• Published 12th Feb 2017
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You Will Never Be Alone Again - Knight Light

After going missing for two weeks, CHS is getting two new teachers and a transfer student. Will they hold a clue to what happened to Sunset, and why does the student seem to hate the other students already?

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Chapter 2

It was March twenty-seventh, a record breaking warm day of early spring with not a cloud in the sky. Despite what would normally be a great Monday for Canterlot High, the students and the staff both seemed dragged down by a dark depression as they slowly trickled in to begin the day, a day that nobody was looking forward to with any sort of excitement as they lost yet more of their numbers with two teachers last day having been the Friday before. While the students themselves normally wouldn’t see it as a huge loss, one of the teachers being as Cranky as his namesake, the timing of their departure hit the school’s populace rather hard. Especially after his exit speech leaving the students feeling worse than they already did. Who knew the old man cared more for a troubled student than he let on?

Every student and teacher froze in their tracks as they noticed the newcomers walk confidently across the school’s courtyard, eyes widening and jaws dropping. It was rumored that the two new teachers would be starting today along with their daughter, but their looks made everyone drop what they were doing just to gawk. There was a teenager flanked by both a man and a woman.

The first was a man who appeared to be in his late twenties or early thirties who walked with a confident yet cheerful attitude. He wore a large brown overcoat over a messy blue pinstriped suit with a loose red tie with a pair of sneakers. He seemed to have a cheery, carefree aura around him, yet the few who glimpsed into his eyes would later swear they saw an edge that unnerved them quite a bit. He had a messy yet hot look that drew more than a few appraising glances.

The second was the youngest of the trio dressed in a violet shirt, black skirt and boots with a denim jacket with a moon with an artist’s paint brush going through it as if it was painting it. Her long hair was shades of light and dark blue as if made up of flames and violet eyes seemed to hold a bit of resentment as she looked around her at those staring at the trio. She looked almost like Sunset Shimmer made up of different colors.

And finally the last person was a woman in her late twenties to early thirties whose beauty transfixed many until they got a good look at her. She made a few students whimper either from sadness or fear as guilt seemed to sweep over the gathered people all the way across the quad up to the small group laying flowers at the base of a statue. Her white lab coat fluttered around her almost like a cape and the light gleaming from her glasses may have blinded a few, but they still couldn’t turn away from her.

Even the group laying flowers around a photo of a teenage girl with the same looks as the woman seemed transfixed by her sudden appearance.

“Hello girls, could you perhaps point us to the office? We are kind of new here.” The woman said, her eyes going from one girl to the next appraising each one of them.

“Ex-excuse me, may I ask who you are?” Fluttershy asked, the first to overcome her shock as she swallowed nervously. She was scared, very scared at the moment, but she just had to know.

“I’m the new science teacher, my family recently transferred back from studying the pyramids.” The woman said, giving Fluttershy a kind smile making the shy girl feel worse as the woman’s eyes looked over to the memorial for Sunset. “My name is Sunset Shimmer.”

To her credit it was Rarity who fainted making both Applejack and Rainbow Dash scramble to catch her limp body. That didn’t help settle Fluttershy’s nerves as she realized that she had to have been looking at this world’s Sunset Shimmer making the girl realize that yes, karma is a bitch and she was probably here to collect in place of the girl who shared her looks.

“You all look like you’ve seen a ghost.” The teenager snorted, waving a hand toward the base of the statue and the piles of flowers and framed photo sitting there. “What’s going on here anyways? Why do you have a picture of my mom?”

“Your mother?” Pinkie Pie asked, sounding as hollow as she has been for months. A part of Fluttershy was hoping that the girl would snap out of her funk with the new teachers and student, but looking at them now she realized that wasn’t very likely to happen.

“Sorry there sugarcube, this isn’t your mother though it is one heck of a coincidence.” Applejack drawled out, trying to stall while coming up with an excuse.

“Darling, this is out friend.” Rarity choked out, hugging herself as Rainbow helped steady her after waking up. “She died just after Christmas.”

“I’m so sorry to hear that dear, tragedy always seems to strike when least expected.” The man said. “Oh, my apologies, my name is Time Turner though you all may call me Doctor. This is my beautiful wife Sunset Shimmer and our daughter Moonlight Dreamer.”

“Daddy!” said teen whined, rolling her eyes. “Call me Moonie, please, but what happened? Did she get in an accident?”

“It’s complicated.” Rainbow Dash said as Fluttershy decided to go ahead and explain. The others seemed to turn into how she used to be when confronted with this while Fluttershy felt she owed it to Sunset Shimmer to tell the truth instead of sugarcoating things. The now dead girl deserved that much.

“Back before Christmas, someone made a MyStable account using Sunset’s theme with touches that pointed to her own personal style. They called they account Anon-A-Miss and they posted all kinds of cruel things hurting a lot of people.” Fluttershy explained as she uselessly wiped away the tears on her face as she glared back at the others or not stepping in. Taking a deep breath she continued, “Everyone blamed Sunset for it, even us, and we were her best friends. We pushed her to kill herself.”

Ok, that wasn’t proven though Fluttershy knew deep down it was true. Princess Twilight and both doppelgangers of Principal Celestia and Vice-Principal Luna came through the portal and used some kind of spell powered from each of the girl’s magic to trace the location of all magical being on earth. While it was a shock to learn there was so many, it was an even bigger shock to learn that none of them was a match for Sunset’s personal magical signature that was soaked up into the girl’s journal. The look of pain and anger as the woman glared holes as her sister helped her back through the portal would haunt Fluttershy for the rest of her days as realization for everyone set in. If there was no trace of Sunset on the planet she was either off planet or dead, and chances were zero that Sunset was off planet.

“Some friends, didn’t you even try to help her? Or did you all jump on the blame Sunset bandwagon as soon as the shit hit the fan?” Moonie asked with disdain making Rarity, Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy all cry harder as Rainbow Dash took a step forward to be stopped by the man.

“Now girls, let’s not cause a scene in front of young sunset’s memorial. It wouldn’t right.” The Doctor said, putting a hand on Moonie’s shoulder.

“I really want to know dad? What kind of worthless friends would push someone, anyone even, to kill themselves?” Moonie asked in disbelief while glaring at the girls, most of whom looked saddened while Applejack and Rainbow Dash were a little angry about the accusation despite truth ringing loudly in it.

“Moonie, that is enough!” The Doctor snapped out, the steel in his voice silencing everyone as the teen rubbed her arms while looking away. “I know you always stick up for those who can not fight their own battles luv, but neither a school nor a memorial is a place to do so. Let’s leave these young women to mourn their friend in peace and head inside.”

“You go ahead dear, I’ll be along in a few minutes.” Sunset said kissing her husband and hugging her daughter who lightly protested before being led away by her father. Watching the two walk away the woman couldn’t help smiling in appreciation at everything she had gained despite everything she had to go through to get it.

“She has every right to be upset with us.” Pinkie Pie sniffed, as Fluttershy couldn’t help agreeing with her.

“Sunset deserved better than us.” Fluttershy sighed, as Rarity put a hand on her back rubbing.

“Ma’am, I apologize for what happened with your daughter.” Applejack said, tracing the brim of her Stetson a she held it close to her chest.

“Don’t you dare apologize for me, I know we screwed up, but I ain’t taking crap from some punk who doesn’t know anything about what happened.” Rainbow Dash snorted earning a frown from the woman.

“While my daughter did cross a line, she did have a point girls. What kind of friend would push one of their own to hurt themselves? If you haven’t done so, I would suggest that you think about what happened and how to be better friends to each other moving forward so another tragedy such as this can be avoided.” Sunset said, ignoring the angry yet hurt look Rainbow Dash was giving her. “I’m not saying this to be cruel, but this is an important lesson that you all should take to heart. Be better that you were, show your friend that you can learn from the past and be there for one another in the future. If you can do that, I’m sure your friend would rest in peace knowing that the ones she loved learned from their mistakes and became better people from them.”

“How do we move on though as friends when our friendship is what caused all of this to begin with darling?” Rarity asked, desperation in her voice.

“It won’t be easy dear, nothing worthwhile ever is. If you need someone to talk to you may always come to me. Or if you need more professional help, I can suggest a few good doctors.” Sunset said, looking over her shoulder as she heard a bell ring. “Looks like I’m later than I thought. Sorry girls, I have a principal to see and I’m sure you have classes to get to.”

None of the girls looked eager to move away as they all looked back and forth at each other and the memorial of their lost friend. While they have gotten closer since it happened, it was also true that they also drifted farther apart in other ways. Is that really what Sunset Shimmer would really want of them? While she wasn’t sure of the answer, Fluttershy was sure that if there was anyway she could make up what she did she would do it.

Author's Note:

Sorry about the long wait, I almost put this story on hold since I'm having trouble with some of the story's elements. It's thanks to Blazeblast4 that this even got done and that I'm continuing this story with a lot of his help so make sure to say thanks to him everyone.

Sorry, I actually had this chapter done for a few days, but just finished proofing it. Last night though, the house across the street had a young man die from what my mom, she's friends with the older man's father, said was an overdose of heroin. Now I didn't really know him, it sucks that anyone has to die from that garbage and just wanted to say please don't even think about even trying it. Once you do, you are supposedly hooked for life.

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7969556 Thanks for both, especially about my brother. After what happened last night to the people who live across from us I'm even more thankful that my brother is alive even if he isn't doing the best. I really hope that you enjoy how the story plays out.

This is getting interesting, I wonder how Princess Twilight, Princess Celestia, and Princess Luna would react when finding out about the new teacher being Sunset Shimmer.
Now I suspect that the new Sunset Shimmer is the one who disappeared, but it does leave a question on how she grew up so quickly.

I want to say that's our Sunset roughly a decade older thanks to being a companion but it seems too obvious.

8093446 Well, she did spend a lot of time with the Doctor. Remember Amy and Rory? They aged while traveling with him, and I'd say that's the case with Sunset here.

8093660 While plausible, it's also possible that this Sunset is the human one, and Monnlight is actually Sunset in disguise. The Doctor could be doing this to help her with her issues from the Anon-a-Miss mess.

Well, first thing I'm glad about is Sunset's grown up and isn't flying off the handle at her old friends, showing she's matured and even better, actually giving advice and showing empathy like the Sunset I know would. This makes it so much better then most Anon-A-Miss fics, where the characters function as Author Mouthpieces.

8093676 I'm going with the possibility that the older Sunset is simply just that. We just don't have enough clues or proof to really say which is which yet. I mean, we don't even know if Sunset HAS a human counterpart, being we see characters in the Friendship Games that don't really have pony counterparts, like Cinch for instance.

Very well done; Sunset seems to be doing well and I'm looking forward to seeing how the girls interact with her and Moonie in the future.

8093686 Not disagreeing, just pointing out a possibility.


I mean, we don't even know if Sunset HAS a human counterpart, being we see characters in the Friendship Games that don't really have pony counterparts, like Cinch for instance.

Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. Just because we haven't seen pony Cinch doesn't mean she doesn't exist, same with Sunset.

That being said there are two possibilities.

After being nursed back to health Sunset traveled with the doctor and grew older eventually having a kid somehow.


The TARDIS allowed Sunset inside because her human counterpart was already traveling with the doctor and she's now disguised as their daughter.

I'm hoping theys tay long enough for the Friendship games at least, love for them to meet the human Twilight maybe invite her to join them on their addventures.

knowing the doctor, the fact he called his daughter off means that just under the surface is burning a inferno of rage against those girls that no being could look into and stay sane, when they screw up i look forward to the outburst, and they well screw up.

I'm going to need more popcorn!

I wonder what Cranky said to everyone

I think the grownup Sunset Shimmer is the Sunset Shimmer of that world and pony Sunset Shimmer is Moonlight dancer. I think you gave it away when Moonlight was having too much hostility to the girls even though they never met before. I think pinkie will find out because she will never stop until she gets Moonlight dancer to become her friend. When pinkie wants something she just as stubborn as Rainbow and Applejack.

And since sunset knows magic she could still be around but controlling that magic to hide her mark. All the princesses can, twilight could as a unicorn and Sunset may be just as powerful as unicorn twilight so she could easily faked her death just to get back. I have to say Moonlight better be careful If she doesn't want to get found out

a few things. the doctor wouldn't settle down at least from what I've seen.
second, the moment he found out about this whole incident hed be gun ho to fix it all XD

i cannot wait for this to continue.

Will this continue?

She doesn’t even need to hide her magic though. If she was in the tardis, then there is a good chance that she was at a different point in time, causing the the magic locator spell to be pointless.

You didn't deny my theory that Moonlight is the pony Sunset Shimmer but with dyed hair and skin. So I think the girls are looking at both Sunsets. Besides the doctor who wouldn't be gone that long if the timestream is in danger. He would fix it as fast as possible so logic points to Moonlight Dreamer being the pony Sunset Shimmer and the older Sunset Shimmer is the one that vanished before the portal opened. Did you know there was a Sunset Shimmer at canterlot before the portal opened up and was confirmed. They left hints to her. The first picture of the fall formal princess is not the same one.

this is incredible

Hope to see some updates eventually

Love the premise, I hope to someday read more!

Awww man. :rainbowkiss: I cant wait to see what else you got planned. This is such a good idea. Hope you keep writing. :pinkiesmile::heart:

Both are good theories.

this is a doctor who crossover isn't it

I would love to see this continued, seems like a great story chief.

The author hasn’t been seen for 2 years

Perhaps she aged in the TARDIS, like Rory and Amy did.

Or Sunset could be Moonie in a disguised form that either she did alone and changed her name or got help from The Doctor.

Perhaps she's the new teacher who just aged older but repressed the memories of her friends.

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