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Twilight having thoughts about foalhood decides to run an experiment with a new machine to find out what being an unborn foal would be like. She even gets a few of her friends to help with the project.

Collab with Foal Star
Not going to lie this one is pretty bizarre. Contains: Simulated pregnancy and womb chamber, and very light abdl themes but mostly about the womb thing.

Chapters (4)

Scootaloo is failing school, and her life has been turned upside down. Compromising pictures she took of herself in a very vulnerable state were stolen from her bag, revealing a secret she's kept hidden from the world. Pictures no one was meant to see other than the young mare she cares for the most. When it's revealed that an old friend wants to help her, Scootaloo doesn't know what to think or feel.

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Benjamin is ready to face the world of Equestria, or so he thinks. Still oblivious to the cultural differences, he accidentally wins the hearts of two mares. Problem is, they aren’t keen on sharing the human. Can two ponies that are as different as the day is to the night be able to come to terms with one another before hearts end up broken?

Credit for the cover goes to ParadigmPizza

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This story is a sequel to ...But It Often Rhymes

The year she's spent with Cheerilee has been the best of Sunset's life. So when she receives a secret love letter from a not-so-secret admirer, she figures it's just a small bump in the road. She doesn't know it's all about to end.

But Cheerilee knows. She's always known.

Second place in Oroboro's 2018 Sunset Shipping Contest

Pre-reading services provided by DannyJ, Dubs Rewatcher, Majin Syeekoh, and AndrewRogue. Cover art by SciSetDaily.

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A collection of some of the random and outlandish(You'll have to take a "Ship" to get there >;D) stuff Pinkie pulls when bored. Set in the EQG Universe.

(Sex tag for borderline :/)

Chapters (2)
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