• Published 12th Feb 2017
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You Will Never Be Alone Again - Knight Light

After going missing for two weeks, CHS is getting two new teachers and a transfer student. Will they hold a clue to what happened to Sunset, and why does the student seem to hate the other students already?

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Chapter 1

The bite of the freezing wind washing over her body caused Sunset to question her sanity once again as she couldn’t bring herself to move away from the window looking into the Apple family’s home. The snow had only started falling harder when she arrived, but instead of knocking on the door she froze at the sight through the fogged up pane of glass. Inside was everyone laughing and carrying on as if nothing had happened, as if the huge scandal over the last week that drove sunset into a dark downward spiral of emotions that made her seriously contemplate just ending it all.

As she looked on, she could see the love and care that everyone shared with each other. Even the unconditional love shown to the three girls whose bout of jealousy started everything. No anger or resentment seemed to be in the air as they laughed and giggled with their older sisters as they all enjoyed what looked like hot cocoa in front of the fire. Something Sunset herself would kill for at the moment as she held her leather jacket closed around her since the zipper had been broken since the night of the Fall Formal. Her legs felt as if they were slowly freezing solid as she shivered, trying to carry her to the door to knock and yet she just couldn’t do that.

Of course she didn’t want the three younger girls to have a bad holiday, yet only one of them even really apologized while her friends had yet to do so despite the truth getting out the night before. She wasn’t even sure how to feel about any of it despite originally saying it was okay since she just couldn’t process it. And her friends’ reactions was to wave off the whole ordeal with Applejack telling her that she looked forward to seeing Sunset at the party currently happening on the other side of the window.

The more she thought about it, the more she had to ask herself if they ever even cared about her. During the whole siren incident they always made sure to point out the bad things in her past that she was trying so desperately to move on from. They never invited her to join the band despite her dropping blatant hints of wanting to until Twilight got involved and Sunset pretty much pulled their asses out of the fire when the sirens had them on the rocks. In fact, it was Twilight who asked the girls to look after Sunset in the first place.

“Did they ever really like me, or did they put up with me for Twilight’s sake?” Sunset asked placing a hand on the window, feeling a bit of warmth seep through from the inside. It was a dark thought she had asked herself more than once, a thought that always sent her spiraling down a dark path of depression. Normally she could bring herself out of it, but after the last week she just didn’t have the strength to.

If there was once thing that was both Sunset’s biggest asset and her worst fault, it was that she had a great deal of pride. And while sometimes it was hard for it to shine through as her emotions have been at constant war since that night in a crater, her pride was still there. And it was raging at the injustice of all the pain she had felt the past week. Glaring at the people inside, Sunset decided she would rather face the extreme temperatures of the moment than join a party where people didn’t really want her.

Turning from the Apple family home, Sunset stepped off the porch, huddled into her jacket for as much warmth as she could get. Walking off into the quickly setting sunset, she walked for what seemed like an eternity until she realized she was lost in an endless expanse of white as the raging snowstorm made it impossible to see more than a few feet in front of her. She realized if she didn’t find shelter soon she would likely freeze to death.

Shivering uncontrollably she felt as if she would collapse at any moment when she spotted an old blue police box making her realize she must have been stumbling around the Apple family farm since old Granny Smith collected all kinds of antiques like this and liked to put them around their land. And while it was kind of tacky in Sunset’s opinion, it looked to be her saving grace at the moment. Sure it would still be freezing cold inside, but it would provide protection from the worse of it and block off the blowing winds.

Shuffling up to it Sunset tried the door just as a strange sound was starting to come from it. An almost ‘vroom vroom’ sound, yet it didn’t quite describe the odd noise. All that Sunset cared about was that the door was locked when she tried the handle. Leaning her head against the solid surface she let out a sob cursing her stupid pride as it was going to finally get her killed. She let out a squeak when the door suddenly gave way to her weight and she fell inward and onto the floor. Her eyes refused to adjust after the freezing cold and white expanse, but the sudden rush of warmth made her smile a bit before her stomach lurched. She felt a sudden sensation of moving, as if the whole police box had shifted.

“Oi, who the heck are you?” A male voice asked with curiosity before the warmth of someone’s hand brushing against her forehead. “Oh that’s not good, not good at all, it feels like you have a fever. A nasty one at that.”

Squeaking out as she felt a pair of arms lift her from the ground, too weak to struggle or fight back, she instead tried to demand to be let go. Her voice refused to cooperate as only a few hoarse sounds escaped her lips.

“Come on now, let’s get you warmed up shall we and see what we can do about that nasty ever.” The man said, a little too chipper for Sunset’s taste though she knew she didn’t have much choice at the moment.

Author's Note:

I haven't abandoned A Whole New World, I am working on plotting out a lot of stuff dealing with Sunset and her past which will be getting put into the story very soon or ending up serving as a prequel or prologue. Most likely it will end up getting incorporated in flashbacks soon.

As for this story, it's serving as a way to get back into writing after a very crappy last few months. My brother's health is pretty stable at the moment, but that can change at any time and he has a lot of different doctors right now. And with the steep decline this last year, especially the last few months, I will write when I can. I just don't have the patience to deal with much right now with my nerves being constantly on end, so please don't no trolling.