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News of the Cozy Glow debacle reaches Sunset Shimmer, who now worries about Cozy’s human counterpart. Is it wrong to suspect someone based on their parallel self’s sins? Snappy character vignette that gives equal POV time to Sunset and human Cozy trying to figure out just what the other’s deal is.

Teen rating for depictions of mental illness and Cozy’s casual use of crass language. Cover image made by me slapping some EG vectors on top of each other in Microsoft Powerpoint.

Chapters (3)

Sunset is accused of spreading everyone’s secrets on a Mystable page calling itself Anon-a-Miss, losing all of her friends and reputation in the process.

But it seems the school forgot one thing.

Sunset Shimmer isn't one to be easily broken.

*This story is completed and is updating daily*

A story dearly inspired by wanting something different out of the Anon-a-Miss 'Genre' of fics. Many are wonderful stories, but at the end of the day, most tend to fall into the same couple of tropes with slight alterations, and many of those tropes are ones I'm not terribly fond of.

So with my ever present desire to take a well trod genre and flip it on its head, I present my own take on this story, and one I have not personally seen. So I hope I deliver on giving you something different from the others!

Pre-Read by the Wonderful and Loveable baes: Uria, the Sacred Beast and Sunny Days

Chapters (8)

Anon wants to live a simple life but ends up in Equestria with the powers of an (Eldritch) God. Weeks after his arrival, Rarity buys him a diner/bar as a welcoming gift and business franchise where she can get her clients. Anon then works at his diner/bar and successfully lives a simple life, though things get more exciting each day for every pony he meets. Anon also occasionally uses his infinite powers to poke a little fun. Good slice of life stuff.

Chapters (9)

This story is a sequel to Sirens of the Night

Things were looking up. Sunset Shimmer had friends, her popularity with her fellow students was on the rebound. She even had three new cousins! Then Anon-A-Miss struck. Can the Dazzlings prove Sunset's innocence before tragedy strikes?

Chapters (8)

This story is a sequel to How Tempest Shadow Mucked Up


(Recommended that you read the IDW Comics My Little Pony: Equestria Girls Holiday Special in order to fully get it. There's a reading by the wonderful Wubcake here if you've yet to see the actual original story)

Anon-A-Miss. Greatest threat to Sunset Shimmer's new life as a protagonist, ruiner of friendships all over Canterlot High, and three little girls that let their jealousy get the better of them. Though apparently, they didn't remember what happened to their target. Sunset is more than happy to remind them.


As a reminder to all younger readers, the original story was made and released in 2014. Make sure you keep that in mind.

I got this idea while reading an Anon-A-Miss fic, and I remembered something: the artwork for the A-A-M page made it very obvious that Sunset was being framed. Why did nobody point that out? So I set to work, and this was the result. I feel like it's enough of an alteration that it abides by the rules, but I can work with the mods if they disagree. Hope you all enjoy!

If I've tagged this incorrectly, please let me know and I'll rectify it as soon as possible.

(9/28/2018 EDIT: :yay: AAAAAAHHHH!! :rainbowkiss: This is getting so much love that I can't keep up! :raritystarry: It's even on the FRONT PAGE! :twilightsmile: Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who's been favoriting and liking! It actually means a lot to see a story I wrote get this much love!)

Chapters (1)

All Scootaloo has ever really wanted is a family, and the closest she ever got to it growing up in a foster home was an older girl named Sunset Shimmer who became her big sister. But once Sunset started to go to Canterlot High School, she vanished for a couple of days before coming back, different than the younger girl remembered.

She later finds out that the Sunset that returned wasn't the same Sunset that she had become close to. She tried to ignore it and move on, but the same question kept nagging at her mind.

What happened to her big sister? And what will she do now?

Chapters (2)

Adagio Dazzle was short on money, so she decided, with some budging from her fellow sirens, to take up a babysitting job.

She wasn't enthusiastic about it at first, but something happens that changes her mind: the girl she's babysitting seems to be upset about something...

Something that could threaten to split the Canterlot Movie Club apart, and introduce the Dazzlings to a bigger picture.

Chapters (16)

I haven't lived in Equestria long. I tried to acclimate to the society, but it was hard. After thinking of what i could do to make things better, the answer became clear. This is my story of how I adopted my daughter.

(A saccharine story featuring my character adopting a certain pegasus. I put some effort into this one and hope you enjoy the heartstrings. Criticism, edits, suggestions are all very welcomed, i want to get better as a writer. This might become a full story detailing he and Scootaloo's relationship if people want it. Hope you enjoy)

Chapters (5)

Apple Bloom has a plan for the Crusaders to test countless special talents at once. There's no way this can go wrong!

Never mind the fact that every adult pony in town just shuddered.

A much expanded version of an entry in the January 2015 Writeoff Competition. Prompt: All In

Chapters (1)

Scootaloo is failing school, and her life has been turned upside down. Compromising pictures she took of herself in a very vulnerable state were stolen from her bag, revealing a secret she's kept hidden from the world. Pictures no one was meant to see other than the young mare she cares for the most. When it's revealed that an old friend wants to help her, Scootaloo doesn't know what to think or feel.

Chapters (1)
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