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Twilight having thoughts about foalhood decides to run an experiment with a new machine to find out what being an unborn foal would be like. She even gets a few of her friends to help with the project.

Collab with Foal Star
Not going to lie this one is pretty bizarre. Contains: Simulated pregnancy and womb chamber, and very light abdl themes but mostly about the womb thing.

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Let me give this to you straight. I'm a doctor. My title says 'Nurse', but I'm a doctor. I deal with sick and injured ponies daily, and give both treatment and advice to them with trust and confidence. That includes a certain six friends and their own medical needs.

If the rest of Equestria actually knew that disaster was one missed pill away, I don't think 'riots in the streets' would be sufficient to cover it. But I'm bound by Doctor/Patient Confidentiality, so I guess I'm the thin red line between civilization, and eternal enslavement by some horror from beyond.

That eternal enslavement thing sounds better every day, mind you.

*Cover image original artwork credited to mysticalpha

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