• Published 15th Nov 2021
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In the wake of Anon-A-Miss - General Alduin

It's been a month since the Anon-A-Miss incident, and Sunset feels more alone than ever. Can Sunset forgive those who betrayed her? Can the school recover in time for the friendship Games? Can everyone move on from Anon-A-Miss?

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One day at a time

Sunset groaned tiredly as her alarm clock blared loudly. She rolled around in bed and reached over, silencing the offending object. She sat up in bed and rubbed the sleep from her eyes, pulling her hand away and blinking a few times.

Sunset sat there for a solid minute, debating whether she should come to school today or not. She could easily call out, say she was sick and couldn’t come in, or offer no excuse at all, surely Principal Celestia would understand after… Anon-A-Miss.

Sunset frowned, her mood instantly made worse after thinking of that account.

It had been a full month since her friends' sisters framed her for creating an account and revealing everyone’s secrets. A full month since everyone instantly believed she was guilty. A full month since her friends, the girls Twilight entrusted to take care of her, thought she was guilty and abandoned her. A full month since the CMC admitted their guilt and were punished.

A full month since Anon-A-Miss, and it still hurts. Sunset blinked back tears and rubbed her eyes. No, no tears, not right now. She’d been crying too much as is, it was starting to get embarrassing. Sunset looked back to her clock: 7:47. She briefly continued debating whether to skip school today, sighing when she decided to come in. It wasn’t worth the make-up work…

She got out of bed and unplugged her phone, ignoring the cacophony of texts and missed calls, having gotten pretty good at that during Anon-A-Miss. She got ready for school, made breakfast, and made her way to the door.

As Sunset stepped out, she felt some buzzing in her backpack. Knowing what it was, the former Unicorn opened up her bag and took out the journal. She opened it up as she began walking to school, turning to Twilight's latest message.

“Good morning Sunset. Just… wanted to check in and see how you’re doing.”
Sunset took out her pen and began writing, not wanting to worry Twilight.

“Morning Twilight. I’m doing fine. Briefly thought about skipping school today, but I decided against it.”

“Oh that’s good Sunset!” Twilight's response was near immediate. “I’m so glad you decided to come in today. I know it hasn’t been easy for you.”
Sunset chuckled lightly. It seemed no matter what she did these days, Twilight was either proud of or glad for her.

It had been like this every day. Twilight wrote to her every morning and practically every hour. It was a little annoying, but Sunset was glad she did. Often Twilight was the only reason she bothered to crawl out of bed in the morning.

She felt a little guilty, knowing Twilight was taking time out of her no doubt busy schedule just to talk with her, especially since the whole reason Twilight started was because Sunset revealed she had considered suicide.

She hadn't expected the… terror on her friend's face when Sunset told her that. Or the bone crushing hug Twilight engulfed her in immediately after.

Sunset hadn’t even seriously considered it, it was just one of the random thoughts Sunset had during Anon-A-Miss. But it appeared that suicide, regardless of how much she had actually considered it, was deadly serious to her Alicorn friend.

“Yeah, it… things have been better.” Sunset looked both ways before crossing the street, looking back to the journal. “But I wasn’t Celestia's pupil for nothing, nothing’s gonna keep me from the joys of learning.” Ok, she was exaggerating her love of learning, but she knew that would put Twilight at ease.

“That’s what I wanna hear!” Twilight wrote excitedly, her next response taking a lot longer to appear. “Sunset, have you considered-”

“Twilight, I really don’t want to talk about them right now.” Sunset grimaced at that, immediately feeling guilty for snapping at her friend. “I’m sorry, I just… I’m just not ready to talk with them right now, and I don’t really want to think about it when I just got up.”

“Oh Sunset, it’s alright. I shouldn’t have brought it up so early.” Sunset sighed, thinking on how to respond.

“It’s not that I haven’t thought about it, and things have been… easier, I guess? But I just… it hurts Twilight.”

“I know Sunset, and I’m so sorry this happened to you.”

“It’s not your fault Twilight, but I appreciate it.” Sunset looked up and saw CHS not too far in the distance. “Listen, I need to get going. Talk to you later Twilight.”

Sunset was about to close the book, but saw that Twilight was still writing. “Sunset wait!”


“Have a good day ok? I’m always here if you need to talk.” Sunset couldn’t help but smile a little at that. Twilight always knew just what to say to cheer her up.

“Thanks Twilight, you have a nice day as well.”

“See you later Sunset, I love you."

“Oh, is that so?” Sunset giggled as she drew a doodle of a pony wiggling their eyebrows suggestively.

“Wha- you- you knew what I meant! Don’t make it weird!” Sunset laughed at how frantic Twilights handwriting became. “Goodbye. I love you. Platonically. Specifically as a friend. Not romantically. At all. Love you... Bye.”

And with that, Twilight stopped writing and Sunset closed the journal, a small smile on her face as she placed it back in her bag. It immediately fell when she saw the other students of CHS as she walked in, who in turn saw her.

Most averted their gaze when she looked at them, a complete reversal of what happened during Anon-A-Miss and the Fall Formal. Everyone looked at her with looks of guilt, embarrassment, or remorse.
Well, At Least they’re not glaring at me anymore.’ Sunset thought as she stopped at her locker.

Sunset input her code and opened her locker, rifling through her belongings as she heard someone call out behind her.
“Hey Sunset?”

Sunset instinctively flinched, relaxing when she wasn’t harmed or humiliated in some form, and turned around to face her unwelcome visitor.

There she found Lyra Heartstrings smiling at her nervously. “Hey! Uh, h-how are you this morning?” Sunset glowered at her.

“Fine.” She responded curtly, crossing her arms. This was nothing new for Sunset. It seemed every day someone would come up to her and try to apologize, explain themselves, or try to invite her out somewhere. In fact, this was Lyras 3rd (failed) attempt.

Lyra nodded. “Th-that’s good. You uh, get some sleep last n-”

“What do you want Lyra?” Sunset said in an annoyed tone, not in the mood for small talk.

Lyra stood there blankly for a moment before clearing her throat again. “Listen, I just… I wanted to tell you just how sorry I am for how I treated you during Anon-A-Miss.” She looked down at her feet, unable to meet Sunset's gaze. “I-I shouldn’t have thought it was you based on so little evidence… or push you to the ground that one time… or deface your locker… repeatedly.”

Sunset said nothing, looking down at the girl in front of her. “You wrote ‘Go back to hell Cuntshit Shitter’ didn’t you?” She asked in a steely tone.

Lyra flinched as if struck and stammered out her response.

“Y-Yeah. That-that was m-me. I’m really, really sorry I wrote that.”

Sunset merely hummed. “Good work on the rhyming, really made it stand out.”

Lyra shifted uncomfortably. Her eyes darted around as she tried to think of a way to change the subject. “Listen, me and Bonny were planning to grab a bite from Sugarcube Corner after school. You wanna come?” Lyra lifted her head, a hopeful smile on her face.

“Whatever.” Sunset said as she began walking away. Lyra looked confused, running after her.

“D-Does that mean you’ll come?”

“Sure.” Sunset replied in an uninterested tone.

Lyra perked up at that, looking excited. “Does that mean-”

“No.” Sunset interrupted her, knowing what she was going to ask.

Lyras smile immediately dropped. “But you said you’ll join me and Bonny. Surely you wouldn’t join us if you didn’t forgive us.”

“Twilight has been encouraging me to go out more. Just because I’m joining you and your girlfriend for treats doesn’t mean I forgive you.” Sunset declared as she rounded a corner.

Lyra huffed in a frustrated manner. “I’m sorry, how many times do I have to say it? It’s been a month Sunset!” Lyra nearly ran into Sunset as she stopped suddenly. Lyra stepped back when Sunset turned around with an angry glare.

“Did you forgive me a month after the Formal? How many times did I come up to apologize to you and your girlfriend? How many times did I try to apologize to everybody?” Lyra backed up as Sunset began walking toward her. “It’s not my job to make you feel better because you feel guilty.”

By now Lyra had her back against the lockers, Sunset in her face. A small crowd gathered to watch the confrontation. “W-what can I do?”

“Prove that you’re apologizing because you’re sorry, not because you feel guilty.” Sunset growled, waiting for Lyras response.

“What’s the difference?” Lyra asked, wanting to know how Sunset defined the two.

“Wrong answer.” Sunset pulled back, turning to leave. “Don’t bother apologizing again.” She said as she began walking away from Lyra. “I should’ve never saved you from the Sirens.” Sunset added bitterly.

Lyra gasped lightly at that, her eyes welling with tears. Even reformed, Sunset knew just what to say to hurt her. She quickly turned and walked away before anyone could see her cry, pulling out her phone and calling up Bon-Bon.

Sunset meanwhile walked into her first period class, Cranky Doodle turning to glare at the student who almost came in late, but his face softened when he saw it was Sunset. “Morning miss Shimmer, please take your seat.”

Sunset merely nodded, sitting in the front row so she didn’t have to look at the other students. The late bell rang and morning announcements came over the intercom.

Sunset looked down at her desk as she got ready for class, looking over when she felt someone prod her arm. Seeing he was trying to give her a note, she took it from him and gingerly opened its contents. “Heya Shimmer.” The note read.

Sunset guessed who it was immediately, recognizing the sloppy handwriting. Looking to her left, she saw Rainbow Dash all the way at the end of her row, waving to her sheepishly.

Sunset merely frowned in response and looked away coldly, leaving Rainbow with a heart broken expression. They both looked to Cranky Doodle as he started taking attendance

Author's Note:

Hello there readers, thanks for bothering to take a look at my first ever story on the platform.

I figured two years or so was more than enough time to finally post something, and what better to celebrate the new generation than rehashing an old, divisive comic from seven years ago?

So far I think it's pretty good for my first fic. Probably requires a little bit more polish, but atleast you can tell what's being conveyed.

I mostly made this because I was craving Lyra apologizing to Sunset due to another fic I'm reading. I figured Anon-A-Miss was a perfect excuse, and everything spawned from there.

I wasn't entirely sure how to format Twilight and Sunset talking through the journal, but I thought it was a good idea to change the color of the dialogue so people would know who was talking.

I hope it isn't too mopey. I tried to write Sunsets depression in a mostly subdued way, though perhaps that too was overdoing it.

As for Lyra, some may say her defacing Sunsets locker like that is a bit out of character. There's probably some truth to that, but than again the entire school was rather out of character in the comic.
I like to think of her as a teenage girl who held some resentment for Sunset and saw an excuse to act on it, and now deeply regrets what she did during Anon-A-Miss.

As for Lyra and Bon-Bon being a couple, while that's not exactly supported in Equestria Girls, their counterparts did propose to eachother in season 9.
Plus, considering how they acted with eachother in "All's fair in love and friendship games" How Close they seemed. How they kept going on about how best friends they are
How the short ended on the two embracing as a heart closes around them... Come on.

I wanted Lyra to break down due to what Sunset said, but I couldn't think of anything satisfying. Sunset declaring she never should've saved Lyra was the most satisfying thing I wrote. If anyone has suggestions, I'd love to hear them.

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