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Vegeta came to a final decision, his final act. He sacrificed himself for the betterment of his planet, his friends, his family. But his body wasn't found, he was given a second chance, traveled across the universe to a distant planet named eques. His new adventure starts, now!

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After Tommy defeated Rito Revolto in Equestria, he returns to Earth with many worries. He needs to know how Rita Repulsa found out about that world. He does some research about Equestria and finds there have been a few instances of a power called “Equestrian Magic” going crazy at some high school called CHS. He takes his leave there and finds an old foe trying to resurrect his mortal enemy so they can conquer Earth and Equestria. It’s up to Tommy to convince a group of teenage girls who have apparently dealt with magic before that they are meant to stop this evil.

This does take place in the same universe as Welcome to the Jungle, but happens simultaneously to Call of the Wild and any other story I do in the future.

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Before Spike and Twilight moved to Ponyvile he was seeing someone a beautiful girl named Ruby, but Spike ended the relationship when he finds her kissing one of his best friends fang, after that he closed his heart forever.

When Spike moves to Ponyvile he soon becomes the centre of attention to six beautiful women who have fallen in love with him but when his ex girlfriend comes to Ponyvile and tries to get back with him.

Old wounds start to come back especially Spike's wolf form.

So will Spike choose his ex or will he choose the elements of harmony to be with? Will he transform into his wolf form and kill Ruby and possibly the elements of Harmony?

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This story is a sequel to Long Road to Friendship

It is a new year for Sunset Shimmer; a fresh chance at real happiness with her five best friends and her girlfriend. But Sunset is constantly troubled by her uncertain future, and haunted by the consequences of her past.

For her battle against Princess Twilight has drawn forth ancient forces with eyes on the last bastion of magic: Canterlot City.

As darkness closes in, Sunset must find her light and guide her friends to defend their world against old rivals and legends best left forgotten, all while dealing with their ever-looming futures.

But when graduation comes, what will Sunset Shimmer do? For she is still a stranger in this world, with or without her friends, and the road before her guarantees nothing.

Of course, with the universe conspiring against her, it'll be a miracle if she even makes it that far...

Story plot edited by HenryAnthonyCourtler
Pre-read by DrakeyC
Current cover art modified by Novel Idea
The page of Spectacular Tropes!
Presenting the French translation!

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Twilight Sparkle accomplished something incredible, something not even the great Starswirl could manage. But ascension into the ranks of Equestria's princesses is not without its difficulties. Before she can take her place as princess of Friendship, Twilight must travel to the underworld and make a ceremonial offering to Death in exchange for her immortality. Twilight is more than a little surprised to discover the identity of the pony under the hood.

After years living in Ponyville and getting to know her friends, Twilight always assumed they were exactly what they seemed: a group of friendly and ambitious ponies. But as it turns out, the sort of pony who saves Equestria and decodes the ancient mysteries of Starswirl is likely to attract ponies a tad more interesting.

Updates on the 3rd or 4th Friday of every month, then daily until that section is complete.

Editing by Two Bit and Sparktail. Cover by Zutcha.

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It's barely been three weeks since Twilight Sparkle's coronation, and she and her friends are already running a diplomatic mission to the Marewaiian Islands. A surge of volcanic activity has disturbed the fragile island chain, and the Elements of Harmony are quick to investigate.

They discover that there's something inside the volcano, and otherworldly doesn't even begin to cover the situation they've gotten into...


Mark Sykes never asked his dad why he shouldn't open the oak chest in his closet. However, when his dad passes away and leaves the chest to Mark, he lets his curiousity the better of him. When he opens the ancient wooden chest and discovers what lies within, he is brought to a strange new world.

And apparently that comes with being transformed into Entei, the Volcano Pokemon. Also, did I mention that the locals have taken to worshipping him as "Guardian of the Flame?"

Yeah, things are about to heat up, real fast.
Pokemon crossover, will have swearing, slight gore, and violence.

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Anon decides to adopt a filly and record his experience as a Dad in a journal to do something with his life in Equestria. Except, being a father is hard work and comes at a great personal sacrifice. This is his quest to become a good father.

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This story is a sequel to In the Days That Followed

After dealing with everything from attempted murder, to personal tragedy, to survivor's guilt, Sunset Shimmer and her friends find themselves trying to stay out of the way of a government agent brought to the city because of recent events.

With the portal to Equestria closed, and something very angry lurking in the woods surrounding the city, the seven friends will find themselves dealing with foes old and new, a mystery that could threaten everyone in the city, and an impossible and unacceptable choice.

Part 3 of The Repercussions Trilogy.

Featured on 1/13/19

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Warning: the comments are rife with spoilers!

Starlight Glimmer's attempts to stop the Rainboom pulled Twilight Sparkle into many possible timestreams.

In one, Rarity and Rainbow Dash survived Nightmare Moon's victory over the forces of light, eventually attaining positions of prominence and comfort in the Nightmare's service. But when the unexpected visit of an Alicorn and Dragon sheds light on a growing conspiracy against the wicked mistress of the night, Rarity and Rainbow Dash may yet be inspired to risk what they have gained to join the fight for a better world.

Yet darkness lingers even in the hearts of some who would oppose the Nightmare, and not all agree on what a better world would look like...

This story would not have been possible without the indescribably vast help and unwavering support of Moosetasm, the pre-reading assistance of I-A-M and Waxworks, as well as the editing prowess of OnionPie and Pascoite! Cover by Novel Idea, using Rarity by miracle32 and background by Drakizora! Featured on Equestria Daily 17Jul.2016! :pinkiegasp: Featured on FimFiction 2Feb.2017 and many times thereafter! :heart:

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Twilight Sparkle, after seeing fear in Pinkie's grin, asks the one question no pony should ask: Why does Pinkie Pie smile so much?

no, Pinkie is not taking drugs.

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