. And then another.

“Is…” His voice was full of fear. “I-is that…”

“Time Turner.” Celestia quietly said. “I’m sorry. We couldn’t save him.”

“No…” he quietly said. Silence reigned from all parties as Time Turner was frozen in place. Before anypony could say anything further, he ran forward and collapsed at his father’s side. “NOOO!” Screaming into the night, he cradled his father’s lifeless body and rocked back and forth. “NO NO NO!” He looked back at us. Tears were streaming from his eyes as he gave us an almighty glare. “Why couldn’t you save him?! WHAT GOOD ARE YOU IF YOU COULDN’T SAVE HIM?!”

I couldn’t reply to him - how can you? We both bowed our heads in silence and let Time grieve over his loss. A single tear fell from eye as I continued to listen to Time’s screams. The crowd behind us, along with the guards, both said nothing, all except a few sobs.


We turned to see the Bearers galloping towards us. They all carried that same look of fear as they stopped in front of us. “Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, we got here as quick as we could!” said a very prepared Twilight. She caught a glance of Time who was quietly sobbing into his father’s mane. “What...what happened?”

“Is he alright?” asked Fluttershy.

I looked at Celestia. “Sister, I believe we cannot hide this any longer. This will be come public soon enough.”

“I agree.” Celestia stomped her hoof and raised her head high, wiping away her tears. “Citizens of Canterlot! There are things you must know and you must understand I kept them from you to keep you safe.” She looked over her shoulder. “Sadly...it didn’t work…” she said quietly.

“Which is why we must tell you this information.” I continued. I looked out upon the crowd and the Elements. “Nightmare Moon has returned.”

The crowd burst into frightful screams and panicked shouts. The ponies began to panic and dashed around, grabbing their loved ones.

I heard a horn ignite behind me and saw that a unicorn was pointing it...at me. “My dear subject...it is not me.” His eyes widened but his horn remained ignited. “SUBJECTS!” Using the Royal Canterlot Voice got their attention. The crowd stopped but looked petrified.

“How has she returned Princess?” Twilight asked. “We defeated her and purged her from you! She’s gone!”

“That’s right, we kicked her flank!” Rainbow added.

“That you did. But it didn’t work - she still lives.” Everypony remained silent. “She was lying dormant in my body, my bloodstream to be precise.” I held out my hoof and placed it over my chest. “I am not Nightmare Moon...but she has taken over the Royal Courter.”

“WHAT?!” Pinkie exclaimed. “How?!”

I took a deep breath to compose myself, I knew this wasn’t going to be easy. I opened my mouth to say something but a white hoof stopped me. Celestia looked down at me with a smile. “A few months ago, Owen was attacked by a Manticore and was severely injured. He needed a blood transfusion so Princess Luna gave her blood to save his life.” The Elements gave a small smile at this. “Recently, we discovered that Owen was absorbing magic due to Luna’s blood in his body. Because of this, he was able to perform small spells such as levitation.”

“We don’t know how but...Nightmare Moon managed to gain control of his body as she was in my bloodstream...which now flows through him.” I finished.

“So…” a bystanding unicorn started. “The Royal Courter...is Nightmare Moon?” he asked in fear. I nodded slowly.

“I’LL KILL HIM!” screamed Time from the back. I turned to see his erupting with rage. “HE KILLED MY FATHER!”

A yellow glow surround him and brought him close to Celestia, who wore a deep scowl. “There will be no talk of killing!” She sighed quietly. “That was not Owen. He is under Nightmare’s control.” A few tears fell from his eyes as he began to sob. Celestia brought him close to her chest and comforted him. “I’m sorry...I’m so sorry…”

I felt a hoof touch my back. I turned to see Fluttershy hovering next to me. She slowly leant in and put her hooves around my neck. “We’ll save him...I promise.” she whispered to me. Hearing these kind words filled me with confidence as I put one of my hooves around her and held her tight.

“Guards, please escort Time Turner to the Castle. Also…” She placed Time on the ground and looked at his father. “Move the body to the Medical Centre. I want the utmost care when moving him. Is that understood?” Celestia instructed.

“Yes Your Highness.” A guard replaced the blanket over Minute’s body. Time walked over to his father, removed the blanket off his head and kissed it before putting it back over. A guard lay a wing over him and walked him away towards the castle.

“Princess, is it true?” Rarity asks. “Has that beast claimed Owen as her own?”

“I am afraid it is true.” I said as I looked upon the Bearers. They all looked terrified as to what has happened. “It is also due to Nightmare that we cannot see the sun. She has blacked out the sky.”

“What does she want?!” asked a frightful Twilight.

“We don’t know.” replied Celestia. “But we need to stop her before she does anything else.” She looked up at the castle. “And there was only one way we could stop her last time.”

“The Elements!” exclaimed Rainbow. “Yeah! We’ll get Nightmare Moon out of Owen in a snap!”

“NO!” shouted Applejack.

“What do you mean no?” asked a bemused Twilight.

“Ooh! No! You know, no? Opposite of yes? Short for number. Also means--”

“AH KNOW PINKIE!” AJ cleared her throat after her outburst. “Ah’m mighty sorry Pinkie. But...we can’t do that. We can’t use the Elements.”

“Why not?” Celestia asked.

“Remember last time? We successfully used the Elements to expel Nightmare Moon from Princess Luna. But look what happened - it didn’t work! How are we supposed to save Owen if the Elements don’t get rid of Nightmare altogether?” AJ explained.

We fell silent. She was right. If we used the Elements on Nightmare again, it would produce the same result. She would still reside in his body…

“What choice do we have?” Celestia quietly said. “The only other way would be to--”

“No.” I glared at my sister. “Don’t you even finish that sentence.”

“What does she mean?” asked Twilight.

“Celestia, please don’t.” I pleaded with her.

She gave me a sad look and sighed. “I’m sorry Luna but...the only other way to do it would be to…” She gulped. “To kill him.”

“NO! WE WILL NOT!” I commanded. “I am NOT losing him!” My anger was growing rapidly. I could feel the rage inside me surging. “You...will NOT KILL HIM!” I hissed at my sister.

“LUNA!” Celestia shouted. She ran to me and held me tight. “I’m sorry! I had to say it! Please don’t get angry! That’s...that’s what happened last time…” She let out a quiet whimper as she lay her head on my shoulder. The moment I heard that noise, the anger within me vanished and was replaced with remorse. I leant my head against hers.

“I’m sorry...I didn’t mean it…”

Breaking the embrace, Celestia wiped her eyes and looked at the Bearers. “Then there is only one choice. We must use the Elements Of Harmony on Owen. Even if it won’t work completely, it will save him for now.”

“Ohhh...that felt good. I haven’t experienced a bloodrush like that in a long time.”

“You’re sick! You killed that pony! Even if it was Minute Hand!”

“You said it yourself, you wanted him away. I only did what you said.”

“What, by killing him?! I never said that! He’s a different pony now! That whole messing with time thing never happened!”

“Oh I know...but I need you angry. The angrier you get, the more powerful I become. All the negativity of you makes me stronger.”

“Then...then I’ll be happy! I’ll stay happy!”

“Happy? Happy that I’ve taken over your body? Happy that I attacked your Princess?...Your mother figure?”


“You will find out soon enough. And speaking of which...so will the Elements, Celestia...and your dearest Luna…”

The sconces at the Castle entrance were all lit to help us during the darkness. Guards were flanking the eight of us, side by side as we entered through the main doors. After we all entered, the doors closed with at least five guards guarding the doors.

“Your Highness!” I looked up to see a guard descending the stairs with a familiar creature upon his back. “He arrived for you a matter of minutes ago.”

“Spike!” exclaimed Twilight. “What are you doing here?! I told you to remain at home!” she scolded the dragon.

“You were really worried! When you told me you were going to Canterlot for an emergency, it sounded dangerous! So I...I wanted to come and help…” Spike admitted sheepishly.

“Don’cha know how dangerous this place is right now?” Applejack asked.

“Nightmare Moon is back!” Rainbow exclaimed.

“N-N-Nightmare Moon?” Spike stuttered. He looked at Luna and backed away in fright. “I...I...I don’t…”

“It’s alright young Dragon. It is not me.” I stretched out my wing and pulled him towards me me. “Why don’t you go with Celestia and she’ll explain it to you, OK?” I looked at Celestia who nodded and levitated the dragon onto her back. She walked over to the other side of the room and began quietly talking to him.

“I cannot believe he got here. How did he even get here?!” Twilight exclaimed.

“I believe he came on the train. He did say he was hiding from you.” a guard nearby replied. “Don’t take it out on him, he was very scared for you.”

Twilight smiled softly and nodded. I watched as Celestia returned with Spike in tow. Spike rushed over to Twilight and hugged her tight. “I didn’t mean to worry you.” he glumly said.

“It’s alright Spike. Thank you for looking out for me.” She leant forward and planted a kiss on his forehead. “Do you want to go home?”

Spike looked around for a bit, kicking his claws against the ground. “No.” He looked up at Twilight. “I want to stay. I want to help. However I can.”

“Great going Spike! You’ll be a great help!” Rainbow said, giving the dragon a small hug.

“I hate to break this up but this isn’t the time for fun. We need to get to the Elements...now.” I instructed, beginning to walk towards the staircase. Ascending it, I looked back to see Celestia, the Elements and Spike following close behind. Reaching the top, I turned left, following the path to the Library.

Portraits of Starswirl The Bearded, Clover The Clever, Princess Platinum and various other historical figures adorned the walls. Reaching the third vase, I turned right and made my way down another corridor. Nopony was talking, why would we? At a time like this, we need to be ready for anything.

I looked up - there it was. Turning around, I made sure everyone was still with me. Above me was a mural of the moon. I looked left to look at the white wall. Normally unseen to the naked eye but if you looked close enough, there was a thin line running down from the ceiling to the floor. Only the select few and the Royal Family knew about this place.

I rose my hoof and pushed the middle of the wall which slid back. “What is this place?” asked Spike.

“This is where the Elements Of Harmony are kept.” Celestia explained. “Come along, we need to hurry.” Celestia led the way. I followed suit with the Elements and Spike following close behind.

“So what’s gonna happen? Are we gonna just wear the Elements and use them on Nightmare Moon?” Applejack asked.

“Yeah. I mean there’s nothing wrong with us this time, we’re not all grey like before with Discord.” Rainbow added.

“That’s true.” I said. “We have to be wary as we don’t know what Nightmare Moon is planning.” Something came to my mind and I cursed myself for not thinking of it sooner. “We don’t even know WHERE she is. Nightmare could be...anywhere…”

“The sooner we find her, the sooner we save Owen. Right girls?!” Pinkie asked with joy.

“RIGHT!” they all replied.

“So much joy...so much happiness. Fools!”

Half of the sconces in the room went out as that voice echoed around the room. “Nightmare…” Celestia icily said. “Where are you…”

“Why...all around you. And look! The Bearers of the Elements! So...nice...to see you again…”

“Enough talking! Show yourself!” I demanded. “Where is my beloved!”

“If you insist…”

Lightning flashed outside the windows, illuminating the illustrations on the stain glass windows. As the flash died down, I turned to see a guard standing a few meters from us. But it wasn’t one of ours, it was one of Nightmare’s. Another flash of lightning, another guard. We all stood our ground, not to be intimidated by this.

After four guards were in the room, a small patch of navy blue fog surfaced in the centre of the room. “Get back!” I ordered the Elements as the fog grew into a column. The column grew bigger and bigger, swirling around as the guards looked on in glee.

Just as it got around four meters tall, the fog slammed down to the floor, leaving a standing figure. The fog slamming down emitted a shockwave which shattered the windows in the room, raining shards of glass down upon us. Through the remnants of the fog, a toothy smile could be seen. I ignited my horn and pointed it towards the fog. Before I could perform a spell, a hand shot out of the fog and cleared it, revealing my beloved, trapped by my former self.

“So good to see you all again.” Nightmare said sarcastically. “It would appear…” She turned around to see her guards there. “Away with you!” Her hand lit and she teleported her guards away. “Can’t get them to stop following me.” she mumbled.

“Just what do you want from this Nightmare, huh?! What do you plan to do?!” Rainbow interjected.

“Ahh...the rainbow-streaked one speaks up. Just like last time if I remember correctly.” She raises her hand and catches Rainbow in her levitation, bringing her close.

“Rainbow!” The rest of the girls shout in fright.

“I think it would be best if I told everypony this, not just you. Don’t you think?” she said, staring into Rainbow’s eyes. Before Rainbow could respond, she flung her back into the group, making her fall onto her side. “This room contains the Elements Of Harmony. You being here would lead me to believe that you are to use the Elements to destroy me? Am I right?”

“That’s right!” Twilight replied with vigour.

Nightmare began walking and starting circling us. “The Elements failed to destroy me last time. What makes you think that they’ll work this time?” She leant down to Fluttershy’s face. “That it’s a human? It’ll work differently?” She walked over to Twilight and leant down in front of her. “Maybe it’s because you’re stronger friends than before?” She stood back up straight and then gasped softly. “Maybe...wait…” She clapped her hands and laughed softly. “You don’t know if they’re going to work do you?!”

“The Elements will work this time. You are weaker than before.” Celestia said as she bored her gaze into Nightmare.

Nightmare’s facial expression turned sour. She knew she was right. “You don’t get it do you? The Elements will NOT work!” She stomped her foot causing lightning to crash around the castle. “And when I’m through with you, I will stand in the ashes of the Elements Of Harmony and claim this world as it’s RIGHTFUL RULER!”

Nightmare raised her hand with it immediately glowing in it’s blue aura. She aimed at Celestia and shot out a spell which hit her straight in her chestplate. Celestia stumbled back, dazed. Once again, she took a bit of damage and it was clearly visible on her chest and neck area.

Once again, Nightmare had hurt another of my loved ones...and I was not going to let it stand. This was not my Owen, this was in no way him. “Everypony listen!” I glared at Nightmare who wore a sadistic look on her face. “Celestia! Take the Bearers and retrieve the Elements! I will deal with Nightmare.”

“But sister, you can’t! This is still Owen!” Celestia replied.

“No! Owen would not hurt anypony, especially somepony like you. Do you remember what he said to you? You’re a mother figure to him. Nopony in Equestria would attack their mother - NOPONY!” I looked down at the Bearers who looked worried for my safety. “As soon as you get the Elements, use them. Even if I am locked with Nightmare.”

“But Princess, the Elements will--”

“No doubt damage me yes but if it saves Equestria, then I will do whatever it takes.” I admitted, smiling softly at them. “Now this is what is going to happen. You will move for the door when I make the first move. Then I will--”

Catching Nightmare off-guard, I quick-fired a stun spell at Nightmare which hit her in the face. She growled loudly and stumbled back. Leaving herself open, I launched myself at her and tackled her to the ground. “GO! NOW!” I watched as Celestia and the Elements ran past us towards the door. I quickly cast a spell which encased us in a protective dome.

“You are indeed clever and powerful.” Nightmare remained still. “But not as powerful as ME!” Her hand lit up and pointed at my chest, firing a spell at it. The pain from this was excruciating as my chest felt like it was on fire. Clutching my chest, I felt a sharp pain the side of my head as Nightmare fired another spell. Falling onto my side, I saw Celestia unlocking the door with her horn.

Turning over onto my back, I saw Nightmare loom over me. She knelt down, straddling my stomach. I lit up my horn to fire another spell but Nightmare grabbed my horn with her hand and lit up a spell of her own. “Hnng...what?!” I couldn’t use my horn. “What have you done?!”

Nightmare cackled before raising her other hand and clenching it into a fist. “Forcing the magic back into you. So now…” Her hand came down and connected with my muzzle. “You…”

Another punch. On the side of my muzzle this time.


A third. This one to my horn. “AHHHH!” I screamed out in pain. The pain was unimaginable.


“GET OFF HER!” a voice sounded to my left. Through my partially closed eye, I spotted the dragon grasping a shard of glass in his claws. His face was full of determination as he tightened his grip around the shard. Before Nightmare could react, he threw the shard towards Nightmare which hit her straight in the leg.

“AARRRRGHHH!” Nightmare screamed in pain. As she clutched her leg, screaming in pain, using the new-found strength I had received, I used my hind legs to kick Nightmare off me into the edge of the dome. Getting to my hooves, I saw that the Bearers were ready. I lowered the dome and said only one word.


The Bearers nodded and the Elements soon came to life. The rainbow streak glided through each of the elements before reaching the Element of Magic. The Element glowed, sending a huge rainbow hurtling towards Nightmare Moon who looked on in fear.


The rainbow encircled Nightmare as we heard the screams coming from within. The Bearers looked on as their work was doing the trick. Celestia continued to remain neutral as she watched on. Looking down to my side, I saw Spike shivering in fear. I pulled the little one close with my wing and nuzzled his forehead.

“You did Equestria a great deed, young one.” I saw that his left claws had a few cuts on them from grasping the shard. “We will fix that up in no time. Just think, you saved the--”

“PRINCESS!” screamed Twilight.

I looked up to see something terrifying. The rainbow was no longer a rainbow. It was a mixture of light and dark blues...the ones that match Nightmare’s colour. “What’s happening?!”

Before anyone could be respond, the energy reversed and retreated back into the Elements, sending the Bearers back with a small shockwave. Celestia ran to their aid, helping them back on their hooves.

“Is everypony alright?” she asked with worry.

“I...I think so…” Fluttershy answered. “I feel a bit...AAH!” she screamed. “What happened to my Element?!”

What I was seeing, I had never seen before. The Elements had turned a navy blue colour, along with the gem in the centre. “What is this?” I asked.

Rainbow tried to remove the necklace from her neck but the Element stayed stuck. “I...I can’t get it off!” She tried again and again to remove the Element but each time, she failed. “Seriously, this isn’t funny!

The rest of the Bearers tried to remove their Elements but the same thing happened. “What is going on?” I asked out loud. I turned back to where Nightmare once stood and froze. What was standing there was not Owen...it was still Nightmare.

“I KNEW IT!” she screamed. Nightmare clapped her hands and laughed loudly. “The Elements of Harmony didn’t work! And...ohhh.” She looked upon the Bearers who were panicking at not being able to remove their Elements. “Oh this is too rich! Looks like your Elements have backfired!”

“ENOUGH!” I screamed at her. “What did you do?!”

For the first time, Nightmare looked genuinely confused. “I did nothing. This is not of my doing.” She brought a hand to her chin and hummed. “I don’t know...why don’t we ask your other half?” Her eyes closed as she prepared to bring Owen back. She grunted a couple of times before her eyes re-opened. Her eyes were still the same.

“Oh my…” Her smile grew tenfold as she couldn’t contain her laughter. “Oh Luna, look at what you’ve done. You gave your lover your blood, set me free, gave me a human body and NOW...” She narrowed her eyes at me and chuckled. “You killed him.”

Silence reigned. The Bearers stopped struggling, Celestia stood stock still, as did I. “What did you say?” I whispered.

“He no longer inhabits this body. I can’t find him in my mind. HE’S GONE!” she shouted, cackling madly afterwards.

“No…” She couldn’t be telling the truth. “No...you’re lying!”

“Look for yourself.” She turned to the right. “Go ahead Celestia, look.” Nightmare lowered her head.

Celestia lit up her horn almost immediately and cast a spell on Nightmare. She didn’t try to escape or to struggle...she just stood there.

‘Please be there...please be alive…”

Celestia ceased her spell and looked visibly shocked. “Celestia...please tell me…” She turned to me and slowly shook her head. “No…you’re lying.” She approached me leant her head against mine.

“He’s gone. He’s not in there…”

“You’ve given me a free body to do with what I please! The Elements Of Harmony have fallen. SO SHALL THE WORLD!” Nightmare’s hand lit up and she teleported away with an almighty flash of light.

“Princess...he’s still alive, right?” asked the young dragon beside me.


“Luna...I’m so sorry…” came a saddened response from Celestia.


“Not him...please not him…” My body refused to move, to even turn in the direction of the gaze of my friends. “He’s...he’s...gone…” I felt the first tear fall as it rolled down my cheek. “NO! NO NO NO! OWEN!”

Two feathery wings embraced me as I screamed his name. I collapsed into Celestia’s embrace as my world came crashing down beside me. “Owen...no. The Elements…”

“WHY! WHY DID HE HAVE TO DIE?!” I bellowed.

Celestia said nothing at this point. How could anyone say anything to make this better?

“Your Highness!” A guard came running into the open room. His armor was burnt and charred and his mane had been singed. “Canterlot is under attack! Nightmare Moon’s forces are destroying everything!”

Rainbow dashed to the destroyed window to witness the situation. “Oh my...look at it down there!” The Bearers went to join Rainbow but Celestia remained with me. Feeling something on my wing, I looked down to see Spike shedding his own tears. I swept him up with my wing and held him close.

“The city is on fire!” Rarity exclaimed.

“They’re destroying whole buildings!” added Pinkie.

“PRINCESS! WHAT DO WE DO?!” asked Twilight who was in hysterics.

“I don’t know.” she answered.

“What? What do you mean you don’t know?!” added the lavender unicorn.

“Twilight, look around you! The Elements didn’t work, Nightmare is free, the city is under attack and…” She sniffed and let out a small sob. “I just don’t know what we can do…”

I remained in Celestia’s embrace as I continued to bawl. I felt the rest of the ponies circle around us and join the embrace. A few small sniffs and sobs came from all around me. I felt sorry for these ponies - they’ve never had to experience...death.

“WOAH!” Spike exclaimed. “Look at the Elements! They’re glowing!”

True to his word, the Elements were indeed glowing. All six of them. The gems in the middle started to regain their former colour. “What’s happening?” I asked.

“I don’t know but--WHAAA!” Twilight screamed as the Element dragged her to the centre of the room. The same happened with the other five Bearers as they formed a circle about 2 meters in diameter.

“The Element is feeling hot! Is that normal?!” Applejack asked.

The glow of the Element started to emit a noise. It sounded like…

“The Elements! They’re re-activating!” I shouted, getting to my hooves. “That means they are still harmonius!”

“But what about the colour? Surely this is Nightmare’s doing!” Celestia said over the noise.

“Possibly! I don’t--”

Before I could continue, the Elements each shot out a ray of light onto the floor. Each elements sent out their own symbol - stars, bolts, balloons, apples, diamonds and butterflies. The symbols continued hitting the collection of light on the floor. Then, without warning, the rays of light stopped. On the floor, lay a large ball of light.

“What is this?” Twilight asked. She went to put her hoof on it but immediately thought against it. “I’ve never seen something like this.”

Just as she finished speaking, the Elements disconnected from each of the Bearer’s necks and began to float over the ball of light. They started to circle it, each one glowing brighter and brighter. “Everypony shield your eyes!” I instructed. We did so and waited for the light to die down.


Five metal objects hit the floor. As the light died down, something was laying where the ball of light died down. My eyes struggled to re-focus as the object was just a blur at this point.

“Can anypony see?” I asked.

“Argh...not yet…” replied Rainbow.

“I can...” gasped Spike. “It’s...is it really?” I heard him walk forward. “IT IS! IT IS!”

“What is it?!” shouted Twilight.

My eyes fully re-focused and I gazed upon the floor.

In front of me lay a body.

A human body. Owen’s body. His chest was rising and sinking.

And in his hand...he clutched the Element Of Honesty.

Author's Note:

Well, here's the next part. Took me a while to get this one done and I feel happy that I did. You might have noticed in this chapter that I tried to include Spike in this chapter a fair bit. I feel that Spike needs more development (in this story AND on the show!) and that he's very under-appreciated. So, this is my attempt to let him have the spotlight a bit more!


Obvious delay is obvious xD

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