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Twilight's life has just fallen apart. With basically nothing left, she's forced to move out to Ponyville just to be able to afford rent. It's there that she makes a powerful, but dangerous friend named Rarity.

Rarity is one of those sorts, who lives for indulgence and breaks rules simply for the sake of breaking them, rumors even go as far as to claim she's a vampire. Twilight had always avoided such delinquents, living her life by all the rules up until now. And yet Rarity is different. The things she says makes sense, and the forbidden pleasures she offers Twilight are beautiful.

And slowly Twilight begins to wonder whether Rarity is offering her corruption or enlightenment. She wonders how far she'll let Rarity pull her along. Hopefully not enough to become a vampire.

Story originally by Epsilon-Delta but was deleted from this site. Permission was given from Epsilon to reboot this story and continue it.

Popular 5-20-18

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Bringing her pet cat home from the vet was always a hassle as Opal never liked visiting the vet and was always a cranky kitten after getting her check up.

So it was no surprise that when she gets teased by annoying woodland creatures that she would get lost in a tree and then refuse to come down as Rarity yelled out to her. What is a posh little girl to do? Never fear! Your friendly neighborhood cowgirl is here!

My first Rarijack Fic! Like, comment follow and enjoy! ^_^

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Fabulous, generous and beautiful.

In this case, it all started, waking up; in an unknown room, and unknown surroundings.

Rarity; how does one become her, or even in the slightest like her?

What life is like, for a girl like Rarity; itโ€™s unfathomable, no end.

--- --- ---

Written by: Kentavritsa
Edited by: Kentavritsa
Re-edited by: ???
Illustrated by: ???

Chapters (1)

During a lull in the conversation at an upper class charity dinner, Rarity takes a moment to contemplate some commonly held assumptions made of Princess Celestia. Specifically, her table manners.

Chapters (1)

When Rarity accidentally nicks Twilight during a fitting, she discovers just what alicorn blood can do, properly applied.

Winner of the 11th Quills and Sofas Speedwriting contest. The prompt was "Spurred to action."

Chapters (1)

Rarity wants to dye.

An entry to the ROB-pocalypse speedfic challenge. Originally conceived and written in an hour. Presented on Fimfiction with a slightly better ending.

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It wasn't supposed to be like this. I was just on my way home and, well, I fell into this magical world called Equestria! Now I'm a pony, and I need to get back. But my heart...well...my heart's telling me to stay with this rather pretty and friendly mare. I don't know what to do!

This is a first person story. Rated T for some mature themes. Read and enjoy!

Chapters (23)

What's a forlorn fashionista to do when the rainbow-haired ruffian who made her teenage years miserable comes crashing back into her life? Join a fighting tournament to beat the hay out of her, of course.

There will be blood... and smooches.

A slow-burn, Raridash-flavored Omniship adventure.
Cover art by Xenon.

Content Warning: Depiction of suicidal thoughts.

Chapters (15)

There are times in a pony's life where she has to admit that as bad as things are, they're technically not terrible.

These are such times.

Trigger warning: Technically, not terrible.
Secondary trigger warning: Not Safe for GaPJaxie.

Chapters (7)

Rarity and Twilight have a nice, simple, delicate lunch with absolutely NO sexual overtones whatsoever.

Written to try and break myself out of my mental block and other struggles related to writing. for the Monochromatic chat.

Chapters (1)
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