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procrastination (noun) · procrastinations (plural noun)

  1. the action of delaying or postponing something.

Procrastination? Okay.....and yes, persistent. Persistent and stubborn! That's me!

Persistent, aren't you?..
Maybe talking with someone is nice, i'll take your word for it. :) And, if it's time to brag - i've really mastered procrastination, can't think of something else worth noting.

I'm good at talking! And I'm good at baking, drawing, crafting, I'm okay at manipulation, and writing descriptive paragraphs! :twilightsmile: Talking is like, awesome, though I don't talk much either in real life....

There also is that 1st part, which was only half joke, but reading fics is one thing, actually conversing - one hell of a pill to swallow.. Well, maybe not so much as Mutko with his famous "let me speak from my heart" speech, but anyway. :) And I don't think there's much friendship without at least a little bit of talking. Tho i'm not speaking that much even in russian, if it comes to that.

No, I don't know Russian. But, how is that a difficulty in friendship?

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