• Published 15th Nov 2021
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In the wake of Anon-A-Miss - General Alduin

It's been a month since the Anon-A-Miss incident, and Sunset feels more alone than ever. Can Sunset forgive those who betrayed her? Can the school recover in time for the friendship Games? Can everyone move on from Anon-A-Miss?

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Apple Blooms plan

Bon-Bon idly scrolled through her phone as she made her way to her first period class, trying to ignore the atmosphere of mistrust, guilt, and unrest that had permeated the school ever since Anon-A-Miss.

Apparently, it didn’t occur to the CMC that revealing the secrets others gave to you online, wasn’t good for fostering a unified student body. Those three had single handedly torn down the friendly and united atmosphere that Princess Twilight had created.

And for what? Because they were jealous their sisters were spending time with Sun...set.

Bon-Bons shoulders slumped. While she hadn’t joined the other students to make Sunset's life miserable, she did believe Sunset was guilty and deserved what she got. She even wished the red head would die after Anon-A-Miss went after Lyra. Bon-Bon had to practically drag Lyra to school because she was so embarrassed.

They still weren't sure who revealed Lyra's secret. At the very least Lyra never suspected her, she knew Bon-Bon would never break her trust like that.

Bon-Bons eyes widened when she saw Lyra calling her. It was a little late to make a call, first period was about to start. Bon-Bon answered and brought the phone to her ear. “Lyra?”

Bonny!” Came Lyra's distressed voice from the other end. Bon-Bon stopped in her tracks, having picked up on Lyra's tone immediately.

“Lyra? Sweetie, what's wrong?” She leaned into her phone to hear Lyra better. Bon-Bon strained against her phone, trying to decipher what Lyra was saying as she broke down. Bon-Bon did manage to decipher the word ‘Sunset’ and knew what this was probably about. “Lyra, I can barely understand you. Meet me near the front doors.”

Bon-Bon turned on her heels and made her way to the front of the school, not caring that she’d be late for the first period.

When she finally arrived at the front, she was practically tackled by an upset Lyra who wrapped her arms around her and began sobbing into the crook of Bon-Bons neck. Bon-Bon stood there in surprise for a second before wrapping Lyra in a hug and trying to calm her down. “Sweetie, what's wrong? You said something about Sunset?”

Lyra took a moment to compose herself before looking Bon-Bon in the face. “I-I went t-to Sunset to a-apologize-”

“And I assume that it didn't go well?” Bon-Bon asked, a tired look on her face. She sighed when Lyra nodded sheepishly. “Lyra, I told you to give Sunset her space. She’s still upset about Anon-A-Miss, she needs time to think things over.”

“I-I know it’s j-just… I feel really b-bad for how I t-treated her during A-Anon-A-Miss. That's all I c-can think about these d-days.” Lyra sniffled and wiped her eyes, on the verge of another breakdown.

“Come on, let’s get you to the Principal's office.” Bon-Bon said as the late bell rang, grabbing Lyras shoulders and leading her away. “You really shouldn’t feel so bad. You only thought she was guilty, it’s not like you helped harass her.” She felt Lyra flinch, noticing her girlfriend's guilty expression when she looked over. “Lyra. Is there something you want to tell me?”

“Uh, w-well, you see the funny thing about that is-” she stopped when Bon-Bon frowned at her in annoyance. “I Uh… might have, well, yelled at her once or twice, and... pushed her to the ground… and defaced her locker… a lot.”

“Lyra!” Bon-Bon said angrily. “I can’t believe you! I thought we agreed everyone that was harassing Sunset was being immature.”

“They were! It’s just… after Anon-A-Miss revealed your… interests-” Bon-Bon grimaced, the subject still a sore spot for her. “-I was angry, I couldn’t let her get away with embarrassing you like that, and I suppose I still resented her for sabotaging me at the Sophomore year Formal.”

“Even after she set up that faux Fall Formal for us and admitted to the whole school she sabotaged you?” Bon-Bon asked, tilting her head. “I thought that was really sweet of her.”

“Honestly, I can only really remember what we did later that ni-”

“Lyra!” Bon-Bon said cutting Lyra off. “Not so loud!” She hissed.

“Sorry.” Lyra rubbed the back of her head sheepishly before continuing. “Well, yeah, it was a nice apology, and her giving me the crown meant a lot. But it hasn’t been that long since she was a bitch. Plus…” Lyra frowned. “I just can’t forget how awful that Formal was. It was supposed to be our night and she ruined everything.”

"It is rather hard to forget, you were downright inconsolable afterwards. I kinda wanted to kill her For doing that to you.” Bon-Bon added as they neared the principal's office. “But I doubt you tormented Sunset solely to defend my honor.”

Lyra sighed in defeat. “Probably. It did feel good to get back at her for everything she did, you being targeted was just a good excuse.”

Bon-Bon merely hummed as they finally reached Principal Celestia's office. Bon-Bon reached her hand out and knocked.

“Come in.” Came Principal Celestia's voice from the other side, looking up when the two girls walked in. Her eyes widened when she saw Lyra's eyes were red and puffy. “Miss Heartstrings, is something wrong?"

“She tried to apologize to Sunset and… you know.” Bon-Bon explained, Celestia nodding in response. “We were hoping to stay here a bit while she calmed down and get an excuse for our teachers?”

Celestia motioned for them to sit and quickly began scribbling on a piece of paper. “If you don’t mind me asking Miss Heartstrings, why did you end up crying when you apologized this time? I understand this isn’t your first attempt.” Celestia handed her a tissue box to clean up with.

Lyra sighed, taking the tissues from Celestia. “Something Sunset said right after she got angry really hurt me.” Lyra slumped back in her chair. “I know we’re supposed to give Sunset space and all, but it’s been a month! I thought she’d be at least a little receptive.”

“Did you forgive Sunset a month after the Formal?”

Lyra groaned in annoyance. “She brought that up too. She also said she wanted me to prove I wasn’t just saying sorry cause I felt guilty.”

“What’s the difference exactly?” Bon-Bon tilted her head.

“I tried asking her, but it only made her angrier.” Lyra shrugged in defeat, cleaning her face with the tissue.

“Was her rejecting your apology all that happened during your interaction?” Celestia asked.

“No.” Lyra admitted, shaking her head. “I did invite her out with me and Bonny after school.”

“Wait what?” Bon-Bon snapped her head towards Lyra. “Lyra, why didn't you run this by me first?”

“I figured you wouldn’t have a problem with it.” Lyra shrugged, turning to meet her girlfriend's gaze. “Won’t matter anyway, she’s probably not coming.”

“Regardless, please tell me if you’re inviting someone to join us if we’re going somewhere, especially when that someone is rather… standoffish.” Bon-Bon crossed her arms. “But, I suppose it’s a good sign she agreed at all.”

“Miss Heartstrings, what do you hope to accomplish by bringing Sunset along?” Principal Celestia asked.

Lyra huffed in response. “I’m not entirely sure really. I guess to get her out of her house, try to be friendly with her so she’s more at ease with us… maybe get a smile out of her, it’s been so long since I saw her smile.”

“While it’s good that you’re trying to include Sunset, you have to realize that it won’t solve the underlying issue.” Celestia stated.

“We all tried apologizing to her and gave her some space when she wasn’t receptive, what else can we do?” Bon-Bon added. “And what are we going to do about the Friendship games? There’s no way we can win if everyone is at each other’s throats.”

“Not that we were gonna win anyway.” Lyra added bitterly, earning an annoyed glare from Bon-Bon.

“I wish there was something I could do to fix everything, but this will require more than disciplinary action or speeches about friendship and cooperation.” Celestia said as she handed them their written excuse. “I’m afraid it will be up to all of you to fix what Anon-A-Miss broke and earn Sunsets forgiveness.”

The two younger girls gave each other a look. “Now, you two should get to class.” Both of them immediately got up, taking the written excuse from Celestia.

“Oh and Lyra.” Lyra stopped and looked towards the Principal. “If you want to know how to earn Sunsets forgiveness, perhaps you should think about how she got you to forgive her.”

Lyra looked confused for a second before nodding and closing the door behind her, ruminating on Principal Celestia's words.

Sunset weaved her way through the halls of Canterlot High, keeping her head low as she wrote to Twilight. People knew not to bother Sunset when she was corresponding with the princess, and after her little run in with Lyra earlier, Sunset was not in the mood to deal with more fake apologies.

“Hey, Anon-A-Bitch!” Sunset flinched reflexively, then grumbled when nothing happened, reminding herself they wouldn’t be referring to her anymore. She stopped walking and looked towards the source of the voice.

Sunset saw Apple Bloom pushed up against a row of lockers by a group of older kids. Sunset recognized a few of them as the worst offenders during Anon-A-Miss, especially Lightning Dust.

“Didn’t appreciate the stunt you and your friends pulled last month.” Lightning Dust said while holding Apple Bloom against the lockers. “You got me grounded for a month and made me look like an idiot when you fessed up.”

Sunset frowned. By all accounts, she should just keep walking. Let Apple Bloom get roughed up by Lightning Dust and her gang, it’s not like she didn’t deserve it, and it’s not like Apple Bloom or her friends ever stuck their necks out for her.

By all accounts, she should hate them, all of them. Hate them for framing her, for driving a wedge between Sunset and her friends, for hurting everyone at the school for such an inane issue, and putting her through a lot of heartache.

She wanted to hate them... but she couldn’t. They were just young girls. Dumb, spiteful, shortsighted young girls yes, but young girls none the less. She couldn’t hold it against them too much, not enough to let Lightning and her gang get away with bullying a middle schooler anyway.

“Hey!” Sunset's voice rang out, closing the journal as she walked over to Lightning Dust and her gang. They all looked at her with various expressions crossing their faces ranging from annoyance to regret, Lightning herself looking nervous. “Surprised you’d be so bold as to bully Apple Bloom so openly, you’re already on thin ice as it is Lightning.”

“Oh come on Sunset, you know this little bitch deserves it.” Lightning cocked her head toward Apple Bloom. “Can’t you let us rough her up just this once?”

“No, I can’t. Because I know exactly what that's like. You were kind enough to show me.” Sunset folded her arms, glaring at the athlete. “Now either you and your cronies leave Apple Bloom alone, or I go to the faculty and your ass is out of here for the rest of the year.”

“Ugly little snitch.” Lightning growled, her fists clenching. “Fine. You win.” She let go of Apple Bloom and took a step back. “But you can't be everywhere to protect her and her cunt friends.”

With that, Lightning barked at her crew to follow her, each one of them glaring at Apple Bloom hatefully before following after Lightning.

Apple Bloom pushed herself off the lockers and gave a tired sigh as she watched Lightning leave.

“You ok?”

Apple Bloom flinched at Sunset's tone. It wasn’t exactly unfriendly, definitely more than what she deserved, but it was cold and formal. Like she was asking out of obligation rather than genuine concern.

“Uh y-yeah.” Apple Bloom turned towards Sunset, having trouble keeping eye contact with her. “Thanks for that Sunset. Yah really didn’t have to though, Ah deserve it.”

Sunset huffed in bitter amusement and looked off to the side. “Thought the same thing after the Formal. Took me a while to decide I was worthy of anyone’s respect.”

An awkward, tense silence fell between the two. Neither knowing what to say to the other to break the ice.

“Well, I’ll see you around.” Sunset finally said, growing tired of the awkward silence.

“Sunset wait!” Apple Bloom called out, taking a step forward. Sunset turned around and looked at her expectantly, gesturing to Apple Bloom to continue. “Sunset… Ah know Ah of all people have no right to ask this of yah but…”

“But?” Sunset tapped her foot impatiently as Apple Bloom trailed off.

“W-well, we could use some extra hands around the farm this weekend.” Apple Bloom rubbed her head and looked down at the ground. “And none of the girls are available, so Ah was wondering if yah… perhaps wanted to help around the farm if yer not busy?”

Apple Bloom tensed, waiting for Sunset to start yelling at her for the audacity of asking her for help after what Apple Bloom did.

“Your farm is pretty important.” Sunset said in a matter of fact tone. “May not be happy with you and your sister, but I don’t want your family to starve.”

“Uh, t-that’s good! Ah’m glad yah’ll be helping out.” Apple Blooms body relaxed. “We start around 8:00, but yah can come whenever yah wa-”

“I’ll be there at 9:00.” Sunset interrupted, turning around and walking off.

“O-oh, Uh, see yah there!” Apple Bloom called out as Sunset pulled out her journal and disappeared into the crowd.

"Phase one complete." She whispered to herself, a small smile gracing her lips.

Author's Note:

Well, here it is, chapter 2.

So far, I'm elated with how well this story seems to be doing. It did a lot better than I thought it would, hope it keeps up.

Seems Apple Bloom can't help herself when it comes to making secret plots involving Sunset, I wonder what she's up to?

Thank you all for taking the time to read my fic!

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