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One day, Lyra gets invited by her friend Derpy to taste one of her new muffin recipes. Lyra eagerly accepts, but with that fateful bite, she soon finds herself in a situation so horrific that words cannot do it justice.

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Wallflower Blush expected the Rainbooms would forget about her once she was no longer a magical threat. Sunset Shimmer had other ideas. Now, largely without meaning to, Wallflower has somehow become the first human to visit Equestria. On a date, no less.

At least that's the only thing she'll have to worry about. After all, what in a world full of candy-coated magic ponies could possibly be as terrifying as being in a relationship with Sunset Shimmer?

And why did Pinkie Pie just shudder and give Wallflower that pitying look?

An entry in Oroboro's Sunset Shipping Contest: Journeys. Rated Teen for mild profanity, oblique references to horse nudity, and just to be safe.
Thanks to Speckle and SoloBrony for prereading.

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