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WARNING: Minor spoilers for Season 9.

Daring Do is an adventurer who transforms the tales of her adventures into stories for all of Equestria to enjoy. Now that she and Caballeron have become a team and Ahuizotl was revealed to have good intentions from the start, there's not much material to write about anymore.

Hungry for new adventures, Daring Do and Caballeron set out to find an adventure they could go on. Unfortunate for them, they find an adventure that's more dangerous than meets the eye. Tangled up in a new villain's scheme to steal artifacts from Ahuizotl, they might just find the greatest adventure of all is their path to becoming more than just friends.

Author's Note: A shipping experiment because... Quibble Pants x Daring Do is no longer possible due to the new episode in Season 9.

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Esteemed among all five of her peers, AK Yearling was a respected member of the archeological community, small as it was. Unfortunately, it doesn't pay the bits she thought it would. Putting hoof to typewriter, she tries another way.

Done for a loyal patron, to be updated monthly.

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Ten years have passed and Equestria has seen many changes - some good, but most bad. Now Daring Do must work with the resistance to save the world from the greatest evil ever seen.


Written for EFNW's Iron Author competition.

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Sunset Shimmer isn't like the other Freshman in Canterlot High School. While so many others explain away the strange things that happen in their town, she knows better. There's an entire world out there, a world of magic and incredible creatures, one that she's determined to reach.

Careful study and preparation brings her to the portal in front of her school, at the last moment of its opening. Sunset doesn't have a clue what might be waiting on the other side, but she's sure it will lead her to the magic she's always wanted.

No matter what it costs.

Updates Tuesdays.

This story was sponsored by my glorious enablers Bitera and Sparktail, who also did the editing. I know I don't deserve it. Want one of your own? Drop me a PM. Cover by Zutcha.

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