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This story is a sequel to When Dating Advice Doesn't Work...

After being rejected by a mare he formed a crush on two weeks ago, Eric Reed starts to develop feelings for another "mare", Sunset Shimmer. But fear of being rejected again, because of his "real-life" appearance, makes Eric hesitant to put himself out there to try to ask Sunset out.

Will he conquer his fear and ask Sunset to go on a date? If he does, how will Sunset, who's oblivious to her friend's changing feelings toward her, react?

And if she indeed says "yes" what's next for the two?

This story (obviously) has continuity from its prequel "When Dating Advice Doesn't Work..." story. However, enough will be explained to not require reading it to understand this story.

Both stories also take place after the events of my "A Giant Adventure to Equestria" story. But it is not required to read it either to know what's going on in this story, other than to learn how and why the human character Eric Reed is in Equestria, and how his bonds with the Equestrian characters formed. However, here is the link if you would like to check it out, and it is a 18-chapter story.

A Giant Adventure to Equestria

Lastly, special thanks to Donnnnn for suggestions to the story

Chapters (7)

One day, after Cadance and Shining Armor beat King Sombra's attempt to take over the Crystal Empire, they find that the evil king has, in fact, a little unicorn filly, who they take in as their own to raise her. Flurry Heart, the present daughter of Cadance and Shining Armor, accepts her new, adopted sister named Precious Heart, and the two grow up together and love each other as sisters do.

However as Precious grows up, she displays some weird behavior, which eventually leads to the revealing that Sombra has taken control of his daughter and uses her to try once again and take over the Empire he so seeks to conquer. It's up to Flurry to break through to her sister who she loves and bring her back...

(Set in a slightly alternate universe from FiM, also might change the rating to T, if it gets there.)

Chapters (4)

A slightly more realistic take on the "Human in Equestria" story concept.

... For a given value of "realistic."

Okay, it's barely realistic but it is a hell of a lot of fun...

Now with an image graciously provided by Page Turner, and an audiobook version narrated by multifanficaday and if you prefer it in German, FrankyDoodle has got you covered!

And a TVTropes Page!

Chapters (43)

Anon is at Celestia’s day court with concerns about a certain subject, but that subject is quickly dropped after he notices the Matriarch’s strange behaviour...

He decides to confront her directly.

Author’s note: This story is what happens when you have no plan nor direction. Also, this was typed on a phone instead of a computer. I don’t think I need to tell what happens when you decide to format on an unfamiliar set up. But I have a feeling you’ll find out if you continue.

Edit: why the hell was this featured? You’re telling me I go away for a day and this happens? You all must have incredibly low standards, this story is literally garbage. But hey, thanks I guess?

Chapters (2)

After watching The Steven Universe Movie on a loop for almost a full day a Human falls asleep and is shocked to wake up as Spinel and oh boy is she not prepared to deal with the Magic of Friendship

Featured 9-12-19 (apparently)
I have never made one of these stories before so I hope it's at least passible.

Chapters (23)

You are a unicorn stallion, who serves as a professor at Canterlot's Magic Academy, aiding the gifted youth in their magical training. However, due to your diligence, you have been unable to find your special somepony, something which has been weighing heavily on your mind as of late.

As Nightmare Night begins you decide to work late in the library when you hear a noise. Investigating you discover a few of your students performing a magical ritual. After sending them away, you attempt to clean up the mess. Unfortunately in doing so, you accidentally managed to complete the ritual, summoning an exotic and understandably surly creature into Equestria.

Warning! This story contains: an alternate take on succubi, suggestive content, annoyed individuals becoming friends (and perhaps more), maids and cuddles?

I've always wanted to create a story about a succubus that could also be safe enough to make it onto the Monster Mare Story List and here it is. I hope you all enjoy. :scootangel:

I came up with this story for Nightmare Night (🎃Halloween🎃), one of my most favorite holidays.

:derpyderp1: Holy Cow-pony! This story was on FiMFiction's Featured Page, 10/29/19 - 11/1/19. :derpyderp2:


Preread, proofread and edited by: Quillian Inkheart.

The cover art was made by: marking. They are a great artist. If you need some cover art, then you should totally commission some cover art from them. :pinkiehappy:

There is also a reference sheet for Silken Soul that was made by: ZettaiDullahan, which you can see here.

Chapters (1)

Spencer is regular human trying to get by in life and wanting to become successful in life. However, when he is suddenly captured by the storm King's minions and taken into his encampment, he will find his life that more challenging. However, he does get placed under the hot Lieutenant Tempest Shadow during his stay. He also gets to learn some interesting facts about the Lieutenants life.

To Spencer, this will be a somewhat fun imprisonment.

This story is my first 1st person story that I ever did. I do hope you come to enjoy.

Editor for this story is A Man Undercover, and I can't thank enough for his help.

Rated T for sexual references mostly involving breasts.

Featured, 03/14 The first that I've seen!
Featured! 07/18
Art was made by the famous Koveliana on Deviantart. Do go check her out.

Chapters (18)

A series of little one shots about encounters between the reader and lamia ponies, usually involving some kind of sappy light romance. Each chapter will its own story, with no crossover between them. I will continue to add 'chapters' as I do them.

Contains: Coil cuddles, constriction, hypnosis, and lots and lots of cuties!

Chapters (3)

Manny has never really had any friends beside his mother and father who loved him with their heart and soul but what happens when that is taken away from you. Manny is broken and believes it would be best to live the rest of life alone and in solitude but his curiosity will get the best of him because it leads him to an unknown cavern underneath his home where he gains amazing abilities and an unusual friend by mistake. With the monster who gave him these powers is still on the loose, Manny must learn the full extent of his powers in order to protect Equestria's citizens from the bad guys, find answers to his questions and see if society will accept him for who he is.

Chapters (6)

Between the time when the oceans drank Seaquestria, and the rise of the Children of the Stars, there was an age undreamed of. And unto this, Rockhoof! Late of the Mighty Helm and future strength of the Pillars of Equestria. What follows is the chronicles of his saga, tales of mighty deeds and great trials of days long past.

Read now of the days of High Adventure!

Vignettes inspired by Robert E Howard's Conan the Barbarian. Hope you enjoy.

Chapters (1)
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