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We all know the overly clumsy yet lovable Derpy hooves. Her bright golden mane mixed with her grey body makes her look so adorable when she slips up and does something stupid. Hidden behind that mask, however, lies a very different pony. Behind closed doors, she hides her scars, forged with numerous battles that she had to face. She may be a mailmare by day, but by night, she is a Unicorn with unmatched love for everypony. For she is non other than Clover the Clever, the founder of modern Equestria.

Follow us, as we delve into the secrets of a mare who has contributed so much to Equestria, one milestone at a time.

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Everyone knows the classic tale: the Three Bears leave to let their porridge cool, the naive little filly Goldilocks comes in, she does porridge. Hijinks, as the saying goes, shall thus ensue.

Dinky's got a little more behind her "re-imagining" than that, though. Her mind stands trial. Can she outwit the grim judge (big sister Amethyst)? Can she appeal to the all-loving jury (Derpy, walking disaster zone and friend of insurance sellers everywhere)?

Or will she find the chair to be much too hot? And not "just right" at all?

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One day, Lyra gets invited by her friend Derpy to taste one of her new muffin recipes. Lyra eagerly accepts, but with that fateful bite, she soon finds herself in a situation so horrific that words cannot do it justice.

Chapters (1)
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