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After the events of the Summer Sun Celebration, Sunset is adjusting fairly well to Ponyville life. Somethings are way more difficult to get used to than she originally thought but has her friends. When Sunset is given six tickets to the grand galloping gala, she is less than enthused but her friends don't understand why she hates the gala but will quickly find out why.

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You can link this as a sequel.

Get well soon!

Oh, the jokes ticket Master created, sunset is better be careful

Once again, you did a really good job on the start of this story. Most certainly liked the dialogue, characterizations and future chapter set-up. Could definitely understand why Sunset would hate the Gala enough to not want to go at first (and, in fact, trying to warn her friends about that Gala) and also understood Derpy pointing out that she is having trouble finding a sitter for her daughters as well as Silverspeed's admission that her little sister has been to the Gala before herself. Trixie's reaction to finding out Raindrops got invited made a lot of sense too. The file on Raindrops was wonderful work and I am definitely looking forward to seeing what sort of shenanigans the gang will get up to in their Gala preparations and actually at the Gala.

And, yeah, sorry to hear that you aren't feeling well right now. While I AM looking forward to more of this, I also understand that personal health is a lot more important.

Heh, could be worse about the flu of silver. Imagine having it and not able to fly before

Another really well done chapter. Love the work going into the dialogue, characterizations and future chapter set-up. REALLY loved the group banter as they discussed such topics as Sunset's rivalry with Twilight, Shining's relationship with Cadance, Trixie getting herself stuck to the ceiling, the mayor of Dodge Junction complaining about weather clouds from Ponyville, Silverspeed's family, Sunset's lack of known living family and Sunset's alcohol stash, among other things. Also liked Sunset meeting with Luna in the dreamworld to make good on the promise to help Luna learn more about how Equestria has changed in a thousand years.

VERY MUCH looking forward to more of this.

Better late than never.

Heh, interesting home town for trixie. Does she Listen to a house in new Orleans?

The animals- house of the rising sun?

Never heard of that before

Song from the 1960s. Just had to think of it due to new Orleans in your chapter here

REALLY good job on the dialogue, characterizations and future chapter set-up once again. Could definitely understand why Sunset would be so tired from helping Luna with her studies and I really liked the dialogue concerning family. Yes, I could see where Silverspeed would be frustrated by her and Spoon's parents. And, yeah, Trixie thinking about her father makes sense (still living in Neigh Orleans right now - I guess this is before Jackpot moved to Las Pegasus). Yeah, the "Frosted Flanks" joke was a bit raunchy, but at least there were no children present for it and I could see where it would fall under the "It's so stupid that it's actually kind of funny" category. The chat with Roseluck and her sisters was also pretty informative (especially the stuff with "Rosehearts", the good point about the dresses and Daisy and Lilly both also wanting to go to the Gala too for some reason).

And I could see where Sunset wanting to do almost everything herself could end up leading to this universe's loose analogue to "Applebuck Season". But that's for later.

Anyway, really looking forward to more of this.

Again, a really good job on this latest chapter. The dialogue, characterizations and future chapter set-up are all great. Definitely appreciated the chat between Derpy and Sparkler concerning stuff like who the kids will be staying with and how surprisingly good Dinky is at blackjack. Sparkler's chat with Sea Swirl concerning certain details of their lives was also a good detail, including the foreshadowing to them possibly setting Lyra up with Bon Bon. And I also really liked the work going into Sparkler and Sea Swirl's bios. Gee, I have to wonder why these two dislike Twilight that much. I can understand pretty much everybody hating Nightmare Moon and Blueblood, but Twilight's not that bad a gal. I mean, I could see Sparkler being jealous of Twilight being a better planner, but that's a bit much.

nicely done and interesting bio for Sparkler.

Dinky playing blackjack, maybe i confuse things but this is similar to a poker scene i read once with her but can't from where. Could swear it was one of your works but not sure

Ok this was cute, I'm certainly seeing the friendship growing between these girls as time goes on still a bit bumpier than Twilight's relationship with her friends but it's getting there.

“I love trains. I’ve always been in love with them. They’re so cool!” Sunset chuckled as her friends gave each other stunned looks. “I keep all my tickets everytime I go on one to remember.”

Will that be relevant later? Hehe

REALLY appreciated the dialogue, characterizations and future chapter set-up. Sunset noticing Silverspeed having those types of nightmares and trying to help her was great stuff (especially with Sunset finding out about considering the PTSD). The bio for Screw Loose was appreciated as well.

Very much looking forward to more of this.

I have no idea. Just thought it would be cool to give Sunset as a hobby

nice but other enemies, how about other dogs?

Hehe. Better watch out for a certain Pegasus, sunset

Hey there. Thanks very much for getting the next chapter to this up. I certainly appreciate the effort going into the dialogue, characterizations and future chapter set-up. REALLY liked the chat between the girls as they were heading into Canterlot concerning such things as how Roseluck used to live in Manehattan but has never been to Canterlot before, a couple of the girls' orientations, relationships of individuals that they know, Sunset stopping to help a homeless mare and Twilight's issues with Screw Loose. And, yeah, Twilight just happened to show up. Something tells me that Twilight's bio is going to be next chapter.

At any rate, really looking forward to more of this.

nice introduction of time turner too

Again, very good work on the dialogue, characterizations and future chapter set-up. Definitely appreciated Twilight and Sunset's interaction as well as the initial interaction with Sunset's friends. Also liked Trixie's talk with Sunset AND Twilight's with Moondancer. Adored the interaction between Time Turner and Derpy as well as Roseluck's reaction to it. The work on Twilight's bio is pretty well done too.

Definitely looking forward to more of this.

good one on the title.

blueblood i feel, is rather under developed. i mean, he never appeared again after that, save for one of the comics, where he sowed a good side

He appeared in the show after this

He didn't have a speaking role but he did appear

Yikes. REALLY good work on the dialogue, characterizations and future chapter set-up. Definitely appreciated Trixie and Raindrops having that chat after dealing with those rude nobles and then Shoeshine and Screw Loose getting into that mess with Blueblood. And, yeah, Shoeshine making excellent points to Blueblood and reflecting on how he is very obviously the black sheep of Celestia's family was another good bit. And, yes, it IS unfortunate that Blueblood wasn't given a chance to be given actual character development, but on the same token, he is also really entertaining as a Karmic Butt Monkey.

But, anyway, really looking forward to more of this.

Celestia: Blueblood, you have tarnished my good name with your stupidity for the last time. I DECREE THAT YOU ARE NO LONGER PART OF MY FAMILY LINE, AND THAT YOU ARE BANISHED FROM CANTERLOT FOR A FULL YEAR! Guards, if he not out of the city by sunset, you have my permission to THROW HIM OFF MY MOUNTAIN!

What a chapter... wow...

The title was VERY fitting, lol

When did Sunset get adopted by Celestia I didn't see it anywhere.

fitting indeed nd good use of time turner

It happened well before the events of the first story.

Hey there. Thanks very much for getting this next chapter up. Really liked the effort going into the dialogue, characterizations and future chapter set-up. Yeah, the aftermath of the argument between Shoeshine and Blueblood as well as the mess with the mixed up drinks and the chats afterwards were all really appreciated. And I'm going to guess that Time Turner and Blueblood's files are probably going to be in the final chapter, though I admit that I could be wrong on that.

REALLY looking forward to more of this, not just the epilogue of this story but also the future stories in this series.

That's strange, because up until the end of the first story Sunset only says she's Celestia's student never her daughter.

It was actually a mix of both - Sunset (as well as Celestia at times) simply tries very hard to balance the professional stuff and family stuff.

Yikes! A really good job on the dialogues, characterizations and epilogue set-up here. Definitely liked the discussions between Roseluck and that guard and Berry before Sunset arrived to pay bail. That argument between Berry and Minuette - hoo boy. Yeah, Sunset is right that Berry has had too much. And that bit between the gang before Celestia arrived, yeah. At least Derpy had a better time than the others. Minuette's bio in the author's notes were a really good touch as well.

Again, definitely looking forward to the epilogue.

Comment posted by Max Stroberger deleted February 18th

nicely done about colgate

Interesting motto for berry.

Hmm, would it be worth to focus a Story on the foals?

All alternate universes have a theme song so I made you one!

My Little Pony, My Little Pony
Ahh, ahh, ahh, ahh
(My Little Pony!)
I used to wonder what friendship could be
(My Little Pony!)
Until you all shared its magic with me
Unwavering loyalty,
Teaching laughter,
Helping other ponies,
Being generous to all we meet,
Leading the way and representing everypony
It's an easy feat
And magic makes it all complete!
You have my little ponies
Do you know you're all my very best friends?

*checks season one*
Let's see here... accounting for timeline differences...

I see four events that will likely require Sunset & Friends to do something:

Some of Trixie's younger fans doing something dumb and potentially causing a disaster.
A dragon that is in need of an eviction notice.
Zecora trying to purchase items in Ponyville.
Winter Wrap-Up.

Thanks. Isn't that a bit like, weird to use though? If others like it, I'll use it. I care about appearances and all that.

Who cares what others think? If you think he should use what I commented, like my comment

Hey there. Splendid work on the dialogue, characterizations, general wrap-up and future story set-up in this. REALLY appreciated the dialogue between Minuette and Berry about Minuette's real whereabouts. And the stuff in Moondancer, Berry, Blueblood and Time Turner's bios were also all well done.

Definitely looking forward to the next story in this series. And, yeah, "Sunset and Friends" is probably the best series title I can think of - but that's not saying much.

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