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This story is a sequel to A Series of Great Ideas (Or Not)

Shining Armor is down on his luck. Princess Cadance hasn't contacted him in a week, and he's starting to question the state of their marriage. Hoping to cheer him up, his roommate, Flam, suggests they crash Lyra and Bon Bon's extravagant Canterlot wedding reception. The only problem? Princess Cadance is there, alongside several unexpected guests who have a bone to pick with something called "S.M.I.L.E." and its agents. One kidnapping later, and the stallions are on the run, fighting (and singing) for their lives.

It does not end well.

A romantic drama-comedy adventure sequel to "A Series of Great Ideas (Or Not)," about coincidences, consequences, craziness, and just how far one will go for love.

Rated T for sexual content and discussion of murder, kidnapping, infidelity, and alcoholism. Reading of the prequel is required if you want the story to make sense.

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