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I've been looking like Rainbow Dash for little over two months now, not sure how, but it happened randomly, overnight in my sleep, like a bad fanfic. Being from the "one percent' group of wealthy people my parent's didn't notice or care that I wasn't, well, me. I sent all orders for food and such to servants in detailed instructions via text app my parents usually use because the "do no commune with the laborers", yeah, they're that stuck up. Then I took a nap, woke up on a cloud in Equestria, thrown in jail on accusations of being an imposter, then taken in by the Skittle pony herself... *Sigh* Just why can't she leave me alone? I want Sandra back!

Special Thanks to Xinrick for co-writting this with me to keep it alive.

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Octavia will do almost anything for an old friend...even go on a date with the most garish pony she's ever met. Crude, more than a little scary, and with a fashion sense that can charitably be called "extreme", she's certainly not the kind of mare the cellist would ever find herself attracted to....right?

Will the two be able to stand one another? Will their differences drive them apart? Or will they find strength in a relationship that surprises the both of them?

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