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All Scootaloo has ever really wanted is a family, and the closest she ever got to it growing up in a foster home was an older girl named Sunset Shimmer who became her big sister. But once Sunset started to go to Canterlot High School, she vanished for a couple of days before coming back, different than the younger girl remembered.

She later finds out that the Sunset that returned wasn't the same Sunset that she had become close to. She tried to ignore it and move on, but the same question kept nagging at her mind.

What happened to her big sister? And what will she do now?

Chapters (2)

Since the dawn of Equestria (Season 1) There has always been a conflict raging through the land, the conflict of cowpony against higher class.

Somethings about this silly little feud cannot be said, but more so written down on paper.

But not today!

After taking enough abuse from Diamond Tiara, Applebloom gets a very interesting idea going in her little head. A challenge to see who wears the other's style better.

After some encouragement from Silver, Diamond reluctantly accepts said challenge, and gets a new perspective on life. But only for a short time.

The pic comes from Drawfriend Stuff #1162 on Equestria Daily. I had to scroll past a lot of badass Tirek pictures to find this.

Chapters (8)

The Fall Formal is on the prowl once again. This time, however, it's anyone's game on who could be the princess.

In a bid to win the crown for the Formal, the Cutie Mark Crusaders decide to cosplay as The Dazzlings.

This can only go so well...

The cover art for this story belongs to the very talented uotapo on Deviantart. Be sure to support him in all of his endeavours.

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Boy, did she know how to pick 'em ....

Apple Bloom has to deal with alot, as she not only has to come out to her family, but also has to win over the prettiest mare in Ponyville, someone who she has grown up with and loves and respects like family. But will her brother and sister support her pursuing the much older and much classier Rarity? What will Sweetie's reaction be? Is Rarity even interested in mares? How much would they need to change for each other for things to work?

A crack paring written out of boredom and involving a random pony pair. The pony ended up being Apple Bloom, aged up to adulthood of course, paired with none other than Rarity.

Chapters (4)
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