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This story is a sequel to She Did WHAT To You?!

After Princess Twilight Sparkle delivered an unimaginable punishment to Queen Chrysalis, Discord takes it upon himself to have an important talk with her. A Draconequus-To-Alicorn Talk. He's watched on long enough.

Will his talk with Twilight, or therapy session, be effective?

And if Twilight thinks having Discord as her unexpected pseudo-therapist is crazy enough, wait until she sees who else has come to "help" her...

Enough will be explained to be able to understand what's going on in this story (and laugh) without needing to first read this story's prequel or its prequel Nopony Interrupts My FRIENDSHIP SPEECH, Starlight Glimmer!!

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Grogar has a plan. to use a spell to zap all possible threats into his lair in order to eliminate them. The mane 6, Princess Cadence, Princess Flurry Heart, Starlight, the CMCs, Daring Do, the Wonderbolt mares, Mage Meadowbrook, Somnambula, and Mistmane are sent down. however, Grogar has made a grave mistake. only mares were brought due to Grogar believing that the mares of Equestria pose a worse threat than any stallion that could be out there.

but he has underestimated the lengths that stallions will go to in order to protect the ones they love-er-are friends with. yeah, that's what happens, no one has crushes, just friends here, nothing else!

oh who am i kidding, whatever, the others are gonna find out in the story about each other's crushes.

anyway, when the stallions find out, they are sent on the mission by Princess Celestia and Princess Luna to rescue the mares. but will they be halted by Grogar's 'minions'? or will the unexpected happen?

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Twilight Sparkle will be the first to tell you not to judge a book by its cover. However, sometimes the cover can be quite informative. For example, if you are the main character of a story, and the story title says you will not fight Discord, you probably will not fight Discord, and should abandon any plans to do so.

Unfortunately for her, unlike Discord, Twilight Sparkle cannot break the fourth wall in order to discover the name of the story she is in. As a result, she spends multiple thousands of words trying to fight Discord. In her defense, Discord DID agree to fight her, and the story was written on commission by someone who specializes in fighting erotica, so her confusion is understandable.

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Sunset Shimmer was vital to the defeat of the Dazzlings at the Battle of the Bands. Now a heroine instead of a villain, she accepts the mantle of leadership while struggling against her own past. Sunset Shimmer will extend a hand in friendship, which starts an adventure that will create far-reaching consequences for her friends on both sides of the mirror. This story begins two or three days after the conclusion of Equestria Girls 2: Rainbow Rocks.

Dane of Celestia crafted the wonderful cover art. His composition is entitled Three of Destiny. I hope you enjoy his work!

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After dying in a predictably stupid car accident, a human wakes up paralyzed and unable to see or feel anything... which seems reasonable for the aftermath of an argument with a truck, until Celestia starts talking and he figures out that he's dreaming that he's Discord. And then the Elements set him free and he figures out no, actually, this isn't a dream. Begins right before "Keep Calm and Flutter On", and the first few chapters crib a lot of dialogue from that.

Not Displaced, but it is one of those "human wakes up in the body of an Equestrian supervillain" stories. However. Fellow Discord fans. Trust me, I'm not gonna write a story about our boy where the real thing never makes an appearance. The actual Discord will show up sooner or later. Also not a self insert, as should be obvious if you listen to the main character talk about himself for about 30 seconds.

This is a commission for The Bird, but the original story idea was mine and I take credit for everything except the impetus to actually write the damn thing.

Tags are a complete guess, I actually have no idea how to tag this thing.

Chapters (1)

This story is a crossover between MLP and Alan Ituriel's Villainous.

Black Hat has been notorious for quite a lot of things over the course of his long lifespan, many of them rather diabolical. Considering this, he would likely not have anticipated that it was one of his more petty indulgences that would trip him up in the end. However, releasing a mocking ‘lost files’ video sassing an embodiment of chaos and disorder for his reformation at the hooves of pastel ponies was probably not the best idea. Then again, nobody had ever accused Black Hat of wisdom.

Discord, needless to say, was not best pleased by the horror’s razzing, and decided to take matters into his own claws. What Black Hat failed to take into account was that, while silly a lot of the time, Discord possessed fewer of the limitations keeping him in check, and a penchant for warping the existence of others.

So Black Hat scoffed at the notion of those pastel ponies? Why not make him dependent on their saccharine sweetness to feed? A changeling, after all, could hardly deny the value of love. The idea was quite appealing, and while Discord was now under expectation of not causing havoc for Equestria, someone from outside couldn’t possibly count, could they?

Discord seized Black Hat while the horror was asleep and drew him into the world of the pastel ponies he’d so mocked, altering and binding him into a new shape - that of a changeling egg, in a hive just far enough in the past that he thought he'd be able to enjoy the entertainment in the present without having to wait. He couldn’t make the change total, some aspects of Black Hat’s nature too intrinsic to remove, but he could make sure the new equid could not simply shrug off the change. Stranded in an entirely different life, Black Hat would need to learn how to live it.

Chapters (10)

Sunset Shimmer owns this world. She can do whatever she likes, play whatever games are devised, run around in a high-tech simulation the like of which has never been seen, smelled, heard, touched, or tasted before. And why wouldn’t she, when the Spirit of Chaos himself is her own personal game master?

But sooner or later, all good games must come to an end…

Contestant for the Sunset Shipping Contest: Endings. Further details are available via this link.

Chapters (2)

Discord invites some random creatures from across the multiverse to take part in a card game of his own creation, but what the creature don't expect is the card game has no rules and is just taking cards from quite a few card based activities. Who will win this game, I don't know, you're going to have to read on to find out.

This is my first story and I have no experience doing this kind of thing. Have mercy.

Cover art is not mine
Link to original art: https://derpibooru.org/2061634

Chapters (1)

It's been 500 years since the villainous forces of Equestria teamed up and conquered all of Equestria for themselves, separating territory amongst themselves. Luna, who had barely survived the onslaught, decided to live a quiet life in a land far away from Equestria. But one day an old friend shows up to ask a favour of her.
Inspired by the Old Man Logan comic written by Mark Millar. I must admit, this is darker than the stuff I usually write but I can assure you it ain't going to be that dark. Special thanks to Darkiplier1383 for giving me the idea. Cover art is merely the Sad Luna pic by Aespurus but with the colours changed and Discord and Tirek pasted on it. No idea who made the pic of Discord riding a Death Star though.

Also, special thanks to The Force and DmitriTheWriter for helping me edit this story. Gotta make it the best it could possibly be, you know.

Chapters (14)

Discord feels like he doesn't have any truly chaotic friends, so Fluttershy encourages him to go find some. Only problem: Equestria is annoyingly low on chaotic individuals who are in the mood for fun.

So he turns his gaze to other universes, to see who he can find. His efforts go horribly, terribly right.

Contains the following chaotic individuals from other franchises: The Mask, Beetlejuice, The Joker, Chara, Bill Cipher, and Tzeentch.

Commissioned by TheDriderPony

-GM, master of CHAOS.

Chapters (8)
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