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After my dad was arrested, I was sent to Canterlot to move in with my biological mother, who my dad told me died. Now I'm going to her high school and dealing with a group of annoying students and one adorable nerd.

Chapters (7)

Sunset Shimmer loves Trixie; she's just busy right now. Everything will be fine.

An entry for the Sunset Shipping Contest: Endings.

Chapters (7)

Midnight Sparkle dreams of adventure, of a life beyond her cozy home of Golden Oaks Island. Although her older sisters Applejack and Rainbow Dash are supportive, they claim she still has a lot to learn before she's ready to set sail across the distant sea. However, even then, it's hard to complain... life isn't bad. She's happy, young, brilliant, naive... but ultimately happy. She looks to the horizon with optimism and positivity. But recently she has been plagued by strange dreams with unfamiliar ponies.

Recently, she has been plagued by strange dreams with an unfamiliar self.

Cover Art Link: Midnight Sparkle Art - Click for Cuteness.

Chapters (2)

This story is a sequel to Gametime Rage

After a long summer and short engagement, Sunset and Twilight tie the knot.

This is a prequel to A SciTwi Shimmer Christmas.

Part of the SciTwi Shimmer Chronicles.

Big thanks to TheWingman for prereading.

Sex tag for nudity and adult humor.

Original, non-cropped pic by Horsecat

Chapters (2)

Sunset Shimmer classes will be over soon, and she still doesn't know if she should continue living in Equestria or staying in Canterlot High. While she has this inner conflict, human Sunset Shimmer appears to start studying at Canterlot High School. But that will not be the only thing that she will have to face.

Chapters (1)

Equestrian magic has undergone yet another change. This is nothing new. Sunset Shimmer and her friends had always taken this kind of challenge in stride. Now, however, things are different. And Sunset Shimmer vows to find out why the strongest friend she'd ever made has missed an entire week of school.

This is a foolish, terrible decision that sets in motion everything Sunset is woefully unprepared for.

And we're BACK in the game!

Rated "Teen" for suggestive themes, inconsolable teenage hormones, and heavily implied sex.


Chapters (2)

While following the recently reunited PostCrush on their new tour, a severe storm leaves Sunset and Pinkie Pie in a motel room with nothing to do. Pinkie Pie discovers a chess set and asks Sunset to teach her how to play while they wait for the power to come back on.

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to The Green Leaves of Everfree

With her boyfriend fully healed from his injuries, Fluttershy's relationship can carry on as normal. All seems well, until Fluttershy mysteriously stops hearing from him. A couple days later, she's mortified and furious to see him with another girl.

It's as if he's completely forgotten about their relationship. Even worse, nobody at school remembers him... not even her friends.
Furthermore, he seems convinced that he's never met Fluttershy. He doesn't recognize her.

But why? Why has this suddenly happened? Who's the girl he's been seeing? Why are all of Fluttershy's attempts to win him back doing nothing but driving him away? And will she ever feel his embrace again?

Takes place during Forgotten Friendship. Sex tag for some suggestive themes.

Coppermane & Fluttershy Series: 6.0

Chapters (2)

Sunset is accused of spreading everyone’s secrets on a Mystable page calling itself Anon-a-Miss, losing all of her friends and reputation in the process.

But it seems the school forgot one thing.

Sunset Shimmer isn't one to be easily broken.

*This story is completed and is updating daily*

A story dearly inspired by wanting something different out of the Anon-a-Miss 'Genre' of fics. Many are wonderful stories, but at the end of the day, most tend to fall into the same couple of tropes with slight alterations, and many of those tropes are ones I'm not terribly fond of.

So with my ever present desire to take a well trod genre and flip it on its head, I present my own take on this story, and one I have not personally seen. So I hope I deliver on giving you something different from the others!

Pre-Read by the Wonderful and Loveable baes: Uria, the Sacred Beast and Sunny Days

Chapters (8)

This story is a sequel to Sirens of the Night

Things were looking up. Sunset Shimmer had friends, her popularity with her fellow students was on the rebound. She even had three new cousins! Then Anon-A-Miss struck. Can the Dazzlings prove Sunset's innocence before tragedy strikes?

Chapters (8)
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