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Autumn Breeze has a pretty good life for a drifter. She still keeps in contact with her parents, along with the many friends that she has made throughout her travels. Sure she only stays in any one town for a couple of years at a time, but that's okay. After all, she loves to meet new ponies. She'd like to settle down, though, if only ponies wouldn't keep discovering her secret.

Even in Ponyville, it won't be long before somepony suspects her story about her unusual appearance. Not long before somepony notices that she secludes herself in her room once a month. Not long before somepony opens her bedroom door on the night of a full moon to see a feral fox thrashing around, trying to get out of it's bonds.

Well, maybe things will be different this time. Maybe nopony will discover that she's an equi-fox. Maybe when they find out they won't care.

And maybe pigs will sprout wings and start giving flying lessons to young pegasi.

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