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This story is a sequel to After Anon-A-Miss: Rainbow Crashed

Sunset was not Anon-A-Miss. Applejack had lied to herself, convincing herself she was. When the truth came out and the real culprits were revealed, she could only feel guilt for not believing Sunset. Instead, she believed in the lies she told herself.

Based on Dainn's 'Anon-A-Miss'

Chapters (1)

The human Twilight finds out about what had happened during the Amon-A-Miss incident. In her rage, she chews out Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, and Fluttershy for how badly they treated Sunset Shimmer and storms out on them. It's up to Sunset to calm her down.

Chapters (1)

Convinced she'll never find peace after the Anon-a-Miss incident, Sunset Shimmer decides to leave Canterlot High for good. When her friends go after her, they wind up getting lost and falling underground. And when Sunset falls in after them, she's left with a choice.

Escape to the surface and keep her sanity or risk losing herself in the darkness.

Crossover with Undertale. Comission from calinjc

Chapters (13)

They don't need me.....Pinkie pie, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity and even Fluttershy plus everyone else at Canterlot High. They don't need me....they hate me.....they won't miss me

I should just leave.

Sunset Shimmer is miserable, lonely and heartbroken.For everyone, including the Mane 5 have accused her of being Anon-a-Miss and they now all hate and despise her even though it is not her doing. Even when the original Anon-a-Miss confessed to her and promise to tell everyone, that still won't change for her. So Sunset decides to take things to her own hands.

Set during the Equestria Girls Holiday Series and when the real Anon-a-Miss confesses to Sunset personally instead of in Sugarcube Corner with the Mane 5.

Chapters (11)

It's been over a year since Anon-A-Miss,the frame up, Gilda stealing Rainbow Dashes phone, that cold, cold night...

The gang at CHS have lived with the guilt of their actions, relieved that Sunset survived but desperate to break the ice wall she built between them.

Just when they thought hope was lost, Sunset contacted them and later agreed to meet with them.

And now some choice words will be given.


Based on the Anon-A-Miss genre made popular by Dainn, a type of fic I don't believe I've ever seen before.


Jesus Christ this got featured.


Chapters (2)

Anon-A-Miss reveals themselves to Sunset, but it’s too late. Sunset has already made up her mind, and there's no turning back. It's become clear that nothing remains for her at that school. She never expected any of her old friends to actually care. Why should she?

Chapters (2)

After being abandoned by her friends after a Mystable user by the name of Anon-a-Miss starts spreading rumors and personal secrets. Sunset is left alone in her darkest moment, left with nowhere else to turn to she decides to end everything. until a certain trio decide to step in.
Can friendships be saved or are they meant to stay Broken?
Heavily inspired by the holiday special 2014 and the stories by the talented Small Muffin and Dainn
Anon-a-Miss By Dainn
In a time of need by Small Muffin

Chapters (9)

Sunset Shimmer is Anon-A-Miss. At least that's what everyone believes, right? I mean, who else could it be? Well, someone doesn't believe she is and doesn't hesitate to point it out to the Rainbooms.

Chapters (1)

Anon-A-Miss. They happened, people were hurt, the mess was cleaned up, people are begrudgingly forgiving the trio responsible, if only for Sunset, and everyone in the school is starting to become friends again. The problem was solved, right?

Not if you ask Rainbow Dash. She's still pretty mad at herself about it, after getting all the details shown to her. So are her friends, just slightly less so than her.

Yes, this is another Anon-A-Miss story, but at least it doesn't happen during the fiasco like nearly every other one I've read. I was considering a way I could write a story about the entire thing that wasn't done to death. Then I realized there weren't many stories that followed this particular line of thought, so I went with it to see what would happen when it was filtered through my brain.

Edit 2: Now has a Bookshelf to keep track of all the stories related to this one. TADAAAA!

Chapters (6)

One night when Sunset Shimmer is out holiday shopping, she ends up involved in a terrible accident. The next morning, Anon-a-Miss posts another embarrassing secret. The Rainbooms prepare to confront Sunset Shimmer about it when Principal Celestia calls an emergency assembly. Once they hear what happened to Sunset, all suspicion about her vanishes and they resolve to find the real culprit behind Anon-a-Miss to give Sunset Shimmer a Merry Christmas.

Chapters (5)
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